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Bad Bunny is a american singer listen to music and enjoy music free

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    Bad Bunny MP3 Songs
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    February 22, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    ANRY Corp
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    Music & Audio
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kitchen.stars 1.0 APK
مطبخ النجوم هو تطبيق مجاني يحتوي على مجموعة من وصفات لتحضير اطباقمغربية و أجنبية ,في هذا التطبيق سوف تجد كل وصفات لتحضير اطباق مثل:طاجين بالدجاج والزيتون الدجاج محمر, طاجين اللحم, الطبخ المغربيالعصري.و كذالك وصفات لتحضير جميع أنواع الحلويات مثل:كعب غزالالغُريّبة بسكويت طريقة عمل اوريو طريقة عمل غريبة منمرة.المميزات: ✓يمكنك البحث عن وصفة معينة ✓ يمكن أن يعمل بدون انترنت ✓ سهلالإستخدام لجميع أفراد الأسرة الأن يمكنك توفير الكثير من الوقتوالجهد في البحث عن وصفات سهلة ومميزة، ولن تعد بحاجة إلى شراء كتبالطبخ، كل ماتحتاجه هو هذا التطبيق المجان نحن نحبكم في لله و نرحببكم و بإستفساراتكم وإقتراحاتكم ،ونتمنى أن لا تنسوا التقييملتشجيعنا. Si vous aimez essayer des aliments et des plats dedifférentes parties du monde, vous allez adorer cette application.Apprenez à cuisiner différents Recettes marocaines , recettes étapepar étape. Trouvez chhiwat 3id al fitr et chhiwat choumicha,chhiwatbladi et chhiwat ramada halawiyat maghribiya,atba9 sahla ainsiwasafat arabia cuisine marocaines moroccan dish, couscous marocain,coscosKitchen Stars is a free application contains a collection ofrecipes for the preparation of dishes Moroccan and foreign, in thisapplication will find all the recipes for the preparation of dishessuch as: Tagine with chicken, olives, roasted chicken, meat Tagine,Moroccan modern cooking.Kmalk and recipes for the preparation ofall types of sweets such as: heel Ghazal exotic biscuit modusoperandi of the modus operandi of Oreo strangeMnmrh.Features: ✓ You can search for a specific recipe✓ canwork without Internet✓ easy to use for the whole familyNow you cansave a lot of time and effort in the search for an easy anddistinctive recipes, and will not longer need to buy cookbooks, allMatanajh is this application Majan We love you in God and welcomeyou and your inquiry and suggestions, and we hope to do not forgetevaluation of encouragement.Si vous aimez essayer des aliments etdes plats de différentes parties du monde, vous allez adorer cetteapplication. Apprenez à cuisiner différents Recettes marocaines,recettes étape par étape. Trouvez chhiwat 3id al fitr etchhiwat choumicha, chhiwat bladi et chhiwat ramada halawiyatmaghribiya, atba9 sahla ainsi wasafat arabia cuisine marocainesmoroccan dish, couscous marocain, coscos
Ligne Crush 4.0 APK
• Votre but est de former des groupes de 3 ou plus Légumes du mêmegenre afin qu'ils puissent être détruits. Comment jouer:Cliquez surle fruit que vous voulez remplacer le fruit sur le dos del'escargot. Trois ou plus de fruits dans une ligne seront éliminés.Les plus de fruits que vous éliminez dans un écrasement, lemeilleur score que vous obtiendrez.1. Aligner au moins trois dumême type végétale.2. Éliminer le plus possible des légumesrapidement pour obtenir un bon score. Légume CrushCaractéristiques: - Légume colorés et vifs. - Facile à apprendre,difficile à maîtriser. - Classements en cercle d'amis et dumonde.Fruit Legend,Fruit Crush• Your goal is to form groups of 3 ormore similar vegetables so they can bedestroyed.      How to play:Click onthe result you want to replace the fruit on the back of the snail.Three or more fruits in a line will be eliminated. The more fruityou eliminate in a crash, the best score you will get.1. Align atleast three of the same plant type.2. Brush away excess vegetablesquickly to get a goodscore.       Vegetable CrushFeatures:- Vegetable colorful and lively.- Easy to learn, hard tomaster.- Rankings in a circle of friends and the world.LegendFruit, Fruit Crush
Bad Bunny MP3 Songs 1.0 APK
Bad Bunny is a american singer listen to music and enjoy music free
Weather Forecast Live & Radar Maps 5.6.3 APK
