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Pencil drawing is one of the first artforms.Many beginners are looking for a great pencil drawingtutorials. Wethink beginners have already learned about pencildrawing. Someartists tell us that learning to draw with pencils iseasy. We donot think so, but we believe that there are many drawingtips ordrawing exercises that can help people develop theirdrawingskills.

It is good for beginners to read these some drawing tipsandexercises:

1. The Salient Points of the Project
We have to know that the first of drawing attention is thesalientpoints of the project. People have to do lot of practices tolearnhow to create highlights in black and white. They have toobtain abetter understanding of the challenges identified intheapplication.

2. By Taking Photographs
Everyone could develop this drawing exercise by takingsomephotographs from magazines. People could work with their pencilontop of those photographs and looking for the basic drawingshapes.They could use a different color for each shapes. Everyonecouldtry to imagine how the human figure would look if it wassimplifiedin this way.

3. Make a Conscious Effort
When people working in white and black, they do not justblureverything out of tune. They have to make a conscious effort todothe details. They have to know that the design details canbedifficult and this can be the biggest challenge.

4. Natural Progression in Learning
When some beginners feel confident in their pencil sketches,theycan go to learn to draw with their pencils. All ofdrawingexercises is a natural progression in people'slearningjourney.

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How To Draw Graffiti 1.0 APK
Graffiti art has, over time, become a formofartistic drawing. In another article, I've captured themaincharacteristics of artistic art in more detail but let's do aquickreview here.We know that graffiti art is often loud (meaningbrightlycolored), has a 3D look and feel to it, and looks mostlystylish.One might even classify graffiti art as contemporaryart.Everything about graffiti is an expression of the culture ofsomegroup or country.Although graffiti art is most widely known as art drawnbyvandals on public walls with spray cans, the same term canbeextended to represent art with similar characteristics asmentionedabove.You may be drawn to drawing graffiti names because graffitiartlooks stylish with its bright attractive colors, and thatappliesto graffiti texts as well.To start drawing graffiti names, you need to preparethefollowing drawing tools. You need a light pencil, preferablyHB,and a set of permanent magic markers with a variety ofcolors.Next, you need to decide on the style of the texts. Thereareliterally thousands of styles to choose from. Just take a lookatthe thousands of font types available freely on the Internetfordownload. You may want to visit one of these websites and chooseafont design that you really like. You'll be using this asyourreference. Some websites even allow you to create a previewimagewith the selected font type. Simply save the image to yourcomputerfor reference.Start drawing with your pencil on the surface. Draw lightlyatfirst so that you can erase any mistakes you make. Sometimes,yourtexts may be too big or small, and you can easily rectify thisbyusing a dust free eraser.Once you're satisfied with how the graffiti name looks, tracetheoutline with a fine magic marker. The shapes will start toemergenow. Then start filling in the different letters withcolors. Bebold and creative here. After all, it's graffiti texts,so you wantit to come out attractive, bold and stylish.Use a different color to create some shades just insidetheoutlines. This will create the illusion that the texts are 3D.Ifyou're familiar to using Photoshop or any image editingsoftware,this is similar to creating the emboss effect.Drawing the drop shadow is optional but if you want yourgraffitiname to look more alive and realistic, by all means giveyourgraffiti name a light shadow below.
