/ February 28, 2018
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Awesome to play.

App Information Balls Again (Unreleased)

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    Balls Again (Unreleased)
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    February 28, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Yarsa Games
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    10 - 50
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Driving School Nepal - Drive Car, Bus & Motorcycle 0.8.2 APK
Yarsa Games
Driving School Nepal is the first driver’s license test game forNepal, dedicated to car, bus, motorcycle and scooter license. Ifyou are looking forward to Nepalese driving license test, andyou've enrolled in an driving academy to practice driving, werecommend this game for you. You can prepare for road signs test aswell as driving test with the help of this driving simulator game.What vehicles are available: For a start, the game includes fourdifferent categories – – 🏍Motorcycle riding – 🛴Scooter riding –🚘Car driving test – 🚌Bus driving test There are dozens of differentlevels to get yourself comfortable with the mandatory drivinglicense test for Nepal. Prepare for Driver's License Test Apartfrom driving license exam, the game helps you prepare for writtentest as well. Hundreds of multiple choice questions are availablein the game. The game also lists all road signs with their meaningsto help you prepare for written test. Understand your Track DrivingSchool Nepal might be one of the best games to improve yourunderstanding of driving track specially if you are preparing fordriving license test soon. Playing this game regularly will helpyou become comfortable with the driving track and master yourdriving skills. Regularly playing this simulator game has helped alot of people to increase their confidence in the test in reallife. Salient Features: - Drive simulated car, bus, motorcycle andscooter - Learn all road signs that are used in Nepal - Practicehundreds of multiple choice questions - Practice driving on realtrack used in Nepal for license test - Enjoy dozens of exciting& challenging levels for each type of vehicle - Realisticgameplay with mechanical steering and manual gear shift -Familiarize yourself with indicator switch for car, bus, motorcycleand scooter - Learn basic traffic lights and rules of Nepal - Aftercompleting the test, challenge yourself with parking skills Thankyou for trying the game. Please feel free to submit any feedback,and tell us whether the game runs smoothly in your device. We'reconstantly adding new levels and features to the game. Yourfeedback will make the game even better for everyone. Please reportany problems to [email protected] All the best for your license test!
Jumper APK
Yarsa Games
Tap to jump and collect diamonds. JumpUntilyou beat the highest number of among all players. There isonly 1way to survive - jump until your last breath. Do not touchthespikes and collect the points. Enjoy the game.This game is a part of one day game developing challenge. Thisgametook less than 24 hours to build from scratch and ispublishedwithin that time.
Heart Rush 1.1.2 APK
Yarsa Games
Heart rush is a simple game. Drag your heart around, collect otherhearts and grow bigger. Avoid any broken hearts, or you'll lose.Easily navigate with invisible joystick like controls.Heart rushwas made on Valentines week of 2018. With <3 from Yarsa Games.
Callbreak, Ludo, Kitti, Solitaire Card Games 2.2.1 APK
Yarsa Games
Callbreak, Ludo, Kitti, Solitaire and Jutpatti are the most populargames among board/card game players. Unlike other games likeMarriage and 29, these games are pretty easy to learn and play. Wetried to bring all those games in a single game, so you can enjoydifferent games without having to install and update differentgame.s Here are the basic rules and description of the games:Callbreak Game Call Break, also known as 'call brake' is arelatively long-run game played with 52 cards deck between 4players with 13 cards each. It's game rules are pretty easy tolearn. There are 5 rounds in Callbreak game including 13 trick inone round. For each deal, player must play the same suit card.Spade is default trump card in Call Break. The player with highestdeals after 5 rounds will be the winner. You can pick your bid,play with competitive opponents, make a correct bid for every dealto show off your skills and trick. Currently we're trying to builda callbreak multiplayer platform for Call Break, so please staytuned. Once the callbreak multiplayer version is ready, you'll beable to play with your friends using hot-spot or internetconnection. Local Names: - Callbreak in Nepal - Lakdi, Lakadi inIndia Ludo Ludo is probably the simplest board game ever. You waitfor your turn, roll the dice and move your coins according to therandom number that shows up on the dice. You can configure therules of ludo and play with bot or other players at once. Ludomultiplayer is coming soon, so stay tuned. Kitti - 9 Cards Kitti isa short, fun game played with 9 cards each between 2-5 players. InKitti you arrange the three groups of cards, 3 in each. Just likeTeen-Patti or Faras, but to win the round, you should win two showsconsecutively. Unlike call break, you show three cards at a time.Once the Kitti cards are arranged in three groups of three cardseach, you show one group at a time, and compare with the otherplayers' group. If your group of cards wins, you win that one show.The Kitti game runs for three shows each round. If nobody wins theround (ie. no consecutive winning shows), we call it a Kitti, andshuffle the cards again. Solitaire – Classic After Call Break,Solitaire is probably the most played card game ever. This gameincludes a classic version of solitaire game that you used to playin a PC. Solitaire game is pretty easy to play and the rules aresimple. The version of Solitaire included in this game requires youto chain the alternate cards. That means a red card can be chainedwith a black card. This rule makes solitaire a bit morechallenging. Jutpatti – Pair Cards Jutpatti is a pretty simple gameplayed by children, or beginners. Jutpatti means "pair cards". Youcan distribute 3 to 11 cards between two or more players, and keephalf of the shuffled cards face down. Turn by turn you pick thecard from the face-down deck, or the one that the previous playerthrows. Once you pick the card, you have an even number of cards inyour hand. Your target is to make sure there is a pair for everynumber. In Jutpatti, a joker is assigned right after distributingthe cards. The joker is the next card in the deck, that is shownwith face-up, and put besides or under the remaining cards. Jokeris not the card that's face down, but the +1 cards. For example, ifyou turned 8 as face up, 9 is the joker; if J is face up then Q isthe joker. A joker can be used as a replacement for any card tomake a pair with. We're working to include even more card games,include more controls and options in existing games, and building amultiplayer platform. Once the platform is ready you can playCallbreak multiplayer with your friends over the internet oroffline with a local hotspot. Stay tuned for more games like Rummy,Dhumbal, 29 Game and Marriage. Please send us your feedback, andwe'll improve the game for you. Thank you for playing Callbreak,Ludo and more games.
Dodge Cube 1.4 APK
Yarsa Games
Dodge cube is an addictive game with simple gameplay.Tilt yourphone or tap left and right to dodge falling cubes and stay aliveas much as you can.
Basketball Free Throw 1.0.1 APK
Yarsa Games
Try to score and earn more stars by throwing the basketball intothe ring. Unlock more balls with more smoothness with the stars. Avery addictive game for basketball lovers. Pass your free timeswapping the ball.
Balls Rush - SPACE 1.3 APK
Yarsa Games
Balls Rush is an adventure game, that features a planet ballrushing ahead in space, while being followed by a bunch of enemyballs. Enemy balls rush towards you, and will destroy you. Tosurvive the balls rush, you have to tackle the obstacles swiftly sothat the enemy balls will get struck and destroyed. As times goes,the rush intensifies. Time starts running faster, the balls willstart moving towards you faster and faster. Now you have less timeto dodge the balls and obstacles. Balls rush will fill you withadrenaline within the first few seconds. You'll be swiping left andright, trying to dodge the enemy balls and rushing ahead in thespace. Happy playing!