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Styles such as the bandage dress are popular due to the flatterystyle. Beautiful dresses have made waves on both the red carpet andthe catwalk. A dress designed in this style would make for a poisedand polished Meet-the-Parents look. A sleeveless ivory dress with asweetheart neckline is a perfect date night dress. This romanticstyle of a dress is just the right mix of sexy and classic. And, ofcourse, a white dress can be just plain hot. A low-cut dress with asnug fit and body contorting is a sexy way to stand out when you goclubbing during the summer.If you are looking for great ideas onwhat to wear for a dress up party, look no further. Everything isavailable for you through the Internet. Whether you choose to buy,rent or make your own costume, a wide assortment of designs arewithin your reach through e-books, magazines, and online—especiallywithin our application. Everyone desires to look their best. Thereare ladies who would like to try something different while otherschoose costumes that are more comfortable rather than stylish. Hereare some great fancy dress ideas for women: • Princess Costume.This is considered one of the top choices among women. It is simplybecause most women have fantasies of being princesses some time intheir young lives. This is the perfect time for them to make theirdreams come true. Most princess party dresses are made of wonderfulfabric and attractive colors making women look ethereal andheavenly. With matching accessories like sparkling tiara, glassslippers and almost perfect make up, women look their best beingprincesses.• Sexy Costume. Whether you choose to wear a tightfitting cat suit or a skimpy playboy outfit, you have to be sexy tolook good in it. However, costume manufacturers are now designingsexy party attires even for plus size women. These costumes more orless put more emphasis on their best features to make even bigframed women look desirable.• Army Costume. There is somethinginteresting seeing a woman wearing men's clothes. One of the mostpopular fancy dress ideas for women is to make their own version ofmen's uniform. Some women like to wear a police officer uniform oran army sergeant uniform.The list can go on and on as women'schoices for dressing up are tremendous. If you are looking for morechoices, you can simply browse through the Internet and visit thefancy dress collection below to look for the perfect dress foryou.With a wide assortment of fancy dress ideas for women'scostume, looking for one that best suit you is quite easy on ourAPP. In this application you can find thousand ideas of beautifuldress that look perfect and proper for you. The internet made iteasier for you to download the application of beautiful dressideas! So what are you waiting?

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Why don’t you make your space more beautiful by painting the roofinterior or ceiling with cool colors or decorating it with woodboards or moldings. White simple ceiling are awesome but there areother ways to design them. Different colors on the ceiling canaffect the height of the space. In recent months, more and morepeople are finding that their ceiling doesn't have to be white, nordoes it have to be a popcorn type ceiling. With that in mind, manyare also finding that the ceiling is a perfect way to add a gooddose of color into the interior design of their home. Here's thelow down on the colorful painted ceiling trend.Getting right downto business, it's worth mentioning that you can actually do acolorful painted ceiling in just about any room in your home. Infact, it is a great way to add a pop of color to bedroom designs,bathroom designs and even living room designs. If done in atasteful way, a colorful painted ceiling can also add a whimsical,romantic or elegant touch to kitchen designs.You can also paintceilings in your outdoor space if you're not quite ready to paintyour interior ceilings. Consider painting the ceiling of yourgazebo or front porch, or other outdoor space, to test the watersand see if you can stomach painting the ceilings in your interiorspaces.One of the biggest benefits to the painted ceiling is thatit is truly unique, especially in interior design. Many peoplewouldn't even dare paint their ceiling a hue other than white,making it highly unlikely that you'll see this look in yourneighbor's home, or anywhere else for that matter.Another benefitis that a painted ceiling can help a large, cavernous room feelsmaller, more cozy. This is beneficial in extremely large roomswhere you're having a hard time dealing with all the space, atleast in terms of decorating ideas.So what are you waiting?Finally, painted ceilings can add a unique touch of elegance, atouch of whimsy or any other inspired feeling you'd like to add toany given space. They're unexpected and when done right, they're agreat way to compliment your existing interior design. We invitesyou to find more decorating ideas and bedroom design inspirationsfrom around the world on this incredible app of roof interiordesign!
