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We are very happy to give you the chance to test one of our newestcooking cake games for girls called Baking and Cake Decoratingwhere you can show your cooking and decorating skills in a completekitchen and see if your birthday cake will be gorgeous. First stepin all our cake cooking games is a shopping part, because, beforedecorating level, you should to buy all ingredients from ourvirtual grocery store. Imagine that you are the baker and thinkwhat you need : sugar and oil,eggs, butter and flavor, cocoa and,of course, beautiful decorations for your tasty birthday cake. Whenyou are sure that you buy everything from shopping list, you canpass to the next level of these genre of baking cake games : thecooking step, which will be a real challenge for all little girlsthat like to play cooking games . The second level, like in allcooking games, will bring you in our big virtual kitchen. There areall the tools that you can use in these cooking games. Mix the eggsand add all other ingredients slowly and carefully. The last stepof this level is to bake the cake in the oven and wait until thisis ready. After you finish the baking cake part, it's time for thelast step of cake decorating games . You must know that you canchoose the cream for each part of your delicious cake or maybe youwant to try both - vanilla cream and strawberries cream . Perhapsyou will like the sweet chocolate cream. Try what you like most andmake a spectacular birthday cake with colorful decorations likecandies, candles or flowers. Use your imagination and resize candyhearts and sweet fruits as much as you like. At the end of thispart of cake decorating games you will have a yummy and beautifulcake ! Baking and Cake Decorating Games features : - a completevirtual grocery store where you will buy all the ingredients andfancy decorations for cooking games - a big and pretty kitchen forcooking cake games - all tools which you need to show yourdecorating skills - fancy and cute decorations for cake decoratinggames - various flavor of creams like you see in all birthday cakegames We think that all our cooking cake games are easy to play forall girls and if you want something different, please write in yourcomments what do you think about this genre of cake decoratinggames. We will try to make all changes and improve all of them asyou like.

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