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Ball & Roll is a version of addictive childhood Ball in theMaze game Circular Maze. The best Ball Game ever! DOWNLOAD toChallenge your brain for FREE. Just slide right and left to controlyour ball up & down and reach the finish! Try to avoid trapsand find your way through dangerous labyrinths and rise up! Enjoyin this Ball & Roll Puzzle Game, the Best Ever Ball in the Mazepuzzle game. Ball & Roll game gives you the feeling of; ⚪Puzzle Games, ⚪ Escape Games, ⚪ Brain Teasers, Brain Exercise ⚪Hidden object games ⚪ Physic game ⚪ Matching games ⚪ Circular Maze⚪ Kid Games One-tap easy-to-learn controls, endless levels withamazing challenging and addictive game play. You will simply lovethis fun game and be addicted to it. More interesting games arewaiting for you to explore. Play now and do not forget to tell usyour experiences. Contact with us here support@netmarbleemea.comhttps://buff.ac/NetmarbleEmeaGooglePlay Enjoy.

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    Ball & Roll
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    April 8, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    17th Floor, Creative Tower, PO Box 4422, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
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Travelling Millionaire 1.16.1 APK
Travelling Millionaire is the most popular online strategy boardgame there is! Roll your dice and build the most beautiful cities,famous houses and landmarks of the world. Take rent from youropponents as much as you can with your character and lucky dice,become the richest player on the table. Play from anywhere using3G, 4G or Wi-Fi with your friends and family and join the fun! Youcan chat with opponents with in game chat feature and build newfriendships. You can invite your friends to the game, build a clanwith them and have a clash with other clans. Download Now and Claimyour FREE Rewards! Play everyday to win more FREE OF CHARGE in-gamerewards! ****************** *CHAT WITH REAL PLAYERS Play with yourFacebook friends or real players and chat with them to maximize thefun! *JOIN COMPETITION Gain points with every win, rise in weeklyrankings! Become the real estate tycoon! *PLAY IN SINGLE OR TEAMMODE Defeat your opponents in either team games or single-playergames! *PLAY IN DIFFERENT MAPS Try your luck in different maps andhave a unique game experience! *PLAY NOW No need to search for aroom, you can create a room and invite your friends with a singletouch. ******************** SUPPORT: To report a problem aboutTravelling Millionaire or make a suggestion, you can contact usfrom support@netmarbleemea.com address.
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"Football Strike: Your Team - Your Game - Thisis football, Your Way.Download the App for free on your smartphone today!"Manage a team of real all-star players within Football Strike asyou create the club of your dreams, and train those players tobring glory and success to your team.With intuitive controls, you can pick up this action-packedfootball game and begin competing immediately. From Scissor Kicks,Marseille Turns, Flip-Flaps, Step-Overs and more, you'll find allthe football moves you love to watch on the field. Dominate thefield with your passes and forceful kicks.As the Club Manager, it is up to you to bring your team tovictory by determining your strategy and plays. Have control overall aspects of the game - Formation, Offense, Defense - this isyour game.And always be on the lookout to recruit more talent to your team.You can never have enough of a good thing!Pit yourself against your friends and rivals in multi-playermodes that allow you to dominate the charts and show off yourskills. Football Strike offers Solo Play, Friendly Games.Tournaments, as well as Adventure modes depending on your mood andplaystyle.Compete to become the best and challenge yourself to rise to thetop!Get bonuses, achievements, and rewards as you progress in thegame. From players to in-game currency, you'll constantly be ableto unlock more!Use these rewards to grow your team and continue your path toglory.This is Your Team. This is Your Game. This is Football Strike.
