3.0 / October 16, 2014
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A army battalion was sent on a mission tocleanup an area where extremist have gone up. This is a modern daywarbetween military troops and the mutineers. Get your maps, setupyour border lineups and have the ultimate teamwork to put downtherebels. You are deep in World War. Play as an army and searchallover the place for the dangerous enemies.

A mission critical strike game, characters are brave soldierswithstrong stamina and have high focus on winning! Invading forcesgetscloser in your barracks every seconds of the game, the successorfailure of your brigade depends solely on you.
Shoot and move forward until you advance to the next level.Shootthe entire enemy before they eliminate your border lineups. ;watchout for you ammo and your time. Keep an eye out for a newguns,more power ups and upgrades, rifleman’s creed to dorivalsoverwatch is a good tactic, it’ll help you defeat theenemieseasier!
Strong weaponry is always at hand, just get ready forunlimitedbullets then fire at your target. Choose the mightysoldier of yourchoice when you unlock them. You must gather manycoins to purchaseitems that will help you survive the game. Collectpower ups tofight the bandits. Use a real Taser shock or grenadesto blow themoff. Also grab the stars and magnets power ups. Beprepared forthis is a fearless battle and endless shooting attheterrorists.
Gun down thousands of opponents using a variety of weaponries;realTaser shock, light guns, rifle grenades, rockets, mortar bombsandother artillery ammunition. Enemies will attack your platoonfast,It is a rifleman creed to do rivals overwatch. They arecomposed ofdifferent groups and each of them has a unique combatstyle andstrong weapons too. Use a variety of weapons from amounted machinegun to rockets, against a vast range of enemy units.Blow up tanks,soldiers and even some bunker type structures. Makesure you areavoiding enemy attacks as they do shoot back!

You can compete with your friends and others
More Power ups to collect
Available Scoreboards
Must see Achievements and Ranks
Different type of Soldiers
HD Graphics
Fast pace game
Easy smooth controls
State of the art battlefield sounds
Upgradable weapons
Characters animation
Collect coins of different values to unlock more items!
Innovative concept
Never ending arcade game
Free to download and play
A real combat encounter
Crucial Battlefield scene
Countless opponents

Fight your way against dozens of foes in a funaction-packedpoint and click shooting game! Command your mightysoldiers toconquer the key positions on the battleground in orderto win thewar! Take control over enemy bases by using your borderlineupssuperior units and special ammos! Throw grenades onvariousrepulsive enemies! Aim well and get into fine spots to bomball theenemies.
Are you a real hero? Wait for the right moment and gun downalltargets in various interesting levels.
Battlefield Boys is a mission critical strike game thatcombinesshooting and mystery features. Plan your shooting wiselyand tryhitting the target. Aim shoot and rifleman will do therivalsoverwatch as well..
Step into the war-zone and shoot down opposition in anexcitingshooting game! Get ready to strike, hard! Survive deadlyattacks ofmysterious enemies and fight for your life! Secure yourland andabolish all the enemy forces! Improve your weapons withmoney youearn. Load up your gun and unleash torture upon yourenemies! Aimwisely because those darn terrorists keep on coming.This is a onelife-threatening game with intense shooting andnonstopaccomplishments. It’s a great decision to bond with yourfriends orfamily and play the mission critical strike game ofBattlefieldBoys!
Music by DST and SoundJay
Let us join the squad for a real shooting action andarcadegaming.
Download and Play now!

