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Being a babysitter is the ultimate "Role Model" position. Workingin a family's home adds a level of responsibility that other jobsmay not have. Babysitters have the unique opportunity to positivelyinfluence children in their own surroundings. Everyone has memoriesof their childhood babysitter. By making your babysitting jobs fun,you will become that unforgettable babysitter in that child'smemory.

Our Babysitting guide covers everything needed to provide aprofessional and complete caregiving service. It offers importantsafety information and very useful tips for Babysitters, Nannies,other caregivers and parents too - all local on your phone! (nointernet needed)

There are even sections covering important basic first aid!


• Getting Ready
• Getting a Job
• Communicating with Parents
• Ground Rules

• Safety
• Preventing Problems
• Discipline – Rules, Biting, Hitting, Sharing
• Discipline – Losing, Tantrums, Whining
• Separation Anxiety
• Changing Diapers
• Swaddling
• Crying Baby
• Feeding
• Bathing and Bedtime

• Newborns (birth – 6 months), Playing, Feeding, Bathing,Bedtime
• Older Babies (6 – 12 months) - Playing, Feeding, Bathing,Bedtime
• Toddlers (1 – 3 years), Feeding, Dressing, Bathroom, Bathing,Bedtime
• Preschoolers (4 – 6 years), Feeding, Bathing, Bedtime
• Fun & Games – Rules, Cooking Recipes

• Basic First Aid
• Stings and Bites
• Cuts, Scrapes & Heavy Bleeding
• Nosebleeds and Bumps
• Minor Burns and Fever
• Poisoning
• Choking Child
• Choking Infant
• CPR – Child *NEW*
• CPR - Infant *NEW*
• CPR – Open Airway *NEW*

With over 75,000 hard-copies in print we've been deliveringcontent for years that is reliable, concise and always bang-on tothe point.

Having this guide on your phone you will give parents highconfidence you are prepared, well organized and will do a greatbabysitter job!

Like all our 'phoneflips', this lightweight application has NOADS, NO IN-APP Purchases, never needs an internet connection(Offline Access!) and wont take up much space on your device!

For hard copy versions of this product please visit: http://www.flipperguides.com/

Thank you!

