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Calculation of bending a steel beam. You can find a web version ofthis program: http://arquitectes.coac.net/mcj App Catalan language,and with steel profiles Europeans and Spaniards.

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    Maurici Carbó C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 324 Barcelona 08041 S.PAIN
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Touch Pythagoras 1.1.5 APK
The Pythagorean Theorem Interactive: a^2 + b^2 = c^2App :change thelengths of the legs (dragging).change the length of the hypotenusewith two fingers.zoom (pinch zoom) and rotate the figure(dragging). There are 6 ways to view the Pythagorean theorem.- Unitsurfaces.- Two equivalent square containing the same surface.- Thesquare for each leg in the square of the hypotenuse (Euclid)- Pingi- Dudeney proof.- Da Vinci.- Bhaskara reasoning.Change theprecision of the lengths. (In the contextual menu)This applicationis also a small laboratory to investigate about the PythagoreanTheorem:For example, you can experiment easily, looking for theexact solutions of the Pythagorean Theorem:3² + 4² = 5² is not theonly exact solution:Below 21, there are 3 primitive triples:3² + 4²= 5²5² + 12² = 13²6² + 8² = 10² (Not a true primitive result:Multiple of 3,4,5)8² + 15² = 17² 9² + 12² = 15² (Not a trueprimitive result: Multiple of 3,4,5)12² + 16² = 20² (Not a trueprimitive result: Multiple of 3,4,5)Likewise it is also possible tofind the solutions below 31 (11 solutions in all: but only 5primitives)Or solutions below 101 (52 solutions in all: but only 16primitives)More primitive pythagorean triples:9² + 40² = 41²11² +60² = 61²12² + 35² = 37²13² + 84² = 85²15² + 112² = 113²16² + 63² =65²17² + 144² = 145²19² + 180² = 181²20² + 21² = 29² 20² + 99² =101²24² + 143² = 145²28² + 45² = 53²33² + 56² = 65²36² + 77² =85²39² + 80² = 89²44² + 117² = 125²48² + 55² = 73²51² + 140² =149²52² + 165² = 173²57² + 176² = 185²60² + 91² = 109²65² + 72² =97²85² + 132² = 157²88² + 105² = 137²95² + 168² = 193²104² + 153² =185²119² + 120² = 169²133² + 156² = 205²140² + 171² = 221²Moreabout this: Pythagorean triples:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagorean_triplesTouch MathApps:http://www.nummolt.comMathTools classification:http://mathforum.org/mathtools/tool/206418/M 4 TrianglesM 6 Allprevious and: Geometry in the plane, Pythagorean theoremM 7 Allprevious and: Quadrilateral propertiesGeometry All previous RightTriangles, Pythagorean theorem, TrigonometryAlgebraExponentsAlgebra II GeneralTrigonometryFor more information aboutPythagorean Theorem:Alexander Bogomolny: Cut the knot: #112 proofsof the Pythagorean Theorem:http://www.cut-the-knot.org/pythagoras/
Touch Fraction ℚ 1.4.1 APK
Interactive fraction. Fraction SenseAbout fractions, and theconstruction of the rational numbers: ℚ set.To play with proper andimproper fractions, positive and negative also.All fractions inorder from least to greatest. You can increase or decrease thefractions included in the app, increasing or decreasing the densityof lines in the lower graph framework. The accuracy of theapplication depends on the capabilities of the device.Theapplication provides two representations: a circle and a straightline whose has the slope of chosen fractionSpin the fraction: Youcan choose different fractions in order from low to high within thepossibilities included in the grid at the bottom formed by pairs ofintegers. Select equivalent fractions with the rationalrepresentation diagram (the lower grid). Change range of fractionsaffordable with a "pinch zoom" on the lower grid.In the verticalstrip of the grid graph goes from 0 to 1 you can see the number ofunits containing the selected improper fraction: Each unit is ablack square.In version 1.4.x has been added the primefactorization of the numerator and denominator, making it easier tovisualize equivalent fractions. The program can also be controlledfrom the part of the prime factors. At right there's the prime listof tokens to be used in the program.The circles dedicated to thenumerator and denominator circle, overlap: To simplify fractionsplace prime tokens in the common area:The multiplication of thecommon prime tokens is the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)Primenumbers are the basic building blocks of numbers:This program usesthe Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic to simplify fractions or tobuild proper and improper fractions.The app is useful to learnabout fractions, coordinate geometry, rational numbers, cartesianplane, slope, prime factorization and the equivalent classes ofpairs of integers.And from version 1.4.x:http://nummolt.blogspot.com/2015/12/touch-fraction-14x.htmlTouchFraction ℚ is a complete tool to understand positive fractions,negative fractions, positive and negative numerators, positive andnegative denominators, equivalent fractions, and invertedfraction.And for to teach about GCD (Greatest Common Divisor) toreduce fractions. Nummolt constructiontoys:http://www.nummolt.comNummolt apps: "Not Montessori per se,but Montessori-like"MathTools reference:Math 1, 2, 3, 4, 5FractionsMath 6 All previous and Rect coordinate geometryMath 7 Allprevious and Rational numbers, Linear relationships, Ratio andproportionGeometry Points and lines, Cartesian plane, SlopeAlgebraWhole, RationalTouch Fraction Q contains the foundations offractions in Math Garden development. (same developer)
