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Convenient Power-Saving WidgetOur Fast Battery Charger willoptimize your power consumption conveniently. Battery fast chargerDisplay charge status in real time & estimating remainingcharge time.Battery charger booster & Battery Saver is theeasiest way to keep your Android Tablet phone working well when youneed it & protect against slow charging.Task Killer:You canselect the applications & kill them with just 1 tap. AutoKill: Kill the applications automatically. Keep your Tablet/phonein good condition all the time with our fast charging app.Memorystatus: Show usage of your memory & also show the usage ofevery running Applications so that you know which app consumes themost memory.Battery charger fast, battery saver Key Features:Thereare 3 modes in mobile battery saver applicationSaving Mode: Onlyactive Sms And phone suggest to be used in low battery status.SleepMode: you can used during sleep which will turn off network sms andphone, turn on alarm clockCustomized Mode: You can customizefrequently used modes.- Accurately show battery time andstatus. - Battery consumption optimization with 1 tap.- Easybattery saving- Enjoy the incredible power fast charging and neverworry about your phone battery again!How to use fast chargingBattery specialist - Run the app & turn on the fast chargemode.- It will automatically boost charging speed when you connectthe charger.- Faster Charging Up to 20-30% faster than other fastcharging.- Fast Battery Charging Features- User-friendly UI.- Showscapacity of the battery in the application.- Automatically activatefast charging mode.- Automatically turn off 3G, Wifi.-Automatically turn off Bluetooth- Fast charging is freeapp. -Thanks for use our fast charging battery Saverspecialist app.

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    Battery Saver Specialist
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    January 27, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Zohal Apps
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    Dlux Soft, 2nd floor, Ashraf Zia Center, Behind Legacy Tower.
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PIP Camera Photo Maker 0.26 APK
Zohal Apps
Pip camera photo editor is magical app which is going to make yourphotos look like something way more than creative and rare. Shapeup your selfies and photos by using pip camera photo maker. Pipcamera photo effect will redefine your photos in a way to get themaximum attention and unbeatable focus. You shouldn’t have to missthis amazing photo editing tool which has the ability to make youlook diverge and stunning. 👌 Select your favorite photos from thegallery and apply different filters with breath taking quoteswritten on them. There isn’t any limit for your photos which youare intended to edit or want to give blurry background to hide theunwanted part of your photos. In the pip camera effects, there areseveral types of overly photo frames which make your photos lookmore gorgeous with the help of unbeatable filters. Let the pipcamera app 2019 serves you with the best collage styles. Who needsa professional photographer and expensive cameras when you can takeand edit your memories with pip camera photo editor pro. Pip cameraapp actually works on step by step strategy to make your happymoments look like the ever green memories. Unlike other photoediting apps pip camera beauty camera won’t compel you towardsending and give you free hand to terminate the editing at any pointbecause not everyone wants to use all the features. Key Feature 🖼️Pip camera 2019 has different types of shapes which can be used toreshape your own photos. This feature will let you cut theundesirable part of your photo. 🖼️ You can enjoy zoom in/out whilefixing the photos in different shapes and can apply enormousfilters to change the effects of your photos. 🖼️ If you have doneediting but still not satisfied with the photo and wants to changeit? two photo pip camera will allow you to change the photo andautomatically will apply the same editing effects on it. 🖼️ Expressyour feelings with a wide range of stickers which can add up moreattraction in your photos. The stickers in twin pip camera are ofthree major types in which following are included: l. Emojis toexpress your feelings 🤩 ll. Different heart designs to express yourlove 💟 lll. A wide range of general stickers to give your photos afun effect. 