1.5.26 / November 1, 2016
(3.9/5) (1732)


Your favorite online game, backgammon is nowsocial!

Demonstrate your strategic skills and your luck on dice whileplaying one of the most exciting online games.

Challenge and beat your friends by moving all your pegs to yourside before they do! Win one game after another, unlock excitingnew levels and take part in big tournaments against other titlecontenders.

Unique matches and trophies are waiting for you - are youready?

App Information Backgammon Arena

  • App Name
    Backgammon Arena
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 1, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    LazyLand SA
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
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    Visit website Email support@lazyland.net Privacy Policy
    Eirinis 16-18, N.Faliro 18547, Peiraias Greece
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Backgammon Arena 1.5.26 APK
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Your favorite online game, backgammon is nowsocial!Demonstrate your strategic skills and your luck on dice whileplaying one of the most exciting online games.Challenge and beat your friends by moving all your pegs to yourside before they do! Win one game after another, unlock excitingnew levels and take part in big tournaments against other titlecontenders.Unique matches and trophies are waiting for you - are youready?
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Kolay olmayabilir! Gözünü korkutma!Zeka ve mantığına güveniyorsan, ben durma derim! Bu oyun tamseninkalemin. Oyuna katıl! Av başlasın! Şimdiye kadar oynadığın eniyikelime oyunu. Farkı hemen anlayacaksın. Yarışmanın ısınmafaslıkolay resimler ve kelimelerle başlayacak. Daha fazla doğrutahminve kelimelerin zorluk seviyesi yükseliyor. Yani dahakarmaşıkresimler ve daha zor Kelimeler.Zoru sever misin? Mantığına güveniyorsan kaçırma! Resimlerigördüğümanda kelimeyi tahmin edebilirsin. İmkansız diye birşeyyoktur.Zorlanıyorsan, kelime aklina gelmiyorsa hiç canını sıkmabiz bukonuyu kaliteli resimlerimizle çözdük.Oyun yapacaksan madem KELİME OYUNU YAP!It may not beeasy!intimidation!If you rely on intelligence and logic, I say stop! This game isfullof your pen. Join game! Hunt begin! The best word game you'veeverplayed. You will understand the difference immediately.warming ofthe competition chapter will start with simple picturesand words.More accurate forecasts and rising difficulty level ofwords. Somore complex images and more difficult words. Do you like hard? If you rely on logic not miss! You can guesstheword at the moment I saw the pictures. Nothing is impossible.Ifyou have difficulty squeezing the word never came to mind wecannot solve this issue with our high-quality pictures.WORD GAMES MAKE the game since going to do!
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