1.0 / December 6, 2013
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This light weight app takes backup ofyourmobile data like Messages, Contacts and stores them intotabseparated files. This provides the faster method to keepyourmobile data safe in just couple of taps !
The stored files can be viewed in any text editor includingMSExcel. You will like this handy, simple and easy to usebackupapp...

App Information Backup Contacts and Messages

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    Backup Contacts and Messages
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    December 6, 2013
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
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  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Brahmakumaris 7 Day Course 1.0 APK
Om Shanti Dear Divine Brothers/Sisters !Now its easy to teach meditation to others when we aretravelling, meeting new souls or even need to give course at ourcenters.This easy handy app depicts all 7 days foundation course withpictures. Easy to understand and explain to others.Currently it is available in English, and future versions willcover other other languages as well.Hope this will be helpful for the Brahmin Family..
Mobile Murli 1.1.0 APK
1.1.0 Tamil Murli Added==========1.0.1 Nepali MurliAdded==========1.0.0 Now supports OS 2.3 as well==========1.0Welcome to Colorful, Multilingual Murli page !!!Now its easy andvery handy to read/listen Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalamand Kannada full Murlis on your phone !The main features of theapp:1) Read Hindi Murli just like an Html page2) Read English Murlijust like an Html page3) Read Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and KannadaMurlis in pdf format4) Listen Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu,Malayalam and Kannada Audio MurlisHope you will like this seva andserve this to whole Brahmin Family..Appreciate your feedback andsupport.
BK Traffic Control cum Chart 3.0.1 APK
Team BK DR Luhar once again presents BK Traffic Control cum BKChart android app. This app will play traffic control songs atspecific timings. Also, we can practice Just a Minute meditation atevery hour.Along with Traffic Control and Just a Minute features,this app has several other important features which are very muchessentials for all BKs. Below is the feature list showing howimportant this is for us to install:1) 8 times traffic controlpractice in a day2) 12 times Just a Minute practice in a day3)Keeps track of your Amrivela, Murli class and Numasham Yog4) Keepstrack of your traffic control practices5) Graphs showing yourmonthly progress6) Graphs showing how many Amrilvela, Murliclasses, meditations etc you missed in the past7) Every Sunday youreceive your weekly progress card showing how much you scored inlast week8) Receive Chart notification every night at 9:30 to fillyour Amritvela, Murli and Numasham Yog status of the day9) You canget your last 1 Year detailed progress report in your email ID10)Edit features also available in case you need to update anyentryHope this will be helpful for you and your other divinebrothers/sisters. Please help circulating this app so that all canfully utilize it in their day to day purusharth...Happy to hearfeedback and any enhancement request for future releases...OmShanti !Peaceful Time Ahead....
Aaj Ki Palna 1.1 APK
An awesome way to receive daily Avyakt Palna directly from ShivBaba ! This app will daily send you a notification with Today'sAvyakt Palna Point.Yes ! Each and every day a new Palna Point in avery attractive way !!We can imbibe and churn these pointsthroughout the day. It helps in our fast Purusharth...Main featuresof the app:1) Works without internet connection2) We can set theweek days when we need the Avyakt Palna Points3) New Avyakt PalnaPoint is received on selected week days4) Avyakt Palna notificationis received at Amrit Vela (i.e. 03:45 AM)5) We can save the Pointin htm format for future use (share, read etc)6) Old days AvyaktPalna Points can also be viewed7) This app runs as a never endingservice until we terminate manually8) The app restartsautomatically after reboot of the phone so no need to startmanually 9) Attractive UI design and fancy animation style10) Bestfor Teevra Purusharthi BKs !!Hope you all will enjoy this app!Asalways, feedback are highly appreciated. And please do share whatall you need to sustain your Brahmin Life...Om Shanti !!