👁️ All of these categories have zoom in/out effect, andtilt effects. 🖼️ Bring the pip camera selfie art to next level byadding your customized text on it. It will let you remember themoments for longer. 🖼️ A wide range of random frames are availableat pip camera new which are magical effects and has the tendency tomake the photos look like something beyond the imagination. 🖼️Different number of photos can be added and you can enjoy a rangeof classy frames. 🖼️ If you are willing to join your more than 2photos, here is a range of different frame combination designswhich you can be customized according to your needs. 🖼️ Multiplephoto frames will automatically detect the background which wouldbe a photo from your selected ones. You can change the order ofphotos and background as per your desire. Say cheese 😁 and collectyour memories 📸
com.zohalapps.qibla.compass 1.7 APK
Zohal Apps
Namaz is the identity of Muslim and there are different Hadees andAyat on pray. For every Muslim Saleh Is the Major duty assigned byIslam from Allah. Muslim prayers may use this compass app withtheir android phones and tablets and also this app compare thedistance based on longitude value between from the right and fromthe left Kabaa position, so the calculation take the nearestdirection of your location. Qibla App is simple that can be used tofind Kabaa direction for muslim prayer. This app need Compass andQibla GPS sensor on your android device to calculate the angle ofyour location to Kabaa position, where the position of Kabaa we getat 21.422523 latitude and 39.826184 longitude from Google Maps.qibla direction or mecca finder is simple and helpful app formuslims anywhere in the world to find accurate (Kaaba) qibladirection. qibla direction finder is a most accurate qibladirection compass and qibla locator. For the exact measurement,device you should be kept on a flat surface. qibla finder shows thekaaba direction with easy to understand Qibla Compass. Itsalso known as Islamic Compass. This application Simply shows meccadirection. This app finds qibla direction anywhere in the world.Direction and distance pointed by arrow to qibla in Mecca. It’stake the difference between true north in consideration andmagnetic field indicator. Muslims may use this qibla pointer appwith their android tablets and phones. We are working to supportall world location. Using gps, it’s possible to calculate the exactmecca compass direction angle especially for muslim countries.where is mecca/kaaba in home, on panic or other country. So Keeppraying with correct and right direction using our mecca finderapp. How to use qibla direction locator Now get the exact location,hold your tablet or mobile device with its screen top down, theapplication will moves to the right direction of mecca. accuracy inall countries. There is sensor functionality in this kaabadirection app which detects the moves of your android mobile ortablet and shows you the exact qibla direction in a few seconds.Qibla in Map: kaaba finder anywhere on world map. Magnetic filedindicator. Shows kaaba distance from your location address andplace Spirit level indicator. Best qibla finder: The qibla is thedirection that Muslim doing prays during namaz or salat. It isfixed as the direction of the kaaba in Mecca. qibla compass fornamaz is good app for muslims. Find kaaba anywhere on the globe areyou in.  App can use device previous last recorded Location toshow mecca direction. It can be use as qibla compass offline. kaabadirection compass Features: * Calculates the correct qibladirection * Jeddah is the default location you can select your ownlocation manually. * it can also detect your location automatically* also give Warning when your mobile or tablet is not correctlyplaced “Horizontally” * clean and beautiful graphics namaz qibladirection finder important note: For exact Direction - Place yourtablet/mobile device parallel to a Horizontal Surface floor, etc -Keep Your mobile device away from magnetic equipment. - Althoughyour place/location is detected but we never transmits you location- Calibrate the Device Sensor by Moving Around your mobile device -This application will not work on devices which has noMagnetometer/compass sensor. - kindly check the setting beforeusing this namaz direction app. - it contains ads and this is freeqibla locator application for download.
