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Landscape designing is a field where yougetample opportunities to display your creativity. Your homebackyardis one place where you can try out different things withoutthefear of making mistakes. However, this task is not that easy.Lotsof things need to be considered while designing the same.Moreover,it becomes much more interesting and complicated as youenter itsdepths. There are numerous design ideas. Here are some ofthem thatmight prove beneficial.

The plants to be chosen for it should be the local ones. It iseasyto take care of the native plants, since they are more familiartous. Try to plant something every season, so that the gardenremainsa treat for the eyes throughout the year. Plants can be usedtoconstruct a fence around the landscape. Nowadays, lawnsareconsidered to be an integral part of any landscape. The conceptofhaving a lawn in gardens originated in England. It rainsevenlythroughout the year in England, which makes it easy tomaintainlawns. However, lawns should be avoided in areas whichexperiencethe problem of water scarcity. For using watereconomically,micro-irrigation proves to be the best option. Flowerbeds shouldbe layered. Layering places taller plants behind, andthe shorterones and the other plants can occupy the space inbetween them.

Landscape Decor
These decorations are meant to attract attention. They are thefocalpoints of any landscape. Bird feeders, bird baths, hangingbaskets,and clay pottery including vases, add to the beauty of agarden.However, these objects should be placed in such a way thatthey donot affect plant growth. A bridge at the entrance of agarden lookscatchy. Having a swing in the garden adds to thecomfort and can beused as a reading-cum-relaxing area. The deck isanother featurethat is used for the decoration. It acts as anextension to the roomnear the garden.

A waterfall can completely change the look and feel of thesame.Along with a pleasing view of water streaming into the pond,itssound relaxes our mind. A 2-feet tall waterfall is perfect forasmall landscape.

Color Schemes
Different color schemes enhance the look of the same. They canbeused to attract attention and also shift the focus away fromdullsurroundings. Yellow color refreshes the mind, henceyellow-coloredflowers should be near windows for better visibility.There aremany color schemes implemented by these designers. Inthemonochromatic color scheme, the main objective is to use huesofthe same color. The colors adjacent to each other on thecolorwheel (a system to represent hues of colors in a circularformat),are used in the analogous color scheme. For example, yellowandgreen colors can be used in this scheme. The complementarycolorscheme uses colors that are opposite to each other on thecolorwheel.

Hobby Greenhouses
Hobby greenhouses can give a special touch to the same. Childrencanlearn a lot about gardening through them. The interest intheconcept of hobby greenhouses is growing day by day.Nowadays,people have begun to understand the importance of greeneryin theirlives. Hobby greenhouses add to the knowledge about variousplantspecies. It is possible to learn about different exoticplantsthrough these portable structures; and that too in ourownbackyard. Furthermore, these are available at affordable pricesandin different forms.

Garden Designing Software
Those who are unable to spend time for this task can opt forasoftware to carry out the same. The software wouldsuggestdifferent designs suitable for your landscape, based onthedimensions of the garden. Also, a landscape contractor can behiredto implement the design provided by the software.

