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Enjoy the best PvP combat action with Battle Royale: UltimateShow!Play online with your friends in the most intense multiplayerPvP Battle Royale game! Fight in the arena with your favorite heroand become the best player of the Ultimate Show!Battle Royale:Ultimate Show is the definitive mobile device multiplayer actiongame! Choose one of the mighty heroes and fight against otherplayers online, be it solo or in a team, it’s up to you! There aremany ways to become a legend of the PvP arena.Discover uniqueweapons, handguns, and shotguns. Equip your hero with the bestitems at your disposal… to win in the PvP arena, you will need thestrongest armor, devastating weapons, and outstanding combattactics.AN AMAZING BATTLE ROYALE EXPERIENCE5v5 matches? 3v3 fights?No, this is the Ultimate Show, where only the strong survive. Enterthe Ultimate Show, defeat all your enemies, and become master ofthe multiplayer arena. Enjoy the action of online PvP combatagainst other players from around the world. Climb the globalleaderboards to become the Ultimate Warrior.COURAGEOUSHEROESDifferent battles require different strategies. You canchoose to play as a tank, healer, or DPS. Do you prefer a hero thatattacks from a distance, or do you prefer a close combatspecialist?Select your hero before each combat, equip him (or her)with the most powerful items available to you, and choose whetherto enter the battle alone, or with a team.FUTURISTIC WEAPONS ANDITEMSHandguns, shields, grenades, shotguns and rifles, every itemhas its advantages. Discover new ways to combine each hero’s skillsto achieve glory in a no holds barred PvP arena.TEAM UP FORGLORYPlay with your friends and fight in the battleground as a teamin 5v5 or 3v3 matches. Only one team wins!Whether you choose abalanced team with healers, DPS, and tanks, or an assault team withonly DPS and tanks, your strategy could determine the outcome wellbefore the battle begins!AWESOME 3D GRAPHICSStunning graphics,incredible special effects, and great animations. Battle Royale:Ultimate Show is the most amazing third person experience formobile devices. Discover new highly detailed battlegrounds andcolorful futuristic scenarios.INTUITIVE GAMEPLAYControl your heroeson the arena with the on-screen gamepad. Defeat your enemies usingthe easy-to-learn controls, unique to each hero type: tank, healer,DPS, carry, or support. If you like MMO action games, you’ll masterthe simple controls in no time.AWESOME FEATURES:- Courageous heroeswith unique skills- A combination of Battle Royale games with 5v5and 3v3 gameplay- Online multiplayer arena- Customize your herowith futuristic guns, shotguns, grenades, and rifles- Upgrade yourdeadly weapons to make them more powerful- Amazing third-person 3Dgraphics- Easy-to-learn controlsBattle Royale: Ultimate Show is thebest multiplayer action game for mobile devices. It combinesclassic 5v5 gameplay with the action and strategy of an onlineBattle Royale game.If you’ve been fighting for glory in 3v3 oronline action games, and love action 3D games, Battle Royale:Ultimate Show will quickly become your favorite online PvPgame.This game will make you forget about any other action, 5v5,3v3, or multiplayer game you played. Wanna be a sniper, or a tank?Maybe a healer? Equip your hero with the best guns, grenades,shotguns, or rifles. Prepare your strategy before battle, defeatyour enemies in the arena, and fight for glory!Please note:- Thisepic online action game is free to play, but in-app items can bepurchased with real money. To restrict in-app purchases, adjust thesettings on your device.- Battle Royale: Ultimate Show is an onlineaction PvP game, and requires an Internet connection to play.

