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In addition to serving the practicalfunction,a bathroom mirror also functions as a stylish feature. Foryourmirror to serve these two roles effectively you need to buytheright one. Here are a few of the major types of mirrors thatyoucan buy:

These are simply frameless mirrors that have been added a frame.Theframe plays a vital role in the entire look of the mirror.Whenbuying the unit ensure that it's able to easily blend intothestyle of your bathroom. If you have a contemporary bathroom,themirror should be simple and clean-lined. If your bathroomistraditional, go for a more detailed frame. You can find mirrorsofdifferent styles: contemporary, ornate, classic or any otherstylethat you want. It's up to you to choose the one that is idealforyou.
They are characterized by etched surface designs. In mostcases,they come in elaborately carved, ornate frames that give themanelegant look. They are ideal when installed in bathrooms thatarehighly decorated with traditional details. They are also idealwheninstalled in bathrooms with romantic themes.
These are elegant mirrors that come with built-in lighting ontheframe. The lighting can be at the top, sides or both. Inadditionto the light giving the mirror a great look, it also comesin handywhen undertaking grooming tasks such as shaving andapplyingmakeup. When making the purchase, go for mirrors with LEDlighting.This is to save energy.
Shadow box
Also known as ledge mirrors, these units come with built-inledgesthat hold the different bathroom products. If you like tohave soapand other products close at hand, these are the units togofor.
These are the different types of mirrors that you can buy.Whenmaking the purchase, ensure that you buy them from areputablestore. Also ensure that they are installed by aprofessionalcontractor. The latest modern bathrooms are equippedwith not onlythe necessary plumbing, but also all kinds of interiordetails thatgive to the room individuality and original look. Wehave all typesof bathroom mirrors that you can be interested in. Wehave lightedmirror that come in different styles such as backlitmirror andmany others. Visit the given links to know more.

So what are you waiting? It is the best way to find manycoolideas of bathroom mirror from this app. You can apply andinstallthem into your bathroom wall! Download and start discoverthemirror that most matching for your bathroom!


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DIY Crochet Design Idea 1.4 APK
DIY crochet design idea, if you understandthebasics of crochet, you can use your crocheting skills tomakehandmade gifts for any occasion. If you don't have a lot oftime ormoney to put into a gift, you can still make it special whenyouuse free, easy, and quick crocheting ideas from local resourcesorthe Internet. You can complete some crochet projects in an hourortwo, but the impression they leave will be lasting.FlowersCrocheted flowers range from simple to complicated. Findfreecrochet patterns for flowers on the Crochet PatternCentralwebsite. When you crochet flowers, you can use anycombination ofyarn and crochet hooks. The only difference is that aflower mayturn out larger or smaller than the one in the pattern ifyou use adifferent type of yarn or hook than the pattern calls for.It willtake less than one hour to crochet a simple flower, and youcan useit in a variety of ways. Sew a pin on the back to make abrooch.Attach some ribbon, and it's a gift wrap topper. Sew it ontoa bagor a shirt for an embellished touch on a store-bought item.Onesimple pattern provides multiple gift options.MotifsMotifs are small pieces that you crochet in the round. Theymightbecome doilies or decorations, depending on the type of yarnandthe way you want to use them. Just as with crochetedflowers,motifs can result from any combination of yarn and type ofcrochethook.Crochet several granny square motifs and sew them together to makeablanket. Crochet tiny round motifs using a steel crochet hookandcrochet thread, and then attach them to earring hooks. Makeseveralmore, and chain them together for a matching necklace. Sewmotifsonto your bags or pouches or even jeans for adistinctive,finishing touch. Motif patterns are also online atCrochet PatternCentral.Print ResourcesFor a way to try out crochet books for free, head to yourlocallibrary. They often carry modern and vintage crochet books,sothere's something for everyone. Check out the book and tryoutpatterns without having to buy them. If you know others inyourarea who crochet, arrange to swap pattern books withoneanother.Pattern WebsitesCrochet Pattern Central is only one crochet resource on the Web.Avariety of other sites contain links to free and easycrochetpatterns. Try Ravelry.com; you have to sign up for anaccount,which allows you to use the site to catalog your crochetprojects,chat in forums with other crafters, and search patterndatabasesfor free and easy crochet patterns. You can even read thenotesabout the patterns other crocheters have made and get helpmaking apattern in the advice forums.If you want to complete charity crochet projects,tryBevscountrycottage.com. This site contains numerous resourcesforknitting and crocheting, including directions for the best typesofyarn to use and size guidelines for garments for thecharityprojects you want to complete.Find out more here!