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3D House Floor Plan Ideas 3.0 APK
Your house plan is truly a reflection of whoyou are. It is a place where you can relax, enjoy, eat, sleep, butmost of all a place where you can be in your elements. I rememberthe last time I decided to refurbish my home, I thought the firstthing that I needed was a professional designer and so I hired one.I got too caught up with the ideas that the designers had beenshowcasing and advocating. However, the day I saw the entire planon the blueprint, I realized that although the design looked great,it did not appeal to me as my own home. That was the moment Idecided to do away with the designers, and take charge of thedesigning process myself. Designing your own house can be quite atask, but totally worth it since it enables you to give the place apersonal touch. Designing a house can include both the primaryarchitectural elements as well as the interior designing elementsthat follow. In this article we will cover both the aspect thatwill assist you while designing your own house.Architectural DesignArchitectural elements are vital if you are planning a houseplan from scratch. The first thing that you need to do is undertakea detailed study of the space available to you, requirement ofrooms, the possibility of multiple stories, the roofing, as well asthe locations of window and doors. In case you find thisintimidating, and are still willing to work without a professionalarchitect, there are a number of software applications that canhelp you with this task. A simulation of your plot area and thepossible positions and areas of multiple rooms can be tried outusing these designing software. You can easily drag the walls onthe virtual interface until you finalize the layout and come upwith your own final blueprint of the house plan.Once the house plan is ready, you can hire services of a goodresidential building company to materialize your blueprint into anactual finished structure. While handing over the reins to them,make sure you explain them the plan carefully and ask forsuggestions. Once the plan is finalized and the builders are atwork, have a word with them on a daily basis so that the finalproduct comes out just the way you wanted. However it is advisablenot to interrupt their work very frequently and trust them withtheir job.Tips to Remember:Although you have decided to plan your house on your own, youcannot be aware of all the architectural design principles (unlessyou are an architect yourself). Hence, once you have finalized yourplan, get it checked from a professional and try to incorporate thesuggestions.Involve all the members of the house while the plan is being madeand consider individual requirements for their rooms. The finalplan should be convenient for every member of your house.Study the natural lighting directions to ensure optimum naturallight in the living room or the study room according to yourpreference. After studying the light pattern it would also beconvenient for you to finalize the placement positions of doors andwindows.Choose accurate placement of walls. Avoid a cluttered plan, studyyour space, and don't try to include too many rooms within littlespace.With a little more research, try to incorporate unconventionalpatterns and styles into your house plan.The ColorsInterior designing for your own house plan is like giving you apalette of colors and a blank canvas. All you need to do is workwith your magic brush, adding a stroke here and there until you aresatisfied with the end result.First of all, use a good quality water-resistant andlong-lasting paint. Yes, choosing the colors for your house canseem like an easy job, but it is advisable to put more thought intothe process.
DIY Gift Box Ideas 4.0 APK
The pattern of gift boxes vary according tothe ceremony, occasion and the event. The appearance of gift boxesalso depends on the person whom you are gifting. For example, womenprefer more of ornamentation while men love simple and chastedesigns.Normally, we present gifts during festive seasons like Christmas,Halloween, Easter, etc. However, making gift boxes at home will bea difficult project for people who have no affinity for arts andcrafts. The necessary guidance for making homemade boxes will beprovided to you in the upcoming paragraphs.Christmas Gift BoxesWe all love to give and receive Christmas gifts. Packing cookies,dollies, candies, stockings, candles, etc., during Christmas timeis a well practiced trend. Pack the stockings in a reusable giftwrapper. Use colorful papers for the external coating. Tie a satinthread over the lid and gift it away. While packing eatables youhave to extra careful. Make sure the gift box is moisture proof.Leakage of moisture would spoil the eatables. Use air tightcontainers for packing cookies, candies, biscuits, dough nuts, andbrownies. For extra protection, wrap them with aluminum foils.Packing dry fruits in cardboard boxes is also a good idea. Lid thebox and wrap a clean white paper for a simple look.Wedding Gift BoxesWedding gifts are packed with bright embellishments. Expensiveitems are parceled