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Are you learning English as a second language?Everything you needis included in Basic English for Everyone : Grammar andPunctuation, vocabulary builder and Grammar Rules, Novels to read,vocabulary and Grammar and Punctuation Book it's a grammar bookvocabulary builder Novels and exercise course all in one. BasicEnglish for Everyone Grammar Rules vocabulary builder, GrammarPunctuationLearn to engage in everyday topics such as your job andhome likes and dislikes, health and more. This course book alsocovers how to talk about the present.Basic English for Everyone :Course Book covers the language skills and vocabulary builder andGrammar Rules needed for the major global English-language exams,including TOEFL. All learning is practiced across speaking, readingand writing exercises, offering rounded preparation for work ortravel and study, and exams. Download the free app and practiceonline with. Basic English for Everyone series teaches all levelsof English, from beginner to advanced, to speakers of English as asecond language. Innovative visual learning methods introduce keylanguage skills, Grammar Rules and vocabulary builder, which arereinforced with a variety of speaking or reading and writingexercises to make the English language easier to understand andlearn.Basic English for Everyone : Beginner Practice Book makeslearning English easier. Develop English skills in speaking andpronunciation, reading and writing, vocabulary and GrammarRules.English for Everyone: easy Novels to read, Practice Bookcovers the skills and topics needed for the major globalEnglish-language exams, including TOEFL, and uses the same testingmethods so you can practice your skills and measure yoursuccess.Use this practice book with English for Everyone: Level 1:Beginner, Course Book so you can work with the books together.download the free app and practice online with free listeningexercises. series teaches all levels of English, from beginner toadvanced, to speakers of English as a second language. Innovativevisual learning methods introduce key language skills, Grammar andPunctuation and vocabulary, which are reinforced with a variety ofspeaking, reading, and writing exercises to make the Englishlanguage easier to understand and learn.

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US Constitution & Federal Laws 2.1.2 APK
Welcome to the Application for US Constitution & Federal Laws!US Constitution Federal Law Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure,frcp, fed r app p... This free Android app has been updated toinclude legislative publications starting with the 2017 session andforward. ⚖ this Law App, consists of bill of rights and unitedstates Constitution Federal Law, Federal Rules of Civil Procedureand Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence and Fed R ofAppellate Procedure and Bankruptcy Procedure. ⚖ list of USConstitution & Federal Laws App : ✔ US Constitution - UnitedStates Constitution and bill of rights ✔ Federal Rules of CivilProcedure - frcp ✔ Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure - FRCP ✔Federal Rules of Evidence ✔ Bankruptcy Procedure ✔ Federal Rules ofAppellate Procedure - fed r app p ⚖ To access a complete listing ofUS federal Law and US Constitution Installs the US Constitutionamendments and FR app and click the US federal Law, Quick BillSearch by Keywords or name of Codes like: Bankruptcy Procedure orfed r app p and Bankruptcy Procedure or criminal procedure, CivilProcedure and bankruptcy rules, or bill of rights andconstitutional rights frcp… ⚖ Search by or Number of artile orsection in Texas state legislature. frcp 26 or frcp 41, frcp 36 orin fed r app p... Bankruptcy Procedure or fed r app p andBankruptcy, Procedure criminal procedure, Civil Procedure andbankruptcy rules, ⚖ Future android LAW Apps: ✔ US Primary Law: ✔ USCase Law & US Codes and Statutes, US Regulations. ✔ US FederalLaw ✔ US Constitution and US Code, US Code of Federal Regulations.✔ US Federal Register US Supreme Court US Courts of Appeals Cases.✔ US Federal District Courts Cases and US Federal Court Dockets& Case Filings. ✔ Civil Code – CIV and Family Code – FAM,Insurance Code – INS ✔ Penal Code – PEN and Code of Civil Procedure– CCP and Labor Code - LAB ✔ criminal law civil law and Businessand Professions Code – BPC Edution Code – EDC ✔ Commercial Code –COM Evidence Code – EVID Government Code – GOV Vehicle Code - VEH
International Law 2.1.2 APK
