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Let’s have journey of shooting fun with beach head war. Beachheadfinal war is a fun game which is also complete action packageforshooting fun games lovers. Defend your naval base fromhelicoptersand tanks of enemies. This best shooting fighting gamelet you testand improve your fearless shooting power skills.Believe in yourshooting skills and become best shooter in this navyshooting wargame.Game PlayOn game start, you will find yourself onseasidecamouflage. Enemies will attack on you and you have todefeat them.They are in large number with modern equipment. Theywill alsostrike with gunship helicopter in this coastal enemyattack game.Fighter jets, tanks and helicopters are also part ofthis navalbase camp attack. Strike hard and defeat them all.Playerwill havemultiple weapons like rocket launcher, gunner, and assaultrifle toshoot enemies in this fun modern shooter fighting game.Someweapons are free to use and some are locked. Lockedmodernequipment can be unlocked through coins. Inn-app used toeaseplayer to get coins. Coins can also get through completingmissionsand levels in this shooting mission game.Thrilling andchallengingmission levels are added to have best shooting practicefun. Sharpshooter players will explore their excellent shootingskills inthis fun shooting battleground game. Addictive gameplayand hoursof playing without getting bore. This shooting combat gameisdesigned to have fun with virtual weapons. Become shooting herointhis crazy shooting marvelous champion game.GraphicsGraphicsofthis shooting war game are fantastic. Next generationhighdefinition graphics and real 3D war environment will increasefunin this beach gunner shooting battle game. Fantastic animationsandcomplete pack of battleground environment will boost up funforyou.FeaturesReal gulf war environment30 exciting levels andmorecoming soonStunning 3D game graphicsAddictive gameplay engageyouhours of funMultiple missions and advanced weaponsModernnavalcombat war strategy gameRealistic FPS (First PersonShooting)gameDifferent war scenarios and ambush scenes Easy andsmoothcontrols

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    Beach Head War
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    May 15, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Animal Hunter Simulation 3D
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    DHA Business Way, Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi Pakistan
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Arabic City Army Shooting War 3D 1.0.1 APK
War BackgroundNow the time has come to prove your trainings andprofessional war skills. A commando mission was launched againstthe enemy troops in an Arabic city. Due to unexpected circumstancesthe mission was compromised and the commando team was exposed.Enemy was alerted and awaiting for the commandos to come close andtrap in an ambush. The counter attack against the enemy troopsdidn’t work out and commando team has to scatter. Most of them diedin 1st combat by the enemy’s heavy attack. Only 2 of them were ableto survive but injured enough to fight, somehow they managed todeceive the enemy and leave the Arabic city. Now the only army leftcontains one commando, a one man soldier. Your current location iscompromised, and enemy troops have focused on you. Now the Missionhas become like a survival mission. But Enemy won’t let you survivein their territory. So shooting and killing the enemy troops willlet you live and tell the enemy “You are more than an Army, acommando who is enough as a single fighter”.According to the warcircumstances, helicopter can’t come for extracting. You need tomake your own way to the extraction point by clear the area fromthe enemy. Remember “Death is not an option”To be killed in abattle isn’t recall as a killing but a sacrifice for the missionand the nation too. Your death is not only the failure of missiononly but to the whole unit and commando troops. Complete theMission and set the records of bravery and the glory to the ArmyAnd whole Nation. Game Play Your position is locked and the enemytroops are moving towards you. This Arabic city is far from thearmy headquarters and close to the border area. Enemy is coming ingroups and waves. Use your shooting skills to kill soldiers as fastas you can do. This will enhance your performance and save yourlife. A green health bar indicates your health and is displayed onthe left side. Enemy soldiers have also health bar attachedoverhead. There are two types of enemy soldiers you have toencounter;One; regular forceTwo; Special force (commandos)Specialcommandos are more trained and fight well on the war during fight.They strike and move fast. Controls: This is an “aim and shoot”type action game. Use left side for aiming the enemy soldiers andhit the fire button using right side. Player movement is locked and/ or controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Weapons There arelong range weapons in the weapon store. Use them according to themission call. MP5 A worlds Famous submachine gun. Maximum safetyfor the user, easy to handle, modular, extremely accurate andextraordinarily easy to control during the fire. M4 The M4 is ashorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle. Thetelescope feature gives extra accuracy while fighting with multidirectional soldiers. M249 The M249 is a light machine gun. Themain feature is, it can be used with magazine or with the bulletbelt. M110 M110 is a Semi-Automatic Sniper rifle and is used forlong range and even moving targets.Rocket Launcher A small circle /radius damage weapon can destroy the tanks, bunkers, small vehiclesand multiple soldiers. Use rocket launcher when 2 or more than twosoldiers are firing at you. It will destroy or damage the armytroops in a specific range (radius). Earn/Buy (in app purchases)Coins to upgrade the weapons. As the enemy’s strike more hard, youll need better weapons to counter the soldier’s strike. BattleInstructions Always shoot the closest enemy first. Prefer thestatic enemy for target rather than the moving / running soldier.It can save your ammunition.
