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This is new girls game with super coolactivities. Spend your summer vocations at beautiful beach withsweet baby girl. Enjoy the holiday by having fun filled beachactivities, which baby girl has planned for you. She along with herfriends set up everything that you like. Join a baby girls club andhave total fun. This is best summer holiday games for kids and youcan explore 9 amazing activities by playing this game.

In this games, you suppose to wake up the girl and get her readyfor the summer party. Give her spa treatments so her skin glow inparty. Apply makeup and choose various outfit for the outdoorevent. After getting ready pack-up the bag by putting all necessarygirls things into the bag. Visit the beach and arrange the objectsat beach. Make the juice for kids and customers. Deal the girls,kids and families at customer sales point. After the party help thebaby girl and her friends in cleaning up the pool.

Games Activities:
# Wakeup & Getting ready
# Bag packing
# Girls Makeup
# Girls Dressup
# Juice & Shake Maker
# Arrange the beach objects
# Customer sale point management
# Beach cleaning
# Customer serving

How to Play:
- Use your finger to play this game.

> Host the hottest summer pool party with all of yourgirls
> Learn pool management
> 9 charming levels
> Best games for kids and easy to play

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App Information Baby Girl Summer Party Fun

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Care Bears - Baby Bear Care 2.1 APK
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Everyone love bears. We should care abouttheir life by taking care of their living. Play this bear game andget know about bear life. See, what they do in their bear world. Ifyou love the cute teddy bears of the zoo or jungle. This game isfor you, enjoy the bears care game. Enjoy bears love, caring andsharing with this baby bear care game. Explore the fun-filledactivities with teddy bears. There are four bear lovingactivities.1. Bear Bathing and Bear Washing:Our cute bear is dirty, he needs to get neat and clean. Give him ahot water bubble-bath by applying soap and shampoo in the hot watertub. Enjoy washing the bear in bath zone.2. Doctor checkup Bear:One of your bear is sick, be a good doctor and treat him with care.Give him insects as a medicines so they get cure soon.3. Bear Bed-time milk:Before sleeping, bear loves to drink milk. Ready their milk-feedersand give them; watch cute bears drinking milk.4. Bear Energetic breakfast:Our little bear is hungry. Ready the breakfast for them. They wantcake in their breakfast. Bake the yummy cake with love. Applynecessary toppings and to teddy bear.Enjoy the fun of the game with bears.Features:> 4 amazing levels of bear life> Care Bears is free to play game without wifi and in-apppurchase> Magic Bear makeup to amazing bear life> Bear Bubble Bath Scene> Care Bears Makeup> Care Bears Makeover> Care Bears Love> Twins Baby Bear Care> Server your own cake to cute bear> Single finger gameplayCONTACT g2kids :Email: topkids.studio@gmail.comLike us: https://www.facebook.com/g2kids.games/Visit us: http://g2kidsgames.blogspot.com/Follow us:@g2kidsgamesGoogle Plus: https://plus.google.com/+g2kidsgamesWatch us:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP8Sopmv4yqiRNM24F0qnmQ
Agent Girl - Pet Detective 2.5 APK
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Be a pet detective and enjoy the spy adventurewith full of fun. There are some crazy mysteries in this detectivegame. Solve those mysteries and complete the missions. There arefour special missions for you all. Play this detective game and seehow smart are you. Kids love to play this game. There are specialdetective tools to solve the riddles. Also use those detectivetools to overcome obstacles. Collect the modern gadgets along theway in finding the pet. Hurry up, puppy is waiting for you, hebelieve that you will come and rescue him. Rescue the puppy beforeanything happened to him.Game details:============1. Get ready for mission2. Find you pet, dog!3. Find your pet, parrot!4. Solve the riddle to escapeFeatures:========★ Use special pet detective tools★ Secret game with 4 different Levels!★ Rescue the puppy and show puppy love★ Unlock girls room door lock★ Use detective tools like the magnifying glass, powder forfingerprints & vision glasses★ Use super cool tools to find hidden items!★ Fix the camera as it fell down during the mission★ Use special fingerprint scanner★ Adventurous game-play!★ Free to play without wifiCONTACT g2kids :Email: topkids.studio@gmail.comLike us: https://www.facebook.com/g2kids.games/Visit us: http://g2kidsgames.blogspot.com/Follow us:@g2kidsgamesGoogle Plus: https://plus.google.com/+g2kidsgamesWatch us:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP8Sopmv4yqiRNM24F0qnmQ
PJ Pillow Party - Girls Pajama Party 2.5 APK
