1.2 / October 28, 2018
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Playing the game is simple. It is your time at bat and the pitcherthrows the ball towards the strike zone. Swipe with your fingerover the flying ball to swing the baseball bat. The length of theswipe will decide if you bunt the ball or score a homerun. Thedirection of the swipe will aim the direction in which the ballwill fly after it hits the bat. Try to land the ball close to redflag on the field - each time this gets you a new baseball card tobuild your vintage card collection. Gather rare baseball cards fromthe legendary T206 trading card set from the early 1900's,featuring MLB superstars like Ty Cobb. Finding batters with betterbatting average will improve your chances for smashing home runs.The base version of the game contains 50 baseball cards with morecoming in future updates. Most cards are easy to collect by playinggames, but some are harder to find. If you are lucky and you mighteven end up with the super-rare Honus Wagner card. Smash thecompetition in the league by using the experience generated byplaying games to level up your player stats. Upgrading the powerand accuracy of your batter will let you score homerun afterhomerun on the baseball diamond. In addition to the ball hittingaction you also earn free experience points by simply opening thegame each day.

App Information Baseball Smash Field of Dreams

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    Baseball Smash Field of Dreams
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    October 28, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Feng Shui Sleeping Compass 3.1 APK
Feng shui (also fung-shay or Fung shui) is an ancient Chinesesystem of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven(astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life byreceiving positive qi. The original designation for the disciplineis Kan Yu - literally: Tao of heaven and earth. Historically, fengshui was widely used to orient buildings—often spirituallysignificant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and otherstructures in an auspicious manner. Using this app as a compass,you can find out in which direction you should be sleepingaccording to this ancient Chinese philosophy.Enter your birth dateand gender and use your phone like a compass to find the bestorientation of your bed. Place the phone on a flat surface (i.e.the bed) and rotate it so that the head of the human symbol shownon the screen is in the same direction you sleep.The best directionto sleep in(east, north, shouth-west, etc.) will be indicated onthe screen in green. The yellow directions are also good. Try notto sleep in the directions shown in red.This app is good to have ifyou travel a lot, because it lets you find the direction you shouldsleep on your hotel bed to feel more relaxed.If your phone does notshow the right directions you might have to calibrate its compassby waving the phone several times in a 8-shape figure in the air.
Send My Location 3.5 APK
Have you ever wondered how to explain to someone where you areright now in the city? With the 'Send my location' app you caneasily send a link to a map of your current location to a friendvia text message or email. Anyone with internet-enabled phone canreceive the map. A feature-phone with a mobile browser will alsowork as well as any type of smartphone. You can also just email thelink with your position to anyone with Internet access or share itwith social networks and messaging services like Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp or Skype. This app is the fastest way to tell someone ‘Iam here’ and send them your positon.Imagine the followingsituation:I am dining with friends in a new restaurant. Anotherfriend calls and asks me to explain where I am, so he can join us.Instead of trying to explain the location of the restaurant I justtake my phone, start the app and wait for it to find my position onthe map. I tap on the map to put a flag on the exact location ofthe restaurant and send the link containing its GPS coordinates tomy friend's mobile phone as text message. My friend receives themessage and clicks on the link inside. A map of my location opensinside Google Maps (if he has a smartphone) or inside his mobilebrowser (if he has a feature-phone). Instead of having to givedirections over the phone about my position, having to manuallytype my address or the GPS latitude and longitude coordinates in atext message or explaining my location with map direction I cansimply say ‘here I am’ and send position with one click in thisfree app.Share your location on Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebookmessenger and many other chat and social networking apps!
Touchdown: Gridiron Football 2.4 APK
Touchdown is a free American football game. Play games, make everydrive for touchdown, boost your performance by training and workyour way up the rankings to earn more and live the life of a superstar quarterback. Avoid being tackled by aggressive defenders andrun effective routes to drive for touchdowns. Train to improve yourstats for the big game and to raise your salary. Unlock amazingbonuses and power-ups. Play the bowl game each day to get yourdaily earnings. Touchdown features insane action, simple tapcontrols and smooth animations. This is not your super authenticfootball manager or fantasy football game, where you select theperfect lineup and choose player positions for handpickedquarterbacks and playmakers. Touchdown is a simple, quick andaction-packed game that is great when you have a few minutes freefor some immersive gridiron football experience.
