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D for Duck presents another arcade game that will make you jumpwithexcitement: Ball Jump. Its an endless game with endless fun.

The game has fairly simple game play. You just have to taptomake the ball jump. As you move forward the path will be madeforyou. Make the ball jump up on to the blocks, by tapping onyourscreen.

It is one of the most challenging games you will ever play.Youhave to select the right moment to jump. Don’t jump too early,anddon’t wait for too long either. We challenge you! You won't beableto go far in this game, unless you are a seriously good gamer.Areyou?

Ball Jump - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015

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Mr Jump 1.0.3 APK
D for Duck
D for Duck is on a roll. It presents yet another arcade game thatwill satisfy the arcade gamer in you. Mr Jump is the latest jumping(duh!) game that you just gotta have.Mr Jump wants to go places and of course … to jump. You see - heis a natural jumper and a runner. He can go all day; running andjumping over the obstacles.But the question is – Do you have the skill and reflexesrequired to go far into the game? Turn your game face on and getready for a challenge. You just have to tap, and Mr Jump will jump.If you tap some more, Mr Jump will jump some more. Just avoid theobstacles and keep running and jumping forward. Don’t you let MrJump down!Mr Jump - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015
Dragon Arrow 1.1.5 APK
D for Duck
D for Duck presents the hit arcade game with a twist: Arrow. Don’twe all love to play our favorite arcade games with new and excitingvisual environments?In the classic arcade game, we used to guide an arrow through amaze. The arrow collected stuff along the way that grew its tail.In this incarnation of the game, you guide a dragon through a magicriver.Our very own Mr.Ducky has gone mad. He has transformed into adragon, and this dragon eats ducks to survive and grow its tail.But when you hits the hills, the hills will kill you!Your mission is to keep the arrow swimming through the maze,along with its tail and eat as many ducks as you can. So be a mazeninja and eat as many ducks as possible.The game controls are as simple as they could have been. Thearrow moves towards the right side of the maze with the gravity, onits own. When you tap the screen, the arrow will move towards theleft side. Make sure that the arrow stays away from the hills.As you progress into the game, you will get beautifulbackgrounds and majestic dragons that will keep your love of thegame alive.So play Arrow and keep dragging your drag-on!Arrow - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015
Ball Up 1.1 APK
D for Duck
Are you ready for another simple but excitingnew arcade game from D for Duck? It is called Ball Up, and you aregoing to love this game.And this game is simple alright. You just have to try and keepyour bouncy ball in the air. Tap the screen and the bouncy ballwill jump. Make sure that you jump between the holes and up ontothe tiles. Otherwise its gameover because gravity is a heartless …thing. Make double jump and triple jump, and feel like a pro. Ifyou succeed in jumping at the right time, your ball will go up likeon an elevator. As you go far into the game, the game will pick upits pace and it is going to be a dash.Start playing this game and have insane fun. Challenge yourfriends. How long can you keep your ball up?Ball Up - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015
Rabbit Jump 1.1.3 APK
D for Duck
The team behind ‘D for Duck’ proudly presentsRabbit Jump the best rabbit game. It’s a challenging jumping rabbitgame that will get you hooked and have endless fun in this bunnyadventure.Our own Mr. Ducky has been transformed into a cute jumpingrabbit. You have only one mission which is to keep that rabbitjumping up towards the sky in this rabbit jump game. The rabbit isstrong– has been enjoying his fair share of cabbages and carrots –and is capable to perform as many jumps as you want. Now it is allup to your skill and reflexes. Do you have what it takes to takethe rabbit, jumping towards the sky?How to Play:It is very simple. You just tap on the screen, and the rabbit jumpson to the planks. Make sure that the rabbit does not hit its headon the planks because this cute bunny will die and its death wouldbe on you. Just kidding; no rabbit dies in this game. You can alsomake double and triple jumps and feel like a pro, by tapping thescreen more than once.Seems too easy? Well don’t be fooled. Rabbit Jump ain’t thateasy to master. But if you get into your zen you’ll go far. Andthere are many exciting backgrounds which you will explore when yougo deep into the game.Rabbit Jump - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015
Block The Ball 1.1.1 APK
D for Duck
D for Duck presents the latest arcade game that will get you hookedinstantly.Do you want to block it? If you do, then get ready to play yournew favorite game: Block The Ball!The game play is simple. Instead of hitting the puck with aracket or a pedal, just block it by tapping on the screen just asthe puck is about to escape the cage. Keep blocking for as long aspossible, and try out all the pucks.How good are your reflexes? Because it won't be that easy.Block The Ball - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015
Donut Car 1.1.5 APK
D for Duck
‘D for Duck’ presents the most addictive game ever - Donut Car.Okaythat comes off arrogant but you’ll agree once you play it.Our favorite character Mr. Ducky has mutated into a donut -adonut that is not so different from a giant egg. And don’t wealllove donuts; the yummy slices of heaven. Now your job is tokeepthis donut safe at all costs.You have to move the donut over a bumpy road in your car asfaras you can by tapping on the right-arrow key to accelerateandleft-arrow key to slow down. Make sure that you don’t trip yourcaror the donut. As you travel farther over the bumpy roads,excitingnew challenges await you.You will get to drive amazing new cars, as you progress intothegame. So play as much of Donut Car as you can, and at no costsdropthat donut.Yummy and safe travels!Donut Car - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015
Monster Run - Scary Path 1.0 APK
D for Duck
D for Duck launches another arcade game with a Little twist:Monster Run - Scary Path. This game is the stuff of yournightmares. It will make you scream with horror and fear.On a red night when the devil himself won’t even dream of leavinghis house, when the bats, owls and other night creatures are scaredto death; vampire, werewolf and other monsters are on a run. It istheir worst nightmare. There are all kinds of ghost and otherhorrors waiting for these poor vampires and werewolves. And theyare screaming for your help. Their path has saw blades everywhere.Help them avoid these saw blades and reach their red house.Monster Run - Scary Path - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015
Bouncy Duck 1.0 APK
D for Duck
Another D for Duck game is here, and this one is to die for. BouncyDuck takes you on a crazy adventure. This game is for casual andhard-core arcade gamers both.Mr Ducky is off to a crazy road adventure. There are manyobstacles in his way but he is determined to sprint forward,bouncing over these obstacles and reach his destination come whatmay. The road is an adventure in itself with stunning visuals andamazing art. So Mr Ducky would keep on bouncing and sprintingforward on the road. Won’t you join Mr Ducky on this bouncing roadtrip?The gameplay is very easy. You just have to tap and the bouncyduck will bounce. Make sure that you tap at the right moment totake the bouncy duck bouncing over the obstacles. You may notsucceed at first, Mr Ducky may be a bit tired and may even get torninto bits a few times. But don’t you worry. He’ll bounce back everytime.Get ready to play this challenging new arcade game that will bea test of your determination and reflexes. Join bouncy duck on hisbouncing sprint on an adventurous road trip.Bouncy Duck - Copyright © D for Duck - 2015