International Law, Hague Convention, environmental law publicinternational law & private international law.Welcome to theApplication for International Law ! This free Android app has beenupdated to include legislative publications starting with the 2017session and forward.Universal Declaration of Human Rights TheEuropean Convention on Human Rights CHARTER OF THE UNITEDNATIONSDroit internationalDerecho internacional⚖ International Law,consists of hague convention, public international law and privateinternational law international environmental law, Statutescovering various subject areas.⚖ list of InternationalLaw:Universal Declaration of Human Rights Convention relating tothe Status of Refugees Droit internationalConvention relating tothe Status of Stateless Persons CONVENTION CONCERNING THE POWERS OFAUTHORITIES AND THE LAW APPLICABLE IN RESPECT OF THE PROTECTION OFINFANTS INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTSINTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RIGHTSCONVENTION ON THE CIVIL ASPECTS OF INTERNATIONAL CHILD ABDUCTIONConvention on the Rights of the Child CONVENTION ON PROTECTION OFCHILDREN AND CO-OPERATION IN RESPECT OF INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTIONConvention Providing a Uniform Law for Bills of Exchange andPromissory Notes Convention Providing a Uniform Law forChequesConvention for the Settlement of Certain Conflicts of Lawsin Connection with Cheques Universal Copyright Convention 1971Convention on The Law Applicable to Agency, The Hague, 14 March1978 Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods(Vienna, 1980) CONVENTION ON THE LAW APPLICABLE TO CONTRACTS FORTHE INTERNATIONAL SALE OF GOODS (Concluded December 22, 1986)Convention of 1 March 1954 on civil procedure CONVENTION ON THE LAWAPPLICABLE TO CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS European Convention on MutualAssistance in Criminal Matters European Convention on InternationalCommercial Arbitration of 1961 CONVENTION ABOLISHING THEREQUIREMENT OF LEGALISATION FOR FOREIGN PUBLIC DOCUMENTS BrusselsConvention on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments inCivil and Commercial Matters 1968 Convention of 25 October 1980 onInternational Access to Justice C O N V E N T I O N of 16 September1988 on jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments in civil andcommercial matters 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity 1992UNITED NATIONS FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE 1985 ViennaConvention for the Protection of the Ozone LayerThe EuropeanConvention on Human Rights CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS ILOConstitution / Constitution of the International Labor OrganizationUNESCO Constitution The North Atlantic Treaty (1949) Statute of theCouncil of Europe THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS OF 12 AUGUST 1949 1961VIENNA CONVENTION ON DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS 1963 VIENNA CONVENTION ONCONSULAR RELATIONS Done in Vienna, Austria on 24 April 1963 1968TREATY ON THE NON-PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS ⚖ To access acomplete listing of Inter Law Installs the Inter Laws app and clickthe Inter Law, Quick Bill Search by Keywords or name of Codeslike:Statute of the Hague Conference on Private Inter LawDerechointernacionalConvention of 1 March 1954 on civil procedureDerechointernacionalConvention of 15 June 1955 on the law applicable tointernational sales of goodsConvention of 15 April 1958 on the lawgoverning transfer of title in international sales ofgoodsConvention of 15 April 1958 on the jurisdiction of theselected forum in the case of international sales ofgoodsConvention of 24 October 1956 on the law applicable tomaintenance obligations towards childrenConvention of 22 December1986 on the Law Applicable to Contracts for the International Saleof Goods⚖ Search by or Number of artile or section in InternationalLaw legislature.Universal Declaration of Human Rights The EuropeanConvention on Human Rights CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONSDroitinternational
Constitution of South Africa 1.0 APK
constitution of south Africa, it is a fee app The Constitution ofthe Republic of South Africa, 1996, was approved by the Const Court(CC) on 4 December 1996 and took effect on 4 February 1997.southafrican constitution is the supreme law of the land. No other lawor government action can supersede the provisions of 1996Constitution.The South Africa’s Constitution is one of the mostprogressive in the world and enjoys high acclaim internationally.saConstitution
Federal Rules of Evidence 1.0 APK
Federal Rules of Evidence free us rules of evidence Us law ofevidence attorney Federal Rules of Evidence, federal law & uslaw us code for lawyers or attorney.It is a free federal rules ofevidence you can download it in your android phone.ApplicationCharacteristics:_You can quickly access to the an articles of thelistes by the search tools._ law of evidence app It works withoutInternet connection._It develops automatically after each period orafter every change in the code._You can change the background coloror the shape off code and color of text._You can share any articlesin social media or with outhers._you can make a liste of favoriesof the frcp 26frcp 12 frcp 45 frcp 34 articles.- Now with full textsearching. Accurate and flexible search engine allows you to findexactly what you are looking for federal law.- Does not require aninternet connection. All the data is stored locally. - Automaticand free lifetime updates to the law of evidence.- Easily bookmarkcode sections- Compatible with tablets, including the Xoom.frcp 26frcp 12 Coded by Dev_med, is the only free android app, Designedfor enforcement personnel, for lawyers, law school, students andlawyers attorney us code paralegals or anyone who needs quickaccess to legislature or us code.More laws apps for lawyers,Students and attorney by dev_med:Federal Rules of Evidencebill ofrights us constitutionFederal Rules of Civil Procedurepenal codefamily lawlabor lawscivil codecode of civil procedureconstitutionalamendments Federal Rules of Criminal ProcedureFederal Rules ofBankruptcy Procedurefederal rules of civil procedure frcpusamendments