Love Compatibility Horoscope 5.2 APK
Based on the principles of numerology, this love compatibilitycalculator allows you to check the compatibility between two peoplein romance, love and emotion.Similar to astrology, numerology is abelief system that dates back many centuries. The main idea ofnumerology is that our lives are affected by our birth date. It isbelieved that numerology can not only help you understand betteryourself, but it can also help you to understand and improve yourrelationships, love and family life and find your matchingpartner.Here is what some users have to say about this app:*** "Thelittle summary it had was completely right about me and my man asindividuals and us together as a couple. So freakishly right itshocked me. So if your single or in a new relationship... I mightuse this apps advice"*** "Scary scary scary good!!!! It not onlygave a freakishly accurate description of my wife and i, it alsosaid me and my ex were completely incompatible. Which is true sinceshe shot at me and stole my truck!!! Must have app for all!! Soawesome!"*** "SCARY I have been waiting to ask someone out and thisapps prediction was "You are both independent and passionatepeople. If you allow each others space that you need, your romancecan be a long passionate one" and a few days later itHAPPENED!!!!!!!"This free app calculates the life path number foreach of the two persons in a couple and based on those creates alove compatibility horoscope - an assessment of your emotional andromantic compatibility in life, taking into account matters oflove, intimacy, compassion, appreciation, and affinity. This lovehoroscope app is a perfect download for Valentine's Day, whetheryou are looking for love or just having fun. Do not let the futureof your relationship be based on coincidence. Verify yourexpectation for the traits, the intellect and the temperament ofyour lover, future husband or wife with the help of thiscalculator, then share your mutual love horoscope on Facebook. Thisfree app does not use the zodiac and is not based on astrology, buton the numerological calculations based on your birth dates. Testthe future and the destiny of your partnership with LoveCompatibility Horoscope.
Trippy Salamander 2 1.1 APK
Help the Mexican salamander Axolotl swim through a trippy stream ofcandy, avoiding the deadly mines and hazardous spiked balls, whileeating sweets to collect points. Different psychedelic power-upswill make your task easier (and occasionally harder), by giving yousuperhuman (super-salamander, to be more precise) powers,significantly changing how the game is played and freeing Axolotlfrom the boundaries of its consciousness. You will not believe whatsome of those power-ups do. The best of all trippy games - free.Tapthe upper-right corner of the screen to move up and the lower-leftcorner to move down. Avoid the bombs and the hazardous spikedballs. Collect the candy to gain points.Here is a description ofthe extra trippy power-ups that you will find in this free game:Thepsychedelic 'Blue mushroom' power-up makes your salamanderinvincible for some time and lets you eat the hazardous balls andmines for additional free points, while showing a trippy rotatingvortex in the background. Your vision will distort and thingsaround you will appear to breathe, shrink and expand... In the bluemushroom mode eating candy restores your health - but beware, whenthe effect of the shroom wears off, your health will be reduced byhalf! The trippy 'Brown Mushroom' power-up will call up space agevisions, which will make the hazards bounce from your salamander inweightlessness. The 'Slowdown' power-up will immediately destroyall hazardous balls present on the screen and will slow down thenew ones. The 'Nucleus' power-up will engulf your axolotlsalamander in a radiation aura that will destroy all hazards oncontact. But beware - the radiation will burn and contaminate thecandy too. The 'Fly Amanita' power-up will unleash a trip into thesubconsciousness of a small salamander, who really wants to be ahumpback whale. The 'Eye of the Beholder' power will change yourperspective on the game completely. The psychedelic effect of the'Wave-Particle Duality' power-up lets you slow down the constantlyspeeding-up stream of hazards by using up your life points. The'Mexicana' mushroom sets the speed to the maximum, but sends you toa strange world with lots of super sweet red and white caramelcandy. And a warning - do not eat the white mushrooms, unless youare ready to face the consequences.Here are some comments fromTripy Salamander players:"Something spectacular. Classic gamemechanics mixed with psychedelic environments. Fluid and nevertiring. Highly recommended.""This game is my everything. Im nothingwithout this game""Best game! This is pure genious. I just wishthere was more mushrooms.""Psychedelic visuals and music! Greatgame! Get stoned and play ;)""Cool game. Crazy. Some seem like anlsd trip more than a weed one but still all good.""Haha Great gamelol! Add more substances!""TOP ON TRIP! Multiplayer n more types oftrip"WARNING: This game contains flashing lights which canpotentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitiveepilepsy. If you have a history of epilepsy or seizures, consult adoctor before playing. Certain patterns may trigger seizures withno prior history. Please consult your physician if you have anepileptic condition or experience any unusual symptoms whileplaying this game.