Keywords: babysitter, babysitting, safety, caregiving, firstaid

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Our best guide yet! Topics include everythingyou need from a complete mobile First Aid & Treatment guide tohelp you act quickly and effectively. Also included are notes forprofessional healthcare providers, international emergency numbers,our CPR Clock™ to correctly pace CPR, videos, and lots more!¤¤ Offline Access ¤¤No signal bars? No Internet? No problem, this app will always beready when you need it. Our guide runs local on your phone, so youwill always have a super fast local reference to DOZENS of medicalemergencies to help you handle almost ANY emergency quickly,correctly and safely - whenever and wherever you need it.¤¤ Trusted ¤¤With in-house medical staff, close cooperation with American HeartAssociation and Red Cross and millions of hard-copy guides inprint, we've been delivering concise, accurate and effective FirstAid content for over 30 years! This guide is now also recommendedby American CPR Training™ & also recommended byFirstAidMart.com!¤¤ Only the Content You Need ¤¤Unlike other guides that are incomplete, hard to read, run onlythrough a web site or, just plain overload us with far too muchinformation on obscure injuries and ailments, this guide isfocussed on one thing only: ensuring you can deal with commonemergencies quickly, safely and effectively.¤¤ Emergency Medical Services ¤¤This guide is not meant to replace EMS personnel but will certainlyenable you to help victims until professional help arrives on thescene.Topics include:• Emergencies: What to Do• Fear and Panic• Choking - Adult• Choking - Child• Choking - Infant• CPR - Unresponsive Adult• CPR - Unresponsive Child• CPR - Unresponsive Infant• Airway / Breathing / Rescue breaths• Defibrillators / AED• CPR Summary• Bleeding, Bruises, Internal Bleeding• Nosebleeds• Heart Attack / Stroke• Asthma Attack• Burns – First, Second & Third Degree• Burns – Electrical• Burns – Chemical• Shock – Anaphylactic (Allergies)• Shock• Fractures & Sprains• Splinting• Back/Neck Injuries• Head Injuries / Concussion• Achilles Tendinitis / Ruptures• Poisoning• Calling Poison Control• Eyes Injuries• Convulsions / Seizures• Diabetic Emergencies• Fainting• Heat Cramp• Heat Exhaustion / Stroke• Cold Emergencies• Frostbite• Bites & Stings - Insects / Bees• Bites & Stings - Spider / Marine• Bites & Stings - Snake / Animal• Fever / Body Temperatures / Chart• Dental Injuries• Drowning• Emergency Births• Emergency Births - What to Do• Emergency Births - Delivery• Emergency Births - After Birth• Crash Scene Procedures• Crush Injuiries• Knife Wounds• Gunshot Wounds• First Aid Kit - Essential Items• International Emergency Dialler• Making Emergency Calls Overseas• Overseas Travel Tips• CPR Clock• Buy Medical Products at a Discount• Safety Video ChannelLike all our 'phoneflips', this lightweight reference guide has NOAdverts, NO In-App Purchases, never needs an internet connectionand won't take up much space on your iPhone or iPad. Portrait &Landscape mode supported.¤¤ Warranty ¤¤This app requests certain permissions to install. Please note thisapp WILL NEVER access private data, make a phone call, send amessage or access any internet site without first asking yourpermission to do so.¤¤ SD Card Support ¤¤ Copy your app to your SD Card with App2SD¤¤ License ¤¤This app is licensed to run only on one device. Google licensingwill always complain if you try to run the app on more than 1device. Google will verify your licence the first time you run theapp. Google licensing happens once-off only.
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Over 300 rules, definitions and clear examplessummarized into one easy-to-use app!Every day we use principles of geometry to help guide decisionmaking and now the keys to this important subject can be at yourfingertips!Geometry sharpens our reasoning, logic and problem solvingskills and is one of those subjects we need to know, not only tokeep up, but to get ahead in the world!With millions of hard-copies in print there's no doubt we've beendelivering great content for years. Enjoy!•• Offline Access••All content is local to your phone, so you’ll have access to thisguide even when there is no internet connection!•• Note ••This is NOT a game, but rather a reference guide to assist you inlearning the fundamentals of professional writing.Topics include:• Dimensions• Points, Lines & Planes• Segments & Rays• Types of Lines• Number Line• Coordinate Grid• Line Segment Midpoint• Absolute Value & Distance• Sets• Angles• Measuring Angles• Measuring Angles – Example• Types of Angles• Pairs of Angles• Transversal Cuts• Polygons• Classifying Polygons• Congruent & Similar Figures• Names of Triangles• Angles of a Triangle• Right & Isosceles Triangles• Pythagorean Theorem• Equilateral and Equiangular Triangles• Congruent Triangles• Quadrilaterals• Parallelograms• Rectangles• Square• Rhombus• Trapezoids• Circle• Solids• Prisms• Examples of Prisms• Pictures of Prisms• Cube• Pyramid• Example of Pyramid• Cylinder• Cone• Sphere• Symmetry• Perimeter & Area of Polygons• Perimeter & Area of Polygons (contd.)• Area of Triangle & Circle• Area and Volume of Solids• Area and Volume of Cube, Rectangular solid• Area and Volume of Cylinder, Cone & Sphere• Area and Volume of Right Prism and PyramidIncludes both Portrait and Landscape view modes.Thank you!
