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In Bear Hunting 3d you will see fourSiberianforests that are surrounded by mountains. Wild bears areroaming inthese forests. You are an expert hunter who has beengiven thechallenging task of killing these bears. You will have toseearound with a sharp eye. If you are an active hunter, you mustbeaccurate in aiming at your prey. But remember that bear is awildanimal, if your fire is missed; the bear will look at you andstartto run toward you to attack on you. In Bear Hunting 3d youhavesniper gun and you can survive with your firing tactics. If youcannot shoot the bear, it will attack you, and when bears attack itishard to avoid or run from them. It means that you will becomeitsprey.

Bear Hunters are usually equipped with best rifles; snipersandother modern weapons with scope so are you. You just have tobeready to rescue yourself in case of danger and escape to thesafepoint.

In the forests bears are roaming around to look for prey. Youarea hunter who has to shoot and kill bears. If a bear kills you,thegame is over.
You have to hunt more than 35 bears within shortest time to gethighscores. And, to hunt more bears you need best and accuratefiringskills. While playing Bear Hunting 3d you must focus on thetarget,have to make a quick and sharp decision within seconds,then onlyyou can fulfill the challenging task in jungles.

* 4 real 3D graphics and environments.
* 4 real death animations with different camera views.
* 2 best sniper guns for accurate shooting.
* Free moving ability.
* No connectivity required while playing.
* Addictive, loving & fun.
* Multi-touch enabled.