Noble holy quran in mp3 (قرآن) 1.0.0 APK
Zohal Apps
The Holy Quran has a real page turningeffect,elegant style and smooth font for full page readability.Don'tbother yourself by scrolling up and down; now easilyquranrecitation as actual printed Quran pak page by page.Koran Juz index has all 30 chapters and Surah index has all114surahs. You can add bookmarks while reading this ( قرآن )quranapp. With go to page number option.By downloading muslim pro and installing this Quran Sharif mp3fullin audio offline application Quran sharif audio Full 30 juzquran,you can listen to all the verses in the Quran pak & alsoallthe verses in the Qur'an, without exception.Quran sharif with voice contains audio tilawat quran all thelettersin the Al Quran is complete. Application Al Quran audio isalso veryfor you who are memorizing the Quran. Since this hollyQuran pak kitilawat application has features that are quitecomplete.Mp3 Quran e Pak audio - Features that are available:- Audio / MP3 kuran is already included in the installer, so youdonot need to download them again when running this noblequranreading application and can be run offline- There is a button to play read quran, stop and pause ateachsura.- The Quran pak complete with urdu translation audio mp3offlineapplication still running even though the screen is off oryou arerunning other apps.- To turn off Quran karim applications running in the backjustpress the music icon in the top left corner and turn off.- There is a repetition or repeat mode settings- At the time of playing the audio you can simply move toanothersurah click title will display a selection of surah surah toscrolldownwards or upwards. Just download and install this Quran Majeed full free app nomoredownload while playing, this apps is containing Quran Majeedaudio,All Quran Surah Mp3. And no need internet connection or wifitoplay all surah mp3 audio on this app. You just need downloadsurahonline- This also mortal Al Quran 30 juz or al quran mp3 reciting- Touch only to play or open next surah / surah list- No drag and drop or sliding page- 30 para quran sharifIncluding MP3 files recited by:Saad Al GhamdiMahir makliAhmad al AjmiNasir al QatamiSaud al ShuraimAbdul Rehman SudaisYasser al DosariAbu Bakr ShatriAbdul Basit Abdul SamadMuhammad Siddiq al MinshawiMuhammad JibreelSaad al GhamdiSheikh Ali bin Abdur Rahman HuthaifyKhalid al QahtaniMahmoud khalil al HusaryMustafa ismailIdrees abkarQuran e Pak Surah List (Table of Content) :Al-FatihahAl-BaqarahAl-'ImranAn-NisaAl-Ma'idahAl-An'amAl-A'rafAl-AnfalAl-Bara'atYunusHudYusufAr-Ra'dIbrahimAl-HijrAn-NahlBani Isra'ilAl-KahfMaryamTa HaAl-AnbiyaAl-HajjAl-Mu'minunAn-NurAl-FurqanAsh-Shu'araAn-NamlAl-QasasAl-'AnkabutAr-RumLuqmanAs-SajdahAl-AhzabAl-SabaAl-FatirYa SinAs-SaffatSadAz-ZumarAl-Mu'minHa MimAsh-ShuraAz-ZukhrufAd-DukhanAl-JathiyahAl-AhqafMuhammadAl-FathAl-HujuratQafAd-DhariyatAt-TurAn-NajmAl-QamarAr-RahmanAl-Waqi'ahAl-HadidAl-MujadilahAl-HashrAl-MumtahanahAs-SaffAl-Jumu'ahAl-MunafiqunAt-TaghabunAt-TalaqAt-TahrimAl-MulkAl-QalamAl-HaqqahAl-Ma'arijNuhAl-JinnAl-MuzzammilAl-MuddaththirAl-QiyamahAl-InsanAl-MursalatAn-NabaAn-Nazi'atAbasaAt-TakwirAl-InfitarAt-TatfifAl-InshiqaqAl-BurujAt-TariqAl-A'laAl-GhashiyahAl-FajrAl-BaladAsh-ShamsAl-LailAd-DuhaAl-InshirahAt-TinAl-'AlaqAl-QadrAl-BayyinahAl-ZilzalAl-'AdiyatAl-Qari'ahAt-TakathurAl-'AsrAl-HumazahAl-FilAl-QuraishAl-Ma'unAl-KautharAl-KafirunAn-NasrAl-LahabAl-IkhlasAl-FalaqAn-Nas
Sura Yaseen and Rahman in mp3 0.8 APK
Zohal Apps
Surah Al Rahman is the great surah of Qur’an in which we findthe solutions to all difficulties and diseases of our routine life.surah rehman consists of 78 verses and all is ‘Madni’. The name ofSurah al Rahman in Arabic, but it is also called as SurahRahman or Surah Ar Rahman by the people. If surah al rehman isrecited in the day, angel guards the surah rehman reciteruntil sunset and if he/she recite at the night , AllahAlmighty sends an angel to guard him until he wakes up. Surahrehman, is the 55th surah of the quran pak with 78 ayats. out ofwhich 31 remind us (mankind) and jinn about the bounties andresources available to them in abundance. on the day of judgement(doomsday), Surah al rehman will come in the shape of a humanbeing. who recite this Surah ar rahman then he will be allowed tobeg pardon for those whom he names and allah (s.w.t.) will pardonthem. Surah ar rahman is an islamic applications that letsmuslims throughout the globe attain enormous blessings of allah swtby reciting chapter of the quran, i.e. surah surah rahman mp3. thisSurah ar-rahman tilawat is beautifully designed app entails Surahar rahman full with urdu translation, surah rahman audio and Surahrahman urdu tarjuma audio & surah rehman with