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BEAR SNIPER HUNTER SURVIVE 3D There are bears in theSiberianjungles, you have got the challenge to hunt bears as anexperthunter. Bears look at you and start to run toward you toattack onyou. When bears attack it is hard to avoid or run fromthem. BearHunters are usually equipped with best rifles, snipersand othermodern weapons with scope. The hunter in the jungle has tobeactive, alert, accurate in aiming and shooting. Bears arewildanimals and can attack on the hunter, so he has to be readytorescue himself in case of danger and escape to the safe point.Gameoverview; In the environment, there are 4 jungles withsurroundedby mountains. There are bears roaming around to look forprey. Youare a hunter who shoot and kill bears. You can see aroundand aimfrom your sniper gun to shoot the bear. If your fire ismissed, thebears will come toward you and you can become his prey.You areequipped with Sniper gun and, you have to survive withyouraccurate firing tactics. If a bear kills you, the game is over.Toget high score you have to hunt more 35 bears within shortesttime.And, to hunt more bears you need best and accurate firingskills,focus on the object, make a quick and sharp decision in thisactiongame. You need best sniper shooting skills in jungles.FEATURES: *4 real 3D graphics and environments. * 4 real deathanimations withdifferent camera views. * 2 best sniper guns foraccurate shooting.* Free moving ability. * No connectivity requiredwhile playing. *Addictive, loving & fun. * Multi-touch enabled.Note: Game isjust for fun, the game play doesn't mean to hunt orkill animals inreality. Regards... Ladik Apps & Games Team


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    Publish Date: 2016 /3/25
    Requires Android: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API: 9)
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    Tested on: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API: 19)
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BEST BOAR HUNTING EXPERIENCE WITH GREAT SNIPER RIFLES IN 4 VALLEYS.Game overview; In the environment, there are valleys withsurrounded by mountains. There are wild boars roaming aroundlooking for prey. You are a hunter who shoot and kill boars. Youcan see around and aim from your sniper gun to shoot the boar. Ifyour fire is missed, the boars will come toward you and you canbecome his prey. You are equipped with Sniper gun and, you have tosurvive with your accurate firing tactics. If a boar kills you, thegame is over. FEATURES: * Real 3D graphics and environment. * Bestsniper gun for accurate shooting. * No connectivity required whileplaying. * Addictive, loving & fun. * Multi-touch enabled.Note: Game is just for fun, the game play doesn't mean to hunt orkill animals in reality.
Tanks World War 2: RPG Survival Game 1.8 APK
Tanks World War 2: RPG Survival Game Best Tank War game of WorldWar 2 time! Ladik Apps & Game Presents one of the best realtime Tank War game for your android devices. You will be in severalbattles of World War 2. The following are the battle modes in thisgame. "Training Battle" First to 20 points wins. You practice Tankshooting, aiming, controlling, moving etc. "Berlin Town Battle"First to 20 points wins. The durability of Tiger-I is set to threetimes larger than Firefly's durability. Ambush and shoot at theside or the back of the enemy. The hedges and trees in the scenecan be broken. "Nazi Valley Battle" First to 20 points wins. Thebattle in a open field where there are a few hiding places. Ambushthe enemy while using the friendly tank as a decoy. "StalingradDefense Battle" First to 30 points wins. The kill-count of theplayer and the friendly tank is set to 10, so the respawning isallowed only 2 times in the friendly team. Also, the enemy teamgets 30 points when one of them reaches the defense line behind theplayer. [ Features ] - Easy Touch Controls. - Clear damage system.- Different point systems - Realistic motion based on physicsengine. - Easy to play. - Different game modes [ Included Tanks ] -SD Tiger-I - SD Firefly
Roman Empire: Caesar Wars 1.4 APK
Roman Empire Caesar Wars: Free RTS Game Veni, vidi, vici.(I came,Isaw, I conquered) Command Julius Caesar's Roman army LadikAppspresents the latest Roman Empire free strategy game 'GallicWars ofJulius Caesar'. We hope you played our earlier Roman Empiregames'Rise Of Rome' and 'Conquest of Egypt'. Now in this game, youwillcommand the expedition of Julius Caesar, great Roman Commanderandlater the emperor. As the greatest commander of RomanRepublic,Julius Caesar decided to make expedition with hisstrongest legionsand auxiliaries to a Balkan country - Kingdom ofDacia in order toincrease Roman power in Balkans and easternEurope. But when JuliusCaesar went to the north, he faced veryimportant problem in Germanand Gaul lands against Rome. Gaul wasnot initial target but due topolitical issues, Caesar changed hisroute and raided CisalpineGaul and Illyricum. It is the one of themissions for you in ourgame. You must firstly defeat