Of all the tattoo designs and different sizes small tattoo designsare by far the most popular. They are trendy, sexy and not alwaysfeminine. Sure, the reason most women prefer small tattoo designsis that they are discreet and add to their femininity, howeversmall tattoo designs are exploding in popularity among men too.Someexamples of popular designs for women that would be small andpetit; butterfly tattoos, fairy tattoos and stars. Butterflies aremuch like flowers and considered to be feminine. Fairies areextremely popular because a lady will tend to add to the art byinserting butterflies, flowers or even stars in and about the fairydesign. Stars are usually a simple and easy tattoo to design sincea star is easily inked by itself, in a group or used as part ofsome really cool patterns. This allows the wearer to be veryimaginative and creative with their design.Women will regularlywear these designs on their hips, beneath their navels, on theirlower backs or on the back of their necks, among other places wheresmall designs can be inked. Men on the other hand will opt forsmall designs to replace rings, bracelets, earrings and otherjewelry pieces.There are many choices for men when consideringsmall tattoo designs that wouldn't be a test of their masculinity.Choices like Celtic bands which are popular as armband tattoodesigns as well as on the wrist or finger area. Tribal designs andzodiac signs are also small tattoo designs men shouldconsider.Small tattoo designs most popular with men are logos oftheir favorite sports team, or their teams mascot. Also theirsignificant others name, animals name or a signature tattoo iscommon. Another idea for men is a small word or phrase whichrepresents a message or saying they wish to portray.Another smalltattoo design popular with both men and women is a music note, or atattoo that represents music. This might be a music note or areplica of your favorite musical instrument.There are so many otherideas available and you should design one that is unique to you,one that is one of a kind. In order to accomplish this you shouldresearch the unlimited resources available to you such as highquality web galleries, friends, magazines, nature around you and somany other places. Your tattoo will be with you always so investthe time and effort to make it remarkable. Here is our app withinmany advantages!So you will want to plan ahead and think about someof the above basic considerations before you go out and get yoursmall tattoo design here. Our app provides many stunning design ofsexy small tattoo design Check this out for more information onsexy and hot tattoo design
Hot make Up 1.4 APK
The correct application of makeup can help you to present the bestimpression regardless of the occasion. Here are some top tips forsimple but effective makeup:Brows : Lower them (the arch) and fillthem in, same colour as your hair. Where your brows startdetermines how wide the bridge of your nose looks. So for a slimmernose keep them closer together, so on and so forth.Eyes : Creamywhite eyeliner on the inner rim takes away the red and makes youlook more awake. A small amount of shimmer on the inner corner andunderneath the arch of the brow looks glowing. Do your eye makeuplooking straight ahead. DO NOT use frosted eyeshadow.Cheeks : Don'tput blush on the apples of your cheeks. Apply it sweeping up. Use ahighlighter to further enhance your cheek bones. Don't use abronzer if you are pale.Lips : Loose gold dust in the centre on thebow of your lips, makes lips appear fuller.Shading : Main thing tomake you look younger. its complicated so ask me if you want toknow how.Foundation : Match to your chest. Your face must matchyour body.STEP:1. There are a few specific things to get a flawlesslook to your foundation. A good blank canvas helps of course, sosort out your skin care first. Remember a lot of it (skin care) isa load of rubbish, well not rubbish but you don't get what you payfor a lot of the time. So educate yourselves ladies. I highlyrecommend paulaschoice.com. Paula is extremely informative and easyto understand.2. Primer: This acts like a light veil over the skinso other products sit well.3. Concealer: Under eyes and in thecorners, fingertips work well and its quick, around the corners ofthe nose and chin (these are the reddest spots usually) Dependingon the size of your blemishes and colour, conceal them first too,but you might have to do it again after foundation if they continueto shine like beacons.4. Foundation: A lot of people proudly say tome they don't wear any makeup because its bad for their skin. BUT,foundation protects your skin. Most foundations have an SPF andeven if it doesn't, it provides a physical barrier to the elements.5. If you have oily skin, a powder is good. If you have drier skin,using powder can feel tight and uncomfortable. If you use a pressedpowder with a big brush, the product is more evenly distributed. 6.Voila! You're beautiful.So what are you waiting? If you need toengage a professional or would like more tips, visit HOT MAKE UPtutorial and download our application. You can get thousand ideasof hot make up that match with your costume. Wear the PerfectMakeup and Costume for the Upcoming Party. Enjoy discovering!