Archery Deer Hunting Game: Bow Hunter Wild Safari 1.0.1 APK
Archery hunting is most addictive animals hunting simulation game.This action games ultraistic 3d graphics, easy controls and amazinganimations makes your playing experience interesting and joyful.Hunting animals with archery is a fun. If you want to become legendarchery hunter this game completes all your hunting dreams comestrue.You are an archer riding horse deep into wild jungle witharrows and bow. Pick up the bow, put arrows on it and take aimright on the deer. Aim and shot on accurate position to get reward.You’re the best archer in the world. When you come near to theanimals hold your breath and run slowly otherwise they become alertand ran away or maybe attack on you. Hunt them down before youprey. Show your hunting skill make them victim and prey. Jungleroles are kill or die no other rules apply in wild life. Archergoes into forest with arrows and bow to enjoy their hunting safari.Professional hunters always perform dangerous hunting tasks. Theywants to kill furious animals like lion, deer, bear, cougar,¬tiger, cheetah, gazelle, stag, rhinos, wolfs etc. You are avatarwith special precis archery to shot wildness. Your first task is tohunt down two deer’s in give time. Number of deer’s increase levelwise. Many excited levels are waiting for you. Every next level ofthe game is more thrilling from previous.Legend archery hunting isnow available on your smart phone. If you also want to become alegend archer kill furious wild animals. This game is free foranimal hunting and shooting game lovers.How to Play?Controls of theplayer are simple and easy. Player can moves by using on screenjoystick and swipe screen. Pick up bow tap on bow button. Tap scopebutton to aim at target. Tap on arrow button to fire. Tap on pausebutton to stop game anytime.FeaturesCrystal clean graphicsSmootharchery controlsRealistic archery hunting physicsLegend archer withhorseFeel real air flow of arrowsCool animals sound, arrows sound& wind soundAddictive gameplay easy to hardReal animalcharactersAnimals run, escape, attack & killUnlimited arrowswith bow but limited timeDifferent hunting missions without bloodeffects
Safari Hunting Jungle Animals 1.0.2 APK
Jungle World Safari Wild Hunter 3D: Deadly Hunting is among theworld’s most realistic hunting simulations and best free FPShunting experience in 3D world.Welcome to the deep jungle Hunt, Nowyou will face different type of forest animals. Some of them arenot enough dangerous like duck and Deer. Deer are innocent butfamous animals for hunting. They don’t attack to kill you but theyare fast enough to escape from your hunting range and the missionwill be failed. Some of the animals in the jungle are furious andcan attack as they see you like lions and the tigers. Don’t eventry to forget the giant brown bears. Don’t Miss your shot otherwiseyou will be dead in few seconds. Brown bears are giant, Strongerand their attack is fatal. They can tear you into pieces so takinga head shot can save you from death.There are other animals, willappear on different regions and jungles (levels in the game). HeavyHippo, Sheep, crocodile and sea animals like deadly shark are theanimal you also have to face them. Fast, Cunning and wild wolvesare also included. They hunt in the pack so be careful whilehunting the wolves. Hunting on Wheels You want to make huntinginteresting? Get ready for ultimate driving experience in thejungle. Take your hunting gears and weapons with you and get in the4x4 Safari jeep. Move deep into the woods and search for animals tofulfill your hunting quest. Explore the forest lands and track theanimals. Use your hunting skills and hunt more. Mass Hunting fromAir Not only Jeep driving gives you happy hunting? Still you wantmore fun and thrill? Let’s fly in a big bird, a gunship helicopteris ready on helipad. Check your gears and get in the helicopter.Now fly over the vast jungle and enjoy mass hunting. Kill thedeadly wild beasts without any fear. You are free to fire, engageand start firing with heavy weapons. Weapons Your weapons gearconsists of AK47, Short Gun, Pistol and Sniper rifle. Unlock anduse them according to the mission requirements. You can purchasethem by cash you will be rewarded after each