Touch Integers ℤ (+ - × ÷) 1.0.8 APK
The fundamental theorem of arithmetic in practice:Prime numbers arethe basic building blocks of numbers, Cryptographic protocols arebased on Prime NumbersTHE APP:At left: two abacus (two numbersstacked). At right two circles with the prime factors. (two circleswith prime numbers stacked)At right edge: all the prime numbersavailable to the app. To create a number: Tap on the cells at left.The app shows the numberTo add: Drag the tokens from one abacus tothe otherTo subtract: Tap the sign key and drag from one abacus tothe otherTo multiply: (the numbers must be previously created withthe earlier previous steps)Drag from one prime circle to the otherprime circleTo Divide a number:Drag the prime numbers outside theprime circle:Release prime factors to the other prime circle(integer division and multiplication) Release prime factors betweenthe prime circles (integer division)Release prime factors in thelist of the right edge: (integer division and erase the primefactor)Scroll and pick a prime number from the list of the rightedge:And release it in the free zone, or in a prime circle(multiplication) With this you can add, subtract, multiply anddivide (integer division) of any integer of any sign. (Practically,the app is operative up to 9 digits) (The biggest prime numberavailable in this program is 19.874.419) In General menu there are3 options:Refresh all (erases all the tokens)Refresh upper chart(Erases all the upper tokens)Refresh lower chart (Erases all thelower tokens)And info:The upper current available prime number.(Theapp calculates new prime numbers each 20 seconds while the app isnot used)Based in the fundamental theorem of arithmetic, alsocalled the unique factorization theorem or theunique-prime-factorization theorem, states that every integergreater than 1 either is prime itself or is the product of primenumbers, and that this product is unique, up to the order of thefactorsMore in the Nummolt blog: and Acknowledgements:http://nummolt.blogspot.com/2015/11/touch-integers.htmlIDEASTO¨PLAY WITH: "TOUCH INTEGERS":YouTubePlaylist:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo4AMY8jDHYZ7SuX3UZpLn_m2v1709no4Open-endedexplorations: Mersenne, Woodall, Wagstaff prime generationDEVELOPERNOTES:Is easy add and subtract graphically. One can regroup thetokens of each order, regroup, carry or borrow tokens, and you canobtain the resultNot so easy to practice multiplication or divisionin this visual and interactive way:Look inside of thenumbers:Inside the numbers there are The primefactorsMultiplication of two integers: regroup the prime componentsof the two numbersTo divide a integer, you must separate the primecomponents of a composite numberThe program only works withintegers. adds, subtract, multiplies and divides (but only exactdivision)/ / T E C H N I C A L N O T E / /The app starts with agreatest prime number stored equal to 951.697When nobody fiddles onthe screen, the app get more prime numbers each 20 secondsUntil theapp gets the prime number 19.874.419Here stops the search, becauseis the store limit of many devicesIf you work with numbers greatestthan 19.000.000 the results may be not be complete (then, the appis not able to show the prime factorization) / / E N D N O T E //ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:Without them this program would not have beenpossible:Jacobo Bulaevsky (Arcytech)Brian Sutherland ( )AgustínRayo (SciAm)Ulrich Kortenkamp (“Place Value Chart'.)Christian Urff('Rechentablett') Wendy Petti (mathcats: 20 years of support)JeffLeMieux (Builder, teacher and software developer)Joan Jareño (From:CREAMAT team) Author of Calaix +ie.Next step:If you have used thisprogram, you have basis enough to play with "Touch fractions ℚ"(Same developer)Nummolt apps: "Mathematics is the toughest toy.However mischievous a child may be, will never be able to breakthem".Maurici Carbó Jordiof: nummolt.com
Reading fractions 1.1.1 APK
Read fractions - Reading fractionsBasic tool for to experiment withfractions:The app lets you view the fractions represented in theform of overlapping circles and bars.The two graphs areinteractive. They can be changed by dragging on thescreen.Graphically, fractions are always shown in simplifiedform.There are two spinners to select fractions: one for thenumerator and one for the denominator.At the right there are twolock buttons:The top button locks the numerator when the graph ismodified.The lower button locks the denominator when the graph ismodified.When both buttons are unlocked, the fractions are formedfrom the denominator 360 (the maximum allowed in the program) whenthe graph is modified.When the two buttons are locked, the programalways remains under the same fraction, but expresses itsequivalent fractions in the spinners.When the fraction expressed inthe spinners is not in its simplified form, can be simplified byclicking on the simplified expression on his left.Additionallyfractions are shown in written words, mixed fractions (if needed)as a percentage and as a decimal number with dot.Fractions inwords: Available in English, Catalan, Castilian (spanish), Frenchand Portuguese.The Standard on Reading FractionsFromwww.nummolt.comNummolt apps: "Mathematics is the toughest toy.However mischievous a child may be, will never be able to breakthem".