urdu translationSurah ar-rahman 2019 app features: > complete surah ar-rahmanwith recitation audio > you can bookmark the verses. > youcan customize the font size, text color etc. > there are manyother features added to give you good user experience. > arrahman surah in quran Surah yaseen Surah Yasin is the thirty sixSurah of the Quran pak. The meaning of word Yaseen isunknown. It has 83 Ayaats and 5 ruku. It is a Makki Surah, as thisSurah was revealed to the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), when He (S.A.W.W)was in Makkah. This Surah is also known as the heart of the Quranpak. For sure, every Surah & every verse of the Quran majeed isimportant and has deep meanings inside. yaseen surah is the heartof Quran as this Surah covers the main themes of the Quran. Itshows the importance of a Surah’s in Quran pak. This surah yaseenmainly focuses that Quran pak is a divine source. In this Surah,there are many signs of nature are explained in order to clear thatonly Allah has sovereign powers. Also, in this Surah, there arewarnings for the nonbelievers. Surah yaseen (the heart of quranpak) is an islamic application which lets worldwide muslims takebenefit from great blessings of this yaseen Surah of the holyquran. Surah yaseen with urdu tarjuma is an app featuring theverses of Surah yaseen along with arabic & urdu translation.Surah yasin is qurani surah that muslims love to read and memorizeto get the blessings of allah almighty. surah yaseen tarjuma kesath through this Surah yaseen app, you can read and memorize theverses of Surah yaseen tarjuma ke sath and refresh your soul withrecitations of the Surah yaseen with tarjuma in urdu. Surah yaseenin arabic read & islamic apps 2019 features awesome andattractive hd design you can go to previous or next verse whenplaying you can go to any verse by clicking easy navigation throughall verses easy to read font size surah yaseen with tarjuma urdusurah yaseen with tarjuma in urdu
Record Hidden Phone calls 2018 1.0.5 APK
Zohal Apps
Call recorder this is a simple no-frills app that allows recordingall smartphone conversations directly to your Mobile.Don’t hesitateto receive important Phone in traffic. No need to memorize Contactnumbers & addresses. Forget about piles of papers while makingnotes or your shopping list. Use auto call recorder unlimited autosave to capture tender words in this voice recorder app.How torecord a phone call on your Android?The simplest and easiest way tochoose Automatic Call Recorder Pro - voice recorder appwith a nice sleek design! The phone call recording, hd callrecording automaticBy using this app, You can recording any callsand save in to your phone. You can set which calls arerecorded and which are ignored. Listen to the recording andshare it. Synchronized to the cloud as well abercrombie. You canset a conversation is important and save it & it will bestored. Old call recordings will automatically deleted whennew calls fill up the inbox.The simple setup, easy-to-use &basic custom choices to record phone calls will make the Phonerecorder your indispensable go-to app. a c r call recorder: Recordsyour phone calls in crystal clear sound quality. This is very easyto use like your phone dialer, you just make a call from the appand it will be recorded automatically. Make and recordinternational or national calls from any Android Mobile includingtablets. There are many functions in record my call app.Functions:- Record your Phone calls automatically while calling.-You can view all your calls with options such group by names, listby time, or group by dates.- You can save or play back your call tomp3 files on your Memory card.- Automatic call recording- recordincoming calls - Record outgoing call- Record all telefoneconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.- Send calls tolisted to email.- Show confirmation dialog for saving the call. Askimmediately after the call and set up in the options.- White list-Search- And much more.Auto call recorder 2018 is the best free callrecording app with these Features:- Marking recordings asimportant- Delete , Multi select, send- Displaying photos andcontact names- Excluded numbers- Many recording formats- Abilitystart delayed recording- Recording modes by contact, number,non-contact or just selected contacts- Enable/Disable callrecording- Records all your phone calls- Delete recorded items-Lock recorded items- Share recorded items- Automatically on devicespeaker to record better quality voice.KEY FEATURES:- Auto andManual recording options- Automatic Voice recorder for outgoing/incoming calls with unknown numbers not included in your PhoneContacts - Playback through earpiece or speaker on yourMobile.