App Information Bear Hunting 3D

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If you have a passion for bike racing and youwant to become a bike racer, then Moto Gp racer is for you.A challenging game in which you will have a fantasticexperience.choose a bike racer,select a mode,mount your bike, drivefastest and make it an unforgettable bike race of your life.you can say it fast and furious bike racing game.Moto Gp racer isan unforgetable gift for bike race lovers.it has real likemotorcycle physics and superb graphics.A bike racer can not stophimself to become a part of this bike racers tsunami.Moto Gp is an exciting and challenging game. The free moto gp gameprovides you the facility of customized motorcycles and moto racersfor extreme level of fun. Pump your bike down the slope for extraspeed, get stylish air time and pull off tsunami flips, tailwhipsand other crazy mayhem.If you like To become a fast and furious bike racer then you mustplay Moto Gp which combines the laws of realistic motorcyclephysics with smooth controls.Moto Gp racer, the fast and the freebike racing game is for the lover of bike racing to fullfil theirdream. Race head-to-head against your friends or challenge randombike racing players across the globe and get adventurousexperiments. Don't forget to try your chance TT the bonusgame.Now play our Motogp racer and have a great fun…….Exciting Features of the Moto Gp racer Game:- 10 Stylish Bikes to unlock- 2 Different Motor Racers-2 Challenging racing modes- Optional Controls- Real circuit environment- Real fast Motorcycle Racing experienceCheck out great videos and more on our Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/MotoGPRacer3D/?skip_nax_wizard=true
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fruit splash classic 1.0 APK
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Fruit Splash Free is a habit formingconnectingfruit puzzle game!It will be an adventure to connect colorful lines of fruit tosolvecompelling levels.Fruit Splash Free Features:- Colorful and bright fruits.- Easy to learn, hard to master.- Reward players with accomplishments.- Exciting and entertaining fruit trip.- Leader boards in friends circle and world.So join this fruit world, match 3 or more fruits in thispuzzleof lines and enjoy!
Formula Racing 3D 1.0 APK
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Do you have a craze for Formula CarRace?Do you wish to become a Racer of this sensational Car Race?We are here once again to provide our friends, a free chancetofullfil their dream of becoming a Formula car racer inFormulaRacing 3D simulation game.Formula Racing 3D is a Highly addictive and fast racing gameforthe fans who have craze for arcade racing anddrivingsimulations.It’s a realistic formula game.You can choose your own favoritecarand embrace the challenge, It will be a Challenge to Win.Do you want to win the challenge?Choose the car of your own choice and join theultimatechallenge!Formula Racing Car will make you feel in air with astonishing3Dformula race experiment.It will provide you professional race circuit and stunningdrivingexperience.There are adventurous tracks on which you can run yourfavouritedream car.Formula Racing 3D is one of the best formed 3D race and cargamewith best features for car racing lovers.In this game the player becomes a formula racer in a formularacingcar. He can see a steering wheel while moving on the track.It willgive him an amazing experience because of itsrealistictracks,exciting crash and drift sounds and beautiful3Denvironments.FORMULA RACING 3D has thunder high-speed, you can competeagainstother racing cars off the grid to get top on the track. kidsandfans have to love and fond of drive alike Chevrolet,Ferrari,Bentley and Lamborghini for race. If you are stuck insnipershooter games, running games, 2D games, commandos games, thisgamewill get out.Features:-You can change your camera angles.-You will really love to see yourself in a Formula Car as aFormulacar racer.-There is accelerate button for you to accelerate your formulacar.You can easily reach high speed while driving your dream caronadventurous tracks.- Real Formula Race Graphics.-Wrong way detection system is here for you to guide you to stayinthe right course.-Accelerator speed meter with fast break.-Awesome auto turbo cars simulation on stunning road and trackwithhigh-speed thunder.-Great race music and you will feel yourself in a realformularace.-You can share any moment in the game with social media.-You can see rival racers' name during game.-Exciting levels better than in all best racing gamesforandroid.-Formula Racing 3D gives you real time fast driving anddriftingexperience with realistic 3D graphics and choices ofdifferentlevels.-Given simple Tilted controls best in all motorcycle racing orbikeracing, car racing, cycle racing, boat racing, , motorcyclegame,soccer, football, golf and flight game, best in all bestracinggames for android.-Drive with different view of cameras, alike playstation inallrockstar games includesalike cars: Chevrolet, Ferrari, Bentley and Koenigsegg.To be a challenger, you must be ready to drive sports carinFORMULA RACING 3D to defeat skillful rivals.So Are you ready to have a thrilling experience?Just go with full fuel along the highway. It will be a greatfunand an adventure to drive like a Formula Racer in a car of yourownchoice and defeating your opponents.Check out great videos and more on our Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/Formula-Racing-3D-714587595350456/timeline
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Loop racing game 3D is a gratifyng game forallage groups.In the game different cars will try to overtake yourcarwhile revolving in a loop.you have to drive carefullyavoidingcrash.you can view your car by pressing camera.focus ondrivelight.during drive you can collect prizes and bonuses.it hasfouramazing levels.desert rushNight madnessstreet bus freakscentral parkIt is far better than zip drive,loop drive hotpursuit,crazyracing.it is easy to play,control and has amazing levels.you canalsochallenge your friends and share your scores on facebook.
