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The ideal home search tool – in your pocket- Search the sales andrental markets for your dream property (through our partnershipwith Zoopla) - Filter and save properties to match your preferences– eg, location, bedrooms, price, property type- Quickly scrollthrough pictures and details and shortlist the properties you wantto view- View previous sale prices of properties in your local areaand get free current property value estimates, provided by Zoopla -Call estate agents directly from the app- Personalise and organiseyour search – make notes and take photos or videos of propertiesyou see- Use financial tools to estimate what you might be able toborrow and how much your monthly payments might be for propertiesyou choose- Calculate the total cost of moving - Find your localin-branch Barclays mortgage specialist- Call us to book anappointment or begin your application – choose from support in abranch or over the phone - Find local independent mortgagespecialists, either in a list or on a map- Call your chosenspecialist directly from the app - Save their contact detailsdirectly to your address bookTo download Barclays Homeowner you’llneed Android version 2.3 or above. Please note this app does notwork on rooted handsets.All borrowing calculations you get from theapp are for illustrative purposes only. When you’re ready to make adecision, speak to a mortgage specialist who can help you fullyunderstand your options and get you a tailored mortgage offer ordecision in principle.We collect information about your use of thisapp to help us improve its performance and your experience. Bycontinuing, you agree to this. Please see the BH app’s T&C’sfor more details.

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Barclays 2.25.0 APK
The Barclays app HOW TO REGISTER If you’re 16 or over and you havea UK-registered mobile number and a Barclays current account orBarclaycard, you can register for the app. You’ll need the 16 digitnumber off your card, then follow the onscreen instructions. Somecustomers may be required to verify their identity with PINsentryor at a Barclays cash machine. If you’ve got an activation code,follow the onscreen steps to register (you won’t need PINsentry forthis). After you’re set up, you’ll only need your 5-digit passcodeto log in. Then you can set up Android Fingerprint to log in fasterin future. This app doesn’t work on rooted devices. THE BENEFITS•Log in quickly and securely when you set up access through AndroidFingerprint •Manage your personal and business accounts, and viewyour Barclays mortgage account, as well as managing your personalBarclaycard accounts •See recent transactions and check yourbalances •Transfer funds between accounts •Make payments to peopleyou’ve paid before and people in your payee list •Upload, sort andstore your important documents securely with Barclays Cloud It.Just use your camera to take photos of documents you want to store•Find your nearest branch or cash machine •Log into Online Bankingmore easily using Mobile PINsentry. So we can complete somesecurity checks, it can take up to 4 days for Mobile PINsentry tobe activated in the app •Call our customer services team directfrom the app to speak to an advisor •Manage your Barclays personaland business accounts with 1 secure log-in •No need to log in tolots of apps - view your current accounts held with other banks,safely and securely, in your app Terms and conditions apply. Youmust be aged 16 or over to use the Barclays app. FOR BUSINESSACCOUNTS You can only use the app if you’re a sole-signatoryBarclays Business current account holder. You can’t register yourBarclaycard business or corporate credit cards. This app isprovided by either Barclays Bank UK PLC or Barclays Bank PLCdepending on the entity you may have contracted with for bankingservices. Please refer to your bank documents (terms andconditions, statements, etc.) to confirm the legal entity thatprovides banking services to you. Copyright © Barclays 2020.Barclays is a registered trade mark of Barclays plc, used underlicence. Barclays Bank UK PLC. Authorised by the PrudentialRegulation Authority and regulated by the Financial ConductAuthority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (FinancialServices Register No. 759676). Registered in England. RegisteredNo. 9740322 Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.Barclays Bank PLC. Authorised by the Prudential RegulationAuthority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and thePrudential Regulation Authority (Financial Services Register No.122702). Registered in England. Registered no. 1026167 RegisteredOffice: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.
