1.0 / December 9, 2014
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Ball Clash! is the most simple yet addictive arcade game you willever play.As the ball is rolling along - tap to bash the blocks inits way, its that simple.Can you master the timing to make sure youdon't miss hit the blocks and explode.Good luckRemember to shareyour scores on Facebook and twitter and with us at Ninthapp.com

App Information Bash The Blocks

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    Bash The Blocks
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    December 9, 2014
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Ninth App
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    164 High Street Rayleigh SS6 7BS
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Your time has come to Walk the Plank at Pirate Bay! Take yourchances over shark infested waters in Ninth App’s newest pirateking themed game. It may seem simple but mastering the game is astricky as finding a pirate’s loot!Tap the screen to extend theplank, making sure it is the right length to reach the next base.BEWARE, if your plank is too long or too short our pirate hero willfall into the sea and we have heard he CANNOT SWIM.Make sure ourpirate friend doesn’t end up in Davy Jones’ Locker!Good luck mematey!!Available on iOS and AndroidFind more free games and apps onninthapp.comShare your top scores with NinthApp over on Twitter& Facebook.