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Best Action - RPG experience tailored for Middle East and GulfZone!YOUR ADVENTURE & YOUR LANGUAGE - Now in 3 languages; Arabic,Turkish and EnglishEPIC 3v3 BATTLES! - Test your mettle against other players in3v3 battles! Choose from unique heroes and climb the steps of Arenafor ultimate supremacy.ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM! - Create your ultimate trio from hundreds oflegends, smash your enemies with ultimate fighter Murat or shootthem with sneak attacks of Assasin Leyla! Choose your weapons andupgrade your ranks to give your team the ultimate power-up using adeep RPG leveling system.SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN - Wage epic battles in stage-based mapsacross a deep, immersive single player RPG campaign!SURVIVAL MODE - Push you legends to their limits at ultimatesurvival mode!SUMMON ALLIES - Need a little help to get through the nextbattle? Summon your friends for reinforcements and claim victory asa team!EASY TO USE, ONE-FINGER CONTROLS - Play with just a singlefinger to guide your team and defeat your foes!
com.joygame.losteraar 1.1.20 APK
اندمج مع عاصفة من المغامرات في لعبة الأدوات المخفية، الزمن المفقود.اكتشف حقائق لم تكن تعرفها عن أشهر شخصيات التاريخ مثل الاسكندرالأكبر، كليوباترا، نابليون، لينكولن وأينشتاين خلال محاولتك لحلاللغز وإنقاذ العالم. سافر حول العالم بمساعدة الخريطة التفاعلية،اكمل المهام، قم بجمع الأدوات واستمتع بالألعاب المصغرة. حان وقتالتحدي!عصر المعجزات,باتباعك قصة اللعبة، ستسافر عبر الكرة الأرضيةلكي تستكشف مواقع الأدوات المخفية. وبالتالي تزيد من مستوى مهارتكوتكتسب الخبرة لإتاحة المزيد من المواقع على الخريطة التفاعلية.العديد من العوائق تقابلك، والكوارث الطبيعية لكي تصعب من اللعبة،لذا، سيتوجب عليك أن تكمل المواقع في ظلمة تامة، أو اكتشاف الأحرفالناقصة من الكلمات. ولكن لا تفقد الأمل، فمعك قوى مساعدة أيضاً ستسهلعليك الأمر عندما يتأزم الموقف!عند اكتشافك للأدوات المخفية، ستجدأيضاً أدوات تجمعها وأدوات خاصة. وتحتاج لتلك الأدوات لإنهاء المهامالمعطاه إليك من الأشباح الذين يقصون عليك القصة. ستساعدك مذكراتك علىأن تبقى على اطلاع مع المهام المكلفة إليك باستمرار، فتفقدها من وقتلأخر، وستحصل أيضاً على حقائق مشوقة عن أصدقائك أشباح الماضي،ومعلومات عن اللعبة وقصتها التي ستساعدك في استعادة كوكب الأرض وإنقاذالبشرية.مزايا المنتج:- اكمل مجموعة ضخمة من المهام تكفيك شهوراً مناللعب!- استمتع بلعبة صائد الفقاعات المصغرة. لاحق العاصفة الناريةعلى الخريطة!- العب السنوكر المصغرة! العبها عن طريق الضغط علىالإعصار على خريطة العالم.- يمكنك أيضاً التمتع بلعبة مطابقة 3.- جربحظك في كازينو كليوباترا في أي وقت- تحذير! لقد وصل الفضائيون إلىكوكب الأرض! يمكنك رؤيتهم والتفاعل معهم على خريطة العالم!- اختبرمتعة عالم الأدوات المخفية- اكتشف حقائق مسلية عن شخصيات شهيرةMergedwith a storm of adventures in the game hidden tools, lost time.Discover the facts were not known to history for months figuressuch as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Lincoln andEinstein during the attempt to solve the mystery and save theworld. Traveled around the world with the help of an interactivemap, complete the tasks, then collect the tools and enjoy themini-games. It's time to challenge!The era of miracles,By followingthe story of the game, will travel across the globe to explore thehidden tools sites. And thus increase the level of skill andexperience to gain access to more sites on the interactive map.Many come across obstacles, and natural disasters in order to makeit difficult game, so you will need to complete the sites incomplete darkness, or the discovery of the missing letters of thewords. But do not lose hope, Vmek forces also help facilitate youwhen it worsens the situation!When you discover the hidden tools,you'll find tools also collects and special tools. The need forthese tools to finish the tasks you Given the ghosts who yourecounting the story. Diary will help you to remain abreast withcostly tasks you constantly, Vtfqdha from time to time, and you'llalso interesting facts about your friends ghosts of the past, andinformation about the game and the story that will help you restorethe planet and save humanity.Product advantages:- Complete a hugerange of tasks is sufficient months of play!