Get accurate local or worldwide weather forecast easily with liveweather updates like accuweather, hourly and daily forecasts andlive weather alerts Weather Forecast Live for Android, providescurrent detailed meteorological observation and weather forecastsfor all places of the world, it looks for your addressautomatically, and provides the current temperature in degreesCelsius and Fahrenheit. It also provides the current state of theweather, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, visibilitydistance, precipitation in different United, UV index (UV index),dew point, speed and direction of wind, in addition to ten days ofweather forecast and schedule. The app also provides sunrise andsunset depending on the time zone of the city. You can also trackmoon phase status for the current time and more than 5 days. Theapp includes many cool, portrait and landscape style widgets. Theclock widget displays time, date, and battery information, calendarevents, in addition to weather information. Weather & ClockWidget for Android supports a wide range of Android phones; itsupports Android version 2.3 and higher. Features : ✓ Free. It is afree Weather channel, weather network. ✓ Global. You can seeweather in any places you like, ex: London weather, Paris weather,San Francisco weather, Houston weather ✓ Full report. Displays allinformation of weather: location time, temperature, atmosphericpressure, weather condition, visibility distance, relativehumidity, precipitation in different unites, dew point, wind speedand direction ✓ Live weather forecast for free: this weather andclimate app offers daily weather, hourly weather forecasts andmonthly weather forecasts. Meanwhile, it also provides interstatetravel weather forecasts and forecast weather and wind. ✓ Today,tomorrow, 3 days later, 7 days later. Weather for today, tomorrow’sweather, … hourly ✓ detect your location by network or GPS. ✓Manage the weather reports in multiple locations ✓ Has weathernotifications. If you don't like you can turn off this feature ✓Weather forecast is very accurate and reliable✓ Widgets displaytime, date, and current battery information, in addition to weatherinformation ✓ Automatic update intervals are: 15, 30 min, 1, 3, 6,9, 12 hours and manual update. ✓ Automatic location detection bynetwork and GPS. ✓ Up to 10 different places. ✓ Weather map withpossibility to add the whole city to your city list. ✓ NotificationAlerts (with possibility to customize sound and vibration or todisable it). ✓ Current weather conditions and five days of weatherforecasts. ✓ Percentage of relative humidity ✓ Atmospheric pressurein many different units ✓ Visibility distance in different units ✓Precipitation in different units ✓ The UV index ✓ Dew point ✓ Windspeed and direction in different units ✓ Support for Androidversion 2.3 and above. ✓ Searches for all cities in the world bycountry and city or zip code. ✓ Ability to configure your Wi✓FiInternet source only. ✓ Ability to disable the Internet access ofoperators while you are roaming. ✓ Ability to configure yourfavorite temperature device, Celsius or Fahrenheit. ✓ Forecast to10 days future and hourly weather. ✓ Sunrise and sunset. ✓Temperature display in the status bar. ✓ Weather actions andlocation information with your friends. ✓ Home screen widgets, 5x3,5x2, 5x1 for widescreen only and 4x3, 4x2, 4x1 and 2x1 for allscreens. ✓ Many fonts for clock and date ✓ Widgets to displaycalendar events. ✓ Moon phase for current and next 5 days ✓Supports Android Wear with the portable version of the application.✓ Light and dark themes with different icon sets. ✓ Ability toconfigure custom background for dark theme. ✓ Localized to mostlanguages ​​of the world. Download the weather forecast Liveapplication, you have a weather channel on your mobile. You haveweather information today, make weather information tomorrow onyour hand.
2Pac MP3 Music 1.0 APK
2Pac MP3 Music witout internet
6IX9INE MP3 Songs 1.0 APK
6IX9INE is a singer listen to MP3 Music
Marshmello MP3 Music Songs 1.0 APK
Dj Marshmello id the best MP3 Music Songs listen free