0.12 / November 2, 2017
(4.3/5) (6736)


**EPISODE 5 is available to download via in-app purchase!**In thislatest chapter from the award-winning studio behind Batman - TheTelltale Series, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced intoprecarious new roles. The Riddler has returned to terrorize GothamCity, but his gruesome puzzles merely foreshadow an even greatercrisis. With the arrival of a ruthless federal agent and the returnof a still nascent Joker, Batman must navigate uneasy allianceswhile Bruce Wayne undertakes a perilous series of deceptions. Whichof Batman’s new allies will you choose to trust? And how deep intothe darkness will you let Bruce descend?Includes Episode 1 of a 5part series in this brand new season from the award-winning studio,Telltale Games.**Save 25% on additional episodes in Batman: TheEnemy Within by purchasing the Season Pass [Episodes 2-5 bundle]via in-app in the 'Episodes' menu**Supports the following GPUs: -Tegra K1 & X1 - Adreno 418, 420, 430, 505 and 530 - Mali T760& T880 - Nvidia MaxwellExamples of currently supporteddevices:- Samsung Galaxy S6 and up, Note 4 & 5- Google Pixel,Pixel C & Pixel XL- Google Nexus 5X, 6P & 9- Sony XperiaXZ, Z4, & Z5- HTC One (M9) & 10- Nvidia Shield Tablet(2014) & Shield Tablet K1- LG G4, V10, G Flex2- OnePlus 2, 3,& 3T

App Information Batman: The Enemy Within

  • App Name
    Batman: The Enemy Within
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 2, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.4 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Telltale Games
  • Installs
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  • Developer
    4000 Civic Center Drive Suite 400 San Rafael, CA 94903
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Batman: The Enemy Within Version History

Select Batman: The Enemy Within Version :
  • 0.12 (20012) - Latest Version

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app Batman: The Enemy Within 0.12 for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named 'main.20008.com.telltalegames.batman200.obb, patch.20011.com.telltalegames.batman200.obb' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.

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