in beautiful velvet boxes. Always remember thatthe wrapping of the gift matters a lot in making the gift special.Similarly, you can make some beautiful boxes for wedding cards. Geta silver box from any jewelry shop and then start the decoration.You will require the following things, viz, velvet paper, tinymirrors, satin ribbons, gum, and glitters. First wrap the entirejewelry box with velvet paper. Utilize your artistic instinctswhile doing the mirror work and spraying the glitter. Make itethnic so that it appeals to the wedding ceremony. Metal boxes forwrapping jewelry is also a good option as they not only lookbeautiful, but also traditional. Apparels usually come in boxes andall you need to do is, wrap them with cellophane or any type ofgift wrappers and then tie a satin ribbon around it.Birthday Gift BoxesA birthday is a special occasion and you can try a lot of things tomake the gifts attractive. You have so many things to present onbirthdays, right from pets to toys. Gifting pets is a uniquebirthday gift idea. I must tel you that putting pets inside a giftbaskets is easy. You have to ensure that there is enough space forthe pet to move and breathe. Big cardboard boxes with plentifulspace is the perfect box for pets. Ready-made boxes are sold inarts and crafts stores and they make wonderful packaging forbirthday gifts. Make Chinese food boxes and hat boxes for giftingchocolates and cookies. Well, expensive birthday gifts likelaptops, cell phones, camera, iPods, etc., come in cushioned casesthat ensure no damage is caused to the electronic pieces. Wrap thecardboard boxes and then place the gadgets along with the casebefore gifting away. Utilize the same ideas for making Valentine'sboxes.Make innovative and unique gift boxes to make your dear ones feelspecial.source: buzzle.com
Simple Drawing Tutorials 3.0 APK
Freehand drawing is a form, which is done onlyby means of hand and eye coordination. In simple terms, this typeof drawing is done by a person without use of any tools likerulers, protractor, etc., or by using tracing or any other suchtechniques. Many people who enjoy drawing as a hobby use thismethod of drawing, just by carrying a sketchbook and pencils, andsketching any subjects they like. If a person asks you whilelooking at a drawing, 'did you do it freehand ?', it means that didyou draw it without the use of any tools or mechanicaldevices.For freehand sketching, one needs to have good sense ofproportions, a smooth motion of hand that allows to draw neatlines, and some shading skills to give more depth to the drawing.These skills take time, patience, and practice, and advice from ateacher or an artist will help a person to learn freehand drawingby the right way. Whether you are an absolute beginner, or you havesome experience in drawing, provided below are some very usefulsketching tips that will help you to get started, or get better atthis technique.Useful TipsAdobe has a freehand drawing software, on which you can practicedrawing freehand. But, most artists and teachers always recommendto practice the skills first on paper, and then on any software.Hence, before going digital, stick to the basic drawing tools,which are the pencils and papers. Thus, buy a sketchbook that hasA4 sized papers, few 2-3 graded pencils of 6B and 8B, and startdrawing. Avoid using eraser as much as possible; if you are acomplete beginner, then eraser is allowed for first 2-3 weeks.After this period, you have to stop using it so that you get theconfidence.Keep a Blank Mind and Loosen UpOn a paper, draw circles in one smooth motion, do not rest yourpalm on the paper. So, hold the pencil with your fingers, and drawcircles all over the paper. In a similar manner, draw horizontal,vertical, and diagonal lines on the same sheet of paper. This willhelp to keep a blank mind, and loosen up your drawing motions; youwill be more confident, and the lines will come out better bypracticing this technique. Do this on 2-3 papers everyday, and asyour drawing skills get better, you can continue this only on onepaper everyday.Observe Everything You SeeNow, the second important factor that helps to draw better is yourobservation power. Continuously go on observing everything closely,how an old man looks, how a young person looks, how a child looks,etc. You can also observe their clothing, expressions, gestures,etc. Take a good look at the animals in the surrounding if any.Observe trains, buses, buildings, natural landscapes, trees, birds,cityscapes, etc.Carry Your Sketchbook and PracticeAlways keep a sketchbook and pencils with you (don't forget asharpener or cutter too). Watch people at the train station, andsketch them. If you are a total beginner, then forget about howneat your drawings looks; firstly, just scribble the subjects, andlater on, your skills will improve. Thus, scribble birds, people,landscapes, buildings, etc. If your subjects are not stationary,and it is difficult for you to observe moving subjects, then byusing a camera (digital or analog), click pictures of the subject.Once you are at home or at a quiet place, observe the subject, andthen proceed to draw it.
