15 / June 25, 2018
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The Universe hangs in balance, Galaxy Battle starts now!Customizeyour Planet and become the strongest!Advance along the path tovictory by strategically arranging your Planets and training yourUnits!Wage war in the Battle of Planets until you conquer theUniverse and achieve Total Victory!Assemble your team and engage ininterplanetary conflicts! The Almighty Cat-God who rules theUniverse has decided to raise the curtains and set the stage for afierce battle among the Stars!And his chosen contestant isYOU![Master, let's dominate the Universe together!]Together withfledgling Valkyrie Noeli, create the Ultimate Planet!The battletakes place automatically! Your strategy and Planet design willdetermine victory or defeat!The Universe is your Battleground!Victory goes to the strongest among the Stars! Become the Ruler ofSpace!Blow through your Rivals and take the top rank in all theUniverse!*This Game is for People who...*- Love playing free gamesin their spare time- Are casual gamers and get way too into freegames- Want to relax and play a game at their own pace- Lovewatching numbers go up and up and up- Get really excited aboutprogressing through stages- LOVE GORGING ON THE BLOOD OF THEIRENEMIES- Enjoy playing with Avatar customization- Want to maketheir own Planet- ...would't it be cool to have a Planet covered incute animals- Love getting achievements and completing collections-Want to share cool screenshots on LINE, Facebook, Twitter, etc-Background music and sound effects魔王魂 - 効果音ラボ - SoundLabel - くらげ工匠- 小森平 - DOVA-SYNDROME- Use IconGame-icons.net- VoicecollaborationsGiraffe*This game provides paid items.*Free play ispossible, but those who would like to progress at one shot can usethese items.

App Information BATPLA - Battle for the Planet

  • App Name
    BATPLA - Battle for the Planet
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  • Updated
    June 25, 2018
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    株式会社 WHRP
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    Role Playing
  • Developer
    東京都豊島区東池袋2-45-9 芸文社ビル4階
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Our dark lord-Sasuyu 2-TAP RPG 1.4.2 APK
Dark lord, we're in trouble! I thought we were living atrouble-free life, but now I realize our capital reserves are at 0,friends 0, level 0! A weak dark lord has been born, penniless andwithout allies! Nothing we can do. I'll have to help out the darklord. What is the true identity of the sharp-tongued, lazy girlthat suddenly appeared? Your beloved attendants left to go earnmoney! You can't have them raised like this! You're the dark lord!The first step in world conquest! Let's get started! It's easy tooperate. Tap to move forward. It's a super simple RPG. ◆BGM &SE used◆ 魔王魂・効果音ラボ・SoundLabel・SKIPMORE ◆Voice collaborators◆Giraffe *This game has in-app purchases. *The game is basicallyfree and can be played without making in-app purchases, thoughpurchases will help you advance quickly.
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◆60日目まで配信!◆ ■ストーリー 結婚前、素直で明るく顔も可愛い彼女が…豹変!?鬼嫁と化した彼女を気づかい、幸せな夫婦生活を手に入れる! …それがおれの望みだ。 おれは彼女に全てを捧げるって決めた。彼女との幸せな夫婦生活を手に入れるために! まぁ…手始めに愛してるって伝えてみるかな。 ‐100日間の戦いが今、始まる…!夫婦生活のあるある要素もたっぷり? 2択失敗であんな事やこんな事も…!? バッドエンドもコレクションしちゃおう!◆こんな人におすすめ◆ ・ちょっとした空き時間で暇つぶしになる無料ゲームが大好き! ・無料カジュアルゲームにハマりやすい・コミカルな世界観が好き ・勇者になりたい人 ・嫁が欲しい人 ・目標達成やコンプリートするのが好き・鬼女・気団などのまとめサイトをついつい見ちゃう ・嫁の尻にしかれている ・鬼嫁とイチャイチャしたい・面白い画像をLINE、Facebook、Twitterでシェアしたい ◆使用BGM・SE◆ music-note.jphttp://www.music-note.jp/ ポケットサウンド http://pocket-se.info/ 魔王魂http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/ くらげ工匠http://www.kurage-kosho.info/ Music is VFR http://musicisvfr.com/ ◆Delivery until the 60th day! ◆ ■ Story Before marriage, she ishonest and bright and her face is cute. What? Aware of her turnedinto a weird girl, get a happy couple life! ... That is My wish. Idecided to give her everything. To get a happy couple life withher! Well ... I guess I'll tell you I love you for the first time.- The fight of 100 days now begins ...! There are plenty ofelements with a couple life? Such a thing and such a thing with 2choosing failure ...! What? Let's collect the bad end too!Recommended for ◆ People like this · I love free games that willkill time with a little free time! · Friendly for free casual games· I like the comical world view · Person who wants to be a braveman · Person who wants bride · I like to achieve goal and complete· Watch a summary site such as devil and air masses · It is only inthe bride's ass · I want to be hot with demons · I would like toshare interesting images on LINE, Facebook, Twitter ◆ Use BGM · SE◆ music-note.jp http://www.music-note.jp/ Pocket soundhttp://pocket-se.info/ Demon King soulhttp://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/ Jellyfish architecthttp://www.kurage-kosho.info/ Music is VFR http://musicisvfr.com/