Bundesverfassung 1.0 APK
FREE Appschweizerische bundesverfassung, schweizer verfassungBundesverfassung der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft vom 18.April 1999 (Stand am 1. Januar 2016) swiss constitution.Merkmale-Die Suche mit Volltextfunktion führt schnell zum gesuchtenBegriff(e). - Sie können auch mehrere Begriffe gleichzeitigeingeben (z.B. 'kind unterhalt ehe')- Eine Internetverbindung zurNutzung ist nicht erforderlich. Zivilprozessordnung- Zu verbreitenund teilen die gesetzlichen Vorschriften über soziale Netzwerke-Gesuchte Begriffe sind im Text hervorgehoben- Navigation innerhalbjedes Gesetzes über ein Inhaltsverzeichnis.- App hat tag undnachtmodus. schweizer gesetze- App ermöglicht das Teilen vonInhalten.- Die Internetberechtigung wird für das Reporting vonunerwarteten Fehlern und für Werbung benützt. amdMORE!!!schweizerische bundesverfassung PräambelIm Namen Gottes desAllmächtigen!Das Schweizervolk und die Kantone,in der Verantwortunggegenüber der Schöpfung,im Bestreben, den Bund zu erneuern, umFreiheit und Demokratie, Unabhängigkeit und Frieden in Solidaritätund Offenheit gegenüber der Welt zu stärken,im Willen, ingegenseitiger Rücksichtnahme und Achtung ihre Vielfalt in derEinheit zu leben,FREE AppSwiss federal constitution, the Swissconstitutional Swiss Federal Constitution of 18 April 1999 (as of 1January 2016) Swiss constitution.characteristics- Search withfull-text function quickly leads to the searched term (s).- You canalso enter several terms (for example, 'child entertainingmarriage')- An Internet connection for use is not required. CivilProcedure- To disseminate and share the legal regulations on socialnetworks- Search Keywords are highlighted in the text- Navigationwithin each law on a table of contents.- App has day and nightmode. swiss law- App allows sharing of content.- The Internetpermission is used for the reporting of unexpected errors and foradvertising. amd MORE !!!Swiss federal constitutionpreambleIn thename of God Almighty!The Swiss people and the cantons,theresponsibility towards creation,To freedom and democracy,independence and peace in solidarity and openness to strengthen theefforts to renew the covenant to the world,the will to live theirunity in diversity in mutual consideration and respect,
AUSTRALIAN LAW & Australian Constitution 2.1.2 APK
AUSTRALIAN LAW Australian Constitution Family Law Bankruptcy Actlegislation gov⚖ The following are a series of acts and RULES &LEGISLATION of the AUSTRALIAN LAW - Legislation Android Application- When you click on any of these Books you will be taken to theActs or RULES and LEGISLATION that are taken fromlegislation.gov.au website.AUSTRALIAN LAW consists of Acts, Law andBankruptcy Act Legislation & RULES and Australian ConstitutionCommonwealth of Australia… covering various subjectareas:Australian constitution or Commonwealth of AustraliaConstitution Act Bankruptcy Australia Bankruptcy act 1966, privacylaws privacy actFamily Law Rules 2004, Family Law act AustraliaFamily Law Act 1975 Divorce Lawyerthe Australian constitutioncommonwealth of Australia, Australian human rights commission act1986Dispute Resolution and Administrative Law Admiralty Rules1988Federal Circuit Court (Bankruptcy) Rules 2016, Federal CircuitCourt Rules 2001Commonwealth Bank - but it does not cover ALLsources of Australian law. To browse other sources of Australianlaw, you have to entre to legislation.gov.au website.⚖ list ofAustralian lawsAustralian constitution or Commonwealth of AustraliaConstitution Act Bankruptcy Australia Bankruptcy act 1966, privacylaws privacy actFamily Law Rules 2004, Family Law act AustraliaFamily Law Act 1975 Divorce LawyerDispute Resolution andAdministrative Law Admiralty Rules 1988Federal Circuit Court(Bankruptcy) Rules 2016, Federal Circuit Court Rules 2001⚖ ActLegislation or Australian Legislation Acts listAccess to Justice(Civil Litigation Reforms) Amendment Act 2009Administrative AppealsTribunal Act 1975Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act1977Admiralty Act 1988 and Australian ConstitutionAgeDiscrimination Act 2004Australian Human Rights Commission Act1986Bankruptcy Act 1966Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989ChildSupport (Registration and Collection) Act 1988Competition andConsumer Act 2010Copyright Act 1968Disability Discrimination Act1992Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and