- Enjoy a game ofmini-bubbles hunter. Later fiery storm on the map!- Play minisnooker! Play it by pressing the hurricane on the world map.- Youcan also enjoy a game of matching 3.- Try your luck in the casinoCleopatra at any time- Warning! Alvdaúaon have reached the planet!You can see them and interact with them on the world map!- Test thehidden world of fun tools- Discover fun facts about celebrities
Kayıp Çağ: Gizli Nesne Oyunu 1.1.21 APK
Kayıp Çağ gizli nesne oyunu ile kasırga macerasına dalın. Büyükİskender, Kleopatra, Napolyon, Lincoln ve Einstein hakkındaki gizligerçekleri ortaya çıkarın. İnteraktif bir harita ile dünya’dagezintiye çıkın, bir çok görevi yerine getirin, çeşitlikoleksiyonları bir araya getirin ve bir çok mini oyuna dahil olun.Kaderi zorlama zamanı!Mucize Çağı, Hikaye örgüsünü takip ederekdünya’da gezintiye çıkacaksınız ve bir çok gizli nesne yerinibulacaksınız. Beceri seviyenizi arttıracak ve interaktif haritadadaha çok noktayı açmak için deneyim kazanacaksınız. Oyunu bir çokanormallik ve doğal afet çeşitlendirmektedir böylece karanlıkta HOolaylarını tamamlamanız gerekecek veya karışık harflerle verilenöğe listesi ile karşı karşıya kalacaksınız. Umutsuzluğa kapılmayın– her türlü güçle tüm zorlukların üstesinden geleceksiniz!Gizlinesne yerleri ile bir çok koleksiyon malı ve özel öğelerlekarşılaşacaksınız. Bunlar size bu heyecanlı macerada eşlik edecekolan hayaletlerin isteklerini yerine getirmeniz için lazım olacak.Günlüğünüz verilen görevlerin listesini tutacak çünkü aynı andabirkaç tane olabilir. Düzenli olarak kontrol edin ve oyunun sonundaDünyaya ulaşmak için anahtar bilgiler ve lanetlenmiş arkadaşlarınızhakkında ilginç bilgiler edinin.Özellikleri:- Sayısız görevi yerinegetirin ve aylarca oynayın!- Heyecanlı Bubble Shooter mini oyununkeyfini çıkarın. Haritadaki ateş fırtınasını takip edin!- Snookermini oyununa ulaşabilirsin! Dünya haritasındaki Fırtınaya tıkla!-Geliştirilmiş Match 3 mini oyunu oynayabilirsin- CleopatraCasiona’da ne zaman isterseniz şansınızı deneyin- Dikkat! UFOYeryüzüne indi! Haritada bulabilirsin!- Farklı bir gizli nesneoyunu deneyimi sizi bekliyor- Kayıp Çağ daki olağanüstü kişilerhakkında ilginç gerçekleri keşfedinDive into the hidden object gamewith a whirlwind adventure The Lost Age. Alexander the Great,Cleopatra, Napoleon, Lincoln and reveal the hidden truth aboutEinstein. Stroll in the world with an interactive map, perform atask, brings together various collections, and was involved in alot of mini-games. Fate forcing time!Age of Miracles,Following thestoryline will take a stroll in the world and you will find thelocation of a hidden object. It will increase your skill level andexperience will earn more points to open an interactive map. Gamediversifies many anomalies and natural disasters, so you will needto complete the dark HOME events or faced with mixed letters to theitem list. Do not despair - you will overcome all the difficultiesto any power!A collection of hidden object locations will encountergoods and special items. They need for you to fulfill your requestyou will be ghosts who will accompany this exciting adventure. Keepa list of your blog because it can be given several taskssimultaneously. Check regularly and learn interesting facts aboutthe game at the end of key information and your friends to get thedamned world.Features:- Perform numerous tasks and play formonths!- Enjoy exciting Bubble Shooter mini-game. Follow thefirestorm on the map!- You can reach Snooker mini-games! Click tostorm the world map!- Improved Match 3 mini-games you can play- Tryyour hand at it whenever you want Cleopatra Casiona- Watch Out! UFOlanded on Earth! You can find it on the map!- A different hiddenobject game experience awaits you- Discover interesting facts aboutexceptional people in the Lost Ages