Accurate Body Fat Calculator 4.0 APK
This application uses an advanced formula, that takes intoconsideration not only your height, weight and waist, but also thehip, neck, wrist and forearm circumference (for women), in order toprovide the most accurate body fat estimate you can get withoutspecialized equipment. A person's body fat percentage is the totalweight of the person's fat divided by the person's weight andconsists of essential body fat and storage body fat. The body fatpercentage is a good measure of an individual's fitness level, asit is the only body measurement which directly calculates theparticular individual's body composition without regard to theindividual's height or weight. The widely-used body mass index(BMI) provides a measure that allows for the comparison ofindividuals of different heights in terms of their weight. Due todifferences in body composition the BMI is not necessarily anaccurate indicator of body fat, for example individuals withgreater than average muscle mass will have a higher BMI. Manybodybuilding and weightlifting enthusiasts measure their bodyfatpercentage using a caliper skinfold test - a professional body fatcaliper that measures the thickness of a fold of your skin with itsunderlying layer of fat. This is the most accurate way to measureyour bodyfat, but unless you have the specialized caliper this freeapp provides the most detailed way to monitor your body compositionand the effects of your exercise routine on your body, whether youare a gymrat, powerlifting fan, and bodybuilder or just trying tostay in shape.
Numerology Daily Horoscope 3.2 APK
This is a free app that shows your personal numerological horoscopefor the day.Numerology (like astrology) is a traditional system ofbeliefs in a mystical or esoteric relationship between numbers andphysical objects and living things.Your personal dailynumerological horoscope is derived on the basis of the current dateand your date of birth. Unlike horoscopes numeroscopes are createdon numerological principles, but the influence of the number fromthe birth date is important to all zodiac signs. In Numerology, thenumbers 1 through 9 each have an astrological and Tarotassociation.Using this app you can find out what is your dailynumber, what it means for you, your work and family life and yourpersonal and financial success as well as share your horoscope onFacebook and Twitter.
Loud Cowbell 2.0 APK
Loud cowbell noisemaker app for baseball, college football,cross-country skiing or ice-hockey sports games.Whether you are aToronto Blue Jays, Columbus Clippers, Penn State, Mississippi StateUniversity supporter in the US or a Waikato Rugby Union fan fromNew Zealand, you can support your team with More Cowbell!!For useas a sports cowbell this app has an 'Extra Loud' mode that makesthe sound super strong - useful for making noise at sportingevents. For use as a musical cowbell you can turn this mode off,which will make the sound more natural.The cowbell is a handpercussion instrument used in various styles of music includingsalsa and sometimes in pop music. With this free app you can playthe cowbell on your smartphone. You do not need to carry a realcowbell at sporting events or if you just want to annoy someone.Use this app in all cases when you "need more cowbell" in yourlife."More cowbell" is an American pop culture catchphraseoriginally derived from an April 8, 2000, Saturday Night Livecomedy sketch about the recording of the song "(Don't Fear) TheReaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. The sketch featured guest hostChristopher Walken as music producer "The Bruce Dickinson" (asopposed to Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson) and regular castmember Will Ferrell, who wrote the sketch, as fictional cowbellplayer Gene Frenkle.This is the perfect app for those occasionswhen you've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!