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You're welcome to the coolest PJ Pillow Partyever with all your BEST girlfriends! Dress up like trendiest PJ'spillow and move the night away while having lots of fun with bff'spajama. First be prepared for the PJ pillow party, which everybodyis discussing at high school. Hope you girls have lot’s of energyfor pajama party, it will be a total fun!Dress up and show off your PJ Party style, Make pillows ofdifferent styles and of different colors and decorate them with newPJs accessories and clean the room after enjoying PJ pillow party(pijama party).Pajama Party Activities:# Girls dress-up with latest girl's outfits.# Room cleanup for pajama party and pillow party.# Girls makeup for party selfies.# Pillow decoration for total pillow party fun.# Pillow maker game.# Stickers Fun for BFF.Features:> Dress up in the most adorable pajamas!> Decorate the PJ Party room - choose from number of sofa colors& different styles of tables and walls options!> Complete makeover for girls - number of lipstick, blush,eyeshadow & more!> Make pillows of different styles and of differentcolors.> Room cleaning after pillow party, pajama party, pillowdecoration and pillow fight with BFF.CONTACT USEmail: topkids.studio@gmail.comLike us: https://www.facebook.com/g2kids.games/Visit us: http://g2kidsgames.blogspot.com/Follow us:@g2kidsgamesGoogle Plus: https://plus.google.com/+g2kidsgamesWatch us:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP8Sopmv4yqiRNM24F0qnmQ
Animal Hair Salon & Makeover 2.0 APK
g2Kids Games
The most popular thing on earth is Jungle ormay be forest.!!!! Jungle are full animal but some animals are socute and they want go to Zoo Camel, kitty, cat, goat, horse, lion,sheep are very good friend they wonder here and there. they needgood friend who make over them daily.If you love them so much, then do you want to be clean, designcreative and unique hairstyles and lovely dress up for them byyourself and make them look cute and lovely? Do you want to try afresh makeover? If all your answers are YES, you’ll absolutely inright game.Animal Hair Spa Salon!!!Camel, kitty, cat, goat, horse, lion, sheep are waiting pleasedon’t make it more wait they all love to change how they look everyday! Only you can make them better than soft, silky, smooth andshiny hair, and a matching set of new fashion clothes!We take beautiful animal for you make them memorable makeover. Getready to style and dress and make cute wild pet.Now animal mommies and babies’ makeover time!Cute camel babyCute camel baby is here for her beauty makeover and spa! Give yourPet Lovely Bath, Wash with shampoo make bubbly Washroom, after thatcut the hair, set with comb and make style hair, do cute camel babyDress up, camel in the most stylish forest clothes!kitty cat babykitty cat baby wants her favorite day spa treatments! Give your PetLovely Bath, Wash and cut her long hairy form body and wash herhair. Kitty cat love dress up, choose from super cute clothes anduse different band, beg and create a new super cute look! Please doit fast because she wants to play with her Zoo fellowloveable goat babyJungle animals got really dirty, make them fresh look! Wash thisadorable newborn goat with bubbly soap, loveable goat baby love tolook fresh and cute, loveable goat baby want dress up and create anew crazy style look for a new style Zoo!Cute horse babyCute horse baby loves to play in the zoo with friends. But can’t gooutside such as dirty condition. Help her for look good, cute, sohe could play again. Give your Pet lovely Bath. Remember, he goesto Zoo Hair Salon to take care of her hairstyle, you’ll help herfor a new hair style. And dress up him, after her every playingtime!Cute and dangerous lion babyThis young Lion love party. He has a party to attend but his beardand hair are very dirty and ruff! You’ll need lots, Give your Petlovely Bath with good soap wash, shampoo and shaving soap. Whenyou’re done with the beard, you’ll also help him take care of thehair. The right comb and strong hairspray will do the trick andbetter look. New hairstyle just asks for new clothes. So you haveto Lion baby dress up and find him a perfect party suit! Cute anddangerous lion baby is can’t more waitLovely Sheep babyLovely sheep baby is so soft and woolly but summer is coming. Sheis so much warier about summer. she wants to get ready and completeher prepared for hot sunny days! her Follows are make the rightcuts, apply hair dye, different color for look great. She is sodirty and need shower. Dress up fun is next: mix and match shoes,beg for hold thing, hat for sunshine, complete the new looks!Take good care of your Zoo and you will get a coin everytime.Feature- Different kinds of 6 Animal ( kitty cat, lion , sheep, goat ,sheep , camel )- Different model of hair style- Plentiful color sprays- Beautiful background- Makeover- 1000's of possibilities with Dress upNeed You Know:This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items arealso free to use, but some additional items are lock with coin. youcan purchase coin and also you can get coin by playingWe are Continued improvements of this game, please feel free tosend us your feedback's and suggestions. Thanks
Baby Air Plane Manager 2.2 APK
g2Kids Games