New Mom Guide 2.2 APK
Now with even More Content!Becoming a new mom is truly an amazing time but it can beextremely lonely when you don't have people around that can answerthe many questions you have, or relate to all the new things you'regoing through!Our New Mom reference guide helps and covers everything you needto know from visiting your doctor, the baby’s doctor, delivery,labor, feeding and the caring of your baby, and more. Its also agreat reference for new Dads too!Also included are guidelines about the baby’s development,trouble signs, tips on baby care, crying, swaddling, when to callthe doctor, emergency childbirth procedures and much more!Based on our best selling 'flipper' reference guide this is asmart guide to have for all new Moms.Offline Access! The 'New Mom' reference guide runs local on yourdevice so you wont need an internet connection and content accesswill always be super quick!Topics include:1. Thinking About Getting Pregnant2. How to Know You’re Pregnant3. What to do First – Health Care Providers4. What to do First – Hospital5. What to do First – More Tips6. At the Doctor – First Visit7. Doctor Visit Schedule, Ultrasound8. Taking Care of Yourself, Kick Counts9. Body Changes – Faint, Headaches, Gums10. Body Changes – Breasts, Heartburn11. Body Changes – Nausea, Discharge12. Body Changes – Backache, Constipation13. Body Changes – Fatigue, Stress, Moods14. Travel and Sex When Pregnant15. Danger Signs by Trimester16. Getting Ready for Delivery17. What to take to the Hospital18. What you Need at Home19. Labor and Delivery – Imminent Signs20. Labor and Delivery – Pain, Stem Cells21. Labor and Delivery – After Birth22. Coming Home – Taking Time23. Coming Home – What to Expect24. Coming Home – Baby Wrist, Fever25. Baby Safety – Do’s and Don’ts26. Feeding - General27. Feeding - Breast28. Feeding –Breast Do’s & Don’ts29. Feeding - Weaning30. Feeding – Bottle31. Feeding - Solids32. Feeding - Choking, Teething33. Taking Baby for Checkup34. Changing Baby35. Swaddling36. Bellybutton Treatment37. Dressing/Communicating38. Medicine Cabinet39. Sleeping – Cribs, Mattress40. Sleeping Tips41. Bathing42. Hygiene - Nails43. Hygiene - Teeth44. Hygiene – Tongue, Sun45. Development & Play46. Development & Play – 1-2 Months47. Development & Play – 3-5 Months48. Development & Play – 6-8 Months49. Development & Play – 9-12 Months50. Traveling - Tips, Summer51. Traveling - Winter, Car Trips52. Childproofing53. Crying – 8 Reasons54. Crying – Nose, Teething55. Crying – Earache, Colic56. Fever57. Puking58. Pooping59. Peeing60. Keeping Memories61. Emergencies62. Emergency Birth – Imminent63. Emergency Birth – What to Do64. Emergency Birth – Delivery65. Emergency Birth – Post Delivery66. About67. Support68. TOC Fast SearchLike all our 'phoneflips', this lightweight application has NOADVERTS, never needs an internet connection (Offline Access!) andwont take up much space on your Phone!Landscape & Portrait modes supported!For hard copy versions of this product please visit http://www.flipperguides.com/Thank you and congratulations!
Pre-Calculus Guide 2.2 APK
Calculus may not seem very important to youbut the lessons and skills you learn will be with for your wholelifetime!Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change. Ithelps you practice and develop your logic/reasoning skills. Itthrows challenging problems your way which make you think. Althoughyou may never use calculus ever again after school or college, youwill definitely hold on to the lessons that calculus teachesyou.Things like time management, how to be organized, how toaccomplish things on time, how to perform under pressure, how to beresponsible are just some of the things Calculus helps you becomeproficient in. Traits that will help you succeed.Calculus plays a big role in most universities today as studentsin the fields of economics, science, business, engineering,computer science, and so on are all required to take Calculus asprerequisites.Our Pre-Calculus guide is a preliminary version of Calculuscontaining over 300 rules, definitions, and examples that providesyou with a broad and general introduction of this subject. Avaluable pocket reference to have on your phone.Topics include:1. Matrix Definition2. Matrix Addition, Subtraction and Scalar Multiplication3. Matrix Multiplication4. Matrix Multiplication Example5. Augmented Matrix for a System of Equations6. Solving Augmented Matrices7. Solving by Gauss-Jordan Elimination8. Gauss-Jordan Elimination (continued)9. Special Types of Matrices10. 