gauls insideof Italy and you fightagainst a central italic Gallic countries'Senones' and 'Samnites'.If you defeat Senones Tribes and TheSamnite Republic, you willcontrol central and northern Italy. It isan important march tobecome an important power in Italian peninsulaand centralmediterranean sea zone. Of course, Roman Empire did notcontrolcentral Italy only. Aftermath you will be headed to today'sFranceand Belgium. Firstly annex Cisalpine Gauls. Your fourthtarget isconfederation of Helvetii. It is a confederation of 5gallictribes. Your campaign consists of 10 fierce battles againstGallictribes, confederations and kingdoms. Aftermath of thisconquest,wars in Bibracte, Belgae(Belgium), Tungrorum, Alessia,Avaricum andlately the last united Gaul Confederation- Druids. Itis a realtime strategy, medieval war game where you will fight allnationslocated in Italy of Medieval times. Take your sword andshield andlead your army. This is the last medieval battle game ofLadikApps. The earlier ones are in play store named 'Medievalbattle'and Medieval Times: Holy Land Wars, Roman conquest of Egypt.Wewill produce Ottoman war game, Roman conquest of Balkans andGreece. So Please follow us for future historical wars games.RomanEmpire: Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars Features: * 10differentwarriors. * 6 different nations. * 10 unique Total War *10Detailed battlefields for Historical battles * Differentvictorysystem(Sometimes, you will capture a town or city andsometimes youwill destroy castles or military camps * Real Romanand GaulSoldiers, officers cavalries, infantries and catapults.Pleasecontact us for any questions
Terrorist Hunter: Cave Raid 1.7 APK
Terrorist Hunter: Cave Raid Get ready to raid terror homeland cave!You are given duty to eliminate all terrorists in their recentlydetected cave! So taking best of your rifles, you raided terrorcave and now you have to kill them all otherwise they are going tokill you as they are also trained fighters. So be careful andattack relatively. Dont let them come close to you. If they comevery close to you, they make their best kill shot. There are 16hard missions waiting for you. Your country and your commandersexpect very much from you and your skills. Dont let them bedissappointed. The terrorist have organised a batalion like a smallarmy. They are very well trained and use guns very good. Thereforeyou must hunt them very quickly and coutiously. You are a realterrorist hunter so this cave raid something you can finish. Takeyour rifle and go to victory! This is a great sniper war game, Wehope you like it! how to play: There are 5 buttons in the game,shooting,moving, aiming, gun changing and rotating buttons. Leftside of screen rotates. and 4 buttons are located on the rightbottom side of the screen. Army base commando sniper features: •Timer • Enemy Radar • Level unlocking • Realistic war environments• 16 levels to play so far! • 2 semi automatic sniper guns withscope options. • Crispy and enchanting music and sound effects. •Stunning and beautiful graphics. • No annoying in app purchases.100% free. • Fun and addictive. Fit for all ages. Experience thebest military terror war game on Android platforms. And muchmore!!! Please leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback ismuch more valuable to us! Also please enjoy our animal hunter,rabbit hunter and bear hunter games too. Regards Ladik Apps &Games Team
Middle Earth Battle For Rohan: RPG Melee Combat 1.5 APK
Middle Earth Battle For Rohan: RPG Melee Combat Game DefeatOrcenemy armies and save Rohan Kingdom in the middle earth war. Itisa free RPG Melee Combat war game, totally for free. You are intherole of several commanders, soldiers and mages of armies ofKingdomof Rohan. You need to defeat Orc armies in the battles.There arenumerous battles in the Middle Earth war game. In some ofthem youare gonna fight inside of Rohan of Middle earth and in someof themyou will fight enemy armies in Orc Kingdom of Sauron. Everylevelhas some items to recover health or gain some ability orstamina inorder to raise your fight and battle power. Especiallywhen youlose your health energy, try to find "health item"immediately. Ithas vital importance for your survival in the wararena. To keepyou fighting against enemy in the battle arena...When you click onpause button, you will see 3 buttons on thescreen. 1 - Homebutton: There you can quit level. 2 - Weaponbutton: There you canpick up some battle swords, axe and shields touse at the battlefields and you can easily change them by clickingright or leftrotate buttons. 3 3- Item button: There you will seeand choosesome items to use or drop. With this melee combat game,you have astarting point to become fearless warrior and savior ofthe middleearth kingdom. Different point of views of 3rd PersonGame, RPG,Action-Adventure, 2.5D Platform, Isometric, Top down,etc. Yourcall, your game, your war. Features > Rigid body, rootmotionand non-root motion controller Advanced Enemy AI Enemy VSEnemy& Companion AI Way point System Lock-on Target Totallyfree RPGWar game.
