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Would you like to have the estimated remaining time, level andcomplementary information about your battery ? This widget 1*1 and2*2 (ideal for Tablet) is for you. The battery level is shown byone of 7 different configurable widgets. The following informationabout your battery is given: • Battery level charge • Minimum,maximum and current voltage • Minimum, maximum and currenttemperature (°c, °f) • Technology • Estimated remaining time toreach a configurable percentage: • based on an average calculatedfrom the latest percentage losses (configurable) • based on anaverage calculated from widget use. • Average time loss by percent.THIS A WIDGET AND NOT AN APPLICATION : Insert the widget with along press on the main screen of android or press the "all app"icon on the main screen and touch "widget" at the top of thescreen.

App Information Battery HD Level Widget PRO

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    Battery HD Level Widget PRO
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    October 19, 2019
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Wil Corp. Software
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Jump Rope Workout PRO 2.7.1 APK
Jump rope training is an excellent way to improve your overallfitness, speed, agility, coordination, and to burn calories. Jumprope Workout contains 2 different programs or you may personalizeyour session. A progressive training plan to enable you to progresssteadily which is ideal for beginners. An intensive program whichcan be done over an 8 week period at a rhythm of 3 sessions perweek. This program more suitable for people in good physical shapealready. Depending on how you managed your session, you may then goto the next one, repeat it or begin the level again from the start.It’s advisable to do 2 - 4 sessions per week. You may choose yourtraining days and times and receive notification on your phone. Anaudible coach (in English) lets you know each minute how much timeis remaining, when to jump and when to rest. Jump detection isconfigurable so as to take into account the type of phone, where itis placed and the range of your jumps. Jump rope workout alsocalculates the number of calories burnt during a session. You keepa record of your statistics for each session which allows you tofollow your progression as you work through the program. Don’tdelay, start today !
Weigh-In Deluxe Weight Tracker 7.18.4 APK
The BEST Weight Tracker ! Follow easily your change in WEIGHT !Track your weight and set your goal whether it be LOSS or GAIN.Keep track of your BODY MEASUREMENTS, BMI, BFI ! ♦♦♦ This app willHelp to Boost your Motivation to Lose or gain Weight ♦♦♦ DON'TDELAY, START TODAY ! • Your personal weight manager • user-friendlyinterface, configurable background colour gradient. • Widget. •configurable : Kilograms/Pounds/Stones, Cm/Ft, sex • configurable :display date format. • Starting goal and goal date configurable. •Password (code). • Track your Body Mass Index - BMI. • Track yourBody Fat Index - BFI (optional, manual input possible) • Track yourBody muscle in weight or percent (optional). • Track your TotalBody Water - TBW (optional). • Track your Visceral Fat - VC(optional). • Track your measurements (Optional) : calves, thighs,hips, waist, chest, biceps, forearms, other. • Enter your ownnotes. • Link for Ideal weight calculation. • Automaticallycalculates your chances of success in percent. • Automaticallycalculates your BFI, BMI. • Export and Import (.csv) (save and sendby email). • Save or share your reports and charts by email,Facebook, twitter, ... • A clear and precise Report and Chart toview your weight progress (total progress, BMI, BFI, ...) : daily,weekly, monthly, ... • Graph options : Trend, forcast, ... •Measurement Chart possible. • A synthesis enabling you to visualizeall details concerning your change in weight to help you reach yourgoal (export html file). • Widget : the app must be installed onyour phone and not your sd card - restriction due to Android • Tip: Help is available on every screen (press menu and help) •Compatible interface phone & tablet & tablet HD If youencounter a problem, SEND an email ! IMPORTANT : Bugs, Questions,problems SEND AN EMAIL to wil.corporation@free.fr TOP RESOLUTION2020
BetStats - Sports Bet Tracker 2.6.1 APK
Follow and analyze easily your bets and your tipsters choices ! ***This app will help increase your chances of winning and help youkeep control of your budget *** With the help of syntheses , youcan analyze in which categories and sub-categories you are mostefficient and compare your choices with your tipsters. You’ll thenbe able to choose the top tipster to follow in order to increaseyour winnings ! Tipsters, categories and sub-categories arecompletely configurable. A default database is created when the appis used for the first time, for example you’ll find in the Footballcategory the sub-categories England, France… but you can easilychange these or change a free category in order to have theChampions League as a category and Tournament Bets, qualificationas a sub-category. • User-friendly interface, configurablebackground colour gradient. • Default database created containing -11 tipsters - 32 categories (Football, tennis, horse-racing….) -Between 10 and 30 sub-categories for each category (MLB, NBA,England, France,...) • Tipsters, categories, sub-categories areconfigurable (name, display, icon) • Lay-bet calculation •Configurable : display date format • Save or share your synthesesby email, Facebook, twitter, ... • Backup/Restore DB • Compatibleinterface phone & tablet & tablet HD • Can be saved to SDcard (Android 2.2 or higher only) Do not hesitate to give a ratingon android market to show your satisfaction. If you encounter aproblem, send an email ! IMPORTANT : Bugs, Questions, problems SENDAN EMAIL to wil.corporation@free.fr