2 x 2 Matrix Determinant11. 3 x 3 Matrix Determinant: Expansion by Minors12. Determinant of a 3 x 3 Diagonal Multiplication13. Cramer’s Rule for Solving 2 Linear Equations14. Cramer’s Rule - Example of solving 2 Equations15. Cramer’s Rule for 3 Equations in 3 Unknowns16. Cramer’s Rule - Example of solving three Equations17. Inverse of a 2 x 2 Matrix18. System of Equations by Inverse Matrices19. Area of a Triangle Using Matrices20. Test for Collinear Points Using Matrices21. Finding Equation of a Line Given Two Points22. Conic Sections23. Ellipses24. Ellipse Whose Center is at the Origin25. Ellipse with Center at the Origin Example26. Ellipse Translation27. Ellipse Translation Example28. Equation of an Ellipse in Standard Form29. Hyperbola30. Hyperbola Standard Form31. Hyperbola Standard Form (continued)32. Hyperbola Centered at the Origin Example33. Hyperbola Translation34. Hyperbola Centered at the Origin Example35. Parabolas36. Parabola Equation with Vertex at the Origin37. Diagrams of Previous Page Parabolas38. Parabola Equation with Vertex (h, k)39. Polar Coordinate Plane40. Polar Coordinate System - Plotting Points41. Multiple Representation of points42. Coordinate Conversion43. Examples of Conversion44. Equation Conversion45. Polar Equations Graphing46. Special Graphs – Limaçons47. Special Graphs - Rose Curves48. Special Graphs - Circles & Lemniscates49. About Pre-Calculus50. Support PageEven if you dont use Calculus, this app sure is a cool way toshow-off some high IQ!Like all our 'phoneflips', this fast and lightweight applicationnavigates quick, has NO Adverts, NO In-App purchasing, never needsan internet connection and will not take up much space on yourphone!Portrait & Landscape mode supported.Thank you!
Guide de Premiers Secours [HD] 6.0 APK
Guide de Premiers Secours et Soins d’Urgence -Now in HD!Cette application est une toute nouvelle version de notre déjàpublié le «Guide de Premiers Secours» et contient du contenu HD, unnuméroteur téléphonique international et notre interactive "CPRClock" pour vous correctement rythme réanimation aider!Ceci est une application que vous espérez vous n'aurez jamaisbesoin d'utiliser, mais quand vous en avez besoin, vous l'aureztoujours prêt! Ce guide est un outil de référence rapidementaccessible pour des dizaines d'urgences médicales et il est sicomplet qu’il vous aidera à répondre à presque n'importe quelleurgence médicale rapidement et correctement.L'information médicale contenue dans ce guide est basée sur lesdirectives de la Croix-Rouge américaine et autres organismes desanté. Les sujets traités incluent tout ce que vous pouvez vousattendre à trouver dans un guide complet des premiers secours. Il ya même des sections spéciales expliquant la démarche à suivrelorsque la victime est un enfant ou un nourrisson.Sommaire:1. Comment réagir face à l’urgence?2. Voies respiratoires / Respiration3. Etouffement – Adulte4. Etouffement – Nourrisson5. Réanimation Cardio-Pulmonaire – Adulte/Enfant6. Réanimation Cardio-Pulmonaire – Nourrisson7. Hémorragie8. Saignements de nez9. Crise Cardiaque / AVC10. Crise d’asthme11. Brûlures12. Brûlures – Electriques13. Brûlures - Chimiques14. Choc15. Fractures, Entorses et Foulures16. Attelles17. Colonne vertébrale / Cervicale / Tête18. Intoxication19. Centres Anti-Poison20. Traumatismes Oculaires21. Convulsions / Crises22. Urgences diabétiques23. Chaleur d’urgence24. Chaleur d’urgence – Hyperthermie25. Perte de connaissance26. Froid27. Gelures28. Morsures et Piqûres29. Morsures et Piqûres (suite)30. Morsures et Piqûres (suite et fin)31. Fièvre32. Traumatisme Dentaires33. Défribrillateur34. Noyade35. Trousse de premiers secours36. Qui contacter ?37. Peur et Panique38. A propos39. Support*** L'accès hors ligne ***Pas de barres de signal? Pas d'internet? Pas de problème, cetteapplication sera toujours prêt quand vous en avez besoin. Notreguide fonctionne en local sur votre téléphone, de sorte que vousaurez toujours une référence locale super rapide à des dizainesd'urgences médicales pour vous aider à répondre à presque toutesituation d'urgence rapidement, correctement et en toute sécurité -où et quand vous en avez besoin.Mercihttp://www.phoneflips.comGuide to First Aid andEmergency Care - Now in HD!This application is a new version of our already published the"First Aid Guide" and contains HD content, international phonedialer and interactive "CPR Clock" to help you properly paceresuscitation!This