Ceiling Murals 1.4 APK
As we have seen before, murals are street artdesign in which apply on wide space like a wall. But how aboutapply murals on your ceiling? It’s look as a great idea to makeyour ceiling special. Painting the ceiling by your self is howdreams come to life.Imagine the surprise of any guest when they first glance up andnotice the stunning ceiling murals you’ve installed! Why should ourceilings be dull and white? If you don’t put ceiling murals upthere it’s just wasted opportunity. Stargazing illusions could helpyour kids fall asleep. To the hotels rooms it is increase on theroom rental.So many choices to make your ceilings are awesome, beside paintingit with contrast color or interesting pattern. Ceiling muralsbecome an unusual art. You can also painting a sky cloud or coveryour ceiling with galaxy with glow-in-the-dark paint or also withsomething interesting to photograph like a spiral staircase viewedfrom the bottom, etc.As a choices, if you’re going for a more naturally appealing theme,sponge paint white clouds on a blue background and turn thatceiling into the sky itself! If you’re thinking of adding glow inthe dark stars or wall stickers to the ceiling just a word to thewise: make sure your newly applied paint is 100% dry or you may endup with a more permanent fixture than you ever intended.Don’t worry, whether you have a professional do it, or give yourown hand a try, a mural painted on a ceiling that covers a room forhosting large parties can be an elegant conversation starter. Nomatter which direction you decide to go, adding some paint andcolor to your ceiling is a detail-oriented task that leads to bigaesthetic changes. Friends and family alike will be drawn back timeand again. When they ask what it is you changed, they’ll only haveto look up to find the answer. Dare to be bold by painting yourdining room ceiling a dark hue, or offset those dark walls with alight ceiling color that opens up your space.So what are you , it’s time to look up to all the ceilingpossibilities in our app! Start download and get many ideas ofceiling murals! What color would you dare to paint your ceiling? Weare providing more ideas galleries of Ceiling murals! You canexplore many design includes mystical artwork, surreal, panoramicwall mural, etc.Keep your creativity on!
Container Gardening 1.4 APK
There are several kinds of containersavailable in the market today such as terracotta and plastic pots,wood and clay pots, fancy teacups and containers equipped withautomatic-watering irrigation system. With such variety andflexibility in designs, container gardening has started achievingpopularity today to an unimaginable extend. Such gardening is seenon porches, sides of the front-doors, balconies as well as on therooftops. One thing for all plant lovers and gardeners to keep inmind is that potting material should always be loose and shouldallow drainage of excessive water from the containers. The rootsshould have space to breathe to prevent them from rotting.Various types of plants such as decorative flowers especiallyroses, herbs, cacti, vegetables and small-size trees are suitablefor the container gardening. The major advantages of growing plantsin a container are:• Reduction in the risk of diseases borne from the soil• Elimination of any sort of weed problems virtually• Mobilizing of plants help them to control soil moisture, sunlightas well as the temperatureObviously, a container in the first place is required for containergardening, but here's when you question everyone; which kind ofcontainer would be suitable for your plant? This completely dependson the plant you have chosen for gardening. For example, if it isbeans then it would be a window box of 5 gal and if it would becucumber then you would need any pot of 1 gal. After you havechosen the right container for your plant; it's time for a plantingmedium. Equal parts of sand, loamy garden soil and peat moss is theright planting medium for pot gardening.Plantation and spacing is also another significant step whileplanting seeds in the ready soil. Next is the most important stepwithout which your plants can die - watering. Some vegetables mayneed watering daily while some may need them twice or thrice aweek. This completely depends on the size of the container andweather conditions. There are many different kinds of formulatedfertilizers also available in the market that enhance containergardening; but again if you are looking for an organic gardeningyou shouldn't be using them.So what are you waiting?Your garden can survive only if you takeappropriate care of your plants. Huge online resources and booksare available on garden farming techniques and tips. Gardening kitsare also available for those who are interested in containergardening; and you may need to discover them in our application,because our app is give you perfect ideas of container gardeningaround the world!