Daily calorie needs (BMR) 2.6.1 APK
This application allows you to calculate your daily calorie needs,for men and for women !Calculate basal metabolic rate (BMR) : • howmany calories you burn in a day based on a general activity level!Configurable (imperial and metric):• Kilograms/pounds/stones• Cmor Ft
Push-Ups Champion PRO 2.6.2 APK
Does 100 push ups seem to be difficult ? See your body change inJUST 6 WEEKS !The Pushup is a basic muscular exercise movementfound in all body building programmes which can be done at home. Itstrengthens and develops not only the pectoral muscles but also thedeltoids (shoulder muscles) and triceps.This programme is adaptedto all levels and will help you reach up to 100 push-ups if yourphysical condition allows it, or just to improve and strenthen yourbody rapidly.The programme is divided into 6 levels with 3 stepsfor each, it also contains a 7th level dedicated to maintainingyour results.You are advised to respect a rythmn of 2 or 3 timesper week in order to optimize results and to reach you goal withinjust 6 weeks !♦ Training functions ♦• The programme adapts itselfdepending on your advancement.• User-friendly• Possibility tomodify the number of reps in progress• Possibility to prolong thetimeout between series.• warning beep 5 seconds before resuming aseries.• Automatic countdown timer for your break between sets.•Activate/disable sound• Repeat a level, a series• Notification ontraining days if you wish♦ The app also includes ♦• A configurabletimer to count your series automatically.This allows you to respecta timeout for any exercise at the gym or at home and to rememberexactly how many series you have done!• A record of all of yourtraining sessions.• Your training statistics•The systemautomatically restores your backup data when the application isre-installed if your device is compatible.On your phone go to:Settings -> Backup & Reset -> active back up my data andautomatic restoreNB: Android restriction, please install the app onyour cellphone in order for the notification option to work !If youencounter a problem, send an email !IMPORTANT :Bugs, Questions,problems SEND AN EMAIL to wil.corporation@free.fr
Halloween Scream Scary Sounds 3.2 APK
Want to frighten your family and friends ? Then get this app ! Seta countdown to reveal scary sounds and bloodcurdling cries(monsters, ghosts, witches, zombies, ...) - when everyone leastexpects it ! 30 sounds to choose from !
Calorie Counter Simple PRO 3.3.1 APK
Calorie / Point Counter Simple*** Calorie / Weight Watchers Counter***This app allows you to Count and follow your Calorie intake oryour Weight Watcher Points simply and easily for your diet.Youcreate your very own food and exercise database in order to controlyour food intake.Food may be measured in grams, ounces ou points.You also have the possibility to specify items in units (eg: acookie, an apple etc..)Exercise is accounted for in minutes.You maychoose between six different meals. • Simple, intuitive interface,configurable background with variable colour gradients.• Widget•Quantities in grams, ounces, points and units.• Exercise inminutes• Automatic calculation of calories (or points) depending onthe entered amount specified in your personalized database.• Aclear, precise report allowing you to see at a glance your daily,average weekly or average monthly food intake.Configurable :•Default quantity measurement when creating a new item.• Daily goal•Tolerance margin, you may go over your initial calorie or pointbudget in order to avoid frustration.• Display the total number ofcalories or points used or remaining.• Date format• Backup andrestore options.• Compatible interface phone & tablet &tablet HDIf you encounter a problem, SEND an email !IMPORTANT:Bugs, Questions, problems SEND AN EMAIL to wil.corporation@free.fr
Cerebrum : Brain Training Game 1.5.2 APK
It has been scientifically proven that stimulating your brain helpskeep it healthy! This game allows you to do just that while havingfun, relaxing and improving your memory. You can also compare yourscore with other players and friends through the google play gameranking and unlock achievements. • Brain training Games : playwithout moderation ! • The brain training game is composed of 8worlds with 16 different levels in each. There are five mini-gamesin each world : • Numbers : memorize numbers then find one of thenumbers chosen at random. • Simon : copy the sequence of colours inthe correct order. • Pairs : find the pairs to eliminate all cards.• Speed : Quickly press the colour displayed to reach your goal. •Match : Validate or not if the picture displayed is identical tothe one before it. Don't delay Try Cerebrum the Brain TrainingGames Today !!!