1.1.16 / April 1, 2017
(4.2/5) (3491)


Bang iO is a multiplayer physics based game,for up to six players in one room. Survive, shoot and bonk others,try to keep your character alive, push your opponents off the edgeof the level and win the battle!.

Use the joystick to move, and hold X button to make yourselfheavier. When you are heavy, you have much more momentum, so youwill bonk enemies much further, and you are much harder to pusharound. But you will also be much less maneuverable!

Battle anyone from anywhere in the world online! bonk io is beingfrequently updated with new features and improvements, so checkback often!
Have fun!

App Information Bang iO - Online Multiplayer!

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    Bang iO - Online Multiplayer!
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  • Updated
    April 1, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Only Games iO
  • Installs
    100,000 - 500,000
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Mope iO is all about survival in a hostileworld around where everybody is your rival. Either you need to eatsomeone or someone will eat you for his survival. The gameplay issimple to understand but adapting to its dynamics can be realchallenge for players! Why don’t you try once? Download simply forfree and start enjoying its awesome dynamics unlimited!!How to play the game:The game integrated with Mope iO app is all about planning andstrategy making for remaining alive. You have to start the game asa mouse and once you eat berries and drink water, you will bebigger in size and will be safe from dehydration. The whole worldaround you is moving in foodchain. So you need to be alert and takeyour best stance to go for the next level of growth.• More you eat and and drink you will get bigger and stronger• More you be stronger you will get more XP.Your ultimate stage is the red and cute dragon where you can eatother animals too and no one can eat you. In between if any animaleats you, the game will be over.App’s FeaturesBefore you download the app Mope iO, take a quick look at itsinteresting features:• User friendly interface,• Smart and cool use of graphics and colors,• Easy game navigation,• Players need to be extra alert with reflex play,• You can play the game with your online players and check how youare performing in the survival game.Now download the game Mope iO app and start playing the foodchaingame unlimited. This is a wonderful time pass on your androiddevice for sure.Want to notify the developer about the app Mope iO? Send a mail [email protected] io is a game of evolution. Bigger animal eats smaller ones.Stronger eat weaker. Therefore your main goal should be to becomethe predator or maybe even a red but cute dragon!In mope.io world you will start to play as a little mouse. Eatberries to grow and earn points then transform to another animal,drink water to stay dehydration. The more you eat and drink themore you grow and become stronger, you get more and more XP, movingup the food chain right to the top. Gradually, you become apowerful animal in mope.io , and can kill other ones.So download mope io and have fun!
Higher Lower Quiz Game 1.1.15 APK
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Trivia games are always interesting and goodto play for enhancing our general knowledge. If you love to playquiz games and you are conversant with Google search volume, youwill find this app Higher Lower Quiz Game extremely stimulating andentertaining.The trivia game is interesting in a new way: here the players haveto guess the higher lower in trend for a topic based on Googlesearch volume. The objective of playing this quiz game is to guessor assess how much the players know about recent online searchtrend.How to play:The clue to play the quiz game is hidden in its name: it is easy toplay and simple to understand. On each question you need to guessthe higher and lower search volume based on talent to trivia crack.Once you download the guess game, Higher Lower Quiz Game, you willfind series of questions on screen and you need to answer them oneafter one. Against each question you need to answer by selectinghigher lower tab, and you will get confirmation instantly, if youare right or wrong in trivia crack.You will get to answer lot many questions based on products, logos,brands, such as electronics, car makers, fashion, airlines,cosmetics, food, drinks, beers and a lot more: your task is toselect an option that is more in search based on your guess! Youcan play alone; you can play with other online players to find howcompetent you are in playing the guess game.The ultimate objective of a player like you in Higher Lower QuizGame is to crack maximum right in a row and bag higher score.App’s FeatureHigher Lower Quiz Game app is built with some interesting features.Check the features before you download the app:• User friendly interface and addictive gameplay,• Integration with leaderboard has