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Wedding is probably the most beautiful day in one's life. A day,for which we wait since childhood, the dreams for which are in ourmind from the very times, when we see somebody getting married.Though the literal meaning of marriage is a tough one, it's a mixedfeeling, not only happiness and fun moments, but the realization ofresponsibility and the fear of leading an altogether differentlife, are few of the thoughts, which captures the mind of everyprospective bride or groom. One of the most important things is thelooks, every one, whether the bride or the groom, wants to look attheir best on their wedding day.The anxiousness and theconsciousness, through which the bride goes at the time of gettingher makeup done is matchless. Brides are always worried about theirappearance, how would they look, after the makeup, whether themakeup would suit them or not. The products used, might not harmtheir skin, or would lead to some side effects, the tone may getdarker or the lipstick would be too flashy, loads of things arethere which keeps on running in the mind of the bride, while she isgetting her makeup done. The best thing to avoid such feelings andto be tension free and sustain that happy and contented charm onher face all through out the wedding ceremony is, to buy the makeupproducts for one's wedding by her own.To be able to feelcomfortable in the makeup wedding dress is to wear such products orattire, which one is able to carry confidently, and which doesn'tmake her feel anxious and uncomfortable. Some of the tips, which abride should keep in mind, before purchasing her beauty productsfor the wedding day, are:Lipstick: the color of the lipstick shouldcomplement the color of the bride's skin. For example, in case offair brides, peach or beige colors with an undertone of pink can beapplied. To make the look more dramatic, one can apply red andberry shards, with an undertone of blue color.The color chosen forthe lipstick, should compliment the face of the color as well asthe eye makeup.Foundation: the color of the foundation cream shouldbe according to the natural color of the bride's skin, so that itshould not get highlighted in the natural or the artificial lights.The foundation chosen should be checked before purchasing, itshould completely blend with the color of the skin, in a way thatit could not be pointed on, even in the daylight.Eyebrows: Eyebrowsof the bride should be made well in shape five days before the dayof the wedding. The shape of the brow should go with the facestructure of the bride, to make her look more beautiful andpretty.Eye makeup: Wearing false eye lashes, makes one look moredramatic and glamorous, adding to the bride factor of the wedding.Waterproof mascara should be used and it should be applied, beforewearing lashes.Hair: The different hairstyles of the bride aremade, according to her face structure and texture of the hair.Marriage is the ultimate chance to look like a princess, so everychance should be utilized by the bride to make herself look thebest.Though makeup is an individualistic approach, which differsand varies according to likes, dislikes and natural appearance ofthe person, but with the above points, one can try and make thewedding day, the most memorable day in her life.

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TV Cabinet Design 1.0 APK
One of the most attractive ways to store and display your homeentertainment system is with the use of an attractive and elegantTV cabinet. It is also one of the most practical ways to store allthe accessories and electronic equipment in a neat and organizedmanner. But it is necessary to choose the right type of furnitureto add to the decor of your room. There are different types ofcabinets to store and display televisions and DVD players.Types ofTV CabinetsThere are many stylish and elegant varieties of cabinetsto display different types of televisions. These cabinets areavailable in different designs, colors, types and dimensions.Ranging from traditional wooden cabinets to contemporary metallicand glass cabinets, there is a wide assortment of tv cabinet tochoose from many of the online and offline stores. Some of the mostpopular varieties of cabinets are described as follows.Two shelvescabinet: One of the simplest varieties of cabinets includes the twoshelves cabinet which can be used to store the DVD player and thecable satellite receiver. The television can be placed on top ofthe cabinet. It is one of the modest forms of cabinets available atreasonable prices. These cabinets are made of different types ofwood and suit homes with simple decor.Black glass cabinets: Anelegant and chic variety of cabinets includes the black glassvariety. It has two shelves made of black glass with a covering.Televisions can be placed on top of the cabinet. It is available indifferent designs and sizes to suit different types ofdecors.Corner cabinets: Another variety of TV cabinet includes thecorner cabinet which creates ample space in your room. It is idealfor homes with limited space. It can be placed in a corner toaccommodate televisions and other accessories.Important Features ina TV CabinetSpacious: It is important to choose a cabinet that hasample space to store your television. Therefore it is necessary toconsider the size of the television while purchasing cabinets.Typeof doors: There are various types of cabinets made of wood, glassand metal. It is important to buy television cabinets that suityour home decor. Cabinets with glass doors enhance the decor ofyour home with an elegant touch. Wooden cabinets are classic andsuit homes with wooden interiors. It is wise to choose lightcolored wood as it blends well with any type of furniture and lastslonger.Light-weight doors: It is also necessary to choose doorswhich are light in weight so that it closes easily. Doors withmagnetic latches are more preferred as it closes automatically.Theback side of the cabinets should include ample amount of space totuck away wires and to connect them to the plugs.