Al quran majeed al karim 1.0.4 APK
Zohal Apps
Quran Al Kareem has a beautiful theme, don't bother yourself byscrolling up and down, now easily recite as actual Color printedQuran page by page. Quran Al Kareem is the best app for youanywhere, during travel or if you are in Masjid you can read Quranafter Namaz on your android mobile phones and read it daily.TheQuran Arabic: القرآن‎‎ literally meaning the recitation alsoromanized Qur'an or Koran) is the central religious text of Islam,which Muslims believe to be a revelation from Allah. It is widelyregarded as the finest work in classical Arabic literature. TheQuran is divided into chapters (surah in Arabic), which are thendivided into verses (ayah).Quran Pak: Read the Holy Quran inArabic. This islamic apps provides you with the full Quran sharif.All features are fully enabled and there is no expiration date onthis app. No Limitations!Quran Karim App offers you verse by versebookmarks, tags, search, excellent navigational controls, a side byside, Quran recitation with arabic translation and much more.Qurane Kareem, A true book from Allah. Every Muslim should listen andrecite Koran. Complete Al-Quran Kareem (114 Surah). BeautifulArabic font of Coran.Easy and fast quran reading Surah Index Listwith Surah details like Para, Total Ayah, Ruku and Juz etc. Alsodescribed the Maki, Madni category.(قرآن الکریم) is a speciallydesigned application for Muslims who love to read, recite, Tafseere Quran. Launching this app for all Muslims to ensure they have thebest pocket Quran. Following are the main features of Quran inUrdu:1 - Read al quran al karim Textual Quran – Taping upon theQuran in main tab opens the full Quran with Full list of 114 Surahsof Quran. You can Surah by Surah read Quran and transliteration.Along the swipe of this, you can see Sajdah and Stopping Signssection to view relevant information.Key Features of this Al quranmajeed al karim* Change Arabic/Translation Text Size* UnlimitedBookmarking* Complete Quran* Easy and fast Surah Index List* Surahdetails like Para, Maki/Madni, Total Ayah, Ruku etc.* Offlinequran* Many other customization options.* Quran majid app has beendesigned to work on all Android devices.
Clean Ram Master Booster 1.1 APK
Zohal Apps
If you’re tired of watching how your tablet orsmartphone gets slower every day, and you don’t know anything aboutcleaning ram, this is the perfect app that brings a fast solutionto your slow phone.Are you frustrated with android phone goes slow? Or it’s notworking faster after using it with more application?Remove leftoverfiles and unused apps with a simple tap, for a faster, morepowerful phone. Cleanup optimizes your phone's performance andboosts its speed by removing unused junk from your mobile.RAM Cleaner is a Memory Optimizer; it's a smart memory managementapplication that will keep your phone running better, faster, andlonger. RAM Booster allows you to instantly free up memory whenyour phone slows down.Phone cleaner , Ram optimizer , Game booster , Ram cleaner (CleanerMobile Master) is the best and fastest phone cleaner for android,ram booster, game booster, speed booster and junk cleaner, cachecleaner,super booster turbo cleaner ,memory booster, battery saver, appcleaner , app manager for your Android phones or tablet. speedup phone the best tool to optimize RAM performance, accelerateRAM.Ram Booster cleans up drainage drainage applications to make yourphone work faster. Does your Android device start to feel sluggish?Then some power slug bugs back with Rocket Ram Booster! Always keepthe system clean.Cleaner has some powerful functions. Like speed booster、ramcleaner、junk cleaner、cache cleaner,game booster,speed booster,phone cleaner, ram booster ,turbo cleaner,memory booster, batterysaver , app manager , Ram optimizer , Ram cleaner , Phone cleaner ,appcleaner .Ram Booster is an application that every Android device should haveinstalled. The Rocket Ram Booster goes through the phone and cleansthe system memory, improves phone or tablet performance, andimproves battery life. And the best part is, it's completelyfree!Clean (Cleaner Mobile Master) the best smart free cleaner master.Give your phone all-side speed boost. the fastest phone cleaner,ram booster, game booster, speed booster and junk cleaner,cachecleaner, turbo cleaner,memory booster, battery saver , app manager.Free Optimizer .There are other memory management applications outthere, but usually most users simply add layers of complication toa process that you do not need. Not a power user, just want afaucet solution to speed up the phone. Rocket Ram Booster isexactly that. Just fire up the app and touch the Boost. Let thesoftware do the rest.The Clean RAM Memory is tool to clear Your RAM Memory and Boostyour device and free more RAM space to perform other applicationwell.The features offered by Boost Master are:1. Ram Booster: Boost your ram with one tap, this feature kills allthe background apps and services which are making your phone slow,so you get a clean RAM just like a fresh restarted phone.2. Junk Cleaner: Clean the mess created by app cache and savespace.3. App manager: Uninstall unused and heavy apps. In this option,the apps are listed along with their sizes, You select theunnecessary apps and install them in Bulk.