Pingit APK
Budgeting’s back Our nifty jars feature allows you to separate yourmoney all in one easy place. Name them, use them and recycle themas often and as much as you like. Top up your account on the go.With three top up options the choice is yours. Fancy somethingautomatic then set up a regular top up into your account or to makeit even easier you can also top up your account if it drops below acertain amount. Feel like managing your money old school – noproblem you can top up whenever you like, all in a few simpleclicks. Budgeting that makes even your grandparents happy. Keepingyou and your money safe We are powered by Barclays bringing over300 years of banking experience to the team. Barclays also hold theISO27001 Kitemark. This shows our (Barclays) compliance in meetingrigorous technical standards. The power of just a phone number Welike to keep things simple so once you’re all set up you’ll nolonger have a need for sort codes and account numbers. We just useyour phone number as your unique identifier making payments so it’seasier to check that you’ve sent it to the right person. You don’tneed to bank with Barclays to use us either, we’re open toeveryone. As long as you’re 16 or older, have a UK mobile phonenumber and are a resident of, and have a current account in, theUK, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey. We’ve helped take awaythose awkward money moments Whether it’s you chasing that mate, orthem chasing you (you? No, never!) we’ve covered that too. Payingthem back is easy, and they don’t even need to have Pingit. Simplychoose who you owe, tap in the amount and hit send. Or if you needto get that money your owed, create yourself a unique payment link,go nuts (we don’t judge). Head over to jar or ‘Request’ and tap whoowes you, enter the amount, and hit send. We’ll send that reminderfor you. Spending with Pingit You can order your free Pingit cardonce you’ve registered with us. All you need is one card for all ofyour accounts with Pingit. No need to transfer funds, just moveyour card to one of your jars instead. We’ve also included allthose handy features to manage your card in app so you cantemporarily freeze it and/or report it lost and stolen if you’reever in a sticky situation. If you like to spice up your wardrobeand how you pay, you can choose one of our wearable contactlessdevices. From watches, bracelets, keyrings to travel cups.Fundraise with us For when you’re feeling angelic, we’ve created afee-free fundraising platform with over 1,400 charities. And ifyour charity isn’t in the list, you can request to get them added.Give your page a catchy title, let your donors know what you’redoing and set your goal amount. You can share your page direct fromthe app to your social networks or send it direct to your contactlist. If people want to donate they don’t need to have Pingit. Theycan use their UK debit and the charity will receive 100% of eachdonation (including any Gift Aid). There’s more You’d think withall of that there wouldn’t be much more room – but there is! Fromfee-free international payments to invoicing (business accountsonly) we’ve got pretty much everything for your everyday banking.We’ll also give you £5 each time you refer a friend to Pingit andthey send a payment within 7 days. If you’re lucky enough to havethat many friends, you can do this up to 10 times! T&Cs apply.
First Capital Bank 3.0.0 APK
The First Capital Bank Mobile App: It’s your bank, now convenientlyin your pocket. Enjoy the freedom that comes with doing yourbanking from anywhere, for free. The First Capital Bank Mobile Appprovides a fast, easy and secure way to: - access your accounts,send money, and withdraw cash - pay your bills directly from yourphone - do easy transfers between your accounts - save yourcontacts as beneficiaries to effortlessly manage payment details -keep a close eye on your balances and transaction history Fast andsecure convenience, at your fingertips. Download the app now andstart the journey to true banking freedom.
bPay 3.0 APK
Be in the know, on the go, with the bPay app. The bPay appcompletes the whole experience - seamlessly manage your accountwherever you go. Free to download for Android Current featuresinclude: • See your bPay balance for multiple wallets • Customiseyour wallet view, with 'order' and 'hide' functionaility • Top upyour bPay wallets,and set up auto top-up • See what you’ve spentand where • Generate PDF statements for your monthly wearablewallet transactions • See expiring or expired devices • Update yourpersonal details • Get support through our Help Centre Before youget started To maintain your privacy and security, this app isn’tavailable on jailbroken or rooted devices. Instead you can accessyour bPay account on your mobile by going to bpay.co.uk. To use thebpay app you’ll need a UK mobile number. Already registered forbPay with an online account? You need to use the same log indetails to register for the bPay app. Other things you need to knowThe bPay app is a form of online account management available tocustomers who hold a bPay account. We provide bPay accounts andrelated services to customers in the UK. Before you can use it, youwill need to download the bPay app and register. You will then beable to access and manage your bPay account and related servicesusing the bPay app. Only one email address can be linked to a bPayaccount. You are able to register up to 5 mobile devices againstthe same email address. The bPay app only works with Android 4.4and above. You may be charged by your service provider for internetaccess on your Smartphone. Visithttps://www.bpay.co.uk/app/terms-and-conditions for moreinformation and bPay account terms and conditions. They can also beaccessed through the bPay app. We can refuse to register you andcan place limits or restrictions on how you use the bPay app. Thisapp is provided by Barclays Bank UK PLC. bPay is a registeredtrademark of Barclays PLC, used under licence. Barclaycard is atrading name of Barclays Bank UK PLC. Barclays Bank UK PLC isauthorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated bythe Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential RegulationAuthority (Financial Services Register number: 759676). Registeredin England No. 9740322. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place,London E14 5HP.