made the game more entertainingand challenging,• Regular update of the game will keep you always updated about thelatest trend in market and popular search items,• HD quality images is another attraction of the app,• Small application size is an extra advantage.Higher Lower Quiz Game will offer you lot of fun and lot ofknowledge about market. It will of great fun at yourfingertips.Do you like trivia games? You think you know what is in trend? Youcan test yourself, in quiz game called Higher Lower Quiz Game whichis totally free for you! Find out just how much do you know aboutsearch trends!Its quite simple to play the game, just decide which next searchitem has been searched for the most, you just need to selectinghigher or lower button after every question, which item is mostpopular? Find out for yourself!Guess which company is in the logo and find out what internationalbrands are hidden under logos in other crack questions, some trendsare easy and you can guess are they popular or not in a second, butsome may prove to be a much harder to find out. Different questionsabout products, brands, logos, such as car makers, fashion,electronics, airlines, hi-fi, cosmetics, clothing, food, drinks,beers and a lot more, you just need to answer on a simple questionwhich is more popular left or the right one.The main objective in higher lower game is to get the most right ina row and beat you high score.* Guess the brands and thousands of other search trends in all overthe world* Online high score leaderboards, challenge with your friends* Special trends by any categories such as animals, peoples, placesin the world, logos and so on* Beautiful game design* Addictive gameplay* Learn more about trends after guessing!* High quality images.* Frequently updates: new search trends will be added• Small application sizeGreat brand quiz game which will give you a lot of fun! You canplay on your own or have fun together with your friends. Solve thepuzzles. Guess the logos. Hi Lo game contains a lot of categoriesin it such as animal, logoSit back, download the Higher Lower Quiz Game and try to guess whois the most popular? Enjoy!
Slap ME iO 1.1.15 APK
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Slap ME iO is an entertaining game that willallow to slap happily your opponents with a virtual spiky ball.This easy to do and funny to enjoy! Angry on your boss! Play theslap game and feel happy to channel the grudge. Ask your kids toplay the game and fight with the opponents virtually to pacifytheir fighting spirit.How to play the gameDownload the game Slap ME iO and enter the action area on screen.Now slap all your opponents approaching you with the large spikyball. More you can slap your opponents, you will add to your score.More you can hit your opponents your club will get bigger and itwill add to your benefit. But if other players hit you, you aredead and the game will be over!Play with the slapapp and enjoy great pleasure by playing happyslap game. Staying away from killer slap is your objective but atthe same time you need to slap your opponents to boost your growth.This two way addictive edge of the game will make your superengrossed!App’s Features:Finally you have decided to download the slap game for sure! Checkbeforehand its slap-happy features:• User friendly interface,• Smart use of colors and graphics,• Leaderboard integrated: check how other online players areslapping their opponents.• Addictive game play.• More you slap, your weapon will increase in size,• If other players hit you, the game will be over.Download the happy slap game on your android device and enjoyunlimited fun. Happy slapping!!Slap me io is a brand new io game where you enter the arena andslap your opponents with a large spiky ball!Becoming The Top Player On This New Addictive Game! Crazy GameplayOn The New io zlap game !Slap me is new & latest io Game, This is an addictive game inwhich you play for a fun , swinging the club on the rope and killthe others, Grow your club hit the others. If you Hit Other Playerthen You will get a point and your weapon size will Increase.If theother player hits you then you will die.Enjoy, and have a nice time with Slap me .
Bang iO - Online Multiplayer! 1.1.16 APK
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Bang iO is a multiplayer physics based game,for up to six players in one room. Survive, shoot and bonk others,try to keep your character alive, push your opponents off the edgeof the level and win the battle!.Use the joystick to move, and hold X button to make yourselfheavier. When you are heavy, you have much more momentum, so youwill bonk enemies much further, and you are much harder to pusharound. But you will also be much less maneuverable!Battle anyone from anywhere in the world online! bonk io is beingfrequently updated with new features and improvements, so checkback often!Have fun!
Split X Snake io 1.1.15 APK
Only Games iO