App Information Battlefield Boys: Mercenary

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    Battlefield Boys: Mercenary
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    October 16, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Dragon Slayer Entertainment LLC
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
  • Price
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email contactus@dragonslayergaming.com
    Dragon Slayer Ent LLC 2000 S Mustang Rd #705 Yukon OK 73099
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Blend humor with cartoony gore to tickle the funny bone of oldertweens and teens. This is the Stick Man Zombie Attack! Run StickMan Run! Get to the graveyard, shooting the stick zombies, anddodging the barriers. Stickman Zombie Survival is a funpick-up-and-play game that will test your reactions.Are you quick enough to save the world?!So there we go, its stickman zombies again!STORYA post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a nuclear war, mass ofzombies hunger for human flesh. After the spread of the virus fewsurvivors remain. Zombies are attacking any last living creature.You must survive take down the war machine and hordes before theytake you out! Zombie Stickmen Invasion is an endless zombie killingbased game with one goal, to make it out alive!Sounds easy? Give it a go, and see if you can rescue the world fromthe zombie monsters.FUN GAMEPLAYStickman Zombie Survival is a game that will test your survivalskills. You are about to find out if you would be able to survive astickman zombie outbreak...Use your skill and judgment to speed up or slowdown, to shoot ordefend, stay alive and survive the zombie hordes. Now start the newjourney for stickman. Rush to the end of the stick world.Your goal is to kill zombies and see how far you can run, submityour high score and challenge anyone from all over the world. Beatyour friend’s top score TODAY! Spot the border lineups in a bushshoot out of crawler's companion.The Controls are simple and easy. Move stickman hero with leftor right button and shoot other stickman with trigger button. Shootdown enemies and carefully utilize weapons real loud gunshots inorder to ensure your continued survival.Keep in mind, Kill as many war machine and hordes stickman zombies!Make sure you save enough ammo to shoot the stick zombie at theburial ground! Stay alive! Of course run and scream!Simply use your finger to run and dodge the zombies before theycan infect you with the 'zombie virus', but watch out for the trapsand obstacle that will instantly turn you into a zombie. StickmanZombie Survival is an entertaining and challenging trauma scenariosgame. Enlist today and cut down wave after wave of enemies, warmachine and hordes of casualty stickman in this endless shootingrunning adventure! Spot the border lineups in a bush shoot out ofcrawler's companion. Real loud shotgun shooting slash and smashcasualty stickman zombies in this high definition zombie survivalgame.Game Features:HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICSNonstop stickman zombiesStickman Zombie Survival is a real loud gunshot shooting actiongame.Easy controlsAvailable store to purchase itemsDifferent character with different capabilitiesConvert weapons using earned points or scoresStickman Zombie Survival has something that all those "others"don't: A storyline! Follow the harrowing encounters of yourcharacter with mutated casualty stickman zombie monsters! You mustrelive your last days of survival before the walking dead convertyou into one of their mindless host. Spot the border lineups in abush shoot out of crawler's companion. Start playing it with yourkids and enjoy the trauma scenarios game with your family.This is the zombie game to end all zombies’ trauma scenarios games.How long can you hold out against powerful enemies?And this is what people think about Stickman ZombieSurvival:"This is a very addictive game, I didn't know an hour has passedsince i started playing give it 5 stars!" - AbbyZombie Survival is a funny, fast paced stress buster. The simplestick figure man is just trying to stay alive, which is just howpeople sometimes feel. A great quick break in a stressful day,stick man makes you feel like your life's not quite so bad afterall. Big Thumbs Up!" - Kisses"Don’t be fooled by the cartoonish graphic bs as Stickman ZombieSurvival will test you’re zombie killing skills to the max." –MariaMusic Courtesy of DST and SoundJay
300 Spartans The Last Stand 5.0 APK
