2.1.6 / September 18, 2013
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Enjoy basketball with this new game from NO2.
With three play modes, Basketmania is the most addictive basketballgame out there.


Hold your finger on the ball and slide it to adjust power anddirection.
The dots mark the beginning of the trajectory.

• THREE play modes:
⁃ Straight shots
⁃ Time limit
⁃ Training
• Built-in Physics Engine delivers the most realistic basketballexperience
• HD graphics (Try it on your Galaxy TAB)
• Share your results on Facebook and Twitter!

App Information Basketmania: Basketball game

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    Basketmania: Basketball game
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    September 18, 2013
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    500,000 - 1,000,000
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Basketmania All Stars 1.0 APK
★★ BASKETMANIA ALL STARS ★★ Enjoy basketball with this new gamefrom NO2. With seven play modes, Basketmania is the most addictivebasketball game out there. ☆☆ HOW TO PLAY ☆☆ Click on the ball andslide it to adjust power and direction. The dots mark the beginningof the trajectory. ☆☆ FEATURES ☆☆ • SEVEN play modes: ⁃ Straightshots ⁃ Time limit ⁃ Training ⁃ Time attack ⁃ Around the world ⁃H-O-R-S-E ⁃ Twenty-one • Multiplayer modes: Play against a FRIENDor three different COMPUTER difficulties • Built-in Physics Enginedelivers the most realistic basketball experience • HD Graphics •Share your results on Facebook and Twitter!
Zombie's Fury 2 1.1.0 APK
Fight for your life wiping out as many zombiesas you can, with a katana as your only weapon, in a world hit bydevastation.How to play:Tap on either the right or left side of the screen to strike a blowin that direction and try to dodge the zombies when they strike atyou. If a zombie hits you, tap the screen several times to get ridof it. The less lives you have left, the faster you will have totap the screen. Be careful, it will get more and more difficult toescape from their clutches!When the character is not attacking, its level of life willprogressively increase.Features:• HD graphics• Two characters to choose from• It's FREE!Story:In 2012, humanity managed to achieve the long sought-after dream ofeternal youth thanks to “Eternum”, a compound created byNextGenetics as a result of their important advances in geneticengineering. "Eternum" could make the cells of the human bodyregenerate without a single imperfection, stopping the tissues inthe body from aging and enabling people to live practicallyforever. A regular dose of "Eternum" prevented the body fromgetting old. The prohibitive price with which the product waslaunched into the market only served to increase the differencesbetween social classes, since only the most powerful families couldafford to buy it.This turn of events lit the fuse of collective madness; furiouscrowds spilled out onto the streets, fed up of governments and acapitalist system that was asphyxiating them, fed up of beingtreated like slaves by the powerful families that controlled allthe money and power of the world. They demanded that a discoverysuch as this should be within the reach of all citizens; everyonedeserved to be blessed in the same way.With the help of Last Dawn sect, Norman Dickinson, the latestNobel prize for genetic engineering, created a compound capable ofaltering the genetic structure of "Eternum", converting the elixirof eternal youth into a mortal poison that inverted the process ofregeneration, causing the body of anyone who took it to quicklyrot.At the end of 2012, Last Dawn managed to break into the premisesof NextGenetics and sabotage the production of "Eternum" by mixingit with Norman Dickinson’s compound, creating the poison known as"Mortalis". The new compound had been ingested by hundreds ofpeople before the terrifying truth was discovered. What washappening caused a great reaction among the powerful families, whowere enraged by this act of rebellion that was being displayed bywho they considered to be “their herd of animals”.Motivated by the sweet taste of revenge, they hired a group ofgeneticists to collect samples of "Mortalis", synthesize it, andcreate a powerful bacterium that could be transmitted by blood. Theplan was to