hunt.Move, Run, Driveeven fly in the woods, mountain, forest and enjoy ultimate huntingexperience. Explore hunting regions in Wild Africa, Europeanmountains, Australian safari world, American wonderlands and Asianmysterious lands.Now time to get ready and wear your hunting gears,load your weapon and prove you are sharp hunter than the wildbeasts wondering in the jungle. Use your hunting senses and trackanimals in realistic hunting spots and deep forest locations.Complete all the hunting tasks and the mission objectives to claimrewards.Play Jungle World Safari Wild Hunter 3D: Deadly Hunting andbecome one of the best hunters - Step out into the great awesomehunting spots, load your weapon, take sight, aim & shoot. Hunt& win the hunting championship. Welcome to the next level ofhunting animals and New FPS shooting games. Features, The Beauty ofHunting Astonishing forest environments for huntingClassic Huntingand Shooting Weapons4x4 Safari Jeep and vehicle physics on roughlandsFlying Experience of Gunship Helicopter and Mass Hunting3Dcool graphicsEasy to access weapon shop Finally, Download the worthplaying hunting game in 2018.
Cover Shoot Gun Fire: Free Sniper Shooting Game 1.0.1 APK
“We are Hit! I repeat We are Hit By the enemy” This was the lastmessage broadcasted from the crashed Helicopter. A militaryhelicopter was on a secret mission carrying a very small team ofcommandos. During mission helicopter had to cross the border andinfiltrate the enemy tertiary. Although helicopter was flying withlow level navigation to avoid the enemy radar but still detected bySurface To Air Missile and got hit. Last message was sent beforecrash by the injured pilot. Team was dead including pilot exceptyou. You are last survivor standing on the ground with nocommunications. Helicopter Radio is dead and more communicationwith you Head Quarter will expose your location. Enemy has beenalerted and patrolling team is coming to get you. Game Play You arehiding in a building near border and now there is no option exceptcombat. You are equipped with a hand gun M911 pistol only. Clearthe building and get outside of the enemy area. Clearing buildingmeans you have to kill all the enemy commandos you encounter whilecoming outside the building.Enemy soldiers are coming in waves sodon’t waste your time in wondering. Be focused on your mission thatis now to escape from the enemy border lines. Border forces areordered “Shoot to kill at sight”. So there is no surrender orarrest, only option is to kill or to be dead. Game play is incontinuous mode, one wave after the other. After clearing one areamove forward and watch your surroundings carefully. There is aradar screen given to monitor the nearest enemy positions. But thisradar doesn’t show the complete area so visual confirmation isnecessary. As extra ammunition and weapons were left behind in thehelicopter so now you have a pistol only. This can work only inclose range combat with accuracy. You need big rifles andammunition to handle the well trained enemy shooters. They are ingreat numbers, don’t let them come to close enough you can’t hitthem. Hunt them down and prove to be one man army. A commando nevergives up, never surrender and always fight for the glory of hisarmy and nation.Upon completing each wave you will earn some cashin reward. With this cash you can buy and upgrades weapons. Thereare multiple options of getting cash in case you ran out of cash.There are two free cash earnings, one with fewer amounts and fromother you can more cash by watching rewarded video. The third oneis paid and you can have cash by digital purchases. Unlock andpurchase modern weapons for advance warfare actions. Unlock Ak-47for rapid fire actions. Play Modern FPS (first person Shooting)Game and kill more enemies to Get access to the Sniper rifle. It’sa long range effective and lethal weapon to kill the enemies farfrom your range. While engaging the target in telescope zoom, neverforget your surrounding close enemies. Shooting Game FeaturesSmooth FPS Game ControlsEasy to Access weapon store Excellent warzone graphics Mobile Friendly Environment and gameplayImproved andrealistic AIShooting effects are real like war actionsDouble Checkyour weapons and ammo, be ready enemy soldiers are just your way.