Women Salwar Kameez 1.0 APK
Salwar Kameez is one of thebeautifultraditional wears of Indian women. It is said to beoriginated fromPunjab, India. With time, this traditional NorthIndian dress wenton to cross all geographical borders and is now aninsatiablewardrobe requirement of all Indian women as a part oftheir casualand party wear. Over the years it has undergonephenomenaltransformations. As a result it is not just a traditionalattireany longer but is available in various designs&patterns.Some of the designs are Anarkali, Churidar and Patiala.Thesedesigns are not only sold across the country but are also indemandall over the world. A major distinguishing factor in Kameezistheir neck cut types. Some of them come with round neck, somewitha V-shaped neck or rectangular shape and some are in anirregularshape neck cut. Based on individual choice they can go forthesedesigns. To further enhance the design, various patterns canbemade with different type of work like embroidery, patch,floral,lace and beadwork. These all are nowadays indemandworldwide.A Georgette Anarkali suit is made out of vastly twisted silkyarn& a super smooth, airy texture is achieved using aspecialweave. This texture of this suit is loved, adored and wornbymillions of women. Besides being very light, airy and smoothintexture, the georgette fabric is also known to be stainresistantand easily washable. This quality makes it a favorite forwomen wholove wearing salwar every day. You no more have to worryabout thefall, crease, and delicate nature of these suits unlikethe otherpure silk, synthetic and the cotton counterparts.Another great advantage enjoyed by this kind of fabric is itslowmoisture absorption. This quality makes them a favorite forwomenacross all weather and seasons. Especially in the harshsummerweather, women love the comfort and airy feel. A puregeorgettefabric easily accepts to various dyes and therefore isavailable inmore colors than you can think. This acceptability tocolors anddesigns gives them a distinctive look and allows you tohave anexclusive assortment in your wardrobe.While a georgette fabric is perfect for any occasion, care shouldbetaken that this material catches fire easily and should beusedcarefully near fire. It is an ideal salwar for regular washandwears with lowest maintenance. Many designers prefer usingthisfabric to adorn their creations as they not only give adistinctivefeminine touch to the design but also adds the ease ofwearing andcarrying off in all seasons.
Baby Knitting Patterns 1.0 APK
When looking through your babyknittingpatterns for the perfect gift for a new baby the choiceneed not bea challenging experience. We tend to think that newparents willhave already bought everything their babies will need.Or perhapsthey have other children and already have many of thethings theyneed in their home.A perfect baby gift in this situation is the gift of ahandknitted baby blanket. By presenting the new parents with ahandknitted blanket you show them that you took the time andtrouble tomake something special with their baby in mind. Theblanket will beappreciated and is likely treasured for many yearsto come. And itis less likely to be subjected to the whims offashion.With the recent popular revival in knitting and crocheting,thereare countless options available for yarns and fibers thatcanquickly and easily be knitted into an heirloom baby blanket.Withso many wonderful pastel or bright colors available you can besureto match any nursery decoration that the new parents haveprepared.Why not create a wonderful unisex design which will beappropriatefor any baby regardless of their gender?A handcrafted gift is one which can be passed down throughthegenerations and will be appreciated by everyone. It showstherecipient that you spent time and effort in making somethingtotreasure and will be just the right gift for the occasion.Becauseof the time you spend in completing the gift it will bewellreceived and will be a source of pride a pleasure for you.When searching out your baby knitting patterns for the blanketorfor stitch design ideas there are a few important thingstoconsider. Here are some of them:o Pattern Selection -- if the blanket is to be used for averyyoung baby you should choose a knitting pattern which istightlywoven and not too lacy. Designs with open-work allow thebaby'sfingers or toes to get caught up in the design and maycausediscomfort and distress. Think of this as both a health andasafety issue.o Yarn Selection -- When you are knitting an item for a babyyouwant to find a yarn or fiber which is both soft andmachinewashable. Remember that baby's skin is very soft and someyarns maybe too rough. Babies can be very messy and it is essentialthatanything they come into contact with can be easily washed. Thenewparents will often be too tired and busy to spend time handwashingitems. And if the yarn for the blanket is not machinewashable itmay end up looking very sad and tatty.o Color -- If you know the color scheme of the nursery, oreventhe sex of the baby, matching and choosing colors is easy. Ifnot,use your imagination and create a wonderful unisex blanket fullofcolor.o Blanket Size -- When you are knitting for a baby, you mayfeelinclined to make a very small blanket. However, babies growveryquickly and sooner than you realize they are toddlers. Babiestendto move around a lot and require a decent sized blanket tokeepthem covered up and warm. Your blanket will get much more useifyou make it a bit larger than the size you first thought. Thiswillallow it to be used as baby grows.o NO Beads -- While beading is popular in today's knittingandcrocheting patterns, beads are not appropriate for babyknitteditems. The beads can loosen and they then become achokinghazard.