slowly decimate the huge army of indignant citizens,demonstrating once and for all, who the absolute sovereignswere.The bacterium produced by the synthesis spread without control,wiping out a large part of humanity in just a week.Extremely upset by their error of calculation, the greatfamilies regretted causing the catastrophe, as such a small societywould not be enough to satisfy their voracious hunger for power…but this was not the only error of calculation they had made. Justover a month later, unexpected secondary effects appeared: the deadbegan to rise from their graves converted into zombies who werehungry for fresh meat, causing frenzy among the few survivors,whose only hope is to eliminate all the infected people and rebuilda new world.
Gravity Box: space run 1.0.0 APK
Gravity Box is an addictive and challenging space-themed actiongame.With a simple one touch control, this game will push yourskills to the limit.If you like almost impossible games, pleasegive it a try.HOW TO PLAYTap the screen to flip gravity, guide yoursquare through dangerous passages.You need to survive as long asyou can by avoiding lasers.If you like Gravity Box, please spreadthe word and challenge your friends.
Santa's coming: the game 1.2.0 APK
Help Santa Claus in his adventure to hand out gifts to goodchildren around the world. But it's not easy!! This is an adventureagainst the clock and Santa can't stumble on any obstacle or somechildren will not receive their gifts. Be careful with the bottles,Santa can feel sick!! and do not forget to collect all gingerbreadcookies to gain speed. Objective:You have to leave a gift on eachChristmas tree of the 27 levels.Features: - 27 Levels ( 12 Easy /15 Hard ) - Retro pixel graphics ( 8-bit style ) - Hours offun.WARNING: You need a multitouch screen to play this game.
Miley's Cat 1.0.0 APK
Sing as Miley Cyrus in the last American Music Awards ( AMA 2013 )with the amazing lip-synching cat!How to use: - Install - Open -Start singing! It's just easy & it's free!Please don't forgetto share this app with your friends.
Petshopmania Puzzle 1.0.2 APK
Free the animals and let them go out and enjoy an excitingworld!!!Petshopmania is an addictive and amazing puzzle-game basedon a unique concept, which is simple, but a big challenge at thesame time. Perfect for all ages.With more than150 unique puzzles,all of them different, and split into 5 levels (worlds) thatgradually increases difficulty, Petshopmania guarantees you a bunchof hours of puzzling fun!HINT: Sometimes you need to play the levelseveral times to achieve all the stars -- trying to rotate a piecemay be a better approach to earn all the stars!!
Bipolarity: space run 1.0.5 APK
Bipolarity is your next impossible game.The perfect mix between thesimple control of the casual games and the flavor of the classicarcade games of the 80s.But don’t be confident, Bipolarity will putyour skills, reflexes and finger synchronization to the test. Weare sorry, luck will NOT help you.Bipolarity has THREE game modes:-Endless: You will play on a random map, so every game will bedifferent. Will you dare to run across the 16,040 parsecs of thislevel? We do not think so, but sure you will beat your friends.-Challenge: Try the the different challenges we have prepared foryou. But don't be confident of the easiness of the first two ones,the other six will drive you crazy!- Training: In this mode youwill learn how to master every stretch of the Endless mode.Collectthe orbs during the levels, not only let you slow down a bit, youcan use them to unlock new color combinations (polarities) and newdrone shapes. But be careful, you can only pick an orb if it hasthe same polarity as you, otherwise you will die.And don't forget:Avoid the walls.
Basketmania: Basketball game 2.1.6 APK
★★ BASKETMANIA: BASKETBALL GAME ★★Enjoy basketball with this new game from NO2.With three play modes, Basketmania is the most addictive basketballgame out there.☆☆ HOW TO PLAY ☆☆Hold your finger on the ball and slide it to adjust power anddirection.The dots mark the beginning of the trajectory.☆☆ FEATURES ☆☆• THREE play modes:⁃ Straight shots⁃ Time limit⁃ Training• Built-in Physics Engine delivers the most realistic basketballexperience• HD graphics (Try it on your Galaxy TAB)• Share your results on Facebook and Twitter!