Split X Snake io is an exciting snake gamewith awesome strategy challenge. It offers simple to learn gameplay but mastering the technique of the gameplay is a realchallenge. The game play runs on multiple tasks and one-spotcoordination between these multiple challenges is the inherentdynamics of the snake game. Split X Snake io game is anentertaining strategy game that all game freaks will love to playand enjoy. Download right now…it’s all free!!!How to play:While playing the Splix Snake io game you need to take care ofthree challenges. Firstly, you need to acquire maximum room on theboard, secondly, you need to be the biggest snake on board, andfinally, you need to prevent yourself from being destroyed. Youhave to be ultra-alert so that neither anyone can touch your tailnor by mistake you touch your tail: once you violate these tworules, the game will be over.App’s Features:The game play of Splix io game is quite addictive because of itsintegrated features. Before you start playing this dynamic snakegame, check the features once:• Choose patterns: you can choose pattern for acquiring space onthe play board,• Play with strategy: you need to plan your strategy so that youcan extend your snake size and nobody can destroy you,• Eat other snakes: more you will eat other snake, you will getbigger in size,• Becoming the biggest: your ultimate aim is to be the biggestsnake on the board,• Rule the map: rule the map on board,• Two mods of game: joystick and swipe.• Enjoy the gameplay: the entertaining game play is super duperaddictive,• You can customize your snake: it will take few minutes tocustomize your snake.Download the free app Split X Snake io game and turn your androidmovement into a cool gaming device. For any sort of report you maycontact at [email protected] you become the best slither and the longest snake? Then this iogame is for you!If your head touches another player, that will destroy you. But ifanother snake runs into you, it will be destroyed, and you will getthe score.Capture cells to increase your score and eat other snake capturedare to decrease their score !Download Split X Snake io and start slithing good luck!
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Do you love playing action packedentertainment games? If yes, Slash ME iO app will be an excellentoption for your download. The app is integrated with a funny smashhit game play that is exciting to perform and entertaining in itseffect. Both adults and grown up kids will take fun by playing thisgame.How to playThe game Slash ME iO is all about slash hit and saving yourselffrom other’s slashing. Once you enter the slash area you have touse your small arrow for aiming your target. Once you startslashing others by your arrow, you will be able to increase yourweapon’s size. More you will be able to aim and slash othersperfectly, more score will be added to your account. But Beware! Ifyou are slashed by others, this smash hit game will get over.You have to play this Slash ME iO game on three objectives: upgradethe arrow, smash hit others, and reach the top! You need to move,increase your speed, and survive to be a winner…that’s the fun andthat’s the awesome challenge.App’s Features:Do you want to rule the board by playing this Slash ME iO app?Tappke a quick look at its features and start enjoying the fun atyour fingertips!• Easy to understand but attractive user interface,• Cool to realize but challenging game control,• You have to be proactive in order to survive,• The game is leaderboard integrated: check how other online payersare playing this Slash ME iO game!Download this game and start enjoying its awesome dynamics! Indeedit’s all fun to play this game; however, it will increase yourreflex play and natural motor skill for sure!Want to suggest anything about the app Slash ME iO? Contactdeveloper at [email protected] newest sl4sh and smash hit game already available! Upgradeyour arrow, shoot down others and reach the top!Destroy blocks and other players to earn XP, level up and upgradeyour slash arrow !MOVE, SPEED UP AND SURVIVE!Destroy blocks and others to gain XP.LEVEL UP UPGRADE YOUR ARROW!Choose which stats to increase and change the way your arrow plays!Do you want extra damage or a fast movement speed? It’s all down toyou! Download slash game and have fun!
Higher Lower Game Trivia 1.0 APK
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The main goal is to collect as much pointsasyou can, simply click on higher on lower button under each itemtoselect item as popular or not. A lot of different laces andnotonly waiting for you to play. Trivia is versus version of thegamewhich means there are no average monthly searches shownbeforeclick, so you need to think longer, but this feature inhigherlower is really funny.These are only some of coolest features in higher lower game.* Share scores and challenge your friends.* Play with different question types.* A lot of funSo what are you waiting for? Click button to downloadhigherlower game and go to have a fun.