Easy Origami Tutorial 3.0 APK
Origami is a Japanese art of paper-folding.'Ori' means folding and 'kami' means paper in Japanese. Although itis taken for granted that origami must have originated in Japan;this is not the actual case. Origami originated in ancient Chinaaround first century AD and it was introduced in Japan by Chinesetravelers. This Chinese art of paper-folding soon caught fancy ofthe Japanese who developed various origami shapes.Origami was practiced only by the wealthy Japanese noblemen. Aspaper was expensive during that period, it was used by the affluentJapanese to show their skill and wealth. The Samurai would exchangegifts of folded paper with a strip of dried fish or meat, known as'noshi'. This was considered as a good luck token. The Shintonoblemen celebrated weddings by wrapping glasses of rice wine inbutterfly shaped origami representing the bride and groom.As time passed, paper became less expensive. People fromdifferent social backgrounds could practice the art of origami. Theorigami instructions were passed on orally from mother to daughter,generation to generation. There were no written manuscripts oforigami instructions due to high rate of illiteracy and mostfamilies didn't want their ideas to be copied by others. The firstbook, Hiden Senbazuru Orikata (The Secret of One Thousand CranesOrigami), containing origami instructions was published in 1797. In1819, a woodblock print was made entitled, A Magician Turns Sheetsof Birds, showing birds being made from paper. Window on Midwinterwas published in 1845, that included 150 origami models.Origami creates interests in minds of people who love craftactivities even today. This art and crafts activity is enjoyed bychildren who love making their own special objects from paper. Afew easy origami for kids instructions are discussed below.The following are a few easy origami ideas that can be used as acraft activity for childrenOrigami SwanTake a square sheet of paper and fold the paper diagonally andpress the paper to form a crease. Unfold the paper and fold thelower edges of the square into the crease. Flip the paper and foldpointed corners over the crease. Now fold the pointed edge upwardsinto half. Fold the pointed corner downwards about half an inch tomake the swan head. Fold the swan into half over the crease. Yourorigami swan is ready.Origami PuppyTake a square piece of paper, and fold the paper diagonally to forma triangle. Hold the triangle with the pointed edge facingdownwards. Fold the tip of the bottom point to make the puppy'schin. Fold the other pointed edges downwards to make the puppy'sears. Draw eyes, nose and mouth to create the puppy's face.Origami HatOne of the most easiest origami craft ideas is making a hat. Allyou need is take a rectangular sheet of paper and fold ithorizontally into two equal parts. From the corner of the closedend, fold about 2/3rd parts of the paper. This will bring the topcorners together at the center of the paper. Your paper will nowappear triangular in shape. With the help of your thumbs, fold thebottom end of the paper upwards from the open end. Turn the sheetover and repeat the step for the other bottom edge. Now, open yourhat from the bottom center and enjoy wearing it over yourhead.source:buzzle.com
Kid Dress Ideas 3.0 APK
Fashion is not just for grownups anymore andthere are many dress designers who specializes in designing clothesfor kids. Young girls like to wear dresses that are chic andstylish and there are many designs of dresses for young kids andpre teens. Kids generally have strong likes and dislikes and so itis best to take their opinions before buying a dress. When you buydresses for kids, make sure that they are comfortable to wear andthe finish of the closures are well made and sewn. Metallic zippersand closures of low quality can cause allergic reactions on theirdelicate skin. As far as possible choose bright cheerful colors fordresses for kids. Sober and more sophisticated colors can be wornonce they grow up.If you are looking for nice dresses for kids, then a short ruffledress is one of the best options that you can opt for. A short midthigh length dress with an empire waist and ruffles at the skirtlooks cute on small girls. You can choose either a sleevelessdesign or a ruffle dress with flutter sleeves. Short ruffle dressesin fabrics like cotton, linen and cotton blends are great optionsfor the summer. If you are looking for something more dressy, thengo for a short ruffle dress with lace and metallic embellishmentsat the bodice.A great option for casual summer wear is a halter dress in a brightcolor. A knee length or mid thigh length halter dress withelasticized tie ups at the neck and tiered double ruffles at theskirt is a good option for casual dresses. Choose such girlsclothing in fabrics like cotton voile and linen for a comfortablefit. Patterns like small stars and seashells looks very fetching insuch dresses. While selecting a sleeveless dress for your littlegirl, make sure that the elasticized tie ups are not too tight asthey might dig into the skin and cause rashes.If you are looking for something comfortable for your little girlto wear, then you cannot go wrong with a racerback tank dress. Itis a very trendy design and your little girl is sure to like it alot. A racer back tank dress is essentially an A-line dress withoutsleeves with a racerback. Choose fabrics like jersey or cottonblend for a comfortable fit. These type of dresses are available inmany designs and patterns with nautical stripes and ditsy floralprints being the most popular.A favorite with small girls, tiered dresses makes little girls lookcute. It is simple dress with a fitted bodice and three to fourtiers at the skirt. For a special occasion like a birthday orparty, you can choose from tiered dresses made in fabrics likeorganza, silk and chiffon. Pastel colors like lavender,butterscotch, peach and baby pink will look gorgeous in suchdresses. Tiered dresses with piping on the skirt and rosettes onthe bodice are also great choices for special occasion dresses forkids.A drop waist dress is a dress that has a longer bodice and ashorter skirt. Drop waist dresses are very popular among younggirls and they look quite charming too. Drop waist dresses infabrics like cotton and linen are good choices for the summer.These type of dresses are also available in fancier versions withlace trimmings and sequin details as well as self tie and sidepockets.Select dresses for kids that have a modern design and which iscomfortable to wear. You can even sew such dresses at home, if youhave good sewing skills.