Time Calculator 1.2.0 APK
Time Elapsed / Time Countdown Time CalculatorShows Time and Date inthe right place value position.Use Time Calculator to calculate thetime subtraction between 2 dates:You can fix a date in the past andsubtract it from the present time: You get the elapsed time.You canfix a date in the future and subtract the present time: You get thecountdown to the fixed date.(Light gray dates are in the past;Light green dates are in the future)Not available for dates earlierthan 1582.(Due to the Gregorian Calendar)Stopwatch and a countdowncounter.Android versionof:http://www.mathcats.com/explore/elapsedtime.htmland:http://www.nummolt.com/obbl/time/calculator.htmlAwork in collaboration www.mathcats.com and www.nummolt.com forMathCats in 2002(Wendy Petti and Maurici Carbó)Practicalapplications proposed by users:-. Useful to calculate demurrage.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demurrage)-. To calculate amount ofpills of a medical treatment.-. Calculate the number of days, orhours, or minutes, or seconds, remaining until retirement.-. Howold am I?-. How old are you?-. How many months, or weeks, or days,or hours, or minutes, or seconds are there in 1000 years?-.Estimate the number of heartbeats throughout life at this time. -multiplying lived minutes by a number between 60 and 100 for humanbeings. - minutes, multiplied by 500 in the case of mice. -minutes, multiplied by 28 in the case of elephants. - minutes,multiplied by 6 in the case of the giant Galapagos tortoise.-.Estimate the number of breaths made ​​throughout life at this time:(for human beings) - birth to 6 weeks: 30–60 breaths per minute - 6months: 25–40 breaths per minute - 3 years: 20–30 breaths perminute - 6 years: 18–25 breaths per minute - 10 years: 15–20breaths per minute - adults: 12–20 breaths per minuteDate and timedifference calculator app:Developed by: http://www.nummolt.comIncollaboration with http://www.mathcats.comNummolt Blog:Mathematical engine mill: http://nummolt.blogspot.com/Nummolt Apps:'Not montessori per se, but montessori-like'
How much pizza to order? 1.4.2 APK
Android version of the "How Much Pizza toorder?http://www.nummolt.com/obbl/howmuchpizza/index.html"How muchpizza...?" About adding fractions: Working with Improper fractionsand Mixed fractions. The program build the problem, and you cansolve filling the textboxes containing question marks. There's atool that helps you find the common denominator.Inspired by theworks of Cynthia Lanius ("Who wants pizza?")Nummolt - OBBL MathToyshttp://www.nummolt.com/obbl/index.htmlMathToolsreference:http://mathforum.org/mathtools/tool/186520/Math 3Equivalent fractionsMath 4 Equivalent fractions, Simplifyingfractions, Adding fractions, Fractions <--> decimalsMath 5,6, 7 Equivalent fractions, Simplifying fractions, Adding fractions,Multiplying fractions, Writing decimals, Fractions <-->decimalsFor more difficult exercises on fractions, werecommend:Mathcats: "Old EgyptianFractions":http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mathcats.oldegyptian.fractions
Apples and oranges 1 decimal 2.0.3 APK
Apples & Oranges - AlgebraAdding Apples and Oranges Versionwith 1 decimalThis new application is a basic tool to learnalgebra.Trying solving a system of linear equations with twoequations and two unknown variables. (Two purchases)Based on thesame problem seen at the free "Adding Apples and Oranges."(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appleorange.addingapplesandoranges)where only used integers.Now, this new program works externallywith a decimal.It contains:. A button that generates new questions("two new purchases of fruits").. Two drop-downs to select asolution and a button to verify: The verification button checks thesolution, and adds it to the list of the session.You can edit thestatements. The program checks if the determinant of the proposedstatement is nonzero.. The 5 tools to help resolve the problem:*Tool 1: Gauss-Jordan elimination:The two equations are representedas two purchases of fruits.Contains tools to add one column toanother, multiply, divide and change the sign for to get to haveone apple on a side and and an orange at the other.The result ofthe two additions are the values of apple and orange.* Tool 2:Graphic:Contains a graphic frame and 2 drop-downs to find thesolution, using the method essay / error.The problem posed is alinear system of equations, so the results must be ever into twolines that intersect.To get the answer, one should find thispoint.You can also click directly on the chart.The graph is dividedby the diagonal.Below the diagonal, apple values are entered, forto get the values of the orange.Above the diagonal, one enters theprice of the orange.The meeting point of the two lines isrepresented by a yellow dot.