Kitchen Cabinet Design 1.0 APK
One of the basic design elements of your kitchen is the kitchencabinets. Basically these cabinets are categorized into three partsi.e. semi custom, custom and stock.Semi custom cabinets areavailable in standard size with modifications. They easily matchwith the interior or the exterior design of the kitchen and thusgive it a look and feel. The custom cabinets are those which areavailable in different sizes and style as they are manufacturedaccording to the specifications. You can give the designspecification for these cabinets according to your kitchen décor orrequirements. You can add as many features as you want in yourcustom kitchen cabinets. The stock cabinets are available in manydesigns and styles at the various home improvement stores. Theseare available only in set sizes which start from 9 inches and canbe increased to 48 inches.There are various types of cabinetsavailable on the market out of which the 5 popular designsavailable in the kitchen cabinets are as follows:TraditionalKitchenThese cabinets come with doors that have raised panels.Cherry, walnut or mahogany colors are available in the traditionalkitchen cabinets. Plenty of design work like fluting, corbels,crown and rope molding is found on these cabinets. Traditionaldesigns for the kitchen cabinets come in Italianate, Georgian andVictorian designs.Country KitchenCountry cabinets include oak orcherry cabinets with the raised panels that are glazed, painted ordistressed. These cabinets give natural look to your kitchenbecause they themselves possess the light natural look which isusually oak or pine. In order to give aged appearance, the countrykitchen cabinets are painted white with distressedfinishing.Contemporary KitchenThe contemporary cabinets havedesigns that are modern, curved or geometric manner. These cabinetsdo not make use of ornamentation or molding. One can get white,stainless steel or other bright colors in the contemporarycabinets. Doors of these cabinets are designed in such a way thatthey open in horizontally lift up style.Transitional KitchenThetransitional cabinets are the combination of contemporary andtraditional designs. They are designed by using the mixture of manmade and natural materials.Rustic KitchenThe rustic cabinets aremanufactured by using wood like hickory, knotty pine or alder thatis heavily grained. There is a flat panel door system available inthese cabinets. Some of the common color stains available in therustic cabinets are yellow, red and green.However, there are otherdifferent designs available in the kitchen cabinets. Depending uponthe décor of your kitchen as well as your requirements you canchoose any one of them. All of the different designs available inthe kitchen cabinets give fresh and elegant look to your kitchen.While purchasing the cabinets for your kitchen it is more importantthat they should be more functional instead of being attractive.These cabinets should have more storage space and it will be betterif they have bin, baskets or any deep drawers. Thus whilepurchasing any of the designs available for the kitchen cabinets;you should take a look at their functionality so that you can getthe best for your kitchen.
Mehndi Bridal 1.0 APK
On a broad basis, Mehndi designs are of two kinds - Indian andArabic. While Indian designs are more intricate, Arabic designs arebolder. Indian designs consist of fine work which fills your entirepalm. Peacocks, mangos and flowers are some of the most commonfigures used in Indian designs. Indian bridal mehndi is much moreintricate. Traditionally, the groom's name is artistically hiddenon the bride's palm amidst the elaborate designs. Also, pictures ofmarriage processions complete with bridal palanquin, groom on thehorse, musical instruments and musicians playing traditionalinstruments are drawn on the hands. A bridal design usually extendsup to the elbows or even higher. Arabic mehndi designs are verydifferent. Typically, there is not much intricacy in these designs,large outlines are drawn and the inner space is filled with linesand dots. Flowers and mango shaped designs are the most commonlyused. Quite in contrast to Indian designs, the Arabic ones do notcover the entire hand. Some part of the hand is left blank. Thebeauty of these designs comes out because of these blank spaceswhich highlight the bold designs. Arabic designs are popularlyapplied for festivals and functions.The most popular design of therecent times is the fusion between Indian and Arabic styles, knownas Indo-Arabic mehndi. Bold Arabic figures are first drawn and theinside space is filled with elaborate Indian designs. These hybriddesigns are extremely eye catchy and unique. More and more peopleprefer these designs now since they look chic, yet ethnic andtraditional.Culturally, application of mehndi is very significant.Apart from being very appealing visually, the herb has strongmedicinal properties. Being strongly antiseptic in nature, mehndiprotects against infections. This is the reason why mehndi isapplied on the palms and feet of brides as well as grooms.Definitely, we wouldn't want the bride and groom to fall sick priorto wedding. The same applies to festivals and functions.In AndhraPradesh, it is a custom to apply mehndi at least three times duringthe hindu month of Shravan, which coincides with the rainy season.Since water borne infections are high during this season, menhdiacts as a shield. Fresh leaves are ground and the paste is appliedon palms and feet for men and women, adults and kids. Our ancestorsdefinitely knew a lot of healthy secrets!
