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*** Command the battlefield ****Get equipped for the Tank Battles.On this combat zone terrain we say no mercy! You’re the battlefieldcommander, roll out and let the tank battles begin! Become the herotank and kill ‘em all!*** Insane Warfare fun ***Licensed to kill!This tank recon game will be a warfare fun. Don’t miss any chanceto your enemy. It’s a “do or die” game. *** Designed to War ***Whenyou’re at war, you care for no one. These tank raiders’ coupesblend explosive power and exotic presence. . Freshly loggedhigh-fidelity regal tanks sounds for realistic audio engagement.*** Shower the destruction ***Turn the surge of battle withdevastating cruise missile attacks. Call in powerful gunships tocircle strategic locations and relief resist enemyforces.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets usedin this application are the property of their respective owners.They have been used just for illustration purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.

App Information Battlefield Tank War of Tanks

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    Battlefield Tank War of Tanks
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    July 22, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Prism apps and Games
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Real Air Pilot Flight Plane 3D 1.3 APK
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The world war has broken out and the enemy is breaching yourterritory.This means serious battle! You have to crush them beforethey approach any closer to your airbase-aircraft carrier so theplan is to go behind the enemy lines and beat them on their ownfield.Time for you to fight for glory and incinerate these enemies sothey never try to cast an evil glance upon your people again. Bethe heroic fighter pilot in these tough times of war and combat anddestroy your rivals through an aerial strike. Launch a brute andaggressive ground attack mission upon them in your gunner war planeand burn them to the ground. All hopes are pinned on you to defendyour people’s honor and pride and save them from enemy invasion inthis newest action simulation F16 jet Fighter rivals assault . Alleyes are on you so get ready for the ultimate skywars in this F16jet fighter jet game.Your F16 jet fighter plane is the most advanced andsophisticated military warcraft combat airforce plane with no matchin supersonic speed and maneuverability and it’s equipped withassault gunner machines , missile and powerful weapons for yourmission. Fly high in the sky like a professional and rain downdestruction upon your enemies with your amazing gun strike shootsin this action adventure air fight attack game.Gameplay:Take off towards the enemy territory from your aircraft carrierbase for an extreme war action combat . Take control of yourfighter plane from the cockpit which is loaded with ammunitionsupply. Spot the enemy tanks which are all ready to move towardsyour airbase , locate your enemies and shoot them down with yourbombs and gunshots. Burn these tank machines into rubble and returnback victorious. There are five dangerous comprehensive fightingmissions to challenge your air battle skills.This is an action packed army flight simulator game and a lastchance for you to display your heroic spirit and be the savior.Show off your f16 jet fighter flight skills in this epic militarywarfare game.
Police Dog Training School 3D 1.1 APK
Police dog training simulator is the best source of fun for all thedog lovers. Dogs are called a man's best friend because they areloyal and loving creatures. Who doesn't have a soft spot for thesefierce yet amazingly talented canines? Police Dog Training Session3D is an awesome chance to do some fun dog training session whichyou will thoroughly enjoy if you are a dog person. German shepherddog is known for qualities such as agility, loyalty, aggression andof course their powerful sniffing sense which are essential for ahunting dog. Hence, employed by the Police Department as a huntingdog to help them hunt criminals and they prove to be the besttrainee. Police Dog Training Session 3D is not one of your regularpolice dog games and is all about cop dog training. All police dogtrainee must first become experts at obedience training. They mustobey the commands of their handler without hesitation such asresponding to the dog whistle. This is what keeps the inherentaggression of the dog in check. A cop dog trainee must also make itthrough endurance and agility training. Gameplay: Police dogs helpcops chase robbers and solve criminal cases for which they have togo through a special training workout .As a cop dog you must beable to jump over walls and different objects, the skills which arerequired in the field. Action and thrill will be a big part of yourlife as a cop dog trainee. As a police trainee dog , you mustacquire the skills of running fast, jumping through hurdles so thatyou can be promoted to a police crime chase dog . In each level,you will be provided a specific challenge of jumping throughcertain obstacles . Be extra quick and pay attention because youdon't want to bump into any of the hurdles. You will also collectstars and will have to grab dog food. The challenges get harder asyou progress through the levels but if you are sprightly anddexterous enough, you will make an excellent dog trainee all readyto take on the criminal world and catch some bad guys. Be aware ofthe time limit as well and develop swift responses. Amazing soundsand real dog animations are included.You will get completelyaddicted to this dog training simulator and won't be able to putyour device down until you have finished all levels. This awfullywicked game will have you hooked in no time. Learn to master thecop dog stunts and claim your throne as the super cop dog.Features:Complete enjoyment with German shepherd traineedogRealistic jumping and dog stunt animationsAwesome trainingenvironmentWonderful feat missions with pedigree dogHigh quality 3Dgraphics and exciting gameplay
🚒 Rescue Fire Truck Simulator Driving School 2018 1.3 APK