Medieval Battle Simulator: Sandbox Strategy Game 1.7 APK
Medieval Battle Simulator: Sandbox Strategy Game Easy gameplay,HDgraphics and cool missions. Download sandbox game now forfree.Download it now for free!Medieval Battle Simulator is a RTSGamethat allows you to use your strategical skills andbecomeBattleground Master with easy gameplay and cool battlemissions.Choose your troops and place them wisely in thebattlefield, takinginto consideration your golden power, anddestroy every enemy! Thingraphics and realistic intelligence ofboots, you can nowexperience real combat simulations. It is arealistic RTS real-timestrategy game based on realistic sandboxsystem for those who lovearmy games, war games. Place your medievaltimes soldiers accordingto the position of the enemy and in acombination that can beeasily defeated. There are many types ofsoldiers in style ofArcher, knight, cavalry, peasant, infantry,spearmen and magesoldiers etc. Sandbox gamers, we offer you atotally free of chargestrategy game that does not require theinternet. All you have todo is download and play games for free.There are 36 battles so farwaiting for you in this medieval timesbattle simulator game. Ifyou like medieval war games, this is oneof the best for you.Medieval Battle Simulator: Sandbox StrategyGame features: -Challenging levels to fight through! - Accurate AIbattle system -High quality War Simulator - Low poly fun stylewarriors - plentyof war missions. - Archer, knight, cavalry,spearmen, peasant,infantry and mage soldiers in different powersand differentmissions. - Epic Battle simulation game - AdvancedWarfare battlesPlease leave comments, Ladik Apps & Games Team
Hunter vs Animal: Epic Battle Simulator 1.1 APK
HUNTER VS ANIMAL: EPIC BATTLE SIMULATOR It is free epicbattlesimulator game between animals and hunters. Get it free.Androidgame developer company Ladik Apps presents a new epicbattlesimulator game for strategy game lovers. Download it now forfree!Hunter vs animal battle simulator is a grid box game thatallowsyou to use your strategical skills and become BattlegroundMasterwith easy game play and cool battle missions. Choose yourhuntersand place them wisely in the hunting field, takingintoconsideration your golden power, and hunt every prey! Therearemany types of hunters in style of Archer, swordsman,rifleman,peasant, infantry, spear-men and bazooka soldiers etc.Sandboxgamer, we offer you a totally free of charge strategy gamethatdoes not require the internet. All you have to do is downloadandplay games for free. There are 48 hunting battles so far. Youwillhunt several animals like lions, wolves, elephants,crocodilesetc... Hunter vs Animal Epic Battle Simulator: SandboxStrategyGame features: - Challenging levels to fight through! -Accurate AIbattle system - High quality War Simulator - Low polyfun stylewarriors - Plenty of war missions. - Archer, knight,cavalry,spear-men, peasant, infantry and soldiers in differentpowers anddifferent missions. - Epic Battle simulation game -AdvancedWarfare battles Please leave comments, Ladik Apps &Games Team
WORLD WAR 2 ULTIMATE EPIC BATTLE SIMULATOR It is a freeultimateWorld War II modern epic battle simulator. Lead your troopstohistoric triumph! Build a strong army and crush yourenemy'sarmies, troops, tanks by tactically deploying your forces!You needto defeat 6 strong world powers including France, England,Japan,Germany, USSR and USA. Each by 18 levels Use your powerwisely.Numerous military equipment is at your disposal:storm-troopers,artillery, bunkers, snipers, machine gunners, guns,tanks,bazookas, rocket tanks etc... Enemy has almost the same powerasyou have. So deploy your army and units carefully. You can seethedeployments of your units and enemy units by clicking on "3DView".You can purchase new units by spending your golds. How toplay: Itis quite simple. You have your money to purchase units.Select theunit to buy and click on box to deploy. Click on "3Dview" if youwould like to see army deployments. and Click StartBattle button.You can move camera on battlefield. Please feel freeto leavecomments. Contact us via e-mail. Ladik Apps & GamesDeveloperTeam