is an application that you hope you'll never need to use,but when you need it, you'll always be ready! This guide is areference tool for quick access to dozens of medical emergenciesand it is so complete that will help you answer almost any medicalemergency quickly and correctly.The medical information in this guide is based on the guidelinesof the American Red Cross and other health organizations. Topicsinclude everything you would expect to find in a comprehensiveguide to first aid. There are even special sections explaining theprocedure to follow when the victim is a child or an infant.Summary:1. How to respond to the emergency?2. Respiratory / Respiration3. Suffocation - Adult4. Suffocation - Infant5. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation - Adult / Child6. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation - Infant7. Hemorrhage8. Nosebleeds9. Heart attack / stroke10. Asthma11. Burns12. Burns - Electric13. Burns - Chemical14. Shock15. Fractures, Sprains and Strains16. Splints17. Spine / Cervical / Head18. Intoxication19. Poison centers20. Ocular Trauma21. Convulsions / Seizures22. Diabetic emergencies23. Emergency heat24. Emergency Heat - Hyperthermia25. Unconsciousness26. Cold27. Frostbite28. Bites and Stings29. Bites and Stings (continued)30. Bites and Stings (continued)31. Fever32. Dental trauma33. Défribrillateur34. Drowning35. First aid kit36. Who to contact?37. Fear and Panic38. About39. SupportOffline access *** ***No signal bars? No Internet? No problem, this application will bealways ready when you need it. Our guide works locally on yourphone, so you will always have a super fast local reference todozens of medical emergencies to help you answer almost anyemergency quickly, correctly and safely - where and when you needit.Thank youhttp://www.phoneflips.com
Emergencia 5.1 APK
Guía de primeros auxilios de emergenciaThe 100% spanish version of our popular HD Emergency First AidGuide!Los temas incluyen todo lo que necesitas de una guía completasobre Tratamientos Y Primeros Auxilios para dispositivos móviles,para ayudarte a actuar con rapidez, eficacia yseguridad. También incluye notas para los profesionales de lasalud, los números de emergencia internacionales, nuestro relojRCP™ para llevar correctamente ritmo RCP, videos, y ¡muchomás! Se trata de una aplicación que esperas nunca tener que utilizar,pero cuando la necesites, ¡estará siempre lista!Con personal interno médico, una estrecha cooperación con laAsociación Americana del Corazón (American Heart Association), laCruz Roja y millones de guías en formato impreso, hemos creado elcontenido de Primeros Auxilios más conciso, preciso y eficaz, enmás de ¡30 años! Esta guía también está recomendada por elEntrenamiento Americano en RCP (American CPR Training™), eigualmente recomendada ¡por FirstAidMart.com!¡Es una aplicación de teléfono que debes tener!*** APP UNIVERSAL ***Esta aplicación ha sido escrita para ejecutarse de forma nativatanto en tu Phone como en tu Tablet.  ¡Esto significa querecibes 2 aplicaciones nativas por el precio de una!*** ACCESO SIN CONEXIÓN A INTERNET ***¿No hay barras de señal?  ¿No hay Internet?   No hayproblema, esta aplicación siempre estará lista para cuando tú lanecesites.    Nuestro guía se ejecuta de maneralocal en el teléfono, por lo que siempre tendrás una referencialocal súper rápida frente a docenas de emergencias médicas, paraayudarte a manejar casi CUALQUIER situación de emergencia de manerasegura, rápida y correctamente -cuando y donde la necesites.
Punctuation + Capitalization 6.1 APK
** NEW RELEASE - SPECIAL PRICE! **Same GREAT content, but now in HD and, optimized for both phonesand tablets!Mistakes in grammar or punctuation can be annoying to a readerand quickly draws attention away from what is being written. Thesetypes of mistakes cause the reader to focus on the grammar insteadof what is being communicated, leads them to question on how welleducated the person is, and significantly reduces the impact ofyour message.Proper grammar and punctuation not only helps you control theflow of writing, but also helps to accurately and effectivelyconvey your message in the best possible way.For decades we have been delivering content that is concise,relevant, easy to follow and best of all, easy to understand! The'Punctuation & Capitalization' guide is used by academics,writers, and teachers around the world and is one of the mostcomprehensive and complete reference guides available today.Everything you need in one download!Topics include:• Punctuation Marks• Periods - Abbreviations• Periods - Initials & Outlines• Commas - Item Series• Commas - Appositive & Direct Address• Commas - Introductory Expressions• Commas - Introductory Expressions (contd.)