DESCRIPTIONThis is the famous battle of the Spartan’s heroic last stand. Anextreme demolition! Three hundred (300) Spartans held off thousandsof Persians at the tiny mountain pass until the rest of the Greekarmy could safely retreat.The 300 Spartans Fight To Survive.STORYThe Persian Empire tried several times to invade and conquer theGreek city-states in the days of Athens and Sparta. The Persianswere successful at invading but never conquered Greece. However,Spartan king, Leonidas was a military leader. Like all male Spartancitizens, He is an oath keeper. He had been trained mentally andphysically since childhood in preparation to become a Spartanwarrior with a fearless mobility. This is how the Greeks wondespite overwhelming odds against them.GAMEPLAYCharacters are Spartans avengers and Persians army. Spartansavengers were armed with a round shield, spear and iron shortsword.In a trauma scenarios battle, they used a formation called aphalanx, in which rows of soldiers stood directly next to eachother so that their shields overlapped with one another.This basic military training and new tactic proved successfulduring battles. Persian bows were too weak to penetrate the shieldsand armor, and their own armor and shields could not stand up tothe longer spears and swords of the Spartan Greeks.During a frontal attack, Spartans need a fearless mobility theirwall of shields provides significant protection to the warriorsbehind it. The shield was symbolic of the individual soldier'ssubordination to his unit, an integral part of his success, and hissolemn responsibility to his comrades in arms – messmates andfriends, often close blood relations. If the phalanx broke or ifthe enemy attacked from the side or the rear, however, theformation became defenseless.The aim of this submissive game is to defend your land in adesert siege storm, you are a fearless Spartan and you must fireyour spears at the oncoming Persian army to conquer them. When thespears hits and killed a Persian army, you will earn points. And asyou go along, you will get a hold of more power ups and more coinsin the course of the game.Get more dominant long spears, powerful hard shields and bodyarmor. Use the coins you have collected to unlock new forcefulSpartans to execute an extreme demolition of each Persian armygroup.Survive the desert siege storm battlefield, Fight against thePersian Army. Mark your targets; each one of the Persian army andcrush them all. Show a more trauma scenarios on this submissivegame. Be like the Spartan King Leonidas; A legendary courageous onewith a fearless mobility. Be an oath keeper! Take on the role,let’s join the combat!GAME FEATURESExperience the Battle of Spartan’s back in 480 B.C.Join forces with friendsRealistic battlefield sounds.Upgradable weapons and armorsIncredible characters animationHD graphicsFast paced game sceneFantasy history gameReal life battlefield sceneMighty SpartansEasy smooth and power controlsPhone and Tablet readyMore than worthy storylineBe a man; be brave to secure your territory. Got to have extremedemolition strategy to overpower the Persian army; The 300 Spartanavengers always defeated their enemies by using their brutalmilitary training and war tactics. A true Spartan: an oath keepercould only return to Sparta either victorious with their shield inhand or dead carried upon it.Share this new challenging game to everyone. Be thrilled and getenergized.A submissive game about survival first, but in the end, thebattle is about changing the fate of Sparta. Become a part of ahistorical combat experience not seen in almost a decade. It’sgoing to be a more traumatic scenario in a desert siegestorm.Music by DST and SoundJayDownload the epic app “300 Spartans Fight To Survive”.Play Now!
Zombies Escape The Humans 3.0 APK
Zombies are mindless creatures but they can be smart enough to wipeout humans. Though there are slowest and dumbest zombie class andsome are fast and tricky. However, they tend to group together,where their absolutenumbers can be just as overwhelming as speed and adaptability. Theycan outnumber humans; these monsters wander around aimlessly,waiting for victims to fall into their clutches.STORYDead humans can't come back to life; certain viruses can provokesuch aggressive, zombie-like behavior, a deadly virus that isspread rapidly through direct human contact. The infected becamehungry humans and driven by a greedy appetite to consume humanflesh. One by one, more humans fall victim to the disease,triggering an epidemic trauma scenarios that generates a horde ofstarving crawlers’ companion zombies.The zombie crawlers’ companiongroup grows and spreads quickly as they bite humans and turns intoa mindless monsters with cannibalistic tendencies. This is thestart of the zombie revenge! Let's find out with this endlessshooting game-Zombies escape the Humans.Zombie GameplayThe game objective is to destroy the human race to produce a raceof monsters by turning humans into a mass of zombies!Would you liketo be one of them?Take down enemy humans to increase the number of war machine andhordes zombie. Take out many humans as fast as you can.Use yourhigh powered sniper pump action shotgun to fend off humans, thenwork your way through the base fixing barricades and