Stuffed animal overpopulation has become moreof a problem for families of today's kids. Children have far moretoys these days than they had in years past. Where a child mighthave had a few toys of their own back in the baby boomer era, manymodern children can accumulate hundreds of toys.New toy makers have followed each other into the collectible toyanimal market, hoping to ride the wave created by the makers of theBeanie Babies in the mid Nineties. Suddenly high quality plush toyswere hoarded and traded at prices far above their retail value. Newstuffed animal companies appeared that offered not just acollectible demand, but also toys that came with their own onlineworld to go with them, all for a price tag typically under tendollars.And thus the modern plush animal storage crisis was born. Manyfamilies find themselves buried under an avalanche of plush bears,stuffed lions, cuddly kitties, and fluffy puppies. As kids growolder, previously loved stuff animals can become a nuisance.Remember, toy animal overpopulation issues can quickly become athing of the past with the right storage solution.If you've got kids you've got stuffed toys, and they can take up alot of space. Here's quite a few ideas for storage for stuffedanimals that have been shared by readers to give youinspiration.Organize toys and games challenge These ideas range from storebought items to do it yourself creations.The solution that will work for you and your kids will be the onethat fits the size of the collection you have. The larger thenumber of stuffies your family owns the more work and space ittakes to store them, obviously.So without further ado scroll on down for all the ideas andsolutions!
Crafting on your book may be challenging andinteresting during the holiday before back to school. There aresome ideas of great and good Bookshelf ideas:Ladder bookshelf:Attach the ladder horizontally to the wall and you can simplyarrange the books to the rungs of the ladder and make it look likea bookshelf that will look beautiful. This lovely décor idea isvery simple to implement as all you need is just an old woodenladder and your awesome collection of books and magazines.There is another ladder bookshelf idea where you can simply makeuse of step ladders that is made to stand parallel to each otherand place wooden planks well balanced between the two and you canattract arranging the books on the planks where it will look like amini library that is very easy to implement and will look uniqueand interesting too.Leather harness bookshelf:Just simply hang two leather belts of different sizes to the metalclamp and you can balance the book to the leather rings and theywill stand safe and well balanced. This will be suitable forplacing very few books where you can use it for day-to-day readingpurpose.Roped shelves:This is also one of the simple ideas where you can simply pierceholes into the wooden planks and connect them with ropes with knotsbetween them and place books on the shelves and they will form abeautiful wooden hanging bookshelf.Wooden pallet bookshelf:Attach wooden pallets to the walls and make these rustic woodenthings turn into something creative and useful. You can make use ofthem to place books or photo frames or combination of both and itwill look good, also it is one of the cost-effective ways to placethe books.So what are you waiting for? This application will make yourdream happen! In this app you can get many cool ideas of book shelfdesign ideas around the world. Pick up one and suit it into yourbook! Among various other bookshelf ideas these are some of theuseful ways by which you can easily create an attractive DIYbookshelf at home
Creating a wardrobe design to make yourownwardrobe can be the best way to ensure that you get a wardrobethatis created specifically for you. Creating a custom wardrobedesignwill allow you to factor in the various elements of yourroom'sdecor, your use of the wardrobe, and how much use thewardrobe willreceive.All of these factors can be worked into your wardrobe designtoensure that you get the best custom designed wardrobe to useinyour home.The first thing to consider is where the wardrobe will go. Doyouhave a special niche for it, or will one need to be created?Willthe closet need to be built into the wall, or will you need afreestanding wardrobe? Evaluate the space in which you want tobuildyour custom wardrobe, and see how much space you canworkwith.Evaluating the space will allow you to know what type ofwardrobeyou want, whether fitted, built in, walk in, or freestanding. Onceyou have determined the type of wardrobe you desire,you will thenneed to take the measurements for your wardrobedesign. You willneed to measure the height, the width, and thedepth of the spacefor your wardrobe, and these will need to bewritten down on apaper. Make sure to account for the space aroundthe wardrobe, aswell as the any incline of the roof.If you are an architect or an artist, you can easily draw uptheplans for your own website. If not, you can simply draw abasicsketch with the measurements and rough layout of your wardrobetotake to a wardrobe designer. These designers will then helpyoudraw up a clearer wardrobe design, which they will then taketotheir wardrobe design books.So what are you waiting? There are hundreds of samplewardrobesthat you can choose from for your custom design in ourapplicationof wardrobe design, and you can easily find the style,color, andsize of custom wardrobe that will fit in your room. Workwith thedesigners to create your own wardrobe design using themeasurementsthat you have taken and the various wardrobe samplesthat thedesigner can show you. Visit our new application to get thenewesttips on wardrobe!So on! Start to download our app and enjoy!
