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We are an outstanding community nursery and primary school based inNorthwich, Cheshire. We believe that every child is entitled to thevery best education that we can offer. We offer an enrichedcurriculum with high quality learning experiences.

App Information Barnton Community Nursery & Primary School

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The Grange Primary School 7 APK
The Grange Primary School is no ordinary place - it is a place thatis focused on fostering lifelong skills and qualities. It is awonderful school and the children are the very epitome of all thatis good about it.We believe that education should be a partnershipbetween pupils, parents, staff and governors and that childrenlearn more effectively when they see parents and teachers workingtogether in a cohesive environment.We aim to provide a happy,purposeful, caring, friendly and stimulating environment in whichchildren are able to blossom, grow, achieve high standards, gain asense of independence and begin to realise their full potential.Our philosophy on learning is that this should be life-long,life-wide and life-deep.
St Joseph's College 6 APK
We are a warm and caring Lasallian community.St Joseph’s provides a stimulating and challenging environmentfor students to study, learn, grow and develop into young adultswho are ready and prepared for further and higher education or totake their place in the workforce.I believe that every studentneeds to be given opportunities to showcase their unique talents.At St Joseph’s we challenge students to fulfil their potential inevery aspect of their lives; academic, sporting, artistic, socialand spiritual. Academic achievement and attainment are hugelyimportant aspects of measurable success and are built upon thepersonal and social development of the students.
New Charter Academy 7 APK
Welcome to New Charter Academy we are part ofthe innovative vision for secondary education in Tameside.OurAcademy is a publicly-funded independent school, accountable to theGovernment, which provides free education to people in the localcommunity. The Academy is funded on the same basis as otherschools, and New Charter Housing Trust, the Academys sponsor, hasinvested two million pounds in the new school to enhance studentsopportunities.We offer a highly academic Sixth Form to continue thelearning experience. While we want to improve the qualificationsstudents obtain, we also want to prepare our young people to begreat citizens. So we will continue to extend our non-vocationalexperiences to engage, inform - and sometimes entertain - the youngpeople in our care. Our new multi million pound campus at Broadoakwill provide wonderful first-class facilities for the Academy andthe community, alongside teaching and support of the higheststandard.
Cardinal Hume Catholic School 1.0.0 APK
Cardinal Hume Catholic School is a coeducational secondary schooland sixth form located in the Beacon Lough area of the MetropolitanBorough of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England. The school is namedafter Cardinal Basil Hume, a former President of the CatholicBishops' Conference of England and Wales.Previously a voluntaryaided school administered by Gateshead Metropolitan BoroughCouncil, Cardinal Hume Catholic School converted to academy statuson 1 February 2012. The school is supported by the Roman CatholicDiocese of Hexham and Newcastle but coordinates with GatesheadMetropolitan Borough Council for admissions.Cardinal Hume CatholicSchool offers GCSEs and BTECs as programmes of study for pupils,while students in the sixth form have the option to study from arange of A-levels, Cambridge Technicals and further BTECs.
Grove Road Primary School 1.0.0 APK
Grove Road Primary School is a happy, welcoming, diverse schoolwhere we pride ourselves on having a family feel, with real familyvalues. We create an atmosphere where all of the children are knownand supported by our dedicated staff and we provide an educationalexperience which is both challenging and fun.
Newbridge Learning Community 6 APK
Newbridge Learning Community is a purposebuiltschool catering for the needs of pupils with SEMH needs. Ourcentralaim is to enable them to feel valued and respected asindividualsand to see them constructively involved in the life andwork of theschool. It is very important that every child is happyand achievingat school. Part of the process relies on soundpartnership withparents. We believe in the education of the wholeperson, whichinvolves the academic, spiritual, moral and physicaldevelopment ofeach individual.
Vicarage Primary School 5 APK
Vicarage Primary is a large 4 form entryschoolin the London Borough of Newham that serves a culturallyandethnically diverse community in East London.Pupils at Vicaragemakevery good progress and there is good provisions for pupilwelfare,support and guidance throughout the school. There is anemphasis onthe continued development in not just the core academicsubjectsbut also in the foundation curriculum. Children develop andfostergood social, moral and personal skills through positive staffrolemodels.The school aims to create a great home-schoolpartnershipbuilt on a foundation of mutual trust and respect thatwill resultin success for the children. The school has playingareas, its owngrass playing field and sports halls.
Race Leys Junior School 1.0.0 APK
Welcome to our website. We hope this will help you to gain anunderstanding of how our school is organised, and to appreciate theexciting opportunities on offer to children in our care. Allschools have their own distinctive ‘feel’, which makes each oneunique. We believe that the ‘special feel’ at Race Leys JuniorSchool is to do with our caring, friendly atmosphere. Our schoolcontinues to develop in many exciting ways, providing an even moreenriching experience for our pupils. We are currently full tocapacity with local families wanting a place for their son ordaughter to start in our Year 3 classes. The school was lastinspected by Ofsted in June 2014 when the overall effectiveness wasjudged to be good with many outstanding features. The InspectionReport said, ‘This is a good school. Pupils achieve well. Teachingis good because teachers make accurate checks on how well eachpupil is achieving.’ They commented further, ‘The breadth oflearning opportunities fosters a love of learning and contributeswell to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’I am extremely proud to lead a team that is committed to providingthe very best opportunities for the children who attend Race LeysJunior School. Staff, supported by governors, work hard to delivera rich and challenging curriculum; to prepare children for futureeducation; and to help them acquire the skills and enthusiasmneeded to pursue learning for the rest of their lives. The best wayto find out about our school is to come and visit, to see us inaction and meet staff and children. A telephone call to the schooloffice on 02476 490644 is all that is needed to arrange this. Welook forward to welcoming you to our school, and to a happy andsuccessful partnership with all our children and families.