Black Throne APK
Welcome to the Medieval Age! Are you ready tofight till your last breath to be the Ultimate Emperor?- Join a Medieval World where there is thousands of players!- Get your land, conquer and expand to be the UltimateEmperor!- Create your own Royal Family, lead your troops and makediplomatic treaties with other royal families!The Realms of Black Throne offers you to join forces with otherplayers, team play and fierce battles. Many will try to be theruler of these lands, but only one will reach the honor of beingimmortal Will you be the one?
The Warland 1.6 APK
Best defence is an explosive offence! Are you ready to become thecommander that soldiers need in Warland? The most amusing war game,the Warland, is a real-time strategy game where you can deploy yourteams and compete against players all over the world. In thebiggest free MMO strategy game on the mobile, set up your army,plan your strategy and deploy your forces! You can control themovement of each of your troop, perfect your war strategy andskills. You can give orders to your soldiers to change the courseof the war and challenge your opponents. • Improve your battlestrategy, deploy your troops and take control of the Warland •Experience the excitement of battle against friends and playersfrom all over the world in a challenging multiplayer mode thattests your strategy! • Manage and upgrade your army to rule thebattlefront! • Prove yourself with epic PvP battles. • Write yourdestiny against rebels in the Story Mode! • Create your own Warcommunity and show your company’s strategy and military power onthe battlefield! • Challenge your friends in company with friendlybattle! • With the real time chat future discuss your strategy withyour allies! • For greater rewards complete difficult missions andstep ahead of your enemies! • Create massive operations withvarious types of missions such as assault, sniper, siege andconfidential! • Collect special items and participate limited timeevents to improve your character and expand your weapon collection!SUPPORT: To report a problem about the Warland or make asuggestion, you can contact us from support@netmarbleemea.comaddress. Website: www.thewarland.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/thewarland/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/thewarlandnm Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/thewarland/
Ston Perspective Puzzle Game 7.6.0 APK
Ston is an addictive puzzle game that will challenge your mind. Bymoving the colorful cube in various directions using your finger,pass over and destroy all the other cubes! Difficulty of each levelis different and each has multiple solutions.Try to destroy eachcube to solve the puzzles. You can use the hammer when you have ahard time. Play without minding the limits! This magnificent puzzlegame does not have any time or move limits. The only opponent isyourself! Minimalistic Design Ston will not tire your eyes whileplaying thanks to its unique and striking minimalistic design. Itappeals both to your eyes and your soul with its 6 unique andstylized designs. Challenge yourself Move your finger wherever youplease and focus on destroying all the cubes! Ston is a gamerequiring utmost attention and intelligence. Ston is perfect foryou if you want to push your mental skills further! Design theLevel You Want to Play Yourself! Moreover, you can design a brandnew map using the cube, showcase your creativity and have the levelyou designed added to the game. Game Features 📌Free to play, 📌Stepby step introduction with easy early levels, 📌Hundreds of levels,📌Incrementally increasing difficulty, 📌Relaxing, harmonious musicand sounds, 📌Extraordinarily minimalistic design, 📌Challengeyourself, 📌Play offline, 📌Design your own levels, SUPPORT: Yourcomments are invaluable for us! You can deliver your suggestionsand thoughts on the game to us at support@netmarbleemea.com.