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How is it possible to drive a car without a steering wheel andabrake? This secret will be revealed in the game Circle Drift HOWTOPLAY: 1 - Hold to Drift the car 2 - Release to Forwarding 3 -Earnmoney to unlock new powerful cars. GAME FEATURE: 1 - Endlessmode:Race as far as you can to be on top of the leaderboard 2 -Carchallenge: Each car have many challenges for you to achieve 3 -Mapchallenge: Challenge yourself to many types of map. If you lovethegame give us your feedback. Feel free to give us your ideas!Enjoythe game!

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Neon n Balls 9.6 APK
Life in the ’80s in America stands out with Neon on, Disco music,and Retro video games. Everything combines and called cyberpunkstyle. And it made me remember when I was a kid, I have fallen inlove with the retro game that my father bought me when I was 6years old. One of my favourite games is smashing the bricks withthe balls, it made me feel very excited every time I played. When Iand my family walk through downtown for the first time, theadvertising panel with Neon on was caught my eyes and made me feelvery excited. And now, after many years, I have a chance to livelike an old day with Neon on, disco music, Retro game in a fair for80’s memory. It made me feel like the old day when I was a kid,playing my favourite game – brick crusher on consoles like what Ihave done 28 years ago when I was 6. After the fair, I alwaysobsess with the light of Neon and my favorite game “Brickssmashing”, and that my inspiration to create a game combined withNeon light and bricks game, named “Neon n balls”. I have drawn alot of pictures with neon on lines and I really want to show it toeveryone, so I decided to put a lot of my artwork into this gameand show it to everyone, give them a chance to see it,and….smashing it. After Neon light and retro game are parts of mychildhood, everything I have done just helps me remind my old daywith a new idea, combine an old retro video game style withsomething modern. I call it “Neon n Balls”. I hope everyone willlove it the way I love it. New featured you will love: Free toplay: • Play with your friend • Play with your family • Free allthe time and so on • Always free to play Playing the game withoutWiFi and Mobile Data: • No WiFi? No problem • You are traveling andno Mobile data? Just open the app and enjoy the game • We requireno WiFi connection to start the game • Ply offline and keep gettingreward Brand new graphic…and game style: • Picture draw by neonlight • Beautiful neon artwork • Colorful balls and neon • Brickswill be changed into Neon • New game-play Level up and challenges •300+ levels are waiting for you to conquer • Upgrade your weaponand fire up • New tool to help you smash the Neon The retro stylecombines with modern • Keeping Essence of retro game… the simply ingame-play • Simply but not simply to be conquered • You think iteasy? Think again, it’s not only smashing the neon, it’s an art Oldbut G(old) • 80’s music background • 80’s game style • Retro…butRetro-“er” • Beautiful Neon light with a modern shape
Idle Dunk Masters 1.4.1 APK
Happy Clicker, Enjoy Idle Game, Very Good Slam Dunk Skill. IdleDunk Masters is one of a kind hyper casual idle clicker game.Become a legend basketball player! Idle Dunk Masters is a simpleendless idle game. Tap to throw basketballs to the basket to getpoints and get skills. Idle Dunk Masters also has a lot ofcollections. There are a lot of different balls in this idle game:Basketball, Basketball Purple, Basketball Yellow, Soccer Ball,Tennis ball, Golf Ball, Billard ball, Volley Ball, Bowling Ball,Beach Ball, Football, Hammer, Smile Face, Easter Egg, Eye Ball,Robo Ball, Skull, Thunder Ball, Watermelon, Heart, Orange, Moon,Earth, and Magmastone!! In Idle Dunk Masters, you can unlock yourfavorite dunk skills: Alley-Oop, Free Throw Line, Tomahawk, TwoHands, Windmill, Between The Leg, Double Clutch, Rock the Cradle,Off the Backboard, Superman! Tap on screen faster to get pointsquicker! Upgrade your stats and become the mightiest basketballplayer in this idle clicker game! Use boosters to enjoy Idle DunkMasters as idle game: Auto throw, X2 damage, Ball rain, X2 Cash.Travel to many locations in Idle Dunk Masters hyper casual idleclicker game: School Yard, California, Washington, Arizona,Florida, South Carolina Transform into the legend basketball playerin Idle Dunk Masters. Enjoy throwing balls and become the bestbasketball player of all time! Idle Dunk Masters Prestigecollection: Alley-Oop, Free Throw Line, Tomahawk, Two Hands,Windmill, Between The Leg, Double Clutch, Rock the Cradle, Off theBackboard, Superman, and more! HOW TO PLAY Idle Dunk Masters 1 -Tap to throw basketball 2 - End of each level, tap to slam dunk thebasketball 3 - Unlock more balls to get the high score faster 3 -Upgrade balls to get more powerful throws 4 - Upgrade player skillto get better stats 5 - Upgrade 10 slam dunk skills: Alley-Oop,Free Throw Line, Tomahawk, Two Hands, Windmill, Between The Leg,Double Clutch, Rock the Cradle, Off the Backboard, Superman 6 -Join Youth, School, College, League, Professional, National cup. Ifyou love our game. Feel free to give us your comment. If you haveany idea to improve the game. Give it to us. We will make it cometrue. https://www.facebook.com/Idle-Dunk-Master-2104044833211761
Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits 1.6.3 APK
Tired of throwing knives on to those logs? Download Idle Knife:Slash The Fruits, a new endless idle game with knives throwing& fruits slashing! Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits is a new hypercasual idle game with unique design! You can throw knives to thefruits, pizzas, donuts,.. and cut them into pieces. Idle Knife:Slash The Fruits isn't your usual endless idle clicker game. Youcan upgrade to shoot knives automatically, or tap to throw, or useboosters. Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits has not only knives. Thereare Rockets, Shurikens, Saws, Scissors, Forks, and more! IdleKnife: Slash The Fruits can also provide coins without having toplay! Just upgrade the Offline bonus and it will accumulate morecoins as time pass. Login to the game to collect it! Idle Knife:Slash The Fruits is a simple and easy fruit cutting game. Tap onthe screen to throw knives to cut the fruits and food. Each hitwill decrease the fruit's shield bar if there is. Then each knifewill start cutting the fruits. You will complete the challenge bythe time the fruit is cut into smallest piece! Idle Knife: SlashThe Fruits is a also very challenging hyper casual game. The higherthe level, the tougher the fruit shield be. Upgrade your knivespower, amount to get a stronger hit. Utilize the bonus and specialreward on each leveling to slash the fruit faster. Idle Knife:Slash The Fruits also has many special skills to use. Each specialknife has a its own skill. The Big Knife will deal a lot of damage.The Fork can cut the fruit in a rectangle shape. Chainsaw can cutdeep in the fruit. Scissors can cut the fruit multiple times.Shuriken can cut the fruit from different angles. The ultimate FourKnives can slash the fruit in a way out of your imagination! Loginto social network to see who is on top and surpass them gradually!FEATURES of Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits - Idle game, easy to play,no special skills needed. - Hyper casual game, quick play and nointernet required! - 6 different knives with different skills -Over 100+ levels - Featuring all kinds of juicy fruits: apple,orange, pine apple, melons,... - Did I forget to mention food?Pizza, Donut, Egg, and more - Special effects when cutting thefruits - Free HOW TO PLAY Idle Knife: Slash The Fruits - Tap onscreen to throw a knife at random point - Or upgrade the skills toautomatically throw knives at the fruits - Use the items toincrease your damage significantly! Slash all the fruits with IdleKnife: Slash The Fruits! CONTACT US - Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Idle-Knife-Slash-The-Fruits-491728497963176Idle Knife is a hyper casual idle game created by VGAMES. Visit usfor more games:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=6403305529828884331
Million Golden Deal 1.8 APK
Want to have a quick fun? Try Million Golden Deal now! Choose acase to start, eliminate other cases then decide whether you wantto sell your case to The Bank. Easy to play, enjoyable. Downloadnow!
Merge Money - I Made Money Grow On Trees 1.6.4 APK
Looking for idle game? Looking for clicker game? Looking for mergegame? Money doesn't grow on tree? Yes it does! You will findenjoyment in this relaxing idle clicker merge game: Merge Money!Merge Money is a simple clicker game. Place some pots and growtrees. Drag and drop similar pots together to get better pots.Merge Money is an idle game. Every once in a while every pot willgenerate some money. The better pots, the better tree you get. Thebetter tree, more money will grow! Merge Money is also a mergegame. Merge 2 same bowls together to make better bowls. You canalso purchase new pots to fill the spots. You can also tap on thepots to get money faster! You can also purchase boosts to get moremoney! Here bee goes! Get free Legendary Gifts from the bees.FEATURES - Money growing trees! - Simple idle clicker game - Dragand drop merge - Boosts to get more money faster - Bees for arandom reward HOW TO PLAY - Buy pots - Plant tree - Collect money -Profit Like the game? Give us your feedback!
