5.3 / October 22, 2017
(3.8/5) (9)


Customize and battle with other players from all over the world inthis quick to play and easy to understand battle rpg ! - Killenemies and Level Up to become all powerful! - Customize your nameand characters with dozens of outfits! - Upgrade your Health,Attack, Defense and more! - Play on a LAN network or Online! - Pickup and play experience for quick battle anywhere! Keep on thelookout for weekly updates we're planning to add more outfits, moregraphics, more sounds and extra content! Next Update : - New LargerServers - 10 New Outfits - HP / XP model changes! Note : If youhave any problems with the game not loading or freezing we've hadsome users who just needed to restart their phones one time to fixthat issue! Make sure you have an online connection at all times (Preferably Wifi for speed! ) To enjoy the full experience ofBattle.IO 3D Online!!

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    battle.io 3D Online
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    October 22, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Two Coins Ent
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ZS3D - Old Edition 1.2 APK
Two Coins Ent
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twocoins.z3donDownloadthe new version called Zombie Survival 3D Online! Workingmultiplayer, improved controls, PVP and PVE crafting!
3D Tabletop Dice 1.3 APK
Two Coins Ent
Ever go out to a friends to play a board game, role playing game,tabletop game, miniature game, and you're unable to find some diceto go along ? WELL FRET NO MORE! D4, D6, D10, D12, D20 all at yourfingertips! Just click the dice button, tap until you have theright number, tap the dice button again and then shake em up!Rollup to 5 dice at a time to see each number and total! Roll EVEN MOREto get a grand sum of all the dice together!Any questions ?Requested featured ? Just let us know by contacting us at ouremail!
Catsumus : Puzzle Line Pop 3.31 APK
Two Coins Ent
Our frantically fun puzzle game will test your wits and reflexes asyou try and snap large combos and power up your magical Catsumus!FEATURES- Quick 1 minute gameplay that you can play anywhere atanytime!- Google Play Leaderboards to test your puzzle gamingskills against your friends!- Use our in-game tutorial to teach youa step by step process of lining up and collecting Catsumus!- Powerup your magical abilities by lining up large combos and unleashingby clicking magic charge!- Collect all the Catsumus and upcomingones in future updates!What's a Catsumu? Tsumu is the Japanese wordfor 'stacking', so translated Catsumu means "Cat Stacking"! It'spronounced ca tsum u, or "Cat-soom-oos".Which Catsumus can youcollect? Here's some of them so far:- Strawberry Whiskers -Yourstarting Catsumu. Using the power of her little pink whiskers, shehas the ability to create a strawberry beam which pops catsumus ina horizontal line. Once you level her up the beam gets even larger,making it easier to create magic Catsumus which reward you withextra time. - Big Tooth -Big, toothy, kind of angry tom cat, mightbe a tiger - that's Big Tooth alright. Using his big teeth, thisCatsumu has an ability to bite in an area which pops any Catsumusit hits. Big Tooth is also of common rarity meaning it's easier tounlock this cat. - Monday Cat -Big old grumpy Monday Cat makes agreat friend as long as you don't need him to move fast. Hisability lets you create large Catsumus which give even more points!He might be hungry but at least he can't grow any bigger.- DolphinSong -Sometimes a cat just wants to be a cute little dolphin - andwhy not! Dolphin Song has an ability to create a water spouttsunami that shoots up and pops Catsumus. - Chicken Scratch -ThisCatsumu looks similar to another animal - is a chicken an animal?Either way Chicken Scratch uses his cute little hat to create eggswhen his ability is cast. It randomly creates magic catsumus whichcan be used for extra time. Plus we hear he does an awesome chickendance.- Starry McTwinkleface -This pretty kitty has stars in hereyes, forever dreaming of the sky above. Using her ability she canmake stars fall from above which cross the screen. This plush, cutelittle pet can use her ability to get high scores but is harder touse than others.- Demolition Cliffy -Demolition Cliffy is face ofdestruction when it comes to destroying everything. As soon as yourback is turned, vases will break, televisions will fall over.Nobody knows how he does it, but this cat creates damage whereverhe goes. He has the ability to create extra yarn bombs in gamewhich can help clear the stage.- Dog Cat -Coming from a pack ofsome very strange looking pets, this Catsumu has somethingdifferent about him. Why are his ears so big and his nose solarge?- Scrappy Tail -He might not be the smartest pet, but thiscat knows his way around a farm. He's a bit dusty and may have beenoutside a bit too long, but his ability to create combos makes hisscrappy nature very handy.- Mr. Smiles -Mr. Smiles finds even thesimple things funny, maybe he just enjoys being a cat. One of ourfavorites he can cast a magic spell which pops Catsumus in thecenter of the screen. It's easy to use and has high rewards sotiming it just right is important. - Cherry Cupcake -Kawaii andsweet, that's Cherry Cupcake! She found her way into a cupcake andnow wants to eat the whole thing. She can even make more cupcakeson screen by using her ability! - Amazing Frog Cat -Hop, hop, hoppop! - Amazing Frog Cat put this pet costume on and doesn't want totake it off! hop! pop!- Ninja Cat -Using the power of the night,Ninja Cat slashes his way around the screen clearing catsumus in alarge area. We're not even sure what his real name is!- PrincessTiara -Wearing only the most pretty jewelry fit for a queen,Princess Tiara is the rarest Mythical cat of all Catsumus.More infosoon!