Daily Murli Saar Widget 1.0 APK
Om Shanti Dear Divine !Now no more complains of not reading Murlis,Missing Murli class etc...This time we have come up with a widgetthat updates automatically every day with the day's Murli Saar inyour device ! And that too in Hindi, English and Hinglish !!Note:After install, you will find it under widget section in your phone.Once located, long press the widget to place it in your homescreen.Once Murli Saar has been refreshed in the widget, it can beread or shared even without Internet connection. Below are the mainfeatures of the widget:1) Its not an app but a widget (i.e. homescreen utility) that brings day's Murli Saar into your homescreen.2) Murli Saar includes: Essence, Question & Answer,Darna, Blessing, Vardan3) Automatically updates the Murli Saar atearly morning by connecting to our server bkdrluhar.com. Once MurliSaar is refreshed for the day, it can be read at any time withoutconnecting to Internet4) We can share Murli Saar points throughWhatsapp, facebook, gmail, SMS etc...5) Quick reference to day'sMurli Points, hence easy to stay connected with GOD's versions allthe timeOther languages can be added in future as per feedback andask.Hope you will like the app and use daily to refresh MurliPoints. Please do rate and provide feedback and let us know whatelse you need for your fast Purusharth. This will help us to dobetter and serve more in near future.ThanksOm Shanti !RaviBhPeaceful Time Ahead...
BK Center Finder 1.0 APK
BKC Finder or BK Center Finder, an app that searches BrahmakumarisCenters near by your area !An easy way to get center address andget connected !The main features are:1) Works offline as well asonline modes2) If you are online, it searches for the latestavailable center address list and auto syncs-up with one in yourphone3) If you are offline, it continues to use already existingcenter address list in your phone until you become online.Hope itwill be useful for you and new brothers/sisters.Appreciate yourfeedback...Peaceful time ahead...OS
Baba Portal from bkdrluhar.com 1.3 APK
Om Shanti !Here again, for the first time, the team bkdrluhar.compresents 'BK Treasure' for the entire BK Family. A mobile portalfilled with all the Gyan ever since taught by Baba.Below are fewhighlights contained in the app in all International/Regionallanguages:1) Daily Murli2) Avyakt Murli3) Old Murli and Data4) Allclasses till now5) Baba Milan Classes6) Sakar Murli7) RajyogaMeditation8) Commentaries9) Seven Days Course10) Magazines11)Graphics and Photos12) Audio/Video Songs13) Festivals & Days14)DatabaseMore to be added and create the ocean for all of us.EveryBK should have this pocket portal in his/her mobile and getbenefited at any point of time.Feedback are always welcomed...Thanks for all your support and co-operation till now..Om Shanti!!!
Mobile AV Murli 3.1 APK
Version update 3.0 : In this version -Minor bugfix.------------------------------------------------------------------------Versionupdate 1.1 : In this version -1) Offline reading of HTM murlis2)Support for android tablet devices3) Packaged with 2 full seasons:2013-2014 & 2012-20134) One time connectivity is required ifany new HTM murli is added in future (we have plans to add allAvyakt Murlis since 1969 !!). Then just do a single tap, it will bedownloaded automatically to your SDCard and available for offlinereadingNote: MP3 murli sizes usually vary from 40-100MB andduration from 1-3 hrs. Hence app will provide only onlinelistening. But still you can download these audios using yourbrowser option and play separatelyHope you will like updatedversion.As always, feedback and comments will be highly appreciatedto make it more friendly.Om Shanti !IBDY Peaceful TimeAhead...-----------------------------------Here again !!After theBIG success of Mobile Murli App(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.omshanti.mobilemurli),here comes another gem for Brahmin Family, the Mobile Avyakt MurliApp !Now its easy, enjoying and colorful to read Old Avyakt Murlisin our cell phones. And our chintan-manan (churing) becomes evenmore easier and faster.The main features of this app:1) ColorfulHTM murlis in Hindi and English2) Listening audio MP3 in Hindi,English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu3) Downloading of MP3 murlis4) Atpresent, the app has limited Avyakt Vanis (season 2012-2013 &2013-2014). Other older murlis will be added time to time and thosewill be automatically reflected in the app (no need tore-install)5) Easy copy/paste of HTM murlis and sharing amonggroups6) Flexibility in adding other languages in futureHope youwill enjoy reading colorful Avyakt Murlis for teevra purushartha(to make fast efforts)As always, please do share your feedback andcomments so that we could incorporate those in futureversions.Thanks for all your support and responses.Happy New Yearand Happy Reading Murlis !!