ウイルススレイヤー~無料で簡単やり込みゲーム!~ 1.0.1 APK
2XXX年。サイバネティクスが高度に成長を遂げた近未来。機械の身体を手に入れ不死を手に入れたはずの人類に謎のウイルスが猛威を振るう…ウイルスを倒すために現れた「アンジェ」と共に体内のウイルスを殲滅しよう!-----薬vsウイルス-----壮絶な戦いが幕を開ける…!!■ゲームの進め方■1:ウイルスを倒そう!画面をひたすらタップしてウイルスを攻撃しよう!ウイルスを倒すとコアを手に入れることができます。2:新薬解放!集めたコアで薬キャラを解放し仲間を増やそう!解放した薬キャラは自動で攻撃してくれます。※アプリを閉じている間も30分間は自動攻撃を続けます。3:簡単レベルアップ!解放した薬キャラはボタン一つで簡単にレベル上げが可能!強化すれば毎秒与えるダメージがUP!4:超強力ボスウイルスを倒せ!制限時間内にボスウイルスを倒し、次のエリアに進もう!どんどん薬キャラを強化してボスウイルスを倒そう!■こんな人にオススメ■・暇つぶしになる無料ゲームが大好き!・無料カジュアルゲームにハマりやすい・サイバーやSFな世界観が好き・数字が上がっていく様子をみるのが好き・目標達成やコンプリートするのが好き・可愛いキャラを集めたい・メカ娘やロボ娘大好き・クリッカー系のアプリが好き・ひたすらtapしてストレスを発散したい・RPGは好きだけどレベル上げが面倒くさい…■使用BGM・SE■・魔王魂 http://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/・Music-Note.jp http://www.music-note.jp/・ポケットサウンドhttp://pocket-se.info/・MusMus http://musmus.main.jp/・煉獄庭園http://www.rengoku-teien.com2XXX year.Cybernetics the near futurethat has grown highly.To mankind that should have got theimmortality got the body of the machineThe mystery of the virus israging ...It appeared to defeat the virus with the "Angers"Let'sannihilate the virus in the body!----- Medicine vs virus-----Fierce battle kick off ... !!■ how to proceed with the game■1: Let's defeat the virus!Let's attack the virus entirely bytapping the screen!You can and defeat the virus get the core.2: newdrug release!It will increase the the released fellow medicinecharacter in the collected core!the released drug character for usto attack with automatic.※ also for 30 minutes while you areclosing the app will continue to automatic attack.3: Easy levelup!the released drug character can be easily level up at the touchof a button!Damage that would give every second if enhanced UP!4:Defeat the super-strong boss virus!Defeat the boss virus within thetime limit, and intend to move to the next area!We will defeat theboss virus more and more to strengthen the medicine character!■Recommended for People ■- I love free games become killing time!•The addictive easy to free casual games- I like cyber and SF viewof the world- I like to see how the going up the numbers- I like togoals and complete· I want to collect the cute characterMechadaughter and I love Robo daughterI like-clicker system appI want -intently to tap diverge stress· RPG is troublesome level up and Ilike ...■ use BGM · SE ■Maou soulhttp://maoudamashii.jokersounds.com/· Music-Note.jphttp://www.music-note.jp/Pocket Sound http://pocket-se.info/·MusMus http://musmus.main.jp/· Purgatory gardenhttp://www.rengoku-teien.com
It started Black bytes. 1.1.1 APK
Management of full free Mitsugu to two-dimensional daughter-in-lawworking in black bytes (!?) Love (!?) Simulation game! So, now, itis the birth of black byte warrior! ◆ story ◆ Every day thatcompletely wallet fits daughter-in-law of the smartphone has becomelightly, that the acts would have been home guards ... There youcontaining, black bytes untimely black companies ...! ! Salary onlywhen the quota achieved, the payment amount commission, moreoverWan'ope. drenched claims, many of the calls for the correspondence.The "manager Tsu ... !!! Seriously unreasonable Hey ... !!!" "Gofor it !! customers are waiting for you! ... Well, Otsukare Mr. ♪""Devil Tsu ... !!!!! (tears of blood)." Okay ... heart of thedaughter-in-law because always there beside .... And accumulatingthe salary Mitsuge to daughter-in-law of the smartphone! The moreMitsugu If Mitsuge to the affection UP! Q: What are you working inblack bytes for what? A: It is because of the daughter-in-law(Kiritsu Mind is it's turn of motivation switch After me! Good luckhero! Hero Hold hard there. Your future is ... surprisingly bright?※中身は日本語です ◆ Recommended for Travellers ◆ - I love free games becomekilling time! • The addictive easy to free casual games I want aleisurely-left game - I like the surreal view of the world - I liketo goals and complete Black byte ... U~tsuatama is ... - Oh, yeah,this kind of experience ... it was ... There are two-dimensionaldaughter-in-law is in his - · I want to cute girl with love I wantto share - a funny image LINE, Facebook, on Twitter ◆ voicecooperation ◆ Giraffe ※ This game is fiction.