Commando Gun Shoot Strike: Counter Terrorist War 1.0.2 APK
Shoot Hunter Fire Battle game is an amazing action packed, shootingand thrilling game. Experience the best animated spy commando gamewith fps smooth gun control. It gives you a complete snipershooting and commando shooting experience. Ready and play realcommando (FPS) first person shooting game. Shoot Hunter Fire Battleis strategy and Elite sniper game has most thrilling and adventuresstory-line. Conquer the building area and attack in enemies behindfrom containers and buildings. Use sniper gun to kill enemies froma distance, because they will be alert when you will fire firstbullet and they start firing back. Might be possible they will killyour player and your mission is failed. Attack on terrorist likes abrave army commando. Show your convalescence to eliminate allenemies.You are provided advanced and deadly weapons like assaultrifle, advanced sniper gun and many more like pistol and ak47.Terrorists are more in numbers compare to your giving player powerand increase in every mission. They comes in different waves andattack on your troops again and again. This is the time to provethat you are the best shooter. You are very famous in army asencounter specialist. Pick up your gun and strike on terrorists.Teach them a great lesson. Eliminate surrounding terrorist, aim andshot accurately on target. Hunt them down like a professionalhunter and clear all missions. Prove that you are the greatassassin against the terrorism. Best of luck!How to play:Start thegame with first level when you complete first one next level willbe unlocked automatically. On every successful mission you will beawarded with gold coins. Use your gold coin to purchase moreweapons. Shot on right target gives you extra coins which help toimprove your score. Use your combat skills and shoot fire on targetto save the bullets. Time is limited complete your mission beforethe given time. Features:Ultra-realistic 3D graphics, Coolanimations and Energizing game soundsAddictive game-playFeel thebattle sound Challenging stealth missionsVariety of deadlyweaponsSmooth fps controls Realistic environmentPlay any time anywhereNo internet access required
Werewolf City Attack Simulator 2018 1.01 APK
For the hundreds of hundred years it is to be believed thatwerewolves exist. Werewolf is a mythical creature that istransformed into a wolf from the human being. Basically werewolf isa human that is “shape shifted” into a wolf temporarily or in somecertain condition. This transformed wolfman is considered to be theenemy of the humans. Both have been killed to each other since manyyears. It’s a folkloric character and is very famous in fiction andmodern movies. This horror like creature has super human speed andextra power to kill.This game is also based on a werewolf who iscaptured by human and locked up in a city. Somehow mighty werewolfescaped and the game starts when he is out in the public. He isfurious to kill the every human he sees. You, as a player acts likea werewolf. Look around for any humans to hunt. Humans are notstatic, they are one move. Find them before your power ends and itwould kill you. Werewolf needs blood to remain alive, for the sakeof his life he has to hunt its prey and fulfill his huger needs.Explore the amazing environment of a city while wondering andhunting.Game is simple but interesting due to the wolfman , amysterious and folkloric human. ControlsControl the character withthe joystick, appears to be on the left hand side. Look around bytouch and drag the screen on right hand side of the game play.Don’t waste time by moving around in wrong directions. It willwaste your energy and you ll be dead. For energy refill, there areenergy packs available in the different areas of the city. Huntingwill refill your rewards. And power pack will refill energy formore hunting. Prove your woflman skills by hunting more. Clear allthe challenges and become the king of the pride. Werewolf simulatorgives players a chance to live a life of a furious creature that isa mysterious and fictional character in the history. When human isin the shape of wolf, it needs blood. The need of blood and thedesire of the revenge make the werewolf more dangerous to thehumans around. Play as a historical secret character, improve