• Commas - Dependent Clauses• Commas - Parenthetical Expressions• Commas - Main Clause / Sentence• Commas - Parallel Adjectives• Commas - Direct Quotations• Commas - Certain Parts of Letters• Commas - Certain Parts of Letters (contd.)• Semicolon - Compound Sentences• Semicolon - Transitional Expressions (Conjunctions/Adverbs)• Semicolon - Item Series• Semicolon - Common Uses• Quotation Marks - Direct Quotations• Quotation Marks - Indirect Quotations• Quotation Marks - Special Sense• Quotation Marks - Titles• Quotation Marks - Punctuation• Quotation Marks - Exclamation• Apostrophe – Contractions• Apostrophe – Possession• Apostrophe – Possession (contd.)• Apostrophe – Possession (contd.)• Hyphen – Compound Words• Hyphen – Compound Words (contd.)• Hyphen – Other Uses• Dash – Break• Dash – Emphasis / Credit• Parentheses – Extra Information• Parentheses – Numbers / References• Capitals – First Words• Capitalize – Titles• Capitalize – Initials of Persons• Capitalize – Group Names• Capitalize – Specific Places• Capitalize – Courses, Degrees• Capitalize – Notable Things• Numbers as Words• Numbers as Figures• Numbers as Figures (contd.)• Punctuation Marks SummaryRelease Notes:The old version of this app was first published in 2009. It has nowbeen deprecated and is no longer supported. This version isoptimized for HD content, phones and tablets.Guarantee:• If you purchase our guide and not completely satisfied, pleaseplay nice and give us a chance to make it right by emailing admin @phoneflips.com, BEFORE posting a negative review. Thank you!Privacy Policy:• There are no marketing pop-ups, advertising or any other promptsto purchase anything via this app• This app collects no information or data from you, your device oreven your order. Ever.• Your business is none of our business. :)App Rating:• E for everyone.Thank you!
Disaster Readiness [HD] 6.0 APK
*** Seen on CNN and Reported in USA Today ***Don't waste time trying to search the internet in a disaster,this must-have app will help you and your family prepare andrebound from almost any DISASTER quickly and safely.Topics cover everything you’d expect from a Disaster Readinessquick reference guide and includes sections on how to make your ownDisaster Supplies Kit, how to re-charge your phone when there is noelectricity, how to purify water and even where to get pills toprotect yourself from nuclear radiation!With over 175,000 quick reference guides in print we've beendelivering content that is relevant, professionally summarized, andbang on to-the-point. Now this great content has been improved andis available for your mobile device!** Offline Access **In a disaster there will always be a chance wireless communicationsand/or the internet will be unavailable. Googling wont be possible.By having this content local on your phone means it will beavailable whenever and wherever you need it.Topics include:• Emergency Checklist• Create Emergency Plan• Emergency Planning• Shelter in Place – What to Do• Shelter in Place - Threats• Evacuation Procedures – Preparation• Terrorism – Threat Levels• Terrorism - Strikes• Terrorism – Being Alert• Fire – Prevention• Fire – Being Prepared• Fire – What to Do• Wildfire• Wildfire – Safety Zone• Wildfire – Home Protection• Thunderstorms – Watch / Warning• Thunderstorms – Caught Outside• Floods & Flash Floods• Floods – Watches & Warnings• Tsunamis• Landslides• Winter Storm – Watches & Warnings• Winter Storm – Car Safety• Tornado – Plans• Tornado – Watches & Warnings• Hurricane / Cyclone – Plans• Hurricane – Watches & Warnings• Hurricane – Getting Ready• Hurricane – What to Do• Heat Wave – Predicted• Heat Wave – Occurring• Earthquake – Being Prepared• Earthquake – What to do• Earthquake – Aftermath• Chemical Emergencies – 3 Ways• Chemical Emergencies – Being Notified• Chemical Emergencies – Evacuation• Chemical Emergencies – Tips• Nuclear Blasts – Fallout, Pills• Nuclear Blasts – Preparedness• Nuclear Blasts – During• Nuclear Blasts – After• Disaster Supply Kit (DSK)• DSK - Water• DSK - Food• DSK - First Aid• DSK - Tools & Supplies• DSK - Special Items• DSK - Clothing & Bedding• Purifying Water – 4 Methods• Disaster AftermathThe Disaster Readiness Guide is an app we hope you’ll neverneed, but when you need it, you’ll need it bad. Disasters hit whenyou least expect it, grab your copy now!Landscape & Portrait modes supported.Guarantee:• If you purchase our guide and not completely satisfied, play niceand give us a chance to make it right by emailing admin @phoneflips.com BEFORE posting a negative review. Thank you!Privacy Policy:• There are no marketing pop-ups, advertising or any other promptswhatsoever to purchase anything via this app• This app collects no information or data from you, your device oryour order. Ever.• Your business in none of our business. :)Thank you for looking.