Barclaycard 1.83.0 APK
The Barclaycard app Manage your account your way at anytime,anywhere with this secure Barclaycard app. Free to download now forAndroid and with more handy features on the way, currently you can:* View your latest balance and available credit * See what you’vespent and where, including pending transactions * Report your cardlost, stolen or damaged * View your digital statements * Pay yourbill and review earlier payments * Manage your Direct Debit *Activate your Barclaycard * Add additional cardholders to youraccount * Transfer a balance from a non-Barclaycard credit card *Transfer money from your Barclaycard to a UK bank account * Updateyour contact details * View your PIN Before you get started Tomaintain your privacy and security, this app isn’t available onrooted devices. Instead you can access your account on your mobileby going online to barclaycard.mobi. Please note that the appdoesn't support Intel processors. To use the Barclaycard App you’llneed a UK mobile number to register. If you’ve got a Barclayscurrent account you’ll also be able to view and manage this accountusing the Barclaycard app. Other things you need to know -Compatible mobile device, operating system and internet access arerequired - Standard network charges for data usage may apply. Checkwith your network service provider for mobile or internet use -Terms, Conditions and restrictions apply –(www.barclaycard.co.uk/mybarclaycardapp) Copyright © Barclays 2019.Barclays is a registered trade mark of Barclays plc, used underlicence. Barclays Bank UK PLC. Authorised by the PrudentialRegulation Authority and regulated by the Financial ConductAuthority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (FinancialServices Register No. 759676). Barclaycard Business cards areprovided by Barclays Bank PLC which is authorised by the PrudentialRegulation Authority and regulated by the Financial ConductAuthority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (FinancialServices Register number: 122702). Registered in England No.1026167. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP.
Barclays Live 3.0.10 APK
The Barclays Live app offers its institutional clients an exclusiveAndroid application featuring award-winning research, marketmonitors, analytical tools, indices, and FX pricing from BARX. TheBarclays Live app delivers a personalized and interactiveexperience tailored for your ambitions. Barclays Live for Androidis fully synchronized with Barclays Live for desktop, enabling youto move seamlessly from mobile to desktop. Barclays Live forAndroid is only for institutional clients of the Investment Bank ofBarclays Bank PLC and its affiliates (collectively and eachindividually ‘Barclays’). Clients will require a Barclays Liveusername and password. Barclays Live app for Android is optimizedfor phones and tablets with Android 5.0+
Barclaycard Deutschland 1.0.6 APK
Einfach Geld überweisen? Rückzahlungen verwalten? Rechnungenscannen und bezahlen? Geht ganz einfach mit unserer App. Genau wieall Ihre Barclaycard Kreditkarten, Kredite und Konten jederzeit imBlick zu behalten. Nutzen Sie diese und viele weitere Funktionenjetzt wo immer Sie wollen. Funktionen • Einfaches Einloggen per AppPIN, oder Fingerabdruck • Anzeige der Kontostände bzw. verfügbarenKredite • Einfache Überweisungsfunktion • Rechnungen scannen undbezahlen • Zahlpläne einrichten und verwalten • Übersicht über allegebuchten Umsätze • Alle Kontoauszüge als PDF in einer App • AufWunsch Infos über alle Kontobewegungen per SMS, E-Mail oderPush-Nachricht Voraussetzungen - Eine Barclaycard-Kreditkarte oderein Kredit von Barclaycard - App kann nicht auf gerooteten Gerätenausgeführt werden Sicherheit • Sicherer Datentransfer über eineverschlüsselte Schnittstelle ((TLS basierte HTTPS Verbindung mitAES Verschlüsselung) • Gesicherter Login per App PIN oderFingerabdruck • Automatisches Ausloggen nach drei MinutenBenutzerinaktivität • Notwendige Verknüpfung Ihres Smartphones mitIhrem Online-Banking-Account – so kann nur von ihrem Smartphone aufIhr Konto zugegriffen werden • Verknüpfung basiert aufeinzigartigen Hardware-Merkmalen des Devices. Bedeutet: Sie könnendie Telefonnummer oder SIM-Karte ändern ohne die Verknüpfungaufzuheben Datenschutz • Unsere Webanalyse-Dienste: Barclaycardbemüht sich um die kontinuierliche Verbesserung der App. Aus diesemGrund werden über die Dienste "Adobe Analytics" und "Adform" zuStatistik- und Optimierungszwecken Daten gesammelt und gespeichert.Diese Daten dienen ausschließlich Statistik-, Controlling- undMarktforschungszwecken und werden nicht an Dritte weitergegeben.Sie werden weder dazu benutzt, Nutzer unserer App und Websitepersönlich zu identifizieren noch personenbezogene Nutzer-Profilezu erstellen
Barclays Premier Rewards 6.0.7 APK
HOW TO ACCESS PREMIER REWARDS Barclays Premier customers can accessthis app by simply entering their name and date of birth. To redeembenefits, follow the instructions for the individual reward andsimply tap ‘Redeem reward’. THE BENEFITS This app is provided forBarclays Premier UK or Premier International customers. PremierRewards provides customers with a variety of regular treats anddiscounts. Terms and Conditions apply. This app is provided byBarclays Bank UK PLC although you may have contracted bankingservices with another legal entity in the Barclays Group. Pleaserefer to your bank documentation (terms and conditions, statementsetc) to confirm the legal entity that provides banking services toyou. We collect information about how you use this app, to helpimprove its performance and user experience – for you and others.Please refer to the app T&Cs for more details. COMPATIBILITYPremier Rewards is built for Android 5.0 and newer.