1.1 / March 18, 2015
(3.5/5) (92)


The warriors need to face the threats of large gun gameagain!
A top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army! Shoot alltheterrorists, who appear in front of you.Try to kill youropponentsbefore they defeat you.Good luck and have fun!
★★★how to play★★★
1 click on the screen to move
2 Click mode button to aim and shoot
3 Click on the lower right button to reload
1 control: simple games and easy to use, experience the fun ofenemyfire!
2 weapons: a pistol, machine guns, each weapon has itsdifferentcharacteristics, embodied in the accuracy, rate of fire,fire, thelife of the different!
3 enemy: a variety of different difficulty enemy, ladderlevelincreasing difficulty, standing on the ladder top, feel themillionpeople above!

App Information Beach Shooting

  • App Name
    Beach Shooting
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 18, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Mobile Game 3D
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
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  • Developer
    Email dongyongjb2014@gmail.com
    DONG YONG ,4762 Main Street
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Beach Shooting 1.1 APK
★★★introduction★★★The warriors need to face the threats of large gun gameagain!A top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army! Shoot alltheterrorists, who appear in front of you.Try to kill youropponentsbefore they defeat you.Good luck and have fun!★★★how to play★★★1 click on the screen to move2 Click mode button to aim and shoot3 Click on the lower right button to reload★★★characteristics★★★1 control: simple games and easy to use, experience the fun ofenemyfire!2 weapons: a pistol, machine guns, each weapon has itsdifferentcharacteristics, embodied in the accuracy, rate of fire,fire, thelife of the different!3 enemy: a variety of different difficulty enemy, ladderlevelincreasing difficulty, standing on the ladder top, feel themillionpeople above!
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NO IN-APP PURCHASES. FULL GAME IS FREE!Select your tank from many World War II and Modern Eraarmoredmachines and upgrade its destructive powers! Join thearmored forceof tens of thousands of real players and drive intoferocious teamdeathmatch and special CTF mode battles!FEATURES* All new 3D graphics engine with hyper realistic lightingandspecial effects* Many unique worlds to conquer* Interactive environments that include force fields,explodingbarrels, and more* All new achievements system
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Make your phone look cool, like a fighter Long HaoVast and bare!Download the Dragon dynamic wallpaper 3D completely free of chargefor your phone screen to select the right dragon image. Severalbackground, description, fire - in a celestial battle respirationbiological, powerful Lord of war is widely spread, fly with theirwings, or just to stand.On the cliff - you pick! They all look socool, you're in love with this amazing LWP!Amazing 3D dynamicwallpaper for your mobile phone!Interactive features- the screen onthe tower and the new image will be moved immediately!- fullsupport for lateral mode and main screen switch!- it's a beautiful,free and pleasant background, just waiting for you!Installationinstructions:Home - > menu - > Wallpaper - > dynamicwallpaperMovement of the flashing lights, the lights change overtime.- you can choose from a few different themes.HD graphics andopen GL.- optimize battery usage.- 99% compatible with mobile phonedevices.- Dragon dynamic wallpaper fully supports horizontaldirection and flat on the device.As well as on the phone looksamazingDo you think the imposing and majestic dragon impression? Ifthis is the case, If you need a new, vibrant animationbackground,The mysterious dragon is just right for your "LiveWallpaper" collection. The dragon is a mythical being, and is foundin almost every mythical world.Across from the west to the east.Whether you are love dragon, Western dragons, this cool applicationprovides amazing and breathtaking images.These awe inspiringcreatures. Although these organisms tend to take similar Spitfirelizards and dinosaurs in European folk tales, they By all meansbeautiful and mysterious, to say the least. On the other hand, theChinese dragon is considered to be a sacred animal that brings goodfortune and wisdom.Power, as well as the emperor or king of the seastation. Explore the majestic inhabitants of the sea, the sea andthe sea, the sacred animals in China - this is very Cool wallpaperwill make your tablet or phone screen look stunning! You have theopportunity to gaze at these myths, usually red Color and green,bio - this free app, see their huge claws, charming wings, and evenscales.Even in the long standing of the European dragons, themonsters are portrayed as monsters, and now they are often popularcartoons and animated characters, which make them .There is astate, and cool beings, as in the past is strong and mighty, butnot killed the hero. Decorate your screen, real Magical andpowerful mysterious creatures, and open their own mysterious andmagical world. View all spectacular dragon background! No matter,if you like European "Chinese dragon", "dragon wallpaper" have themall. Download "dragon Live Wallpaper" and choose your favoritebackground! Free of charge Get the coolest "Live Wallpaper" now onthe market. Enter the legendary ruler of the world - Sky - mythicalcreatures, can decorate Your mobile phone or tablet PC screen isnow free. Get this incredibly cool app on the Android?!* Android isa trademark of the Google Corporation
Magic War 1.25 APK
With all parts of the world to join withthegame player battle, defeat the most popular magicianbeater.Upgrade your skills in the war and the global alliance wonthechampionship.In the rankings come out on top, won the championshiptitle,dominate the political arena, the world champion finallybecome amagician.Achieve excellent results in the future of magic.- fight with friendsRelease your true self in the online game, enjoy the momentofvictory, and gain the power to be proud!- win exciting challenges!Add interesting and innovative combat modes and multipledifficultylevels to become a global champion.- experience real attacksBuild your favorite magician, and create a legend in a beautifulandbeautiful scene.- upgrade your wizardAfter the battle, you will be able to upgrade your mage to makeitstronger, faster, and better. Add color to your magician,expressyourself.- show your victoryWin the challenge and show your achievements in the new systemofachievement.Download and play this game completely free. However, somegamesmight upgrade may need to buy with real money in the game. Youcanrestrict the purchase of apps within your store settings.
Clash of Civilization 1.0 APK
Clash of Civilizations is a real-time strategy game in whichyourobject is to dominate the world.Search for technologies,buildarmies and elevate your civilization to be the master oftheworld.Clash of Civilization challenges players to build agloriousempire that will stand the test of time. This is the firstgame inthe Civilization catalog to be developed and availableexclusivelyfor mobile devices. Clash of Civilization offers mobilestrategyfans a brand new 3D presentation and more tactical depththan everbefore! Find out if you have what it takes to rule theworld!KeyFeatures:- New Civilization - Undead, Night Elf- NewLeaders -Death Knight, Demon Hunter- New Units - strengthen yourmilitarymight with brand new combat units including water spring,Fence.-New Technology – race to science supremacy with newtechnology suchas: Cyborg, Bomb and Information Technology - NewBuildings &Wonders – grow and expand your civilization likenever before withnew buildings and wonders - Enhanced 3D Graphics –updated 3Dgraphics taking full advantage of the devices graphicalcapability-Scenario Challenges - reenact historic events andbattles in theScenario Mode* Scenarios:- Modern world- Modern worldFull- Worldwar I- World war I Full- World war II- World war IIFull- Customscenarios!* Current content :- 4 civilizations andcustomabilities- 12 troops- 25 buildings- 5 Terrain improvements-10Technologies- AI- Basic happiness- Civilization Score* What'snext: - Some units animation are missing and some weapons too-Futuretechnologies and future unitsPlease, support my game byclicking on"Advertisement" button. You will earn money in the gameeach timeto buy a building or unit or to accelerate research.Thanksinadvance.Have a fun !In case of crash, send me your last savedgame.ThanksKeywords: simulation