Artistic Tattoo Fonts 1.0 APK
Are you planning to have a tattoo thathascharacters and words such as name tattoo? Make sure you dotheproper research in order to get the best suitable tattoofonts.Tattoo designing is a serious art. Since tattoos aregenerally fora life time and are parts of your body, getting thebest possibleis the right approach.You can choose from huge range of fonts available. Youcangenerate and select various types of font by using yourcomputer.Combining tattoo fonts with your tattoo design and checkout thefinal design is very easy with computer. Print out yourselectedtattoo designs and show it to your tattoo artist foradvice. Thiswill help your artist to craft your favorite tattoodesign on yourbody.When it comes to tattoo fonts, Fiery and Icy styles aremostsought after. If you want to have a cool personality thesefontsare the best. Several popular designs utilized from OldEnglish.Usually people prefer eye-catching tattoo fonts forobviousreasons.But, do you really know the main reason these tattoo fontsareused? Usually, people use them in name tattoos. Most tattoofanslove this kind of tattoo design. These are also used to addthenames of beloved ones such as parents, children, or person whohasdied. There numerous other reasons behind the use oftattoofonts.Kanji Japanese calligraphy tattoo fonts are also verypopular.Initially Kanji calligraphy was used to write on bones.Today,among Japanese who prefer to give old charm to their tattoos,therounded and natural Japanese calligraphy is more popular.However, Kanji has evolved along the time and has divergedintotwo diverse styles: SOSHO Kanji and MINCHO Kanji.MINCHO Kanji in Japanese is just like Times New Roman inEnglish.In Japan, it's the most frequently used font in print.It's is moreformal and gradually becoming popular in other media'ssuch asBillboards in Japan.On the other hand, SOSHO Kanji is relatively more modern,cursiveKanji style and used to create smoothly flowing lines. Youcan seeSOSHO Kanji fonts in the movie "The Last Samurai". You willfindSOSHO Kanji style at martial arts training centers aswell.A perfect tattoo means perfect combination of design andtattoofonts. Therefore, before you choose tattoo fonts, it'scrucial tounderstand the right meaning. Research and pick carefullyin orderto get the most unique tattoo fonts you love the most. Thestyle ofuse of tattoo fonts tells a lot about personality.
Hand Shadow Puppets Ideas 1.0 APK
It is believed that back in the day;peopleused all sorts of available materials to entertain themselvesandto help with storytelling. These available materials includetheirhands and feet.Imagine a group of cavemen that lived thousands of years agoboredin their cave with nothing but their bonfire for warmth andfoodcooking. Then one of these cavemen noticed their shadows beingcastupon the wall, raised his arm, and noticed how the shadowmovedalong and became a bird, hand, or rabbit hand shadow. Injectedwitha dose of creativity, it was probably then that the art ofhandshadows puppetry started.Through the years, the art of shadow puppetry has beenvisiblethrough various records in history. One of the earliestaccounts ofhand shadows is written by the Greek author andphilosopher Platoduring the fourth century. He described theprocession of shadowson the wall of a cave similar to what apuppeteer produces. Thereare also records of them such as birds,swans, rabbits, and othersappearing in the history of China andIndia. This was then known as"shadow theater" and remains a livingform of art nowadays.The art of wall shadows can be done easily. With just the simpleuseof hands, ample light, and smooth surface like table orwall--it canbe done even by kids. Performing rabbit hand shadowpuppets is easy,close all the doors and windows to make a totallydark room, turn ona single light, and position it on a flat tableor wall. Then standa few meters away from the surface and try tocast a shadow betweenthe wall and the light, put out your arm andsee if a shadowappears.Dating back from the ancient time in the cavemen days down tothecontemporary life, the art of creatively casting shadows on awallstill exist.Here are some simple steps to create shadow puppet animals,startingof course with the very popular rabbit hand shadow.1. Rabbit's head Shadow-Bring hand up between the light andthewall-Make a loose fist with the fingers-Bring the index andmiddlefingers high up like a peace sign, these would be the ears oftherabbit's shadow-Use two folded fingers for the mouth of therabbithand shadow-Check the shadow rabbit hand shadow on the wallif itis performed right. If not, do some adjustments with thefingersuntil it finally becomes a rabbit's head shadow.2. Dog's head Shadow-Bring hands together, similar to theprayingposition-Separate the small fingers from the big ones. Touchthesefingers together to form the dog shadow's jaw-Bend the leftpointerfinger a little bit for the shadow's eye-Cross the thumbstogetherand point them upward for the shadow's earsThese are just some of the many ways to be creative and performtheart of hand shadow puppetry.