Collage Maker: Best Photo Collage Creator & Editor 1.08 APK
Zohal Apps
Collage maker & best photo editor, specially designing to havea Collection of Memories. Make millions of images with FREE featureof Best Pic Collage Maker. It’s the full version of highresolution. Magnificent way of creating photo collages forInstagram, Facebook & other social media sites also. Downloadthe collage maker & online photo editor for your valuablephotos. It is the best Pic collage app, the people choose to makeinnovative lovely photos. Top Features: ⦁ Collage up to 9 photos ⦁Incredible Filters ⦁ Millions of Stickers ⦁ Beauty selfie makeup ⦁Huge collection of Frames ⦁ Create illusion Excellent filters andeffect change your image to a DSLR look. The custom filter issuperb to have it handy. More than 200+ effects and filters inCollage maker and many more are around the corner. Sticker andemoji are going to communicate the wonderful natural Collage photo.Lovely Hot stickers that will blow your mind, taking you to anotherlevel of Collage maker & editor. Give a snap to your image andhave fun with dog and cat face’s. Create your own cartoons. Collagemaker cam automatically removes all the unwanted object on yourphoto. It has the perfect beautifier and gorgeous tools making yourselfie a master piece. Resizing of photo collage is the best outresult. Main Features: There are multiple amazing perfect featuresincluding tools for further more pic collage editing. Use the gridstyle picture collage and explore more. Shape your photo inmultiple techniques, square, rectangle or any other ratio. Make PIPNow you can create PIP of up to 9 images in Perfect PIP CollageMaker. Including PIP Camera Filters and Effects. Freestyle collagesarrangement. Side by side collage maker shows you the excellentresult. Amazing picture in picture frames, sweet random frames hugecollection. Best collage maker for making precious collage couplephotos, Birthday collage images for Kids for free. Collage CollageMaker allows you to edit 9 photos and play with your master pieceof templates among the hundreds of verities of other amazingtemplates, and to collage photos for Instagram, Facebook and eventweet your stunning collage editing’s. Use different backgroundsnow you change, Arrange them according to your desire. Mirror ImageThe best App for you to create Mirror Photos and Mirror PhotoCollages for your memorable time. Free features in PIP CollageMaker serves you the best HD result. Make Online and Offlinecollage of your photos with numerous surprising frames. Blur photoMake yourself the prominent. Collage photo maker has the bestresult of you blur effect like the AV setting of DSLR. Go aheadcreate your photos. Text addition the perfect way for your photoemotions and feelings to be pop up to your love one’s. How to use1⦁ Just Import photos from your gallery or use your camera. Use theCollage maker store or your Default gallery rather your camera. 2⦁More then 100+ filters are available for the decoration of yourCollage maker & photos editor. 3⦁ Stickers for the decorationof your picture are incredibly easy to play. Use flags, comics,love birds, smiley, tattoos, hearts, Halloween, independencestickers, beards, accessories, animals, candies hats, emoji,rainbow, cats, snap and many more funny stickers. 4⦁ Collage makerFrame are innumerable and is constantly upgraded for the bestexperience. 5⦁ Easy-breezy to share on your loved App (Twitter,Instagram Facebook, WhatsApp etc). WHAT'S NEW ⦁ New selfie filters.⦁ Natural beauty effects. ⦁ Mirror image multi shapes. ⦁ Experiencemore makeover tools for photos in high definition.