upgrades tolast longer in the game and increase your fire power. You can startoff with a handgun to shoot and work your way up to a sniper,exploding creepers real loud gunshot or an assault rifle. Mostimportantly, reload your weapon. Quickly draw your weapon againstother gunslingersbefore they gun you down. Play this challenging trauma scenariosshooting game and take on humans.Collect coins to upgrade to powerful weapons; guns, boosters,grenades, missiles. Make use of gears and guts, pump actionshotgun, exploding creepers, zombie bites, zombie sniper and zombieattack.Produce more war machine and hordes zombie to advance further.These undead can stalk their prey so secretively that the victimwon't even know they've been followed, hordes of undead will simplyfollow their human victims, moving at a steady walking pace, untilthe zombies teeth are buried in their neck. Zombie crawlerscompanion will embrace its intended victim, and take a single bitefrom the target’s body. The Zombies win when all humans have beenbitten and turned into zombies exploding creepers while the humanswin by surviving long enough for all ofthe zombies to starve.GAME FEATURESSee the rant and rave of different ZOMBIES!Different weapons, melee, firearms, explosives...Turn based combat, gears and guts, tactics will be useful.Several characters with different skillsItem crafting using resources that will be found through theworldFree-to-playItems can be unlocked to get complete adventure.A real time killerIntense zombie- HUMAN blasting action shooter gameplay!Upgrade your weapons and fight for your life!HIGH DEFINITION GRAPHICS and unique animations!Play against your friends and beat their high scores!Full-screen move controlTouch responsive controlsGame concept is simpleEasy to download and playWeapons Arsenal variety: Guns, pump action Shotgun, real loudgunshots,Boosters Grenades and more!Zombies Escape the Humans is a nonstop real loud gunshotshooting game.This is not the frequent and accustomed zombieshooter game app. Experience a new concept of trauma scenarios warmachine and hordeszombie vs. Human continuous shooting game and witness the dangeroustypes of undead as they defend their clan!Music by DST and SoundJayHave your gears and guts! Download and Play Now!
Zombie Oregon Trail 2.0 APK
A 2000 mile historic east-west largewheeledwagon route and emigrant trail, Thousands of people havegone tothis historical route but they have become ill andimmediately dieddue to snakebite, dysentery, exhaustion andmore seriousdiseases resulting to becoming the walking deadresidents of theOregon Trail. They are always hungry for humanflesh, do not diesoon. Defeat the animated corpse brought back tolife by asupernatural means. There’s no other way; you must passthroughthis trail to stay alive. Have a safe trip!GAMEPLAY 
You are a settler traveling west on the Oregon Trail and you havetofight off zombies to survive. Zombies have their covered wagonandteam of zombie oxen and horses too that makes them littledeceivingenemies. The good point is they don’t have weapons toshoot you,they are slow but there are a lot of them coming atyou!Players use your piston, shotguns, and rifles to targetenemies.Headshot kills them right away. Do not allow zombies tocome nearyou or game is over! More shooting at zombies deceleratestheirmovement and gradually destroys them. Upgrades for weaponsandcharacters are available as long as you collected many coins.Watchout for power ups (maps, medicines, foods, clothes) that youcangrab anywhere in the trail. Shoot the incoming waves ofzombies.Watch out for ones that jump towards you fast.Choose your character or team to start your journey. Competeforhigh scores and achieve achievements. The Trail was theonlyfeasible way for settlers to get across the mountains, so,Playersmust avoid snakebites, lightning, dysentery and otherdiseases towin in this game. Watch the area for supplies and manageyour fuel,ammo and medicine kits while keeping the mindless menaceoff yourbacks. There are high difficulty, random scenes, andsurvivalmodes. Survive the dangers of the long journey, from ragingriversand bear attacks to sickness and starvation, in thefamoushistorical adventure. Read your maps, manage your suppliesand planyour route to make it to the end of the trail while youfacehundreds of sleepwalkers.GAME FEATURESGreat HD GraphicsAchievements boardUpgrades for weaponsPower ups to collectHigh valued coinsGame instructionEasy controlsTablet and Phone readyFree to download and playCustomize your characterChallenging adventure levelsFast paceUnique animated zombiesClassic arcade gamingBeat the zombies fast and the game gets more fun. A realarcadeadventure gaming that will test your mind skills andstrategy.Explore all options, there’s more to see andexperience.Music by DST and SoundJayBe careful, don’t die! Download and start to play the ZOMBIEOREGONTRAIL.