Why would you want to start with aBedspread?The best answer is that there are an almost infinitenumber of wallpaint color choices and hundreds of wall coveringoptions and youcan choose among many, many throw pillow designs andcolors. Youonly have a limited choice in Bedspread designs andbecause it willbe the central focal point of the room you shouldstart therefirst. Everything else is secondary. Normally we canassume thatyou already have your bedroom furniture since it wouldfollow thedécor chosen throughout the rest of your home.The first step is probably the easiest. Should itbeContemporary, Traditional, Modern, Asian, Victorian orwhatever?You probably would want the style to continue from thedesign motifof the rest of your home.The next step in choosing your Bedspread design is to decide onthestyle. Among your choices are Comforters, Bedspreads, Quilts,Duvetcovers, and Bedspread and Dust Ruffle combinations with orwithoutPillow Shams, bolsters and throw pillows. They can be anattractiveoverall design or a beautiful patchwork sewn fromindividual piecesor they can be a totally custom ordered spreadfrom an InteriorDesigner.. The design itself can be all solid or apattern such asa floral or a geometric that appeals to you. Whenyou order yourBedspread you may find that you can even orderDraperies tomatch.A further very important step would be to decide whether you wantaspread that is preshrunk and washable or must be drycleaned.Obviously the quality and price range are also to beconsidered.This should give you enough information to make yourdecision on apurchase of a Bed Covering.Once you have come this far it is time to think of colorsthroughoutthe room. Pick a dominant color from the Bedspread thatyou havechosen and use that color on the walls or repeat it inother accentsfor a brighter cheerful room. You can also use it ina subtler orlighter tone for a warmer effect. A third style wouldbe to use themain Bedspread color in the accents and a secondarycolor from theBedspread in other ways throughout the room. Usuallyit would bebest not to introduce a color not included in theBedspread itselfbut that is never a hard and fast rule. As theysay, beauty is inthe eye of the beholder. If you like the effect,then it is gooddecorating because you only have to pleaseyourself. You are yourmost important client.So what are you waiting? After you have completed the roomdécorand are still not quite satisfied, you can always add smallaccentsto enhance the over-all look. You may want to add throwpillows.This app will give you bed spread ideas into your school.Downloadand share our app for the best experience!
It doesn't matter whether you are a beginneroran experienced cross-stitch stitcher, there are always newthingsyou can learn to give your projects that increasinglypolished look.But getting that professional look takes practiceand skill, so hereare three great tricks the professionals use tomake their designslook better than the rest.Preparation• You should always cut the fabric you are going to stitch ontoatleast 8-10 cm larger than the finished size of the design,thiswill allow you to turn up a seam, or to mount your work or makeitinto a gift.• If you are making a garment with a cross stitch design youshouldmark out the pattern of the garment onto the fabric beforeyoustart stitching to ensure you place it correctly.• To prevent the fabric from fraying you can either turn overtheedge and machine stitch it or bind it using tape. I findmaskingtape good for this job.• You should always start stitching from the center of thefabric.Fold the fabric in half one way and then the other way tofind thecenter point.• Separate your threads - If you are working from a kit thethreadfor the project will likely be supplied. You should separateandmark the colours before you start to make sure you identifyeachcolour correctly. A floss organizer is very handy for this jobandyou can pick one up for only a few dollars these days.You should stitch your design using a tapestry needle which hasalarge eye and a blunt end to prevent damage to the fabric. Chooseasize of needles that slides easily through the holes of thefabricwithout distorting or enlarging them. A sharp pair ofembroidery orsewing sissors will make you floss cuts neat and tidy.A thimblewill help stop your finger hurting.So what are you waiting? Cross stitch designs are workedwithfloss thread. These come in many colours and clever use ofcolourcreates wonderful cross stitch pieces. If you planning tomakecross stitch, this app is the best way. You can find many ideasofcross stitch pattern around the world. Choose the best ideasandstart to crafting!Enjoy our app and download more ideas!