さすゆう truly is brave like you 1.2.3 APK
Kingdom destruction verge!? Become a Hero, Let rebuilding theobsolete kingdom! Money earnings of Hero-like monster exterminationand ... mad money robbery of king?! Tap the castle Let deprivingmad money of useless king! allowed to stand steadily accumulatemoney if?! further in successive tap?!? More ... Tsu is chastisedthe devil?!?! "Truly is a hero like you!" It is interesting It 'seasy! Perfect free standing system Easy RPG !! to kill time ◆Story◆ King of the predecessor died, young is marked with the king tothe throne a selfish in ... naive, its on Kanezukai of rough superproblem child !! Use the money as much as the Kingdom is inclined,and even appeared also Satan was pulling in monster, country willperish anymore verge! Oh, there's Hero! You are so !! Whether not,please save this country ... !!!!! By discipline the monster andthe king, let rebuild the country of the verge of collapse! ◆ howto proceed with the game ◆ 1: steal the mad money of the king!Amount of money available at successive tap bonus occur as you hitif hitting is up !! 2: attempts to free the adventure area! If youcall a monster that inhabits, !! going steadily accumulated money3: trying to evolve a monster! Speed ​​of the amount that can beobtained from monsters of adventure area is up !! 4: Let's fightoff Satan and monsters that come in the way! Defeat it'll go down alot of money if !! Aim! Billionaire! 100 It's not a dream Even Kyo!! ◆ use BGM · SE ◆ · 魔王魂 · SKIPMORE ◆Once the phenomenon that thecastle disappear occurs ... ◆ If you have any phenomenon that thecastle disappear occurs when you have tap, there is a possibilityof influence by the memory shortage. You apologize for very sorryto trouble you, but, I once asked to restart the terminal.
Delusion school 1.3 APK
Failure of Kachikomi, classroom to be targeted, rainy day sniper,zombie invasion, the force to runaway ... !!!Story to proceed tothe more become stronger! Of new rival appearance !!Crowdedelements packed! Aim the top with a simple operation!The reasonthat he had been bullied by lethargy aims the strongest King ...!?I would strongly to experience once is a school delusion Have youever thought!There is a complaint guy Come hanging! Fist in andtalk training simulation game appeared!"I, I'll aim for the top ...no world top of the school! The Miseru become the strongestKing!""... What? Head okay?""Alrighty, and ze talk in fist over!!!""Chopper !!! Wait ... !!!!!"Q: Although I like a friend is outof control?A: "... Oh, I do not it was good to become brighter(distant eyes)"Q: Why do I'm aiming for the top?A: "It isapparently could favorite child" (spoilers?!)※中身は日本語です。◆Recommended for Travellers ◆- I love free games become killingtime!• The addictive easy to free casual gamesI want aleisurely-left game- I like the surreal view of the world- I liketo goals and completeSchool delusion ... I am a ...During andsecondary disease ...? U~tsuatama is ...- Oh, yeah, this kind ofexperience ... it was ...- Also, because not a delusion ...(trembling voice)- I think that it is good to talk to in the fist(small co-feeling)· I want to cute girl with love· I want to aimthe strongest-Boy love comics- Love girl cartoon also hard to throwawayThe Come DONTO at-any cartoonI want to share - a funny imageLINE, Facebook, on Twitter◆ voice cooperation ◆ヒトスタ