Tank Survival Wars 4.0 APK
Experience World War II, an epic desert siegestorm tank battle, the modern warfare of armored vehicles. Theenemy tanks will attempt to destroy your epic citadel base, sodefend and offense, struggle for world supremacy! Good luck to thearmored troops on the front line. Began assault to a successfulassault!GAMEPLAYYour objective in this game is to support the oath keepers’ armywith your tank.In this game you will take part in a real tank battle. The Outcomeof the desert siege storm battle depends on you! Destroy the bigguns, epic citadel and earn extra coins! Ahead you will find agreat battle! Drive tank and earn coins, Try to collect all thecoins on your path while destroying obstacles.Kill all enemy tanks and keep your epic citadel base untouched,protect it from being destroyed. Destroy enemies consistently; Letthem come to you- If you rush out into combat you'll be torn toshreds by both your enemies and your friends. Take on youropponent’s one at a time if possible. To improve your capabilities,get all power ups; magnets, missiles, missile baits and bombs thenupgrade your tanks against enemy tanks. Increase your tank speed,Increase the rate of fire, and destroy barricades like metal blocksor bricks.Your tank fighter must pass all game levels by damaging enemy tanksin each level. Open new types of tanks and earn points to upgradeyour tank destroyer. FYI, most light tanks are fast. In addition tothis, they usually also have great camouflage values comparable totank destroyers thanks to their small size. The great speed,mobility, and usually small size of the light tank allows them tohave a better probability of avoiding artillery fire.However, medium tanks will have the firepower, mobility, andarmor to easily destroy light tanks. Heavy tanks will generallyhave enough frontal armor to ignore lower tier light tanks for themost part, so coordination with the rest of the team is requiredfor those light tanks to engage these enemy vehicles. On the otherhand, most heavy tanks will have trouble keeping up with lighttanks because of their slow turret and track traverse. Light tanksare also food for bait, due to the fact that many are easy kills ifthey stay still. Most of them are good for distractions.Guide your hero oath keepers against wave after wave ofintelligent Jurassic troopers’ opponents as you fight to thefinish. Use dozens of different missile baits weapons, and pick upweapons from fallen enemies and friends as you play. Command yourallies to give you the maximum tactical advantage! Team up withyour Jurassic troopers friends or beat them!GAME FEATURES:Collect power upsCompete with your friends and othersScoreboardsRanks and AchievementsChallenge on every game levelAccumulate pointsStore up coinsUpgrade your tanksCombine UPGRADES and special abilities to eliminate foesHD GraphicsRealistic sound effectIntense tank encountersUnlock several TANKS and reinforce your allianceFree-to-play-gameKeep in mind of the offensive capabilities, have protection andcountermeasure, sustain damage while still completing yourobjective. Just focus on strategic tactical mobility, missilebaits, spot the epic citadel benchmark and blast through the desertsiege storm levels destroying everything in your path. If you likeplaying games so much that you make them yourself; this is thegame for you! Defeat enemies, rank up and unlock power ups. Controlyour tank and the features of the game on your way to victory.Learning to use all of your weapons and secondary attack modes isthe key to survival and victory. Don't be afraid toexperiment!Music by DST and SoundJayEngage in the ultimate battle now and prove yourself worthy!Download and Play Now!
The Horde Barbarian VS Knight 3.0 APK
Barbarians explored the stinkin rich northern islands they raidedand pillaged, settled wide-ranging colonies, and acted asmercenaries they want to conquer other big cities and expand theirmainland. As a result of these barbaric acts, the fierce andpowerful oath keepers’ knights are often in conflict with theBarbarians. Knights will fight for their kings and kingdom. All ofthem vowed to protect their kingdom and its people from villainslike the barbarians. A great knight is one that is always ready todo battle, for the love of his king and his country. Let’s see howmany lands and kingdoms can be burgled by these massive barbarians!Prepare to break in and fill your loot crate!Here’s comes the war machine and horde for a close combat!GAMEPLAYYour objective in this game is to play as one of three unlockablebarbarians and fight off the knights. Force an entry to theirstinkin rich mainland and defeat them as fast as you can. There arethousands of them, well trained; they have dominant weapons andhighly skilled tactics against your tribe. A good decision at theright time can turn the flow of this battle so you better focus andthink smart. The game is in arena game modes that will increasesthe intensity of the action.Use your top quality weaponries, a complete ensemble of a spear,one or two javelins, a wooden shield, and either a battle axe or asword helmet, knife, axe, arrows, loot crate and bows to match theoath keepers’ knight’s calibrated weapons. Barbarian’s vigor andenergy always makes way to their victory. Grab all coins; you mayuse all of it for upgrades. Collect the power ups to increase yourstrength and keep up with this game of warriors. Upgrade yourbarbarians