Next In Style 2.1 APK
You are interested in shirt printing? You are at the right place.Come and print custom made shirts for the customers. Easy, quick,yet fascinating!
Diamond Race 3D 2.9 APK
Collect diamonds and be the first runner to eliminate opponents. Bethe Last man standing to win the Diamond Race 3D Use diamonds tounlock various celebration moves and characters.
Supreme Saberman: Stickman Fight Space Invaders 5.3 APK
Ever wanted to be a legend in ninja games, or joined in theuniverse wars? Prepare for an all-new adventure as a mighty stickfighter but with attractive outfits and powerful weapons likeswords and lightsabers! Let's join one of the most intense samuraigames to gather and upgrade weapons to attack enemies and transforminto your desired hero! Experience the warzone, the brawl, themischief and mayhem with one of the newest 3d fighting gamesonline. Clash with space invaders including monsters, robots andaliens from this universe in SUPREME SABERMAN: STICKMAN FIGHT SPACEINVADERS. Feel the heat form one of the freshest hi-tech samuraigames. Enter this stick war game to join the galaxy brawl! Ourstick ninja was once living peacefully with his stick family, butthe wars between galaxies happened. There've been invaders,including stick-man spieces from other galaxies trying to conquerthe whole universe. To protect his beloved ones, he joined thedangerous stick war with galaxy warriors squad as a captain. Ourwarrior and his lightsaber, his father' sword, have been fightinggloriously since the begining but the warzone keep getting moreintense through times. Thus, now they have to split the team andfight individually. As a captain in this brawl, not only must hesupervise and plan the team but he must also fight his best. Tostop the chance that galaxy enemies may conquer our home. InSupreme Saberman: Stickman Fight Space Invaders - your best galaxysamurai games in one app, you will fight through every warzone tosave the whole universe. Do not let the monsters conquer our world.Usually, we win a brawl over every monster with a magical sword,thus, in this game, your warrior captain will carry a lightsaberand have to attack a monster in each stage, then collect buffs andresources from battles plus lucky spins to upgrade your power andlightsaber, unlock weapons and shields to become stronger. Theinvaders in each stage can be a monster, an alien, a robot or evencloned stickmen. Thus, you will enjoy not only aliens' battle butalso a great stick war. It can be said that this is one of the bestsamurai games and 3d fighting games online you can play! This superstick war game provides happy moments through an extremely simplegame mechanic – just a tap. To hit enemies with a lightsaber orancient sword, just tap to control each slash's accuracy. Toprotect yourself, do a tap also. Breakthrough levels to unlockfiercer bosses and gorgeous outfits. In the end, you must protectthe earth and don't let enemies conquer our world, with just a tap.Moreover, there will always be extra supplies when needed so youcan focus more on defeating the monster in each stage. ONE OF YOURMOST FAVOURITE 3D FIGHTING GAMES ONLINE Various Battle Suites Be aunyielding captain, a mysterious ninja and more with 100 epic andattractive suits like stick captain, stick iron, stick ss dragon,wolf warrior... In this roguelike game. These come with gloriouseffects are waiting for you to upgrade to win every brawl. Not onlythe skins are good but also the weapons. You will have chances toacquire a new sword in every fight - gorgeous lightsabers, whichhelp you later beat the monster in every tense warzone. Unique FunIn Every Stickman Fight Battle Among the 3d fighting games online,Supreme Saberman: Stickman Fight Space Invaders inherits the joyfrom samurai games, fun fighting games online and star clashestheme so that you can have a futuristic warzone with your mobiledevices but with simple gameplay, make a tap. Play anywhere, onlineor offline, with beautiful 3d graphics, vivid sounds, and supersimple gameplay. This stick fight game will surely give youwonderful relaxing moments and a imaginary war to get rid of thechance that galaxy enemies may conquer our home. Start yourjourney, join the adventure and protect the world peace to becomethe mightiest stick warrior with Supreme Saberman, one of the bestfree 3d fighting games!