1.0 / March 2, 2018
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Beach Head Shooting Assault is a real shooting game with modernnaval combat wars. There are many challenging mission-critical andreal Gulf War scenes. Give you a chance to fight the evil enemiesin the Gulf of Hope.Your mission is to protect your city and navalbase, with army commando soldiers defending their enemies in thecoastal relentless attacks. The Army is equipped with the latestmachine guns and rocket launchers and you will need to strike anddestroy their tanks, landing craft, aircraft carriers, destroyopponent's soldiers, paratroopers and destroy motorboats, warshipsand fighter jets. Whether you survive or not depends on yourprecise aiming and shooting skills, winning the war with fearlessshooting power and saving your city and country in order tosurvive.It is unacceptable to lose hope in the shootout and youneed to win the war at all costs. Do not be afraid, they are notmade of steel. No matter who wins, warriors, will always beremembered.Beach Head Shooting Assault Features:- Immersed in anexciting 3D environment- Challenging and addictive game- A lot offirearms shooting- glorious mission- amazing sound effects

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    Beach Head Shooting Assault
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    March 2, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Moto Traffic 3D is an addictive modern limit motorcycle racinggame. In this game, travel on a busy road, speed up your speed, gobeyond other cars or complete a variety of thrilling actions.Allowing you to thrill the sporty motorcycle racing adventure.Puton your motorcycle helmet and ride your superbike, ready to burnthe freeway. This is thrilling racing game that joins the game tochallenge some of the real people to adrenaline to enhance thespeed of adventure. Through a dangerous trajectory, driving yourmotorcycle in a first-person perspective and completing a varietyof tasks in this very challenging motorcycle race.This motorcycleracing game combines amazing HD quality graphics, allowing you toexplore a whole new world while riding the best heavy motorcycleracing, combined with physical laws, driving motorcycles on thefreeway. Through the avoidance of vehicles and complete a varietyof breathtaking action to be rewarded.Ready to drive a supermotorcycle for the game. Complete many real-life actions.Experience the thrill of modern motorcycle racing. Drive thevehicle over the road and earn cash. To prove himself to be thebest driver of the motorway racing driver. Completion of the nextlevel into the next level, each next level than the previous levelmore challenging and strategic requirements. Achieve all levels byachieving challenging goals and perform thrilling operations on adangerous track to become a professional motorcycle driver.MotoTraffic 3D Features:- endless racing adventure on the road-stunning 3D high quality graphics- Exciting music and soundeffects- Real motorcycle performance and touch- a variety ofchallenging tasks- Adjustable steering wheel or button- Real enginesound- based on physical control- Play anytime, anywhere
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Moto Traffic High Speed is a fast-paced racing game. Control yourmotorcycle at an alarming rate at traffic peak! Feel the thrill ofthe real motorcycle racing.Go to the garage and choose yourfavorite motorcycle. Adjust the vehicle and customize itsappearance. Choose your favorite color and make your ride more ofyour own style. You can also modify your motorcycle to enhance theperformance of motorcycles, so you better enjoy the speed.As fastas possible the speed of driving and racing, becoming the world'sbest motorcycle driver! Ride your motorbike, drive on endless busyroads and highways, escape the vehicle and complete the challenge.Take a variety of scenes and enjoy the real driving experience, butdo not relax, the road is full of high-speed cars, you must becareful to avoid these vehicles.the game gives you a stimulating,fun gaming experience that will help you become the best motorcycledriver. Do you want to ride a supermobile and compete with otherracers? Join us now!Features:- real scenes and environmentaleffects- more than an epic motorcycle- Private custom ofmotorcycles- fast-paced contest- realistic 3D picture- shockingmusic and sound effects- Realistic driving experience