Baby Girl Clothes 3.0 APK
Fashion is no more restricted to teenagers andadults. Star kids such as Suri Cruise and Harper Beckham havealready been declared style icons. With high-end designers enteringthe market of kids' couture, luxury baby clothes are no longer aprivilege for the wealthy and affluent class. Many have alreadystarted following the footsteps of celebrities, and the market ofdesigner babywear has grown in leap and bounds over the lastdecade.You can buy anything from bibs, booties, and body suits to hatsand bonnets from a luxury baby clothing store. Accessories such asfine quality monogrammed diaper bags, designer bottle holders, andbaby booties lined with fine wool are also easily available,provided you can shell out big bucks. Personalized and handmadebaby apparel are also very much in vogue. Parents, who always wantthe best for their kids, tend to spend their earnings in suchhigh-end baby clothes and accessories, which are very expensive,and may not fit into everyone's budget.Flash Sale SitesRegister with flash sale sites that offer steep discounts ondesigner baby clothes. As a registered member, you will receivenotifications regarding flash sales that usually last for a fewhours, or a day or two. Check out such sites for grabbing someluxury baby clothes at a fraction of their actual price.Off-price RetailersThese retailers offer branded and designer clothes at a discountedprice throughout the year. They buy off-season goods, canceledorders, goods returned by other retailers, seconds, manufacturerirregulars, etc., and sell them at a cheaper rate. All you need todo is to spare some time to check their stock and get a gooddeal.End of Season SalesNever miss end of season sales, if you want to buy luxuriousclothes for your babies, at affordable rates. You can check online,as various sites offer huge discounts on a wide range of productsduring this time of the year. Even some stores and boutiques offerdiscounted prices for off-season items.Sample SalesThose living in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles mustcheck out the sample sales, for getting some designer baby clothesat a cheaper rate. Such sales are often intended to get rid ofexcess merchandise that usually includes off-season and overstockeditems.Rental SubscriptionWhy spend a fortune for designer baby clothes when you can rentthem? Instead of buying such expensive clothes that your babyoutgrows quickly, you can rent them for a monthly fee. All you needto do is to sign up for a monthly subscription of clothing rentalservice for babies. You will get clean clothes that can be usedtill your child outgrows them. Once you send them back, you willget new clothes.Cloth SwappingThis is a great idea that works well for kids, as they outgrowtheir clothes at a very fast rate. Instead of making your baby wearthe same designer wear for every occasion, you can swap it withanother piece of high-end apparel that belongs to your friend'skid. So, the chances are high that you get used designer babyclothes in excellent condition. You may try the local swap shop forbaby clothes, or else, form a clothes swap in your area. Otherwise,check out those sites to swap baby clothes.These are some easy ways to get high-end baby clothes withoutspending too much. However, your child will outgrow these clothesone day. Instead of throwing them away, save the good ones for yournext baby (if you plan to have one). Otherwise, you can always givethem to your friends or relatives.