Rose Embroidery Tutorials 1.0 APK
If you have been doing embroidery for quiteawhile now, you have probably heard of the name Jenny Haskins.Andwhy not? Jenny Haskins has definitely become a household namewhenit comes to needlework patterns.Her designs can be seen decorating the interiors of many homesandher embroidery patterns can be availed of from manydifferentembroidery stores.Jenny Haskins embroidery designs are very popular with beginnersandprofessional embroiderers alike. Her artwork, though, is notjustlimited to embroidery. She is also an accomplished painter,sketcherand overall craftsperson. The magical appeal of herdesigns for mostembroidery fanatics explains the great success andpopularity of herdesigns all over the country.If you are looking for elegant and enchanting designs for yournextneedlework project, try one of the Jenny Haskins embroiderydesignsin these very popular collections. No matter which designyouchoose, you will surely be pleased with the result ofyourwork1. Victorian PansiesThe Jenny Haskins embroidery designs in this collectionarereminiscent of the floral patterns prevalent during theVictorianEra. You will surely be enchanted by the intricate detailsof theblossoms and leaves in the designs. This collection contains14different styles of embroidery that you can all customize toyourown style.2. Rose BudsThe blossoms and buds in these Jenny Haskins embroidery designslookso real that when you decorate your house with these patterns,youcan almost smell the fragrance of the roses onyourembroidery.This collection uses a special technique called trapunto whichgivesa 3-dimensional appearance to your finished product. Thereare morethan 40 different designs to select from in this categoryof JennyHaskins embroidery designs.3. Antique Cutwork LaceThis collection focuses on the use of embroidery hoophemmingmethods to create the complex lace patterns of the design.Thereare 36 Jenny Haskins embroidery designs in this lacecollection andyou can combine them in various designs to make yourown customizedembroidered product.4. Beyond Color PurpleThe Jenny Haskins embroidery designs in this collection areintendedfor use on larger embroidery rings. As the title of thecollectionsuggests, color is the main theme of this collection.Most of theprojects here also use appliqués and other materialsthatdemonstrate the individual's creativity and artistry. ThisJennyHaskins embroidery design is ideal for verycreativeembroidery
Crochet Rug Patterns 1.0 APK
Knitting, I'm sure you've heard of thisbefore.Most people have, it's a hobby as old as time. It has beenaroundfor years, and it has been estimated that the hobby startedas faras the 1500s! Unfortunately, there is no evidence that neverborewhen it really came from.Have you ever wondered where and when this starts sewinghobby?According to the September 1997 newsletter of the CrochetGuild ofAmerica, researchers theorize that crochet art can betraced as faras the 1500s in Italy. However, there is no strongevidence forthis statement.But even so, we can only imagine that this craft has beenaroundfor a long time. And it has evolved from making only homedecorworks for stitching clothes and other fashion accessoriesaswell.recallKnitting can let you do a lot of things. From small pursestojackets and sweaters, there are many options to choose from.Butthere may be some fans who are looking for the old people,theclassic pattern that can usually be seen in the early 1900s orevenearlier. To assist you in finding those hard to find apattern,here are some resources that you can see on the World WideWeb.- Vintage Crochet Patterns. Tabitha Gibbons, the owner ofthiswebsite, offers a few volumes of crochet patterns. He sells awideselection of vintage crochet patterns, from small placemats,rugs,Afghan to bed covers and tablecloths. By visiting his website,onecan fill in your name and email form to receive a freepatternbook.- Crochet Treasures. "The pattern of the past; Creatingheirloomsfor tomorrow ..." This is the slogan of this web sitewith acollection of classic patterns. It is a member-based sitethatoffers more than 950 vintage patterns for customers. Forvisitors,it also offers about 25 free vintage crochet patterns forpersonaluse. However, not accepting new members at this time untilfurthernotice by the owner.