4.0 / January 18, 2018
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Numerous balls appear in a random fashion from above andslowlyfall! 2 buttons control a rectangular Popper. Obtain a highscoreby popping the blue, green, white, and purple balls! Becareful ofthe orange and red balls though, as they will drasticallydecreaseyour score!

App Information Ball Popper

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    Ball Popper
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    January 18, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    P.O. box 1345 Vass NC 28394
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Crafty and useful jotpad!! Create notes and custom alerts /reminders (in form of notifications) quickly. Some apps that makenotifications loose their data on device reboot. Not JottME! Untilyou delete the notification (with the touch of a button) if willkeep you reminded every reboot (they even appear on lock screen).Pick your time an date for it to pop up, and did I mention you typein your own notification messages! Try it out! Still the thesimplest and quickest way to jot down things and keep themorganized in folders! JottME can help with the following: Creatingreminders for whatever you need. SO QUICK! Have a good idea, andneed to remember it later. A favorite quote that you would like toremember. On the go, and need to write down something likeconfirmation #s. A quick reference for sequence of steps tocomplete a task. Remembering the wrench size to change your lawnmower blades. Just about anything you need to remember. Fast notetaking made easy!! A custom notification making machine! (memo,note, jot, write, pad) Any issues with the app, please email meASAP and I will fix it quickly! Thank you
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Budgeting made easy! Easily and quickly enter in where you money isgoing with your own custom setup Personal accountability of yourmoney transactions. The specific goal of this app is to allow auser to personally track transactions and evaluate them. With mostof today's spending being done digitally, it is easy to not knowwhere it is all going, especially over the course of a few months.This app can help you track where it goes. NOTE this app does notconnect to any official accounts as that would include secureauthentication. Rather, this app is focused on you recording yourtransactions however you wish. In the settings you set up thecurrency you wish to use with this app. Simply organized and userfriendly. Complete control of tracking customization. It is simple,when you spend money - open the app and record the amount, type,and give it whatever label you wish. In this way you will build upa collection of transactions. A great feature is to be able to addpersonal notes to each transaction also as well. The ability tocompletely customize how you label your transactions. There is alsoa statistics feature where you an see a visual representation withcharts of all OR a specified date range of transactions. Want toknow how much you spent on Bills this month? Last month? How muchdid you spend on food? How many times did you eat out from April20th to May 4th? This app can fetch this information quickly,granted you enter your transactions. This is the initial release-many future updates are in the future including data backup andmore statistical features.
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Mass Text Timed Text Auto Reply Text Wake Up Text Code PresetTexting SMS tool People dislike having someone include them into agroup message and when someone else replies within the group, theyget it, as well as everyone, and now everyone is getting bombardedwith messages. This app allows you to send one message to manypeople in your contact list individually. No group text! This appdoes all the hard work. Only select users, and create message, thensend! This will use your own device's texting system, but will notcreate a group text, but rather, it texts everyone individually!Permissions will be requested for this app to function! And muchmuch more
Numbers Tap 14 APK
Sharpen your focus! Increase your reaction speed! Test your skills!Unique challenge! Number tap fun! The concept is simple, howeverthe game-play is tricky! You will be given a 3 by 3 grid along witha target number to tap You must find the target number in the gridand tap it BEFORE it disappears. When the numbers disappear, theyquickly reappear in a different random order, you must then findthe target number again and tap it before it disappears. Just tapthe number! It seems simple right? There is a twist. The additionof random colors in the game-play challenges natural instinct!Players of all kinds can enjoy this game, from kid mode (where thekid always wins) to Unreal mode where no mistakes are allowed andthe play grid changes every second! One unique mode is Marathon,where the target number changes and speed increases a quartersecond every 10 correct taps! Another fun mode is Bonkers, wherethe target number to press changes every play grid iteration! Othermodes include the target number changing randomly and much more.(Each mode's details can be viewed and changed within thesettings).
com.gainwise.imagezoom 1.0 APK
Some devices will only zoom in so much, this app allows you toinfinitely zoom in ona picture. Simply select an image, Pinch tozoom the image to where you want it, and hit save and it will saveinto your gallery! That simple
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Not every device has a keyboard that offers all of thedevicecapable emojis.This is an app specifically offering theability toquickly copy and paste emojis to your clipboard. Thereare twomodes to this app 1 - a quick copy and paste mode - everyclickcopies it to your clipboard 2 - emoji builder mode that allowsyouappend a bunch of them together and copy it all at once insteadofeach individually. There is a recents bar at the top to showyourlast 20 selected emojis. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - these emojiesarefrom unicode v12 and not all devices are up to date withthisstandard - this means that some devices may not be able to viewtheemoji's outside of this app ( or another unicode 12 emojicapableapplication).
escape - fake call app - get occupied 1.0 APK
Simple user interface - awesome feature.Have you ever been on adate and needed to leave? Have you ever been in a meeting andwanted to leave? Escape is useful for those situations, as you cangenerate a fake call in literally a second. Features:-Wakes thephone up even if it is asleep.-Notification appears on Notificationbar.-User's default ringtone is used for realism.-App responds justlike android's built calling app. Slide button to answer.-The imageis default to keep the app simple and not have to requestpermissions, however if enough people want this feature I canadd.best free fake call appLibs used in this appProjectBasicshttps://github.com/OsmAndroid/ProjectBasicsBungeehttps://github.com/Binary-Finery/BungeeFabToasthttps://github.com/Binary-Finery/FabToast
Ball Popper 4.0 APK
Numerous balls appear in a random fashion from above andslowlyfall! 2 buttons control a rectangular Popper. Obtain a highscoreby popping the blue, green, white, and purple balls! Becareful ofthe orange and red balls though, as they will drasticallydecreaseyour score!