2.4 / April 26, 2014
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Shake off an enemy!
Drive the machine gun!
Wipe out The enemy who clusters!
Enjoy the refreshment of a high speed battle in the blue sea.

・The simple operation screen which excluded theexcessiveelement.
・The challenge mode which aims at the number record of sinking,andthe missions mode of all the 35 stages are prepared.
・Locally Changing the language of English/Japaneseispossible.
・No special permissions,no Ads,no in app-purchases.

【Keyword】 combat, war, action, shooting, battle, game, blue,sea,boat, gatling gun, mission, command, attack.

App Information BATTLE IN BLUE (Free Edition)

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QT (Make 10) 1.5 APK
The "ten puzzle(make 10)" which is a familiarnumber game was arranged simply and in a user friendlymanner.In addition to the "training mode" which can be played thoroughly,high record can be challenged by "5 minutes challenge", and "20questions challenge".You can select the effect catty or usually.【keyword】 game, ten puzzle, make ten, calculate, mathematics,arithmetic.
Shake off an enemy!Drive the machine gun!Wipe out The enemy who clusters!Enjoy the refreshment of a high speed shooting battle in the bluesea.・The simple operation screen which excluded the excessiveelement.・The challenge mode which aims at the number record of sinking, andthe missions mode of all the 35 stages are prepared.・The direction of a screen of length and width can be chosen.・Locally Changing the language of English/Japanese ispossible.※There is also the free version which can play for free.●BATTLE IN BLUE (Free Edition)https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.recson.bib_f【Keyword】 combat, war, action, shooting, battle, game, blue, sea,boat, gatling gun, mission, command, attack.
Shoot the target quickly and accurately!Let's challenge to the speed shooting in the firing range expressedusing photographic image.By improveing your skill,make the best record of yourself !・Virtual shooting game with an emphasis on sense of shooting.・7 rifles, 5 game modes,and 11 reticle patterns can bechosen.・Your sniper skill is determined by time spent of shooting.・By simple touch operation,could be playing with concentrated onshooting and quickly.・Quickness of the magazine exchange operation is improved byexperience and ability.・The combination rifle, bipod, scope, the assist function, etc.,and attempts to find the optimal settings for you.・No special permissions,no Ads,no in app-purchases.・There is also the trial version (SPEED SHOOTER TRIAL) which canplay for free.-Specification-◆Touch operation (in the game state)・Trigger・Raising and lowering of the gun・Magazine exchange (Tactical reload possible)◆Type of rifle (7 types)・M700(bolt action rifle)・PSG1(Semi-automatic sniper rifle)・SVD(Semi-automatic sniper rifle)・SR25(Semi-automatic sniper rifle)・T-5000(bolt action rifle)・R93(bolt action rifle (straight pull))・M2012(bolt action rifle)◆Feed system(Common to all rifle) 5(in magazine)+1(in chamber)◆Number of spare magazine Depends on the game◆Magnification range of the scope x2-x6◆Pattern of the reticle 11 types◆Bipod Available(Resistance adjustable)◆Assist function 2 types(MARKER/RED DOT)◆Angle sensor Reversal adjustable for "up and down" and "left and right"◆Touch area Adjustable in the "action" and "size"◆Type of game 5 typesTags: Snipe, Shooting, Rifle, Sniper, Sports, Marksman, Sharpshooter.
Escapee X 1.10 APK
The prisoner X escaped, catch him!X will come to take the key for escape, hiding in darkness.If 3 are taken from 5 keys, X will succeed in an escape.If you can hit him a tranquilizer gun, You win.The number of cartridges is 5.Since X will win if a mistake is made in all, be careful.X is unexpectedly formidable.He annoys you with a feint.He will appear inunexpectedplaces.But,Flare and Search Light will help you.Come on, you've got to catch the Ⅹ by making full use ofintuitionand techniques!【keyword】 game, chase, escape, prison, action, shooting, snipe,jailbreaker, shot, arrest, abscond, fugitive, desert.  .
NekoDoko - Where is cat - 1.5 APK
Cats will move unrestrained betweenthebushes.Let's find the place in which cats hid.The number of cats is eight at the maximum.The maximum score is 1000 points.Can you guess to how many cats?Please use for short-term memory training .【Keyword】 game, cat, neko doko, memory training.
BATTLE IN BLUE (Free Edition) 2.4 APK
Shake off an enemy!Drive the machine gun!Wipe out The enemy who clusters!Enjoy the refreshment of a high speed battle in the blue sea.・The simple operation screen which excluded theexcessiveelement.・The challenge mode which aims at the number record of sinking,andthe missions mode of all the 35 stages are prepared.・Locally Changing the language of English/Japaneseispossible.・No special permissions,no Ads,no in app-purchases.【Keyword】 combat, war, action, shooting, battle, game, blue,sea,boat, gatling gun, mission, command, attack.
シャッフルメイト(フリー版) 1.2 APK
