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* Name Changed from "Boat & Water Live Wallpaper" to BeautifulLive Wallpapers*New* Now you can select from two live-wallpapers.*Burning flame And Candle* Boat And Water* Rain* SeaBeautiful livewallpapers for your android device. After installation of this appplease go to live wallpapers , Select Beautiful Live Wallpapers .Select Settings and set your favorite live wallpaperIt has beentested with minimum battery usage.

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    Beautiful Live Wallpapers
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    June 16, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Beautiful Live Wallpapers 1.3 APK
* Name Changed from "Boat & Water Live Wallpaper" to BeautifulLive Wallpapers*New* Now you can select from two live-wallpapers.*Burning flame And Candle* Boat And Water* Rain* SeaBeautiful livewallpapers for your android device. After installation of this appplease go to live wallpapers , Select Beautiful Live Wallpapers .Select Settings and set your favorite live wallpaperIt has beentested with minimum battery usage.
Horror Shooting VR 1.8 APK
Are you ready to find a way through the quiet and eerie hauntedforest and shoot Satan like monsters in eye-popping nightenvironments? This horror VR game is perfect for you.You are afearless sniper shooter and you are sent on the mission to theeerie and creepy haunted forest to battle blood-thirsty vampires,zombies and ghosts, where paranormal activities are taking place.Although you are a fearless shooter even then the paranormalactivities taking place in the haunted forest are enough tofrighten the toughest man. Escape the horrible creatures to unravelthe mysterious puzzles by finding the hidden clues while movingtowards the base camp of zombie army.If you want to survive,observe each scenario deeply. Don’t be scared in the apocalypticsubway and labyrinth. Don’t let your fear beat you and arrive atyour final destination before getting late for everything.Thisimmersive vr game is very different from other horror hospital,haunted asylum or horror circus clown games because in thischilling game you have a mission and motive in your mind, which isto kill zombies. Your mission is not just escaping but to aim forthe evil enemy and to destroy and kill the whole zombie army. Thisshooting VR is a virtual reality game so you can play it by justusing your eyes and eye movements.In This cardboard Virtual Realitygame, your senses will be challenged to the maximum. You will haveto overcome your fears to beat an entire army of zombiessingle-handedly. You will be a courageous shooter, in a wastelandhaving deadly mountains that has paranormal activities going on.Your mission is to reach the base camp of evil zombies and shootthem to save the world.in this regard you have to be a shootingexpert and remember they off course are not herbivores of someJurassic park they are blood thirsty vampires who can easily endyour life.But beware only try this game if you have courage to liveyour scariest nightmare and horrible daydream. Do not lurch withfear, do not be scared, and don’t feel angst. Be brave and survivethis deadly place. This exciting thriller venture is horror and ascary thriller game in which you can outlast underworld demons indark nights. Awesome realistic scary environments which can easilyhaunt you for days, and frightening sounds make this game more funand daring. This horrifying experience is mix of real paranormalactivities with Adventure Game of shooting. So, best of luck forescaping the most terrifying haunted forest with several traps andmonstersWe are working to give our users more exciting and awesomenew games in future. If you have any suggestion to improve this VRgame please inform and rate us.Features:This VR shooting game has aterrifying, creepy and scary 360, 3D environment.Use your Googlecardboard and mobile virtual reality headset.Unique ambiance andscary sound effects.Works with all VR glasses.Free vr game for allandroid devices.Virtual demo of this game is alsoavailable.Sometimes, if you feel a lurch and drift in yourmovements, place your mobile on a stationary place and your gamewill run perfectly.Movement controls:Look around to locatezombie.Focus to lock zombie for auto fire.Kill all bound zombies toproceed to next Level.Use magnetic trigger to walk.
VR Horror Shooting Creepy Cave 1.1 APK
VR horror shooting creepy cave is the scariest game you could everplay.This VR game provides 360 degree view for shooting zombies andmutants.You are looking for your friend who is lost somewhere inthe graveyard and now after following his footmarks, you are stuckin a scary cave but unfortunately you are not alone. Some othercreepy creatures are expected here so you need to kill them all andcome out alive from the cave.Be brave and strong and shoot allzombies and mutants in your way.Download and enjoy the scariest,immersive game play of VR Horror shooting.
