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Sometimes you can’t go to the Dojo to practice your Jiu Jitsu.Sometimes you can’t make it to the Gym to practice your Jiu Jitsu.Sometimes you can’t pick the time and place to have a fight.Sometimes you have to fight wherever the punk wants. So sometimesyou better practice your Jiu Jitsu in your backyard, so that youare ready. Anywhere….anytime…for anyone.

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    Backyard JiuJitsu
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    August 16, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Joshua Inc
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Mohon Support Developer Lokal dengan memberikan POSITIFREVIEW!Aplikasi berisi ulasan lengkap tentang Hukum Agraria diIndonesia. Sangat cocok bagi anda mahasiswa, kaum profesional,serta siapa saja yang ingin mendalami Hukum Agraria. Pokok materiyang dibahas antara lain :1. Pengertian, Ruang Lingkup DanPerkembangan Hukum Agraria2. Sejarah, Konsepsi Hukum Tanah Nasional(Uupa)3. Hak Hak Atas Tanah Sebelum Lahirnya Uupa4. Pengaturan DanPelaksanaan Uupa5. Hak Penguasaan Atas Tanah Menurut Hukum TanahNasional Dan Sistem Konversi Hak Atas Tanah6. Land Reform DiIndonesia7. Pendaftaran Tanah8. Tata Guna Tanah9. Penyediaan TanahGuna Pemba Ngunan Untuk Kepentingan Umum10. Sengketa Pertanahan DanSistem Peradil Annya11. Delik Pertanahan Di Indonesia Dan SistemPeradilannya12. Tanah Sebagai Jaminan Kredit13. Aspek Hukum RumahSusun Di Indonesia14. Pengertian, Fungsi Dan Sejarah Perwakafan15.Syarat Dan Rukun Wakaf16. Pelaksanaan Perwakafan Di IndonesiaUU No5 Tahun 1960 Tentang Peraturan Dasar Pokok-Pokok Agraria +PenjelasanPP No 24 Tahun 1997 Tentang Pendaftaran Tanah +PenjelasanAplikasi ini memiliki keunggulan sebagai berikut :1. Textto Speech2. Dapat digunakan tanpa internet connection / offline3.Fungsi bookmark4. Fungsi search5. GRATIS 100%
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Aplikasi ini berisi kompilasi lengkap :1. Kitab Undang-Undang HukumPidana (KUHP)2. Undang-Undang Nomor : 8 Tahun 1981 Tentang : HukumAcara Pidana (KUHAP)3. Herzien Inlandsch Reglement (H.I.R) /Reglemen Indonesia Yang Diperbaharui (R.I.B.)4. RancanganKUHAPAplikasi ini memiliki keunggulan sebagai berikut :1. Text toSpeech2. Dapat digunakan tanpa internet connection / offline3.Fungsi bookmark4. Fungsi search5. GRATIS 100%6. Ukuran file sangatkecil, hanya 2MB
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This application will cover the fundamentalsof Marine Corps Martial Arts to include the purpose of closecombat, ranges of close combat, weapons of the body, target areasof the body, pressure points, basic warrior stance, and angles ofapproach and movement, and body hardening.There are several fundamentals of the physical discipline of ourmartial arts that are used throughout any type of confrontation orsituation. These fundamentals form the basis for all martial artsinstruction and techniques. Additionally, you must prepare yourbody for the rigors of combat. To do so your body must possess theattributes of both toughness and flexibility. Like iron, you mustbe able to absorb and give out punishment but have the flexibilityto prevent injuries. The proper execution of these fundamentalswill enable you to effectively perform martial arts techniques thatmay very well save your life or the lives of fellow Marines oneday.