DIY Crochet Tutorial 3.0 APK
Crochet, pronounced as krowshey, is atechnique of creating a piece of fabric using yarn and a crochethook. The word crochet is derived from a French word which means ahook. If you know knitting, then learning crocheting will be easieras it is similar to knitting; the only difference between the twois that in a crochet only one loop is active at a time.Afghans StitchSpecial hooks are used for making afghans, so that there is morespace for the large number of stitches. For Afghan or Tuniscrochet, you need to keep the right side of the work always facingyou, and work on a base chain, and then make rows by looping theyarn first from right to left and the second half left to right. Bylearning these easy crochet patterns you can make scarves,blankets, and other easy patterns.ScarvesFor this pattern you need to first practice making a basic chainand learn single crochet stitches. To learn how to crotchet ascarf, use bulky yarn and J size or larger crochet hook. For makingthe scarf, first make a slip knot and base chain which is around 14stitches to get the length of the scarf. Then make another extrastitch and turn, then insert the crotchet hook in the second chain,and make another single crotchet stitch. This way make a row byturning the stitch and keep making these, till you are satisfiedwith the size of the scarf.Baby BlanketsSelect soft yarns that feel nice to your skin, like cotton yarns,for making a baby blanket. Then using a similar stitch pattern likethe above mentioned scarf pattern, you can make the baby blanket.However, when learning how to crotchet a baby blanket the size ofthe blanket will be bigger than scarf, so instead of making around14 inches for length make 36 inches for length and then work it toform rows to complete the blanket.HatsTo crotchet a hat, select a yarn of your choice. To make the hatinteresting you can use 2 or more colored yarns. Again the abovesimilar stitch can be used for making a crochet hat. The onlydifference is that you have to work in a circular pattern. So startcrocheting in a round, till it is as large as the top of your head,keep working in the round stitches and increase the number ofstitches slowly till the hat is large enough, and reaches yourears.There are many illustrated tutorials and videos online,following which you can learn the basic stitches and the abovepatterns. So learn 1-2 simple stitches and then make any of theabove mentioned pattern to create your very first crochet knitfabric.
DIY Paper Flowers 3.0 APK
Original flowers are always preferred toartificial ones. However, artificial flowers would be ideal forthose who want something long-lasting. Artificial flowers can bemade from different materials, in various ways. Materials, likecloth, paper, plastic, or clay can be used for this purpose. If youare looking for a non-expensive and easily available material, thenpaper is the best. It is also best suited for kids and beginners.Paper is available in various types, like tissue paper, newspaper,wax paper, wrapping paper, crepe paper, etc. Given below are twoeasy methods, that are ideal for beginners as well as kids.Tissue paper is very widely used for making handmade paperflowers. You may use brightly-colored papers, or opt for shimmeringor metallic ones. In order to make tissue paper flowers, you needtissue papers of your choice, scissors, and floral wire (or pipecleaners).You can use large or small tissue paper package. If you go for thesmall one, like the common pack with eight tissue papers, you haveto cut it in half for making medium-sized flowers. In case of largepacks, cut the paper to eight-inch squares.Once the paper is cut, stack five to eight papers one over theother, so that the edges match perfectly. The next step is to foldthe papers jointly in accordion style. Make sure that the folds areeven and have a breadth of around one inch.You can shape the petals by cutting the edges with scissors. If youwant curvy petals, then round both the edges. For sharp tippedpetals, you have to cut the edges to points.The next step involves attaching the stems. You can either use pipecleaners or floral wires for this purpose. All you have to do is totie one end of the pipe cleaner or wire through the center of thefolded paper.Once you secure the pipe cleaner/wire to the folded paper, separatethe folded layers. Arrange the paper petals in such a way, that itresembles an open flower.You can experiment with different types of tissue paper. Even thepattern of petals can be changed. The bigger the paper size, thebigger the flowers. The same applies to the density of petals,which is directly proportional to the number of papers used.Newspaper is a commonly available material, which can be usedfor making paper flowers. You need newspaper, scissors, paint,brush, green pipe cleaners (or wire and floral tape), and buttons.Spread the newspaper, and paint it in different colors. Let thepaper dry. Meanwhile, collect container lids of different sizes,but circular in shape. Place the lids on a cardboard (or any thickpaper) and trace the shapes. Cut circles of different sizes fromthe cardboard. Use them as templates for cutting circles from thepainted newspaper. You may also use the lids directly, for cuttingcircles from the newspaper. Once done, you have circles ofdifferent sizes and colors.Crumble the circles slightly and flatten them. Attach a colorfulbutton to one end of the pipe cleaner and secure it tightly. Stackfour to five circles one over another, so that the smallest comesfirst (on top). Make sure that the colored sides face upwards. Makea small hole through the center of the stacked circles, and insertthe free end of the pipe cleaner through the hole. Make sure thatyou are inserting the pipe cleaner through the side that has thesmallest flower. You can secure the base of the flower to the pipecleaner with floral tape. You may also replace pipe cleaner withfloral wire covered with floral tape. Your handmade paper flowersare ready for display.