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Do you want to learn how to dribble a basketball like the topNBA ball-handlers? Have you ever dreamed of having handles like NBAgreats Isiah Thomas, Pete Maravich, Tim Hardaway and Allen Iversonor current players such as Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Steph Curry,Rajon Rondo, Manu Ginobili and Deron Williams?

No matter your position guard, forward or center, dribbling isan essential and electrifying part of today’s basketball games.Improving your ball-handling skills and dribbling fundamentalsgives you a decided advantage over any defensive player. With alltypes of dribbles it is important to keep your head up so that youcan see teammates when they have scoring opportunities.

Learn some basic basketball dribbles (Crossover, Behind theBack, Between the Legs, and Change of Pace) and drills to helpimprove your dribbling skills.

PLEASE NOTE: The content in the Dribble Like A Pro app is publiclyavailable on YouTube. We have not created it or modified it in anyway, nor have we uploaded any of these videos to YouTube. The valueof this app is that it searches out, finds, and collects theinformation for you, providing you easy and convenient access allin one handy place, so that all you have to do is download andlaunch the app. We have done the legwork for you and deliveredstraight to your mobile device.

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Curious about Hemp OIl?Hemp Oil has long been recognized as one of the most beneficialsubstances to man, and has been used medicinally to treat a varietyof conditions including multiple sclerosis, HIV, and cancer. In2013 a team of Spanish scientists proved that hemp oil cures cancerwithout any side effects! Quickly get up to speed on this amazingnatural substance - hemp oil!But hemp oil is not hemp oil is not hemp oil. There are varioustypes of hemp related oil products available such as hemp seed oilwhich offer some beneficial health effects, but are actually notthe same product used in the health studies. The hemp oil discussedin this app is the medicinal hemp oil or cannabis oil recommendedby Rick Simpson. Many people first learned about Rick Simpson fromthe movie - Run From The Cure.This Hemp Oil app accessesinformation on Rick Simpsons hemp oil, its benefits, and how tomake it.Some of the questions addressed:Whats so great about hemp oil aka cannabis oil?Whats the difference between hemp oil, hash oil, and hemp seedoil?Why has the medical industry been actively working to keep thisinformation secret?Has it actually been proven that cannabis cures cancer, and a hostof other diseases?Where can it be purchased legally?Is it better to smoke it or drink it?How much is beneficial?How to make it yourself.Also, how to connect with others who are taking advantage ofthis gift of nature and restoring their health.Hemp is a commonly used term for many varieties of the CannabisSativa plant. The hemp plant is refined into many useful productssuch as hemp seed oil, hemp milk, hemp protein, hemp paper, hemptextiles, hemp rope, wax, resin, and fuel.The varieties of Cannabis sativa that contain higherconcentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are usually grow fordrug use as marijuana. But this same component is also largelyresponsible for some of hemps remarkable healing effects.The information shared on this app is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure, or prevent disease. The information provided on thisapp is intended for your general knowledge only. Always seek theadvise of your physician or other qualified health care providerwith any questions regarding a medical condition.
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Basketball: Shoot Like A ProDo you want to learn how to shoot a basketball like the top NBAsharpshooters? Have you ever dreamed of scoring like NBA greatsReggie Miller, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbaror current players such as Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitzki, Steph Curry,Kevin Durant, Manu Ginobili and LeBron James?Most basketball shots involve similar mechanics. Square yourshoulders to the basket, place the fingers of your shooting handunder the ball, tuck your elbow close to your body and balance theball lightly with your non-shooting hand. Extend your shooting armtoward the hoop and flick your wrist to release the shot. Shootwith your fingers and generate most of the power with your wrist,not your arm. Follow through directly toward the target with yourshooting hand. You’ll typically aim for a spot above the middle ofthe rim. From close range, aim for a spot on the backboard.Learn some basketball shots (Jump Shot, Free Throw, Layup,Reverse Layup, Hook Shot, and Running Hook Shot) and drills to helpimprove your shooting skills.<><><><><><><>PLEASE NOTE: The content in the Shoot Like A Pro app is publiclyavailable on YouTube. We have not created it or modified it in anyway, nor have we uploaded any of these videos to YouTube. The valueof this app is that it searches out, finds, and collects theinformation for you, providing you easy and convenient access allin one handy place, so that all you have to do is download andlaunch the app. We have done the legwork for you and deliveredstraight to your mobile device.