- Vintage Crochet Celt. Yet another vintage crochetpatternssite, it actually has a wide range of vintage patterns tochoosefrom. And the best thing about this site is that all ofthispattern for free! It also displays the completed projectowners,most of which are doilies and other table accessories.- Memories soft. This site brings you back to the past withacollection of over a thousand vintage crochet patterns.Patternsare grouped in different categories - placemats, bedjackets andslippers, handkerchief edgings, potholders, ruffles andflowers,doll clothes, and other home decor pieces. All of thesepatternscan be viewed and printed by subscribing to the site. Therearealso a few free patterns are available for visitors to get apeakof what the site has to offer.- Vintage Crochet Patterns eBook. a sort of e-book contains20beautiful vintage patterns that are easy to crochet and can behitson exhibition and bazaar. Some examples of patterns availableis abag of knitted work, beaded lace, and linen wedding ring. It isaportable document file (pdf) can be downloaded for freefromCrochet and Knitting web site.- 1800s to the early 1900s Vintage Patterns Link. Thissite,written by a woman named Martha who is also known as theStargazer,has some links to pattern designed way back in 1800 untilthe1930s. These patterns can be accessed free of charge. Thissitealso has links to other web sites that offer vintagecrochetpatterns.
DIY Shelves Design 1.0 APK
Shelves are used for decorating purposes,butalso for storage and organization. Different styles,textures,material, colours, sizes and types are available at almostany DIYstore. It can be bought as a finished product, or you canmake it aDIY project and assemble it according to what you want.Shelvescome in different shapes, sizes and types. They can bemounted to awall, freestanding anywhere in a room or even suspendedfrom aceiling. The styles, colours, textures and types vary andchangeaccording to what is trending at the moment.Shelving is used for more than just storage andorganization:they are also used for decor. They can be installed inany room ina home and can be used to store just about anything.Shelves aremost commonly used in closets, because they need themostorganization and order! Marble or stone shelving makes cookinginthe kitchen easy since the platform is sturdy and strong enoughforyou to prepare food on. Shelving is probably most useful inagarage, as some people like to make it a storage facilityandtherefore need stronger shelving systems than usual. Keepingachild's room clean will be an easy task if you have therightshelving system installed, as some types of shelving allow youtoinstall custom drawers to help make sorting and storingeasier.There is a growing trend in the Decor industry: usingdifferentshelving systems to add that extra touch of d?cor to anyroom. Youcan put vases, flowers, photos or ornaments on them andthey willlook great!Before starting your DIY shelving project, you have to lookatideas, textures, colours, sizes and materials. Look at the roomyouare going to install the shelves in and make sure that whatyouchoose will suit the room and the d?cor in it. Look at colourandtexture samples before making a definite decision. Also look atthedesign you want: take measurements and confirm where you wouldwantthe shelves to be installed. Look at the brackets and mountsyouwant to use and make sure you have the right tools andfacilitiesto complete the project successfully.The decor of a home is one of the most important aspects ofit:it contributes to the environment you will live in and itmakesyour house a home. D?cor specialists prefer using shelves, notonlyto fill empty walls, but also to showcase photos, artpieces,flowers and anything else that will compliment the shelf aswell asthe room and d?cor thereof. So if you are hesitant aboutpurchasingor making your own shelving systems, do some researchbefore youwrite the idea off completely, it will definitely helporganiseyour things, as well as compliment your d?cor. There aremany waysthat a shelving system can impact a room, its d?cor, yourhomeenvironment, the cleanliness and organization of your home andyourliving space. It is definitely a great way to organize anddecoratejust about any room.