Airport Security 3D 1.0 APK
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The Airport Security (AS) is responsibleforthe protection of the airports and the planes on-ground orin-airand the facilities. Airport Security protects the civilaviationindustry against unlawful activities, adopting counterterrorismmeasures, preventing crime and maintaining law and orderwithin thelimits of Airports.Due to a large number of people at airport during all the 24hours,it can be a fit target for all types of criminal activitiesliketerrorism,hijacking,attacks and threats. Airport security triestoprevent any threats or any dangerous situations from arisingorentering the country.These type of dangerous situations can be reduced ifairportsecurity does succeed in fulfilling its duty and task.Airportsecurity serves several more purposes like protecting theairportand country from any threats, to give assurance to thetravelingpublic about their safety and to protect the country andtheirpeople.“Airport security support the national security and peace initsgiven area, it also saves aircraft, passengers, and crew fromanyharm”.In this game the player has to play the very role ofAirportsecurity. The situation that is given to you to play yourpart isthat United State Airport is going through daily routine.Today’sroutine is to deliver some special operative files anddocuments.All of a sudden, a group of terrorists attacked theairport. Nowyour assigned task is to stop the terrorist to snatchthosedocuments and safeguard the plane at the same time as this isthemain responsibility of airport security. Terrorists aretryingtheir best to get the documents and to reach the planeforthreatening, your assigned task is to kill them all. Make yourmarkas the Airport Security Legend.You need tremendous driving skills and art of fightingthroughCommando Gunship jeep.Your Goal is to support Commando by driving their Gunship carandstop n Execute terrorist. Demolish their Plan and savetheairport.Now be a brave driver and have an ultimate commando Gunshipcardriving experience.FeaturesBest 3D gaming experienceUltimate Driving experienceRealistic Airport EnvironmentDifficult MissionsCheck out great videos and more on our Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/Airport-Security-3D-1703577086584530/?notify_field=blurb
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Once again we r here to present athrillingbike racing game for the bike racers who r the championsof bikerace.Now it’s High Speed Bike Racer, a challenging game which willrenderu a fantastic experience. You will have to choose a bikeracer,select a mode, mount your bike, drive fastest becomeanunforgettable bike racer in the world of bike racing.You can say that High Speed Bike Racer is a fast and furiousgameand it will be unforgettable gift for bike race lovers.Itsmotorcycle physics are real like and has superb graphics. Abikeracer cannot restrain himself to become a part of this bikeracerstsunami.High Speed Bike Racer is an exciting and challenging game. ThefreeHigh Speed Bike Racer game provides you the facility ofcustomizedmotorcycles and moto racers for extreme level of fun.Pump yourbike down the slope for extra speed, get stylish air timeand pulloff tsunami flips, tail whips and other crazy mayhem.If you like to become a king of bike racers then you must playHighSpeed Bike Racer that combines the laws of realisticmotorcyclephysics with smooth controls. High Speed Bike Racer isfor thelovers of bike racing to fulfill their dream. Racehead-to-headagainst your friends or challenge random bike racingplayers acrossthe globe and get adventurous experiments. Don'tforget to try yourchance TT the bonus game.So are you ready to play our High Speed Bike Racer, go aheadandhave an exciting experience..Features of the High Speed Bike Racer Game:- 10 Stylish Bikes to choose- 2 Different Motor Racers-2 Challenging racing modes- Optional Controls- Real circuit environment- Real fast Motorcycle Racing experience
Sniper Train Attack 1.0 APK
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“Sniper Train Attack” is an action gamethatprovides you the chance to enter the modern battle zone. Inthisgame your enemy army train is transporting their weapons andwarmachine to their bases and your mission is to destroy thetrainbefore they are out of reach.You are getting a chance to unleash your killer instinct in thiswarof frontier gameplay. The time is running short, Use yourbestskills, take perfect aim of the enemy soldiers, hold yourbreath,pull rifle trigger for the headshot. Play as trained sniperforspecial squad. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger or themissionwill fail. Get ready to shoot and kill terrorists in desert,RockyMountains, snowy weather or from army gunship helicopter.Yourmission is to destroy enemy cargo convoy before reachingtheirstorage. Sniper Train Attack 3D offers you fast pacedthrillinggame like never before.Be a patriot, save your country from enemy invasion, useyourperfect assassin & battle skills like a commando in adesert ormountain. Your enemy can fire back you with ak-47 andassaultrifles or any other gun. So take steady aim with your snipergunfor headshot kills Now download Sniper Train Attack 3D game inyourandroid device for best experience of killing yourenemies.Features:- 10 breath taking missions to kill enemy troops- Superb locations like snowy mountain, desert and hilly area- Amazing weather like snowfall and night mode to challengeyourassassin skills- Battle over train cars and shooting over helicopter- HD graphics and soundsCheck out great videos and more on our Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/Sniper-Train-Attack-147927712313397/?skip_nax_wizard=true

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Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.