yourhunting skills and get more rewards. Complete the challenges beforea specific given time so that you may live because wolfman needsblood to survive. Usually wolfman and werewolves come out in thedark and attack the people. Sunlight can burn the werewolf and killthem eventually so Werewolf live under the shadows but if wolfmanbecomes mutant, he can survive even in the sunlight. Now afterbecoming the mutant werewolf, your super powers are more enhanced.You can hunt in the sunlight. Hunting in daylight will give thewerewolf more chances to hunt and fulfill the blood desire. ThisBloody monster will kill the every human he faces. Running fast isa most important super power of a wolfman. It can save the time andas a mutant wolf you can hunt a lot in fewer time frames. As fastas you run your power will consume as well. To refill your powersyou must catch the power boosters, in the area. No chances forsurvival as werewolf can break anything and smash it even metal andtear apart into pieces.A radar display is given in the game for themutant wolf, indicating the humans and the power boosters with thedifferent color dots. Red dot represent the humans and the blueones are for power boosters. Red dots appear and disappearaccording to the movement of the humans around in the city.PlayWild Wolf Simulator in realistic 3D city environment and live thelife of a werewolf. Alpha Male Wolf always leads the clan. Hunt andwin the position of “Alpha Wolf” as a reward when you back to yourclan. Enjoy real werewolf character life with run attack andultimate fast Super powers of Werewolf.
Zombie Dead Strike: Waves Killer Hunter 1.2 APK
A war has begun against the Zombies after the evacuation of theliving people from the Town. Zombies are the worst enemies ever asthey have no fear of anything. They have no purpose or mission,just to kill any human being seen. You are in a town and as a Frontman commando your mission is to Survive in this dead town that hasbecome a dead Zombie Town now. You are only living Army among thesedead living. Your Team soldiers have been killed by the zombies andthere is a rescue team coming to take you out of the Zombie Town.Weapons There is a list of modern weapons to handle the clan ofzombies in the arms store. Ak 47 , MP5, Shotgun and sniper aregiven in the game. Move to kill and get the rewards in cash. Thiscash can be used to buy unlock and buy the weapons. Try to take themaximum Head shots to get the high amount of cash. Get automaticand advance weapons as early as possible. First you have to unlockthe weapons by purchasing them from arms store and then equipped touse in the battleground. You can switch your weapons during fightvery easily and use appropriate weapon according to the condition,either in close battle or distant target. Game Play Move around andwatch for the coming zombies. Counter them to clear your path. Moveaway and keep distance from them while shooting. If you are trappedin zombies from all sides there is no chance of survival. In startyou are equipped with Normal hand gun M1, 911 Pistol. Best forclose range shooting. But single fire weapon will help you a verylimited as zombies attack from all sides and you need to move fastand need free fire to destroy them. Fight against waves of zombiesand earn the latest war weapons.You have been surrounded by thezombies and they are coming towards you from all the possiblesides. In The deep corridors or in the open streets, you are neversafe. When the survival is necessary and the only option, do thebold and strong actions to kill these monsters. These Zombiemonsters are as fast as in a blink of an eye they will be on toyou. Their attack is critical and you have to strike back as soonas possible to get rid of them. Some of them are faster than theothers so always be focus. Monitor the zombies movement and prepareyourself before they reach close to you. Always reload your weaponbefore the new wave comes and be ready for strike against monsters.Shooting with close aim gives you the shooting accuracy As an elitesoldier of a commando team, use your warfare skills and kill thezombies with the perfection. Don’t be panic and be relaxed whileshooting at the clans of the zombies. Bullets and ammunition arethe only companions that will make you survive in the criticalsituations. Use the fire power carefully and wisely in assault.There are some ammo packs in the war zone. Find them to refill yourarms. When the zombies are on to you the damage rate will becritical and you need power to stick to the fight. There are somemedic kits to restore your health.Restore your breath and Keepfighting against living dead Zombies, until rescue commando teamsarrive.Features:Dozens of deadly missionsHigh quality graphicsWiderange of weaponsSmooth touch based controlsPerformance basedmission rewardsFree game for all