Modern Bedroom Design 1.0 APK
If you enjoy flipping through décor magazines to keep up with thelatest trend in bedroom design, you must already be aware of modembedroom theme. Modern bedrooms are a unique way of breathing lifeinto your bedroom. Let's take a look at some of the most importantmodern bedroom design elements that can help you replicate themagazine look. Color - bedrooms use only one or two solid colors tolend a smooth and sophisticated look.The favored colors today arebrowns and white. The classic black and white combination, ofcourse never goes out of style. Whether it's your modern bedroomfurniture or chairs, or then maybe it's your modern vanity tables,using black or chocolate brown or the brown in different dark hueswill really enhance the 'modern' appeal of your bedroom. Besides,these colors go really well with most modern bedroom furniture setsand they also manage to give your room a nice, earthy, warm feel.Pattern - Rugs and carpets are an important element in bedroomdécor.However, don't go in for ones that have fancy patterns.Instead, buy rugs or small carpets in solid colors and interestingpatterns - think geometric! Rugs in different textures can also adda touch of drama to the entire space. Furniture - Keep it stark andsimple. Furniture in simple and clean lines is the hallmark ofmodern bedroom design. The darker the shades of wood, the betterthe style adaptation! Enhance the overall appearance by usingmodern bedroom furniture in rectangular or square shapes. Avoidcircular shapes! Brushed metal and real wood look is really in. Tryit. Lights - Set the mood in your modern bedroom with moodreflecting lights.Go for flexible lighting fixtures. Use brightlight during the night and dreamy romantic, subtle light during thenight to set the mood for some fun and 'games!' Again, lightfixtures should be in clean lines, simple designs and should matchthe color combination of the room. Accessories - Less is more!That's the mantra of modern bedroom décor. Keep the accessories tothe bear minimum and maintain the silhouette. Mattress, bedroomchairs, bedroom curtains, and bedroom embellishments should allcombine together to enhance the look and appeal of the room whileworking hard to create a elegant, sophisticated, yet comfortableatmosphere in the room. Experiment with tall glass vases and singleflower (Artificial or real).You can also use a single photo framewith an eye catching modern art painting or print. Avoid ornate orfrilly stuff in your modern bedroom at all costs. Finally, the ideais to maximize the available space and modern bedroom theme aims todo just that. That's why in trend bedrooms have closets inside theroom space rather than as a separate area. Besides this, having aspecific space for each item such as shoes, clothes, cosmetics,books, etc to make the room look more organized is part of thebedroom decorating style. Use these modern bedroom tips to breathelife into your old bedroom and feel the difference!
Modern Gate Design 1.0 APK
There are many different fence and gate designs that you can placein your landscape plan. Which you choose depends on two mainfactors - the design of the surrounding area and the function thegate (and fence) is to perform. In many places, the type of fenceand gate you can set up has already been established and there arecovenants in place to protect the look of a neighborhood. In someareas, fences and gates are not allowed. But in others, it comesdown to individual choice.There are also a lot of secondary factorsto consider. Is the gate intended to keep children in or otherpeople's animals out of the yard? Will the gate serve as aninviting entry to your property? Will the gate get heavy use, orwill it be used only occasionally?A gate to keep small childreninside a fence needs to be sufficiently solid, or made of mesh, sothat an adventurous toddler cannot squeeze through or beneath it.Latches should be out of reach. However, if security is not arequirement a more open gate, perhaps of wrought iron, will admitair and light and allow visitors to see through to the propertybeyond.Gates should be in keeping with the wall or fence in whichthey are hung. Thus, a timber gate works well in a timber fence anda picket fence needs a gate that is also made of pickets, to add toits charm. Timber, wrought iron, and aluminum are commonly usedmaterials and gates of various dimensions can be purchasedready-made from many different suppliers if you don't want to makeit yourself. A recycled gate from a demolition yard can be used togood effect within a garden - perhaps to divide a "wild" area ofthe garden from one that has a more structured appearance.Gatesthat get a lot of use need to be well made and at least as strongas the fence. Hinges and latches should be of good quality and theappropriate size if they are to last for some time. Latches shouldbe simple to use, so visitors are not left puzzling as to how toenter your property and if necessary, can open the gate easily withone hand while carrying packages with the other.Self-opening,automatic double gates are a luxury item that aren't generally partof most landscape designs. However, if you live in a neighborhoodwhere they are appropriate, you will find them available in a hugerange of materials from bronze and copper to wrought iron andaluminum with designs ranging from simple and modern through toornate and classical to suit the architectural style of your home.They can be opened by simple key pads or from elaborate remotecontrols. Such gates need to be mounted by a specialist to ensurethey work smoothly.Aside from all the necessary structural factors,garden gates and fences should also be considered as part of thedecor and design atmosphere.