Pottery Making Idea 1.4 APK
Pottery is made by forming a clay body into objects of a requiredshape and heating them to high temperatures in a kiln which removesall the water from the clay, which induces reactions that lead topermanent changes including increasing their strength and hardeningand setting their shape. A clay body can be decorated before orafter firing. Prior to some shaping processes, clay must beprepared. Kneading helps to ensure an even moisture contentthroughout the body. Air trapped within the clay body needs to beremoved. This is called de-airing and can be accomplished by amachine called a vacuum pug or manually by wedging. Wedging canalso help produce an even moisture content. Once a clay body hasbeen kneaded and de-aired or wedged, it is shaped by a variety oftechniques. After shaping it is dried and then fired.Making thingswith your hands can be incredibly fulfilling. It can really bringout your creativity, and teach you things about yourself. Often,the best hands-on hobbies to get involved in are those that arerelated to some of your other hobbies or interests. In the case ofthose who collect figurines and other ceramics, signing up forpottery making classes can be a great idea!There are some tips topottery making:1. Go to pottery making classes. Everyone has tolearn somehow. Although it can be comforting to learn on your ownit will be much more fun with others. In addition your skills willimprove much quicker!2. Don't be put off by the terminology!Pottery making uses some strange and quirky terms. It wont be longbefore you know green ware from biscuit ware.3. Be prepared to getdirty - you can tell a potter by his hands and shoes! Even with anapron it is impossible to stay clean when making pottery. Yourhands and shoes will get dirty! Treat it as part of the fun sodress appropriately.4. Enjoy the experience - even if it goeswrong! It goes wrong for everyone including the experts so don't beafraid to experiment. Remember that your designs are unique and youhave the chance to express your own creativity.5. Read some simplepottery making books. Lots of pottery books are available so choosebooks with simple descriptions and pictures to get you started.Books,however, are no substitute for classes but they shouldreinforce your learning.6. Ask questions. Asking questions aidsmemory so you learn quicker. Don't be embarrassed to ask even themost simple of questions. Remember you are probably only sayingwhat many others are thinking!7. Practise then practise some more!This probably should be my number 1 tip on the list. As with mostthings in life, the more you practise the more skilled you becomeand the more enjoyable will be the experience.So what are youwaiting? More information and other technical articles on potteryand ceramics can be found at our app, Discovering stunning designof POTTERY MAKING IDEAS here! There are many stunning ideasofpottery making. You can easily find and download our app for thebest experience!
A small floral headdress is ideal for weddings and for children'sspecial occasion parties. Here are the instructions for making afloral headdress. This example uses roses, ivy and snowberries andis suitable for flower girls.Step 1: Cut the Faux Flower StemsUsingyour heavy-duty scissors or wire cutters, cut each flower from itsmain stem, leaving approximately 2 1/2 inches of stem attached tothe flower.Step 2: Break the StemIf you used wire cutters, skipthis step. Wire cutters will cut off the stem completely with onecut. Scissors may not cut all the way through the wire in the stem.Cut a notch in the stem, and use your fingers to move the stem backand forth to break it off.Step 3: Arrange Flowers Into BunchesTokeep your workspace tidy, sort your flowers into bunches by typeand color. This will make it easier to select flowers for placementon your crown.Step 4: Make the Crown Base With WireMeasure aroundthe top of your head to determine how much wire to cut off tocreate the base of the flower crown. Leave a few inches in case youneed the extra wire later. Cut the wire and form it in the shape ofa circle to go around your head.Step 5: Adding Flowers to theWireGrab a flower and bend the stem into a curve to follow thecurve of the green wire. Start to wrap the green wire around thestem. Keep adding flowers to the green wire, wrapping the wirearound the stems as you go. Wrapping the wire around the stemscauses the wire base to become shorter, allowing room to add ribbonties at the end. Place flowers of different styles, sizes or colorson the flower crown.Green floral tape conceals the stems and wireto give the flower crown a more polished look. Make matching floralcrown for you and your friends. So what are you waiting? Make yourown, and get thousand ideas of small floral crown. Back to nature.Enjoy!
Cuckoo Clock 1.4 APK
A cuckoo clock is a typically pendulum-regulated clock that strikesthe hours with a sound like a common cuckoo's call and has anautomaton cuckoo bird that moves with each note. Some move theirwings, open/close the beak while leaning forward, whereas othersonly the bird's body is leaned forward. The mechanism to producethe cuckoo call has been in use since the middle of the 18thcentury and has remained almost without variation until thepresent.It is unknown who invented it and where the first one wasmade. It is thought that much of its development and evolution wasmade in the Black Forest area in southwestern Germany (State ofBaden-Württemberg), the region where the cuckoo clock waspopularized. The cuckoo clocks were exported to the rest of theworld from the mid 1850s on. Today, the cuckoo clock is one of thefavorite souvenirs of travelers in Germany, Switzerland andAustria. It has become a cultural icon of Germany.The cuckoo clockshould always originate from the Black Forest, but it can bebeneficial to buy from a cuckoo expert located in your homecountry. If there is ever a warranty issue or repair necessary,shipping the clock to Germany may not be ideal. The cuckoo noise iscreated when a pair of bellows are pumped as the cuckoo bird popsout. If those bellows are bigger or smaller they will produce avarying cuckoo sound. Bigger bellows will make deeper call andsmaller bellows a higher call. Different clocks also have differentactions. Sometimes the cuckoo is very fast, sometimes slower. Handcarved means infinite variety.If the clock is very old or a rarestyle, it can be worth quite a bit. This would need to bedetermined by a reputable antique dealer, preferably one whospecializes in clocks. Something to consider though – unless it isa rare style, newer clocks are generally worth more than olderones. The reason, is that although the clock is still hand carvedwith the old world methods, the interior improves as clocktechnology improves. A new clock will often have a more precisemechanism than an old cuckoo clock. For most people, the greatestvalue is handing the clock down and keeping it in the family forgenerations.So what are you waiting? Find many types of cuckooclocks there! This application is easy to use. But first downloadour app. Make your home more classic and classy by choosing theideas from our app! Enjoy!