Rope Man VR (Cardboard) 1.4 APK
Enraged and wide spreading lava is turning your city into a burntdebris. You are the fire fighter mostly handle a fire truck but inthis scenario you can’t extinguish that fire. But yes you cansurely save people from this disaster.be brave and just do it. Yourbeautiful little city was all prosperous, fresh and happy beforethis accident but suddenly a disastrous accident took place and ahuge monstrous lava (ラバ) mountain blown up and whole city become afire place. Many people were burnt alive and some are evacuatedsafely from the city. You are rescue fire fighter and a last hopefor a few people who were stuck on the roof top of their homeswaiting for the rescue.Enjoy the immersive virtual play of Rope ManVR. Be a superhero like action heroes in movies and rescue peoplefrom hot molten lava by walking on rope to reach them and rescuethem. Battlefield is your own city where lava just exploded anddestroyed each and everything. Few people there are in no man’sland. We tried all possible ways to rescue them but all in vain.Now we will drop you to the nearest building and you have to reachthe sufferers by crossing the buildings with the help of ropes. Youhave to walk on the tight rope, cross the buildings and reach thevictims. Walking on ropes is not an easy task and we have chosenyou because we know if anybody can do this task, it’s you as youare the best firefighter and a super hero of this city. You will bedropped on the nearest building’s roof and from there you have totravel on the rope to Find the victims on other skyscraperbuilding’s roof and help them.You have to be fast to rescue or elsethey all will be dead. Be a rescue tycoon and this 3D action packedrope man VR rescue is much different than other rescue, climbingand swinging games as you have proper mission and a reason to walkon the rope as volcano eruption made it impossible to travelthrough roads.Movement controls:Its main feature is Head trackingfor mobile devices to make virtual reality trip a very thrillingexperience.Look around to see victims.Focus to save the life ofperson stuck on the roof.Use magnetic triggers to walk on therope.Save people to move to a next level.Game play:Explore your owncity from the top of every building by standing on the rope butwith a blazing fire everywhere. Be a courageous man and be a lifesavior of as many people as you can . .as you are traveling on therope so no traffic issues but beware of the oncoming fire fumes andflames which can easily cut and burn your rope into pieces.Thisrope man VR (Cardboard) has great physics and realistic views ofthe city which caught a huge mysteriously fast spreading fire. getready for the mind-blowing experience Features:This game haverealistic game play with really awesome voices and sounds accordingto situations.3d scenes in different levels are available.RealisticVR rope walking on volcano affected city.Real physics and optimizednavigation controls.Challenging environment.Require VR glasses toplay this Rope Man VR (Cardboard) game.Free to use for everyandroid device.Virtual demo of this game is also available.Use yourGoogle cardboard and mobile virtual reality headset.So what are youwaiting for? People of your city needs you at this time ofcalamity. You are there last hope of survival. You have to fastlybut carefully traverse on the ropes and go from one place toanother to find where the remaining survivors who needs your helpare. You could be there superhero for life just be courageous andtry to be on time or else the remaining ones will also get caughtby the violent fire.We are working hard to give you an amazingvirtual reality experience with our VR games. But there is alwayssome room for improvement. If you have any suggestions regardingrope man VR or our other oncoming games feel free to give us yoursuggestions. Kindly rate and share this game if you liked it.
Ambulance Driver Game 2017 1.2 APK
Are you an empathetic person as well as a crazy fan of racinggames? Then surely this game is perfect for you. You have to rescuethe life of people on the off-road track as a wizard life-guarddriver. Race your ambulance cars in the city traffic and calamitystricken areas and let the doctors treat the injured and sufferers.You have to be fast, strong headed and determined to be anambulance driver as it is not an easy task .you have to reach toyour patients instantly so that paramedic staff ,rescuers saviorand physician will treat them with first aid. And afterwards takethe patient to the nearest hospital of your city and park yourambulance truck there.You only live one time and if you lived itfor others once is more than enough for you so buckle up your seatbelts. Drive your ambulance on the asphalt curvy roads and savelife of people who are drowning in the vast sea as swimmers werecaught by a ripples and waves in the water. Life guards in thiscity will surely have a busy day because sea water is in ragetoday. You have to pick up calls and go towards your destinationwhere swimmers need you.Perform your duty, be a part of the rescueteam, drive your vehicle and be a real life action hero inAmbulance Rescue Racing 3D simulator. This 3D city will astonishyou with its great and superb beautiful landscapes and awesomesound effects.This game is surely the best ambulance game, as wellas best racing game of 2017Features:• Best 3D environment andterrain with lots of hospitals and areas having disasters.• Bestrealistic steering and break controls which are easy to handle.• Itis a free to use game available for all android mobiles anddevices.• Different difficult but interesting levels havingdifferent scenarios.• Follow the arrows to reach your destination.•Different ambulance vehicles for you to drive.• Different cameraangles.• Beautiful terrain landscapes and views.• Time is limitedso be cautious.• Awesomely realistic engine physics.• No need forwifi connections.• Realistic and beautiful city environment havingoffroad tracks.The whole city is in hustle and bustle due todisasters and depends upon you now and you have a chance to becomea modern day hero.so be safe and drive carefully while taking careof sharp curves and hurdles on your way. On-coming traffic is veryfast so be cautious not to crash your ambulance on other cars oryou will become the reason of trouble instead of rescuer. Turn onambulance’s siren and get ready for the most thrilling ride.Thisoffroad terrain has beautiful but dangerous hills to climb, trafficand rush areas to survive and beaches and real life like hospitalbuildings and skyscrapers sights to mesmerize you .this simulatorgame made your mind fresh and active Stop searching the bestambulance racing and parking simulator games and check this out. Wechallenge you to perform all the tasks on time. Get ready butRemember that you have to beat the time and reach your destinationfastly or your patient will die. You have to be very responsibledriver to perform this task. You must be active all the time toperform these tasks.Enjoy this best and highly addictive game of2017 Ambulance and kindly rate and share it .your suggestions arevery valuable to us..