Superhero Fireman! Get in american firefighter rescue truck, startinferno fire engine & 911 rescue sirens to save people as areal fire truck driver. Play rescue fire truck driving schoolsimulator game as smoke extinguisher to save innocent civiliansfrom burning fire in modern city. Turn on fire truck sirens anddrive like a real rescuer to reach modern city fire point in 911rescue simulator fireman games.Ever wanted to become a americanfirefighter truck driver on smashy roads? Now you can! It’s dutycall in fire emergency situation. Citizens are trapped insidebuildings and situation is alarming in 911 games. Here’s yourchance to show bravery as a fire extinguisher & ultimaterescuer. Play role of fire truck driver to put out bigger fireflames in rescue truck parking game. Become firemen emergencyrescue driver and work in fire brigade station to save innocentcitizens. Go on american firefighter driving school simulatormissions of challenging emergency locations like multi storeyparking plaza, high school or city hospital. Get fire truckrefueled from gas station and park in fire brigade building whileplaying 911 rescue simulator. Experience ambulance rush & reachcar accident spots as first responder rescuer in fireman games.Turn on fire truck siren and drive monster vehicle to become smokeextinguisher in best firefighter simulator 2018. Drive fire trucksout of fire station, car garage or hospital parking as superherofireman games. You are firefighter savior by playing ambulance rushsimulator 911 games. Firemen job is dangerous because driving firetruck driving school is not easy in 911 rescue simulator. Controlfire extinguishing truck to upgrade driving and super fire-fightingskills for 911 rescue mission around super city. Be careful &don't get caught by burning fire flames to become ultimate firemenin firefighter academy. Grab fire hose, race your fire truck tosave lives and display courage of a real firefighter emergencydriver.Rescue Fire Truck Driving School 2018 is next level drivingsimulation game with very challenging gameplay. Most addictivefireman games with big fire trucks in emergency car driving.Ultimate firemen to go on 911 rescue road trip with your favoritefire truck parking simulator. Drive fast to car accident spot inmulti-storey parking plaza, park your firefighter rescue truck anduse fire hose to extinguish blaze. Act like a real fireman againstmenacing flames and become 911 rescue hero. Conquer hazardous fireall around super city in rescue 911 truck simulator game. Takeposition as american firefighter savior and ride 911 rescue trucksimulator 3D.911 Rescue Firefighter Simulator 3D Game Features:🚒Thrilling fire rescue missions in realistic emergency situations🚒Fire truck with water hose to clear fire and smoke🚒 Subsist onmultiple extreme scenarios: each with its cool effects🚒 Modernfirefighting equipment in realistic gameplay🚒 Smooth controls forseamless driving simulator in massive environment🚒 Realistic smokeand fire hose for water with real physics🚒 Amazing fire trucksounds & rescue sirens for 3D gaming experience🚒 Realfirefighter truck driving & extreme ambulance rushadventureDownload & Play 911 Rescue Firefighter Driving School2018 Game - racing like big truck driver to help saving innocentlives in fire truck rescue missions.
Double Metro Bus Simulator 1.0 APK
Double Metro Bus Simulator is here! Enjoy thebest Bus Driver Job! Steer the big vehicle. Start your city drivefor transporting passengers. Play role of a city driver and pick& drop passengers. Drive awesome 3D double decker and enjoyrealistic city traffic. To be precise on time, head to the terminalwith speeding race. Extreme driving and parking bus will freshpaint your driving skills and brakes controls.Grab steering wheel and hop on the Double Metro Bus Simulator.Drive this jumbo decker towards highlighted stops and reach safelyon hour. To transport travelers at the right hour, drive haste.Steer your big vehicle to pick & drop passengers at airport.Keep checking metro fuel and visit fuel station in hour of extremeneed. Refueling is a challenging duty. You’ve to refuel withintransporting passengers time limit. Driving route challenges are toadd on more tourists and travelers. Take tourists on an awesomecity drive. Show them breathtaking view of shopping malls,Halloween and zombies costume parties and festive party. Pumpkintrucks and racing cars will be extreme trouble. Stay fearless!Speeding the big engine vehicle will save hour.For mission complete, hop on jumbo simulator and ride back toterminal. Metro decker parking is tricky at station withtransporter buses. Use side mirrors to save cars and park itprecise. High traffic at terminal challenges your control of thesteering wheel. Park safely and enjoy the addiction of newscarecrows transporter buses..Features:Double Decker Transporter busesUnique pick & drop and refueling objectivesAwsome Internal Dashboard, Side Mirror, Back mirror andHeadlightsSmooth driving controls of simulator buses
Police Truck Transporter 3D 1.2 APK
Police vehicles are usually out of bounds for all. But here’s yourchance to drive around a police truck transporter without gettingremanded for it! The 3D simulation game puts you responsible forpicking up constables and patrolmen and dropping them off for duty.Play the driver transporter game like real police staff and scaleup the fun!The police transport truck is a sophisticated passengervehicle, with a sturdy metal body and bulletproof shield. Thewindshield on the truck is also entirely bulletproof, with a policelight bar and barred windows. As you gain control of your vehicle,the 3D simulation and graphics will boost your gaming energy andemulate the feel of a real life passenger van with police scanner,cop lights and cop tracker. Game play:The policeman’s job isn’teasy protecting life and property all day. He cannot keep waitingall day and so your task as the transporter police force is to makesure every person on board reaches his duty position. But there’s atwist! The whole task needs to be completed within a time span of90 seconds. If you fail to take wardens to and from their duty intime, you fail your mission. Duty stations include prisons, checkpoints, and important state buildings where policemen will bewaiting to get on after the end of their duty, and the next shiftwill be on board your transporter truck and ready to reach theirduty in time. The task is an overwhelming one, and where the badgeis involved, duty and honour both count equally. Your drivingskills will be put to the test as you use precise but smoothcontrols to manoeuvre the heavy capacity transporter truck and takethese officers of the law safely and speedily to their destination.Make sure you deliver your duties and help wardens deliver theirson time. While shifting gears, rely on your skills as a truckdriver and cruise through the city streets. The truck is ahigh-heighted vehicle with multiple wheels, so be extra careful onsharp turns and don’t forget to watch out for the traffic on busycity roads! Game features: • 3D graphics with detailed citysurrounding • High powered, swift truck controls• Map directionsfor easy driving• Exciting time bound challenges• Clearinstructions on police officer duty tasks• Superb camera views foraccurate and precision while driving