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Introducing the all-new app for UC Berkeley students! Bear Centralbrings together the most essential campus resources, all in oneplace, for a seamless mobile experience. Features include: *Student Organizations * Around Me – locate filling stations,restrooms, etc. * Interactive Campus Map * Dining Hall Menus *Safety Toolkit Coming soon: * Campuswide Calendar * In-App StudentID This application was created by the Mobile Developers ofBerkeley, a student organization, and is not associated,affiliated, endorsed by, or in any way connected with the UCBerkeley or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The name "UCBerkeley" as well as related names, marks, and logos are registeredtrademarks of UC Berkeley or the Regents of the University ofCalifornia.

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Free DJ Mix Music 1.4.2 APK
Free DJ Music is the best dj mix music application, you can listento the most popular album, play your favorite music genres. You canadd thousands of tracks into your favorite playlist. Free DJ Musiclets you discover amazing nonstop, edm, house, dubstep music andmuch, much more. Free DJ Music also is a best mp3 music downloader.You can download all songs that you love. Free DJ Music is also thebest music media player, it has beautiful and intuitive userinterface, you can repeat and shuffle songs. You can listen to freemusic like a with or without wifi. KEY FEATURES : + Search and findfree music and song tracks + Explore free music online by presetgenres + Download mp3 music for playing offline + Manage yourfavorite music and songs + Shuffle and Repeat mode + Play music onbackground + Music player widget =====COPYRIGHT INFORMATION=====All music are created by artists for free on internet, Free Musicdoes not have any direct control of their content. All trademarksand copyrights are used here under the terms of Fair Use and theDigital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA). If you have any furtherquestions, please feel free to contact us at:mobiledeveloperjsc@gmail.com
Assassins Guild 2.0.3 APK
What is Assassin? It is essentially an enhanced game of tag.Everyone is assigned a target, and you try to tag that person. Thecatch is that your target doesn’t know that you are coming forthem. This isn’t a fast paced game of tag; you’re encouraged tosurprise your target, and games can take days. After eliminatingyour target, your new target becomes whomever your target wastrying to tag. Since an elimination attempt could occur at anytime, successful players are obliged to develop a healthy degree ofwatchful paranoia.Features:—Create a game -Decide whether to be theadmin of that game or just normal player -Set when the game starts-Add your own custom rules -Sign in with Google, Facebook, or justan email/password—Join games—Normal player -See profile image oftarget -Tag target by scanning their code or manually enteringtheir secret key -Compare every player's current score in thegame—Admin: -Cancel game -Kick certain players from the game -Sendnotifications to certain players -See all players, their targets,and their scores—After user tags target, new target isautomatically generated—See all your scores for previous games
Kanban 1.1 APK
Designed for simplicity, Kanban's three-tabbed approach allowsusers to sort to-do items into tasks that haven't been started, arein progress, and have been completed. Watch your productivity growas you prioritize and restructure your tasks throughout the courseof your project. Used by industrial engineers and softwaredevelopers around the world, Kanban will allow you to elegantlystreamline your workflow.
Snoozify 1.0 APK
Too many notifications at a time? Too busy to check notificationsduring the workday? Do you constantly forget to check notificationsas a result? Welcome to Snoozify, your handy new notificationmanager! Snoozify is dedicated to making your experience withnotifications quick, easy, and customizable. Snoozify adds a newbutton to all of your notifications which allows you to snooze yournotifications until a specified time or location is reached.Snoozify will help de-clutter your notification bar and remind youto to respond to notifications whenever or wherever you like; nolonger do you have to be afraid of dismissing a notification andforgetting it later! With Snoozify, the power to handle what youwant, when you want, is at your fingertips.**SnoozednotificationsOnce you snooze a notification, it will appear in your“snoozing” notifications tab. Swipe left to dismiss it for good, orswipe right to send the notification again so that you can interactwith it (i.e. respond to that Facebook message you just got).Asimple swipe down refreshes the screen with the latest notificationinformation.**HistoryNotifications that have been dismissed are putinto the history tab so that you can inspect your snoozing historylater. With history, you can get a concise summary of youractivity, with customizable length to make your history readable toyou.Identify your trends and adjust settings accordingly, so thatyour notifications can serve you best!**SettingsA blanket snoozingoption allows you to automatically snooze all notifications by yourdefault preference; great for when you know when you’ll be freenext. You can also customize your snoozing preferences by settingdefaults for when and where to receive notifications: withdefaults, snoozing is as simple as the click of one button!Snoozify allows you to snooze by more than just traditional timedeadlines; set your “home” location so that you can be notifiedwhen you next return home.Future features: ­—Detecting patterns inuser’s snoozing preferences to offer default settingsuggestions—Ability to store and snooze by multiple differentlocations at a time
StatWiz 1.0 APK
AP Stats homework bogging you down? Fear no more! StatWiz is ahandy statistics calculator to help any intro stat students withsome calculations. The app features a descriptive data input, whereusers can enter a list of space separated numbers and receiveinformation on data like: MeanStandarddeviationMedianQuartilesKurtosisSkewnessand more! In addition,there is a distribution page which takes various inputs tocalculate distributions like:Normal DistributionStudent’st-Distribution Chi-Squared DistributionPoisson Distributionandmore!It also includes reference pages on sampling, equations, andtables as a tool to complement concepts taught at school (ideallyfor an AP Statistics course). Unlike many other statistics apps,StatWiz uses Google’s beautiful and sleek Material Design. Fordescriptive statistics, simply input your data, and see the outputdisplayed upon tapping a floating action button. For otherstatistics utilities, input the unknowns, and see the output in acycling display at the bottom of the screen. The app also featuresa drawer and recycler views for easy and smooth navigation.** Foroptimal input experience, we also recommend users use the Googlekeyboard, other keyboards may not have negative signs or spacebuttons in the number pad which can make inputting certain numbersmore difficult. This app was made by Victor Sun, Sayan Paul, andEmaan Hariri from Mobile Developers of Berkeley.
Qlic 1.0 APK
Qlic is an app that facilitates the exchange of all kinds ofinformation, social and business alike, between a group. Neveragain will members of a group have to manually exchange informationbetween each other. Instead, one simple click will transfer yourFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone number (and more)! With quickand secure exchange, people will be able to keep track of who theymeet on a daily basis and keep in touch! Forming a clique is only aclick away.Features;—Share information with a tap; no NFC,Bluetooth, or being on the same network required—Data is encryptedwhen sent between devices—View a history of who you met and when
ImpresoraFenix 1.0.3 APK
Aplicación complementaria para Fenix WSPFenix ​​companionapplication for WSP
Fenix 1.2.6 APK
Para el correcto cumplimiento de las actividades asociadas a lamaterialización de la oferta para el Contrato 5600007171, WSPdeberá contar obligatoriamente con un software que garantice alinicio de la operación el manejo de la información, y además quecumpla con los protocolos de seguridad y respaldo de la informaciónque LA EEC especifique.For the proper performance of the activitiesassociated with the realization of the bid for Contract 5600007171,WSP must possess software that ensures the start of the operationmanagement of information, and also to comply with securityprotocols and support information that THE EEC specify.