Bubble Shooter Deluxe Saga 1.0 APK
The #1 Bubble Shooter game in the Play Store!Enjoy the bubbleshooter game, Match 3 bubbles to burst! Shooting bubbles is thebest way to play fun free games.Advancing through the mostchallenging levels in game makes it more interesting and addictivefor all the bubble witch shooter deluxe player.How to play:1: Noneed of arrows on the bottom, just tap on the game board where youspecifically want the ball. 2: To group 3 or more bubbles to makethem burst. Brain Training Game This is a perfect free brain gametraining game, in which you solve the puzzle by shooting bubblesand making them burst. This game is the most challenging puzzlegame which is free of cost and has great smoothgame-play.FEATURESSuper easy to pick up and playBeautiful graphicsand animations.Super smooth controlsMost challenging levels withamazing sounds and environmentsLimited time to complete thechallenge Bubble bubble Classic to bubble shooter game We took theclassic arcade game, and added some new, awesome game features tothis bubble game that you’ll love!
Extreme Car fever: Car Racing Games with no limits 1.7.1 APK
Racing Fever : Racing Limits is an addictive game for the fans ofarcade racing and drag racing and for all those who love carx driftracing games. One of endless racing games that you want. RacingFever : Racing Limits is a game designed for racing enthusiasts! Ifyou are a racing enthusiast, then you must try this Racing Limitgame.There are no limits in Racing Limits but only your racingskills.Pick your favorite car and join the ultimate challenge.●HIGH SPEED DRIVINGRace at high speeds, drive against traffic andovertake cars.Take control of luxury cars, such as the FerrariLaFerrari or Lamborghini Veneno, BMW M3 E46, LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR,MITSUBISH LANCER EVO, ASTON MARTIN, CAMARO 1970, AMG C63, IMPALADOM, MACLAREN P1, LYKAN HYPERSPORT in breathtaking environmentsthat you’ll need to tame with the craziest stunts you can pull off!Fire up your Nitro and be the first to cross the finish line!Driveyour best turbo-charged Supercar across the world’s most glamorousand popular cities in high-speed drag races.● REAL COMPETITIONRealcars, real tracks, real traffic racing with epic drift stunts.Climb up the leaderboards.This is a new endless car racing gamewhere you can go to the smooth driving simulation and another levelof high graphics quality.You can adjust the game quality fromsettings menu and enjoy smooth performance.● GAME MODES FOR EVERYMOOD-Endless game mode-Time Trial-Check point-Normal Game-CareerMode● No Limits:limits? Never heard that word before. All you needto do is race hard. Launch yourself between chaos and control asyou hit the pedal and roll into underground car culture. This isthe best racing simulator where you need to speed up and catch upwith your rivals.● EXPLORE DIFFERENT THEMESTake a ride in Vietnam,Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, New York and EgyptEach environment isrealistically created and highly detailed.●OUTSTANDINGGRAPHICSFeast your eyes with extreme car driving simulator which iscity racing 3d with extreme racing feverKEY FEATURES- Stunning 3Dgraphics- Smooth and realistic driving- 6 detailed environments:Vietnam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, New York and Egypt- 4 game modes:Normal, Check points, Time Attack, Careeer- 10 different cars (newcars on the way!)- Upgradeable Speed, Acceleration, Handling,Braking options- Rich traffic: Trucks, Buses, Vans, Pickups, SUVs& etc.- High, Medium and Low Graphic options-Endless gamemode-Easy to drive and learn-Intelligent highway trafficsystem-Realistic exhaust turbo sounds- realistic map scene- fun andchallenging game- Real environmental effects- Realistic carphysicsStart your career with Racing Fever : Racing Limits. Boostyour skills and speed to the next level in furious and fast racing.Drive amazing sports cars in extreme drag races. Not only carracing and drifting is in city racing 3d form but also you cancustomize your car and its racing compatibility. Change rims,change colors, and even you can change your car!Please rate us andgive your feedback for further improvement of the game.