偶然に決まる言葉を使って様々な楽しみ方ができるアプリケーション。すごろく、罰ゲーム、王様ゲームやジョーク文章の作成等、色々な使い方で楽しめます。アプリを起動すると画面上にリールが表示されます。画面の背景部で左右にフリック操作する事で、利用するリールの数を1~5の間で変更できます。各リールにはリスト名が表示されます。リールを回転させた後、ランダムに決められた言葉で停止します。各リールには任意のリストを割り当てる事ができます。リストの内容は予め用意されているサービスリストに加え、自作したリストを用いる事ができます。リストの選択はリール部分の長押操作で行います。リールがリスト名以外の表示状態の場合は、一度リスト名表示状態となります。リスト名表示状態にあるリールを長押しすることで、リールにセットするリストの選択が行えます。-使い方-各画面での操作は下記の通りです。●背景部・右/左のフリック(リール回転中は操作できません) リールの数を変更したい場合に実施します。 1~5までのリール数をもった画面へ切り替えること ができます。・下/上のフリック(リール回転中は操作できません) リールを回転させることができます。回転後ははランダムに 選択された言葉で自動的に止まります。・長押し(リール回転中は操作できません) →設定メニュー画面を表示します。●リール部・長押し(リール回転中は操作できません) →リールにリスト名以外の文字が表示されている場合には  リスト名を表示させます。  リスト名が表示されている状態で長押しを行う事で、  リールに割り当てるリストの選択画面が表示されます。  リスト選択画面にて割り当てたいリストを選択する事で、  リールに貼り付けるリストが変更されます。  リスト選択に続いて語尾を選択することが出来ます。  選択された語尾はリストの全ての内容に付加されます。●操作ボタン(環境設定にて操作ボタン有効とした場合に現れます) ボタンの操作によりリールの回転と停止を行う事ができます。 リールサイズの設定等により画面上での上下のフリック操作が やり難い場合にはこのボタンを併用すると操作がやりやすくなり ます。●設定メニュー画面・リスト追加(新しい空のリストの作成が行えます)・リスト編集(作成されたリスト内容の編集を行うことができます)・リスト削除(作成された不要なリストの削除が行えます)・背景取り込み(背景に利用したい写真を選べます。これを背景にするには環境設定の背景パターンで画像を選択してください)・環境設定(各種の環境の変更が行えます)・戻る(メインの画面へ戻ります)空のリストがリールにセットされた場合、そのリールは回転せずにリスト名の表示のみが行われます。固定の文章を利用したい場合等に利用できます。リールに利用されているリストが削除された場合、そのリールはリスト割り当てが無い状態となります。●リストについて自作リストを編集する場合、一行の内容が一つの言葉になります。例えば、人物名を複数与えたい場合は下記の様に1行毎に名前を記述してください。名前①名前②名前③  ・  ・/が付いているリストは予め用意されているサービスリストです。サービスリストへの編集、削除は行えません。●環境設定・効果音(リールの回転中の効果音を変更できます)・背景(背景の色が変更できます。撮影した写真も背景に    設定できます)・リール間マージン(リール同士の隙間を変更できます)・リールパターン(リールの色が変更できます)・リールサイズ(リールの大きさを変更できます)・テキストカラー(リールのテキスト文字の色を変更できます。         リスト名の文字色は固定です)・リール速度(リールの回転速度を変更できます)・操作ボタン(回転操作のボタンの有無を選択できます)Various enjoyapplications that can by using the words, which is determined bychance.Sugoroku, punishment games, such as creating the king games andjokes sentence, served in a variety of usage.Lille will be displayed on the screen when you launch theapp.By flick operation to the left and right in the background of thescreen, the reel to be usedYou can change the number between 1-5.Each reel displays the list name.After rotating the reel, and stops at the words that have beendecided at random.Each reel you can assign any of the list.The contents of the list are added to the service list that isprepared in advance,You can use a list that you own.Selection of the list is done in the long-press operation of thereel part.If the reel is in the display state of the non-list name, it willbe once the list name display state.The reel in the list name display state By long press, you can dothe selection of the list to be set on the reel.- How to use -Operation of each screen are as follows.● background portionAnd right / left of the flick (during reel rotation can not beoperated)It will be conducted in case you want to change the number ofreel.To switch to the screen with a reel number of up to 1-5I can.And lower / upper flick (during reel rotation can not beoperated)You can rotate the reel. After the rotation in randomIt will stop automatically at the selected words.And long press (during reel rotation can not be operated)→ set I to display the menu screen.● Reel partAnd long press (during reel rotation can not be operated)→ when a character other than the list name is displayed on thereelIt will display the list name.By performing a long press while the list name is displayed,Selection screen of the list to be assigned to the reel will bedisplayed.By selecting a list to be allocated in the list selectscreen,List to be put on the reel is changed.Following the list selection you can choose the ending.The selected ending will be added to all of the contents of thelist.● operation button (it appears in the case where the environment bysetting operation button enabled)You can perform a stop with the rotation of the reel by the buttonof the operation.The top and bottom of the flick operation on the screen by thesetting of the reel sizeEasier to do it and manipulate a combination of this button if thehard spearYou.● Setup menu screenList additional (you can create a new empty list)List edit (you can do the editing of the list content that has beencreated)List Delete (Delete unwanted list that has been created I can bedone)And background incorporation (you can choose the photos you want touse in the background. Please select the image in the backgroundpattern of the environment set to the background of this)And environmental settings (you can change a variety ofenvironment)Previous (it will return to the main screen)If an empty list is set on the reel, a reel without rotatingOnly the display of the list name is done. If like you want to usea fixed sentenceIt will be available to.If the list being utilized on the reel has been deleted, thereelList assignment will be no state.● For a listIf you want to edit your own list, the contents of the line is oneof the wordsWill.For example, one per line as in the following if you want to givemore than a person's namePlease describe the name.Names ①Name ②Name ③--/ Is attached list is a list of services that are provided inadvance.Edit to the service list, it can not be removed.● Preferences- Sound effects (I can change the sound effects during the rotationof the reel)- Background (you can change the color of the background. Thecaptured photos in the backgroundSetting Can)- Reel-to-reel margin (you can change the gap between thereel)Reel pattern (You can change the color of the reel)Reel size (you can change the size of the reel)Text color (you can change the color of the text character of thereel.List the name of the character color is fixed)Reel speed (I can change the rotation speed of the reel)-Operation buttons (I can choose whether or not the button of therotation operation)

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ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value