Healing Simulator 1.0 APK
Two Coins Ent
WE ARE TAKING YOUR COMMENTS AND MAKING A NEW AND IMPROVED HEALINGSIMULATOR FOR 2015 ! So be sure to write in your comments what youthink could be added to make the experience 5/5 !Ever play anMMORPG like World of Warcraft, Wildstar, or Everquest ? Ever play aHealer? No ? Well you're in luck!Healing Simulator puts you in theshoes of ACTUAL healers where you get to see NONE of the awesomegraphics of your typical role playing game and only stare at healthbars and battle text! Take control in this half role playing - halfpuzzle - all healing game and defeat the evil..um..ENEMIES ! Takeon over 25 encounters ranging from stupidly easy, to insanely hardand keep your party alive! If you've managed to conquer theencounters ( You are Epic! ) head to the DUNGEON RUN mode and tryto keep everyone alive as long as possible and then compare yourtime against your facebook friends and the developers!The facebookfeature compares your scores against other people on yourfriendlists! The more people that play the more you can compareyour time!If you have any comments, questions, bug reports orthings you've loved to see added just give us an email! We're asmall development team of 2 so all the 5 stars are appreciated!
Dungeon Dice - Android Wear 1.2 APK
Two Coins Ent
Use your smartwatch as the next dice roller!. Forget popping outyour phone and forget apps limited to just a six sided dice. Getall the dungeon dice from D4 to D20 using our app and use simplegestures to roll those dice!Simply install it on your phone andDice Application will appear in your Android Wear list ! Threesimple controls : -Tap and hold on a dice to roll it!-Swipe up anddown to change dice!-Change the background by double tapping on theball to the right !D4,D6,D8,D10,D12 and D20 are all available !Ifyou ever forget a single die or entire set of dice to a game, thisis the ultimate companion to have!If you run into issues or haveany recommendations to expand the app please let us know!
50 Shades of Run! 1.0 APK
Two Coins Ent
50 Shades of Run! is a simple randomly generated infinite runnerwith responsive touch controls and set in a colorless world. We askthat you only go for one goal, collect as many powerups as possibleand get that score sky high. Something might just happen if you getup to 1,000,000...hmm...A fun and simple to play while waiting on abus stop, on the train, or at work!If you experience any bugs orissues please let us know right away!
Epic Archery 1.0 APK
Two Coins Ent
Take part in our Soft Launch / Trial Verison and test our EpicArchery game! The final release is set for December 16th which willinclude 12 characters, 20 bows, 36 levels and more!Please email usat [email protected] with bugs, suggestions and tweaks!Take upyour bow in this casual puzzle archery game, one of the first ofit's kind. Introducing the ability to choose your very own Archer,unlock new bows, and participate in over 36 challenging levels ( 24in the soft launch ) ! At any time you can also participate in theChallenge Run! You have one arrow and gain an arrow when you hit atarget, see how many targets you can hit in a row and give it a tryagain..maybe there's some sort of unlockables if you get highenough..hmm.
Touch Diver 3D 1.2 APK
Two Coins Ent
All eyes are on you ! You are the Goalkeeper in this sports Soccer/ Football Sim so be sure your up to the task of defending the goalagainst the onslaught attack from the kicker ! Simple,fun,challenging and addictive for on the go sport enjoyment and best ofall it's free at your fingertips !Challenge yourself to beat yourprevious score, keep blocking and earn the score multiplier andkeep rising to the top to the best Soccer / Football Goalkeeper !-Goalkeeper Hand Physics- 3D Footlball Graphics !- Random fun on thego !- Simple yet addictive gameplay!