* Tool 3: Two weighing scales:Shows twoweighing balances. On the left, due to its drop-down, whichdetermines the value proposed for apples: results gives the priceof oranges in terms of the two equations.The right hand scale givesthe results from the proposed price for oranges.When a scale isbalanced, gives the results of both the price of the apples andoranges. * Tool 4: Cramer's rule:This tool solves the problem atonce.Contrary to what happens in other tools, here we have tomanually enter the data of the problem. The two equations (twopurchases) are represented in horizontal rows.If you have notentered data, the tool warns that you can not solve the problem.Itcan also warn when the determinant is zero:The determinant is zerowhen the two lines that we saw in the graphical tool, are notcrossing. This happens when they are parallel. And the lines areparallel when a purchase (equation) is linear function of theother. (eg 1 A + 2 O= n1 and 2 A + 4 O = n2)The programautomatically never generates such problems.* Tool 5: Inversematrix:The tool represents the terms of the equation automaticallyand in landscape format (each purchase is a row)The resolution toolthere are the terms of the two equations on the left and theidentity matrix at right.The objective is to calculate the inversematrix.This is achieved by operating the rows, until the data fromthe equations (on the left) become the identity matrix.At this timeto the right we have the inverse matrix.The multiplication of theresults vector by the inverse matrix gives the solution. Thisprogram shows rounded numbers.Internally works with all decimalsneeded.If you try to do these calculations with a calculator,you'll see that this program displays the friendly face ofalgebra.Mathforum MathToolsReference:http://mathforum.org/mathtools/tool/219536/Math 7: Linearrelationships, Find slope, Slope-intercept form, Equation of theline, Rect coordinate geometry, First quadrant, Geometry in theplaneAlgebra II: Solving systems of equations, Cramer's rule,Matrices, Elimination, SubstitutionNummolt apps: "Not Montessoriper se, but Montessori-like"Credits:Feature graphic by:http://photo-lgz.blogspot.com/
Touch Natural Numbers 1.0.7 APK
Small laboratory of Natural Numbers:The Prime numbers are thebuilding blocks of the numbers.With this app you can:Analyze thefactors of a Composite number.( Prime factorization of all thecomposite numbers between 1 and 28181: Factoring natural numbers:Prime factors).Build a Composite number from its factors.(multiplication and division of Natural Numbers)Localize or selecta number in the Ulam Spiral.(Only the Prime Numbers have a color inthis spiral).Verify all the possible products between Primes in acomposite number with the Parabolic Sieve (Yuri Matiyasevich &Boris Stechkin).Analyze or build a number with the Place Valueactivity (Addition and Subtraction of Natural Numbers)Understandthe Modulo of a number.Know about the polygonal numbers and thenumbers as the sum of two prime numbers, and as the sum of threePrime Numbers.What is all this about? Read the nummolt blogpost:http://nummolt.blogspot.com.es/2014/06/touch-natural-numbers.htmlAnd:Thefundamental theorem of arithmetic, also called the uniquefactorization theorem or the unique-prime-factorization theorem,states that every integer greater than 1 either is prime itself oris the product of prime numbers, and that this product is unique,up to the order of the factorsAnd Goldbach Conjecture. (Every eveninteger greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of twoprimes)Touch Math Apps:http://www.nummolt.comNummolt apps: "NotMontessori per se, but Montessori-like"Registered at MathTools (MathForum ) http://mathforum.org/mathtools/tool/240793/Courses:*Math 1 - Place value* Math 2 - Place value* Math 3 - Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Whole numbers, Place value,Prime, Composite, Factor, Prime factorization, Divisibility tests,Multiple* Math 4 - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division,Whole numbers, Place value, Prime, Composite, Factor, Primefactorization, Divisibility tests, Multiple* Math 5 - Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Whole numbers, Properties ofnumbers, Prime, Composite, Factor, Prime factorization,Divisibility tests, Multiple* Math 6 - Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication, Division, Properties of numbers, Exponents, Prime,Composite, Factor, Prime factorization, Divisibility tests,Multiple* Math 7 - Properties of numbers, Roots/radicals, Writingsquare roots, Prime, Composite, Factor, Prime factorization,MultipleDeveloped by: http://www.nummolt.comNummolt apps: "NotMontessori, but Montessori like".Nummolt Blog: Mathematical enginemill: http://nummolt.blogspot.com/"Touch Natural Numbers" is thebase of development for the new versions of the nummolt apps:"Touch Integers ℤ (+ - × ÷) "" Touch Fraction ℚ "" FractionsBalance"Touch natural numbers contains the foundations of integersin Math Garden development. (same developer)