ConsequentialAmendments) Act 2009Fairwork Act 2009Family Law Act 1975 Family LawAmendmentsFederal Circuit Court of Australia Act 1999FederalMagistrates (Consequential Amendments) Act 1999Federal MagistratesAmendment (Disability and Death Benefits) Act 2007Jurisdiction ofthe Federal Magistrates Court Legislation Amendment Act2006Jurisdiction of the Federal Magistrates Service LegislationAmendment Act 2001Legislative Instruments (Transitional rovisionsand Consequential Amendments) Act 2003Marriage Act 1961MigrationAct 1958Migration Litigation Reform Act 2005National ConsumerCredit Protection Act 2009Privacy Act 1988Public Employment (onsequential and Transitional) Amendment Act 1999RacialDiscrimination Act 1975Same-Sex Relationships (Equal Treatment inCommonwealth Laws - Superannuation) Act 2008Sex Discrimination Act1984Statute Law Revision Act 2007The Federal Circuit Court ofAustralia Act 1999Trans-Tasman Proceedings (Transitional andConsequential Provisions) Act 2010⚖ Australian legal systemRule oflaw - Australia's legal system is based on the 'rule of law', whichincludes the following principles:All Australians should be treatedequally by the law and should obey the law.The law should be fair,so that people and authorities are willing to be ruled by it.Lawsshould be clearly expressed and in general terms.Laws should bestable and not change frequently.Law-making should be guided byopen and clear rules.The Judiciary (courts) should be independentand free of influence by government.Natural justice should beobserved.The courts should be easily accessible.Crime-preventingagencies must not change the law.
California labor laws 1.0 APK
California labor laws labor code for lawyer attorney schools in usstates California code legal.California labor code - LABGENERALPROVISIONS_ 1. DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS [50 - 176]_ 2.EMPLOYMENT REGULATION AND SUPERVISION [200 - 2699.5]_ 3. EMPLOYMENTRELATIONS [2700 - 3098]_ 4. WORKERS' COMPENSATION AND INSURANCE[3200 - 6002]_ 4.5. WORKERS' COMPENSATION AND INSURANCE: STATEEMPLOYEES NOT OTHERWISE COVERED [a6100 - 6149]_ 4.7. RETRAINING ANDREHABILITATION [6200 - 6208]_ 5. SAFETY IN EMPLOYMENT [6300 -9104]CLC by Dev_med, is the only free labor code android app ofCalifornia labor laws reference for you need on your Androiddevice. Designed for lawyers enforcement personnel, lawyers,attorney, students and attorney us code paralegals or anyone whoneeds quick access to california code. Use Legislative freeCalifornia labor laws App in the patrol car, or in the court room.General Sources of us states Legal Guides Data base of Californialabor code is stored on your device, so you never need an internetconnection for this us legal.legal advice ApplicationCharacteristics:_You can quickly access to the an articles of thelistes by the search tools._ It works without Internetconnection._It develops automatically after each period or afterevery change in the law._You can change the background color or theshape off app and color of texte._You can share any articles insocial media or with outhers._you can make a liste of favories ofthe us states articles.- Now with full text searching. Accurate andflexible search engine allows you to find exactly what you arelooking for federal legi.- Does not require an internet connection.All the data is stored locally. - Automatic and free lifetimeupdates to the legi- Easily bookmark app sections- Compatible withtablets, including the Xoom 459 pcpc 459find laws in Dev_MED like:ca labor laws
criminal procedure 1.0 APK
federal Rules of Criminal Procedure free criminal procedure forlawyer attorneyApplication Characteristics of federal Rules ofCriminal Procedure:_You can quickly access to the an articles ofthe listes by the search tools._ the Federal Rules of criminalprocedure app It works without Internet connection._It developsautomatically after each period or after every change in thecode._You can change the background color or the shape off code andcolor of text._You can share any articles in social media or withouthers._you can make a liste of favories of the frcp 26frcp 12frcp 45 frcp 34 articles.- Now with full text searching. Accurateand flexible search engine allows you to find exactly what you arelooking for federal law.- Does not require an internet connection.All the data is stored locally. - Automatic and free lifetimeupdates to the Texas constitution.- Easily bookmark code sections-Compatible with tablets, including the Xoom.frcp 26 frcp 12 Codedby Dev_med, is the only free android app, Designed for enforcementpersonnel, for lawyers, law school, students and lawyers attorneyus code paralegals or anyone who needs quick access to legislatureor us code.More laws apps for lawyers, Students and attorney bydev_med:bill of rights us constitutionpenal code family lawlaborlawscivil codecode of civil procedureconstitutional amendmentsFederal Rules of Criminal ProcedureFederal Rules of EvidenceFederalRules of Bankruptcy Procedurefederal rules of civil procedurefrcpus amendments