Flower Before choosing which type of pot you want, you need todetermine where do you want to place the pots. Would you like tolay the pot in your garden? Or do you prefer to place the insideyour house? Indoor pots have various uses, from starting new seeds,moving plants to new locations, indoor cultivation plants,beautifies garden, or charming your room with wonderful flowers.Flower pots have been used since ancient times, the Egyptians wereamong the first to use pots to move plants from one location toanother, later the Romans brought potted plants inside during coldweather. In modern eras, they can be used as a personal gift,kitchen decoration, room beautification, and art object.Plant potscan be easily found in garden supply stories, grocery stores, homeimprovement stores and online garden stores. There are differentkinds of plant containers, from clay flower pots, plastic, ceramic,fiber glass, hanging pots, window box planters, sandstone urns, andmany more; each of them has their own pros and cons. Out of allthese, clay flower pot considered as one of the most popular typeof pot. Its structure is suitable for maintaining the freshnessalmost all type of flowers, in addition clay pots are made fromorganic raw materials, thus these are eco-friendly products.Indoorhouse plants have been known to possess therapeutic properties thatbring relaxation and comfort to their owners. The green calmingcolor and the refreshing smell of most house plants can bringwonders to our overall health and wellness. Not only that, they canalso balance our ecology as they give off much-needed oxygen forhuman and animal consumption.With all the stress people get fromtheir daily routine and harsh elements from the environment, youdeserve to have a tranquil time at your home through putting someof these house plants in their homes. So whata re you waiting?Discovering great idea of potted plants within our application forthe best experience! Just in this app you can get many amazingideas of indoor potted plants. Pick up the perfect design for you!And don’t forget to share our app!
Have you considered that problems with getting a good night's sleepmay be related to what you wear to bed? Sleepwear that isunfashionable or uncomfortable can prevent you from having arestful night. Your sleep problems might be prevented simply bychanging what you wear to bed. Here are some guidelines to help youchoose the right plus size pajamas to encourage a restful night.Themost classic style of sleepwear are pajamas. They are also calledP.J's or jammies. Pajamas come in a wide assortment of styles fromshorts and long pants to pullovers and button-up shirts. Pajamasalso come in plus sizes. There is a style type and fabric type tomeet nearly everyone's needs. Some pajama bottoms and shorts alsohave drawstring waists which work well for those who need extraroom at the hips but not the waist.Purchase plus size pajamas inseparate pieces. This way, you can choose shorts, bottoms orpanties in one size, then select a separate shirt or camisole inanother size. When selecting plus size pajamas keep in mind thatcollars, buttons and other features can interfere with comfortsince they can press against you during sleep.Plus size women oftenprefer sleep shirts or night shirts, which are basically oversizedtee shirts. Usually these pajamas are made from soft breathableknits, but sometimes plus size manufacturers offer this classicsleep shirt in satin or silk. The fabric from which pajamas aremade is just as important as the fit. Choose fabrics that suit yourclimate and body type. If you prefer pajamas that keep you warm andcozy, cotton flannel and synthetics, such as polyester, are thebest choices. If you are always warm and kicking off the covers,look for loose fitting, lightweight cotton pajamas.Cotton isgenerally the most comfortable material because it allows your bodyto breathe. Silk is known for its sensuous feel and its naturalfibers also allow the skin to breathe. Keep these tips in mind thenext time you are shopping for plus size pajamas and remember, thepajamas you sleep in should be all about relaxation and comfort.Weprovides more information on plus size lingerie, dresses and plussize clothing in our app. You can find many ideas of stunning plussize sleepshirt in your hand before you buy it. Choose the perfectone for you and start download and enjoy!