Become a Air Plane Best Manger in BabyAirlines. Take the charge at the Baby Airport, manage allpassengers and airplanes. This Topkids' airline game is full ofairport adventure for the kids.In this game kids learn what activities should be done on airportlike Check-in passengers, X-ray luggage, fix the airplane, buygifts from duty free shop and much more. Get ready for a fun-filledand creative adventure in airport city! Become an Airlines managerand help the crew to run the airport greatly!Major Activities at your Airport.> Load the luggage and check In passengers> Entertain kids and infants with baby toys> Wash the airplane to look neat and clean> Check and fix the plane to prepare for take-off> Upgrade and repair the airplane at the body shop, show yourcreative talentFeatures:* Real life experience* Most adventurous BabyBest Airlines game* Airline management skills* Stimulate the repairing and makeover of airplane components i.e.wings, tyres and bodyCONTACT g2kids :Email: topkids.studio@gmail.comLike us: https://www.facebook.com/g2kids.games/Visit us: http://g2kidsgames.blogspot.com/Follow us:@g2kidsgamesGoogle Plus: https://plus.google.com/+g2kidsgamesWatch us:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP8Sopmv4yqiRNM24F0qnmQ
Supermarket : Girls Crazy Shopping Mall 2.4 APK
g2Kids Games
Everyone love to do shopping in supermarket!Welcome to the shopping paradise! Explore the lots of sections ofsuperstore: Dress-up makeover section, Store Cleanup ,Fruit &Vegetable rank maintenance, Bakery & Fast-Food itemsarrangement, Pets items maintenance and checkout.Now you own a supermarket superstore and you are the manager of it.Boost you supermarket management skills and manage the cashcounter. Additionally help your customers shop and get ready forsome fun!First of all, visit the dress-up section, check variety of girlsskirts, shirts, bags, shoes, jewelries and dresses. Apply allmakeover items on cute girl and see everything fits. Then make surethat all store room and their items are clean and dust free. Youcan apply the paint on wall if required. Check the Fruits items:banana, guavas, peaches, mangoes, etc. And check the vegetablesitems: carrot, tomato, brinjal, potato, bitter melon, cauliflower,etc. In Bakery section check the bakery items: cookies, cake, buns,breads, cheese cake, salami cake, etc and fast food item: chickensandwich, club sandwich, hot dog, burger, etc. Apart from thegrocery item, there are several products for dogs and otherpets.Help the customer in buying desired items from your supermarketshopping mall and scan all collected items at cash counter andcollect the money from customers. Fix the checkout machine when itstops working.Features:* Full girls dress-up & outfits* Shopping store Simulation game* Learn how to recycle and sort your waste* Fixing of Point Of Sale Machine* Supermarket time management game* Complete shopping services for customersControl your shopping store and become a best storekeeper!
Wash & Iron Clothes 2.0 APK
g2Kids Games
Emma’s mom went for shopping. In her absenceEmma makes her clothes dirty and need your help to clean them. HelpEmma and learn how to wash cloth in proper manner with hands aswell as in washing machine.When the game start select one activity. In hand wash activity,soak the cloths in bucket for few minutes, and then start to washwith detergent, brush, beater & water. After complete hand washdry the cloths outside. After all clothes dry, iron them. To openthese all washing tools you need to pay with coins and to earncoins you have to play mini games. In Machine activity first usedifferent buckets to divide the white and colored clothes to wash.Put all colored cloths in washing machine, add washing powder andON the machine. Then repeat this with white clothes. Dry allclothes outside after the wash. After all clothes dry, ironthem.Features• Use different washing elements like detergent, brush andbeater• Use different buckets to divide the white and colored clothes towash• Learn how to iron and dry the clothes
Diner Restaurant Dash 2.2 APK
g2Kids Games
Enjoy the restaurant dash game. Play with allreal-life restaurant activities like dress-up staff, cleanup rooms& tables, cooking food, dinning table setup, washing table anddishes, baking cakes. In Diner Restaurant Dash you can enjoy theall restaurant activities deliciously fun games.Have a ultimate crazy day at the Diner Restaurant Dash ever.Overcome tons of challenges and server the messy customers withcare. Sometimes you have to work at the kitchen and make theburgers as each client likes. As a cook and waitress, you need tobe very skilled in all your restaurants around the world, from USAto Japan. This is the time to show your serving and cooking skills.Restaurant does't have only cooking and serving activities that iswhy this game packed with wide range of additionalactivities.Features:> Easy and accessible pick up and play gameplay!> Dress-up the waitress!> Serve the hilarious customers at the diner!> Check patient with doctor tools like X-ray machine, tweezersand more!> Make the yummy shakes to happy customers!> New diner restaurant locations to expand your empire!> Bake the cake for birthday customers!> Clean up the messy customer’s clothing!

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Sangiorgi Srl
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