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Barcode Scanner is a powerful QRcodereader and barcode generator that supports all majorbarcodeformats.

Barcode Scanner is the fastest and most user-friendly QRcodescanner &QR Code Reader app available on the play store.Byusing the phone's camera, our barcode reader will quickly scanandrecognize the information of barcode. When scanning a QR Code,ifthe code contains a website URL, you'll automatically be takentothe site. It’s fast, easy and secure. The best thing is that ourQRCode reader app is Free, Fast, Secure, Easy and you can useitwithout limits!

How Barcode Scanner Works:

1) To work with our app and start scanning your barcode, youwillhave to simply open the app, point the camera at the code,andyou’re done! There is no need to take a photo or press abutton.QRCode Reader will automatically recognize any QR code yourcamerais pointing at.

2) When scanning a QRcode, if the code contains a website URL,youwill automatically be taken to the site. If the code justcontainstext, you'll immediately see it. For other formats such asphonenumbers, email addresses, or contact info, you will beprompted totake the appropriate action.

Want to create your own barcode or QRCode? It’s very easy withourapp and you can create your personalised barcode withyourinformation easily and fastly.

You can decode text, urls, ISBN, email, contactsinformation,calendar events and much more using your smart phonecamera.

App Information Barcode Scanner

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Super Cleaner(clean & boost) isafast, small Android Phones Optimizer, Speed Booster, BatterySaver,Cache Cleaner, Junk Cleaner, and APK File Remover.It can clean and boost your phone very fast. It's smallwithinstallation package size only 4 MB, and it is really smarttoboost memory and clean junk & cache faster than others,andmake the phone speed up effect last longer.Features:• JUNK CLEANER• MEMORY BOOSTER• APPS UNINSTALL• BATTERY SAVERJUNK CLEANERAnalyze all of your apps, detect junk including cache,residualfiles, temp files.Clean cache junk with one tap, free up space and boostphonespeed.MEMORY BOOSTEROptimize phone memory by freeing up RAM, and give you a fasterandspeedier phone.BATTERY SAVERSuper Cleaner helps save battery power and extend battery life. Asabattery saver and booster, it can analyze your battery's statusandkill background processes to save power and to extend yourbatterylife.APP UninstallHelp you find rarely used apps, make backups anduninstallunnecessary apps to save more space.Super Cleaner is 100% FREE android phone cleaner,booster,optimizer, and power saver. Go and install the cleaner tomake yourphone clean as a new one!