to increase your might and stamina. Be brave andaggressive to direct your assault. Attack one target at a time;Grab all opportunities to use varying methods of defense to beatthe versatile and agile oath keepers stinkin richknights. Barbarians don't plan everything in detail they just findgood battle comrades to win. It's an all-out war for territorybetween warriors, all fighting to gain more control over the land.Take your tribe through this messy campaign and be victorious!GAME FEATURESNew game levels set in Barbarian ageAggressive Combat ExperienceHistorically inspiredHD GraphicsUpgrades of BarbariansBarbarian Power upsCoins to collectScoreboard and AchievementsJoin forces with friendsLifelike battlefield sounds.Different charactersFast paced game sceneHistory gameReal life combat zone sceneCool smooth and power controlsSimple gameplayBarbarians can dominate a melee with nearly any combination ofweapon and approach, though they tend towards massive and imposingweaponry. Barbarians are no strangers to the pains of battle, andoften fare better in the midst of several opponents, taking andgiving cuts, than when attempting to chase down single targets.Create alliances with other players worldwide to crush your enemiesand become the sole ruler of a mighty empire!Ladies! This is a fresh game to look badass without losing all yourfemininity? You can have all the fun and play this game with yourgirlfriends. Real challenge awaits every player in this onlinestrategy game. Get the real arcade and action gaming! It is betterto stand and fight because if you run, you’ll die tired. Downloadthis heroic battle of knights and barbarians; we want to see yourstrong character achieves the triumph.Music by DST and SoundJayTravel back in time to fight the knights in search of the aboundingland.Play this game now!
Halloween Trick or Treat Game 1.0 APK
The historic oak wood cemetery in a cityinfested with evil creatures is now a maze of darkness wherecoyotes howl and the nightmare maze starts over again! We are notalone in the gloom and there is more to discover in this endlessdarkness!GAMEPLAYPlayers will choose from creepy characters of ghost, skeleton, Jackthe headless horseman, or a small child trick or treater. You haveto collect candies while avoiding or shooting the witches on aflying broomstick, zombies from the cemetery, and blood suckingvampires with your striped candy wrapped candy stash. Choose yourhaunted Halloween party character in this trick or treat rush andavoid spooky maze terror trap, expect goblin invasion and extremegoblins attack continuously. This is a game with much of terrortrap and a never ending broom ride of the bad tiny witches! Seesome headless zombie at cemetery. Fast vampires are coming your wayso be quick to stay away from them but grab coins that you see andall the striped candy wrapped candy.There’s a lot of strange Terror trap on this game that players mustovercome quickly. Tiny witches on broom ride will suddenly appearon each game level. The wicked tiny witch on a flying broomstickwill destruct your focus on the game. They will wander on everycorner of historic oak wood cemetery, you’ll find pumpkin bomb thatyou may use to beat the beast or kill off vampires and strike downsome talking corpse bride zombies! Broom ride goes fast at highspeed so better concentrate on playing. Tap screen to move yourHalloween hero character. Do Skip, hop in a right timing, bouncehigh or glide up, glide down to break away from the horriblecreatures!Level up your spookily characters using power ups availableeverywhere so keep an eye on it! Use some of the powerups to boostyour scores. Pumpkin bomb decreases speed of witches, vampires andzombies or it might just blow them off and be gone forever! Thetiny witch on a flying broomstick is roaming all over the historicoak wood cemetery; you can throw candies at them. Hit vampiresmultiple times plus punch every zombie at cemetery. Let’s see ifthis red beast unleashed will have a scared face when you playskeleton, the little child in a costume, a ghost, or jack o lanternhead!GAME FEATURESHD graphicsCostume DIYCostumes collectionSpooky makeoverHalloween costume dress upChoice of your own creepy charactersHigh quality graphicsRealistic haunting sound effectsEasy gameplayLeaderboardsScores achievementsRewards points and scoresPower upsTons of coins to collectGame instructionsFreeplay gameA game for all agesEach game level gets more critical and power ups and upgradesgets more improved. Perfect every move to be not trapped byterrifying headless talking corpse bride zombie, do not bump intoawful tiny witch and hide from blood thirsty vampires.This will be your happiest Halloween of the year! We give you anextraordinary bizarrely endless running game where the spookycreature gets funny and challenging!Team up with your friends and family or compete high scores. Smash,whack, slap the entire nasty creature of this spookiness game!We want to see your scared face as you escape the ghost towncountry legends bogeyman by passing through a tricky drive trickyhighway. The ghost town country legends bogeyman and ghost andhorror stories become real in this game. One must know how to do atricky room escape in this spooky nightmare maze of darkness.When the coyote howls! We are not alone in the gloom and there ismore to see in this end of darkness!Music by DST and SoundJayDownload a creepiness game and Play now!