おそうじ大作戦-がんばれ!ルルロロ-無料放置系育成ゲーム 1.0.2 APK
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ぴっけーれー!今日のおしごとは、『ほこりん』を退治すること!えい えいおーっ!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::+++-----------------------------+++おしごとを頑張るルルロロをお手伝いして、いろんなルルロロの姿や世界を堪能しましょう!ぴょこぴょこ動くキュートで可愛いルルロロちゃんをぜひご堪能ください!簡単だけど面白い!暇つぶしにぴったりの無料育成ゲーム!!----------------+++----------------★○●-------ストーリー-------●○★たくさんわいたほこりのおばけ『ほこりん』を退治すべく、立ち上がったルルロロちゃん!今日もおしごと頑張りまーす!えいえいおーっ!★○●------- 遊び方 -------●○★操作は簡単!ルルロロのおしごとを手伝うだけ!歩きまわる『ほこりん』をタップして、ルルロロに居場所を教えてあげよう!頑張れば頑張るほどお仕事メーターが上がって…!?ルルロロがいろんなお洋服でおしごとを頑張ります!★○●-------ポイント-------●○★ルルロロは手に入れたお洋服にランダムで着替えるから、見てるだけでもいろんな姿が楽しめちゃう!ルルロロと一緒になっておしごとを頑張っちゃいましょう!★○●---こんな人におすすめ---●○★・ルルロロが大好き!・くまのがっこうが好き!・ジャッキーも好き!・ルルロロの世界に行ってみたい・暇つぶしになる無料ゲームが好き・無料育成ゲームにハマりやすい・放置ゲームをのんびりとしたい・かわいいキャラを見ると和む■□がんばれ!ルルロロ TINY☆TWIN☆BEARS □■アニメも絶好調!NHKEテレにて大好評放送中!!(C)BANDAI/ルルロロプロジェクト■□使用SE□■・魔王魂:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Beep Kere!Today your job is to get rid of"Hokorin"!English-Englishooh:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :+++----------------------------- +++With help Rururoro to work hardfor your work,Let's enjoy the sight and the world of variousRururoro!The cute in Pyokopyoko move cutePlease enjoy the Rururorochan means!It is interesting It 's easy!Perfect for free traininggames to kill time! !---------------- +++ ----------------★ ○ ●------- Story ------- ● ○ ★In order to get rid of ghost "Hokorin"Wai dust a lot, I stood up Rururoro chan!Today is also your job mybest Mars! English-English ooh★ ○ ● ------- play ------- ● ○ ★Allyou have to do is!The only help your work of Rururoro!Walks aroundTap "Hokorin", I will teach you how to place the Rururoro!up isluck if you work hard enough you work meter ...! ?Rururoro will domy best for your work in various clothes!★ ○ ● ------- point------- ● ○ ★Since Rururoro change my clothes in random in clothesthat were placed in hand, and would enjoy the various figure evenjust looking!Chaimashou hard your work together with the Rururoro!★○ ● --- Recommended for Travellers --- ● ○ ★· Rururoro is love!- Ilike the bear of school!Jackie also love!I want to go to theRururoro-world- Made to kill time like free gamesAnd addictive easyto and free training gamesI want a leisurely-left game- Chilling atthe sight of the cute characters■ □ The Ganbare! Rururoro TINY ☆TWIN ☆ BEARS □ ■Anime best condition! And during the popularbroadcast by NHK E Tele! !(C) BANDAI / Lulu Lolo project■ □ use SE□ ■Maou soul
夏休みデビュー~私の好きなあの人の場合~【放置】 1.0.0 APK
ずっと好きだったあの人もまさかの夏休みデビュー!?いやいや、えっ!まさか!?すでに『夏休みデビュー』の範疇を超えている!?好評だった前作「夏休みデビュー~僕の好きなあの子の場合~」の逆バージョンが誕生!女の子の主人公となって好きなあの人(男性)を追いかけよう!◆ストーリー◆好きだったあの人を夏休み最後の花火大会に誘ったら…来たのは別人のように変わった彼だった…!!?!?昔のあの人にはもう逢えないの…? 強く思った願いが今叶う!何度も8月をやり直し、あの人を誘惑するいろんなガヤを倒してあの人の夏休みデビューを阻止しよう!!エンディングは3種類!倒したガヤの種類でエンディング分岐!さらに全てのエンディングを見るとトゥルーエンディングが!あの人との明るい未来はあなた次第!この恋…諦めません!!!◆こんな人におすすめ◆・暇つぶしになる無料ゲームが大好き!・無料カジュアルゲームにハマりやすい・放置ゲームをのんびりとしたい・シュールな世界観が好き・目標達成やコンプリートするのが好き・夏休みデビューの経験がある・少女漫画や恋愛小説が好き・カッコイイ男の子と恋愛したい・面白い画像をLINE、Facebook、Twitterでシェアしたい◆音声協力◆ヒトスタ