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    Battle Royale: Ultimate Show
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    June 21, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia
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What kind of king would you be? Are you ready to rule akingdom?Take control of your own realm, and turn it into the mostpowerful one. Defeat your enemies, and conquer the world!Be part ofthe evolution of the strategy genre. Design the best defense bydesigning every aspect of your realm. Create mountains, dig moats,and place buildings in strategic positions. Give your archers anadvantage by placing them in the top of a hill, or build a moataround your castle.Once your city is well protected, recruit anarmy from more than 20 different troops, and attack your enemies.Summon great leaders of history that will help you in youradventure. Let Julius Caesar lead your army, and call Cleopatra tomanage the defense of your city in your absence.KEEP YOUR PEOPLEHAPPYArrange the buildings wisely in order to make your subjectshappy, and gain their favor. Peasants, and workers prefer to livenear the protection of the castle. A tavern in the neighborhood isalso appreciated.RESEARCH NEW TECHNOLOGIESScience is your ally!Your scientist can help your kingdom. Ask them to research newtechnologies to improve your weapons, and your defenses. They canalso make your crops more efficient.CHANGE THE TERRAINIf you areking, why would you not be able to decide every detail of yourcity? Build hills, and mountains, create valleys, and dig moats.Use the terrain to improve the defenses of your kingdom.RULE THEKINGDOMAttack your enemies’ kingdoms to get extra resources.Destroy their defenses and plunder your rivals’ castles.GET HELPFROM GREAT LEADERSSummon great leaders from all times to help youin battle. Recruit William Wallace, Lincoln, or Cleopatra, amongothers, to defend your city, and attack your enemies.DESIGN YOURDEFENSESHelp your soldiers to defend your land by creatingmountains and digging moats. Take advantage of the terrain toimprove your defenses!FORGE ALLIANCESJoin your friends to build apowerful kingdom. Ally with other kingdoms, and sign treaties withthem to protect them, or to force them to help you in time ofwar.CONQUER THE WORLDSelect a country, and start to build yourkingdom. Make it the most powerful one, conquer all the territoriesaround you, and create an empire.MAIN FEATURES:- Design your city.Create mountains, dig moats, and put traps to defend it.- Attackother players’ realms, and defend yourself from them.- Collect morethan 30 different great leaders from all times.- Chat with otherplayers- All game modes can be played for free- Sign in to GooglePlay Games to play on various Android devices- Optimized forAndroid tablets and cell phonesVISIT THE OFFICIAL PAGEhttp://codigames.com/portfolio/lords-castles/LIKE THE GAMEhttp://facebook.com/lordsandcastlesFOLLOW UShttp://twitter.com/codigames
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Once upon a time there were some cute little creatures living inpeace and joy. They were sweeter than candy and therefore belovedto all. One day, evil Mr. Sugar caught them all and brought them tohis hideout, his mind thinking sinister thoughts as he hummed“Cotton candy, cotton candy…” But four of the little creaturesmanaged to escape by hiding in the depths of the forest. Now theywant to save their friends, and this is where they need your help.Help four courageous Mordis find their way back to their capturedfriends and bring them to safety! “The Mordis” is a puzzle gamewhere you overcome obstacles and solve tests that pop up in a funand intuitive way. Use your wit to make your own path with thetools available. Use fewer tools, save time, and avoid gettingkilled to score more points: - Multiple tools and solutions to eachscenario - Beautiful graphics and 4 amazing worlds to discover:Grassland, Desert, Arctic, and Volcano. - 28 different HUGE levels- 4 different, funny Mordis characters - Avoid hazards and dynamicobstacles! - Stunning effects: explosions, snow & sandstorms... - Realistic physics - HD & MD versions
King of Party 1.30 APK
“King of Party” is a revolutionary game withlots of different and fun mini-games you play to show everyoneyou’re the best in your country – and maybe even the world!Become King of your neighbourhood by mastering all themini-games and showing the others that you are the most skilled,cleverest and fastest. Enter the competition and climb your way tothe top.If you enjoy games like Mario Party, you’ll love this game,which you can carry around in your pocket… and for free! Why waituntil your friends start talking about it?Be a legend. Be the King!Features:• Play in real time with your friends• Compete to become best at each mini-game• Customise your character with more than 16,000 differentsettings• More than 8 unique and fun mini-games which become increasinglydifficult• An Internet connection is required to play this game on-line
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