Cops vs Robbers – Bandit Smash 4.0 APK
Cops VS Robbers is a cops minecraft duty chasegame and a fun bank robber games for kids as bob bandit gangmarco.The fearless bob the robber of bandit gang marco has been causingcriminal case and bandit smash around the crime city, you are thespecial force cops on duty in this catapult saga battle camp andyou must help destroy these stickman robber trouble makers. Thebandit gang marco are the mobs and masked looters storming thestreets. Now it’s your cops duty as a squad strike special force tostop them from getting away, this is going to be a cops high speedchase and a tough game of cops vs robbers jail break. It is alwaysa cops duty to beat them down using billy club to bring the law andorder back on the streets.GameplayCool game of cops and robbers minecraft. The enjoyable bank robbergames for kids! An endless cops chase for bandits in every gamelevel!Cops on duty cops fight and get ready to start shooting at the bankwhere street robbery is rampant; bob the robber is trying to stealall the money. Aim using your billy club and enjoy this copsminecraft game before this bank robber game is over. Be like theundercover cops in this criminal case of cops vs robbersjailbreak.Use your handy weapon billy club against the wrench and crowbargames of bob the robber. You can throw a lot of billy club atbandit gang marco while the battle camp catapult saga is ongoing!This game is a never-ending bandit smash and cops killing.Tap screen to jump up and down in the same way do double jumpspeedy fast to catch each tiny robber bob doing crowbar games inthis bank robber game likewise cops shooting games.Fulfill your cops duty to shoot all tiny robber bob similarlystickman robber and stay alive for as long as you can. Use aselection of weapons to shoot at your opponent. Collect coins andpower ups to stay in the cops minecraft also cops and robbersminecraft game.In this rebellious catapult saga battle camp, cops fight to theend! Cops on duty can upgrade their weapons as they go around thiscrime city of cops shooting game. Shoot the bad guys in this banditsmash or pick up your billy club to beat them down. Squad strikecops on duty need to lock and load your weapon of choice and putdown the bandit smash or else they can escape away from thecriminal case undercover cops of this crime city.Keep in mind that this cops shooting games requires you to earncredits and upgrade your weapon and destroy the street robbery.This will be a crowd favorite app! An extraordinary cop in robbersminecraft and an amazing cops and robbers mine mini game that istruly an exceptional game likewise cops vs robbers jail break.There will be a lot of cops chase, cops killing, cops fighting,cops high speed chase and cops shooting games in this cops androbbers game for kids. A must see cops fighting, cops in robbersminecraft!Know how a real catapult saga of cops and robbers will end in thisthrilling cops and robbers cops minecraft. Cops on duty must try toshoot faster than they will shoot you or attack you. Cops fightyour target! Explore the battle camp of cops and robbers minecraftgame.Be a part of this cops chase, cops and robbers game for kids andsee a different crowbar games alike to a bank robber game for kids.An endless extreme bank robber game, moreover a more intense copshooting games. It’s a shocking cops vs robbers jail breakgame.Let’s see how you can do the cops high speeds chase of bob therobber. This is a matchless cops and robbers mine mini game! Anexciting cops in robbers minecraft catapult saga and cops killing.You may play with your friends and beat their scores. Out win andoutplay!Music by DST and SoundJayComplete your cops duty and follow through the battle camp missionby shooting your way to victory.Download and enjoy this lifelike arcade action game of Cops vs.Robbers.Let's Play Now!