Dinosaur Hunter Shooter Free 1.0 APK
Welcome to world of hunting, shooting, deadly attacks,action,adventure, thrill and much more. Here we are talking aboutdinosaurhunter shooter simulation game presenting by Animalhuntersimulation 3D. Hunting of dinosaurs on Jurassic island.Dinosaursare thirsty for blood. Save yourself from deadly attacksand shootthem all. Amazing actual dinosaur hunter simulation gamewithextraordinary performance. Hunt dinosaurs otherwise, you willbehunted. Enjoy great hunting trip and become a wild hunter.Foresthunting of dinosaurs in Jurassic environment, it is amazing.Becomebest jungle sniper and hunt wild dinosaur.Game PlayFinddinosaurswith help of radar and shoot them. Otherwise, dinosaursattack onyou and there will be a chance they kill your player.Fivedifferent professional weapons will available. Two weapons willbeunlocked and others are locked. Weapons like assaultrifle,shotgun, cross bow are locked. These professional equipmentcan beunlocked through coins or virtual cash. This virtual cash canbeearned through completing levels of wild animal: dinosaurshooter.Coins can be also earned through inn app purchases byspending realmoney. To fulfill your zest of dinosaur huntingadventure, thereare 30 exciting levels in deadly attacks: dinosaurshootersimulation. On completion of each level, next level willunlock indinosaur hunter survival mission free game. Every nextlevel willbe more thrilling, exciting and interesting. Oncompleting all 30levels, you will become legend wild animal hunter.In this game itis the best opportunity for you to become dinosaurhunting hero.Experience real jungle shooting in real dinosaurhunting adventure.Test your skills as real dinosaur hunting expertand become bestjungle sniper.Graphics and animations Nextgeneration stunninggraphics with eye catching color combination,realistic animationson dinosaur models in realistic wild jungleenvironment of aJurassic island, will definitely impact excellentimpression onyou. High definition graphics of real dino shooterhunter will makeyou in love with real jungle dinosaur huntersimulation. Controlsand PerformanceSmooth flowing controls of realdinosaur huntershooter will make you love with this game. The gameis compatiblewith almost all the android OS devices. Deadly attack:dinosaurshooter simulation will take small memory to load. That isreasonit gives best performance even on devices oflowconfiguration.Relative sounds of game are also fantastic. Boostupfun for your hunting experience. Feel yourself professionalhunterwhile playing dinosaur hunting fury. It will be excellentJurassichunting trip for animal hunting lovers.FeaturesThere are30exciting levels in forest dinosaur shooter huntingsimulationAftercompleting one level, next level will be unlock inhunting fury:dinosaur shooting simulation.Every next level will bemoreexciting, thrilling and challengingPlayer will have fivedifferentprofessional weapons: Assault rifle, shotgun, pistol andcross bowArchery shooting with cross bow will be excellent dinohuntingexperienceEvery professional weapon will havelimitedbulletsInn-app purchases included that used for getting morecashand advanced weaponsYou can use real money to earn coins Coinswillbe used to unlock locked weaponsCoins can also earnthroughcompleting levels of real dinosaur shooterhuntingsimulationAdvance radar system will be available forindication ofdinosaursHours of playing without gettingboreAddictive game forwild animal hunting loversPowerful zoom ofguns will ease dinosaurhuntingSmooth controls FPS Shooter controlsStunning 3D graphics& quality sounds, Well performance and suchother things willboost up funDinosaur hunter shooter 3D is totallyfree gameYou canplay this game offline without internet access