Teen Fashion Ideas 1.0 APK
Teens have long wanted their own look and style; whether it was theall new rock and roll of Elvis Presley and Fats Domino in themiddle of the last century or the hip hop fashion trends of today.Part of a teen's style is about breaking away from the surroundingadults to find a unique and individual identity. It is also fun,plain and simple, to keep up with latest and greatest in teenfashion design. After all, anytime is the right time to hit themall! If you are a teen looking to update her look this season, wehave the tips you need to hit the school campus or the mall instyle.Accessorize Some of the pieces in your closet may look soyesterday, but what if you paired them with one of the trendiestnew accessories? Whether it is a totally mod pair of earrings or afunky belt, you can update any of the basics in your closet with awhole new look. This allows you to keep up on the latest teenfashion design without spending your entire allowance amount to doso. Other great accessories to watch out for include a new pair ofshoes, a fabulous handbag or an all the rage necklace to wear overyour favorite tee.Wardrobe Building 101 What's your favorite color?When you begin to build a wardrobe for yourself, it is best to workit around a couple of basic colors that you love and that you lookpositively great in. From that base palette, you can build anentire wardrobe by adding a hot colored camisole or some wildbeads. If you stick with basics like great-fitting blue jeans,solid colored t-shirts and a few sassy skirts, you will be able tomix and match in the latest teen fashion design. Don't forget toadd a couple of patterned pieces for a bit of variety, like a pairof plaid capris or a pair of vertical striped pants that are therage right now.Once you have assembled a wardrobe that you love forthe current season, take care of it by keeping the pieces clean,pressed and hung properly in your closet. To ensure that you canfind all of the necessary items for a complete ensemble beforeschool, keep your closet tidy with the clothing hung on hangersinstead of heaped on the floor. The latest teen fashion design canbe yours with these simple tips and a little bit of shopping savvy.
Beautiful Headband Ideas 1.0 APK
When it comes to focusing your eyes on the game and keeping thesweat out of them, headbands do the trick. Headbands have beenaround for a while but are most notably worn by your discogirlfriends or your favorite basketball players. The great thing isthat these headbands can now be customized for your sports team,event, or party. With your logo headbands suddenly turn into greatpromotional product or merchandise to sell for your cause. Customheadbands are very profitable if you use them right as merchandiseto build your brand. We'll go over different ways you can usecustom headbands.Custom Headbands for your Sports TeamIs itpossible that custom headbands could bring new light to your team?The answer is an exhilarating YES. If you play tennis, basketball,or soccer than you can use these to bring out the inner warriorwithin the team. It is well known that army's all dress the samebecause it makes them look as one. It's the same idea with yoursports team. Adding accessories to this mix only make you look morepotent. Now that I got that out of the way we can talk about someof the more obvious benefits such as preventing sweat from ruiningyour game winner.Custom Headbands - Keep the Sweat out of yourEyes.When playing sports your most important asset is hand-EYEcoordination (if you play soccer it's foot-eye). Either way, themost important aspect of your game is your eyes and how well theyare able to see the environment around you. If you're like mostpeople and sweat a whole bunch than you'll notice that it dripsdown into your eyes. Not only does this blur your vision for a fewseconds but it also stings a bit. You'll notice prior to wearingcustom headbands that you may have constantly been shoving yourfingers I n your eyes to get the sweat-sting out. The good thingabout custom headbands is that they are so light weight that aftera few minutes you won't even know they are there.Custom headsweatbands for PromotionalWe've seen this example time and timeagain at huge events. Events like New Years at New York City, MardiGras, and others. You're having an awesome time and next thing youknow you're paying $10 for the awesome memory. When you useheadbands for these types of events it is a POWERFUL concept,especially if you give out the first 100 free. You have to thinkbeyond the actual night because these headbands will live onforever. That is not just some cheesy saying; it means that yourlogo will be on 1000's of social network pictures on top of peopleheads. People see these pictures and that is INSTANT brandrecognition for your cause. An example of this would be you plan aconcert out for a big holiday such as New Years. You have severalfamous bands booked along with an opening comedian. Tickets aresold out and the place will be packed. The question is how are youbranding your company or cause? The best way is to use customheadbands because no matter what it is visible both in person andon a picture.
Beautiful Wedges Design 1.0 APK
Wedge shoes are considered heaven-sent by millions of women acrossthe world. This type of shoe design is considered the bestcompromise between comfort and fashion-a woman can still enjoy theheight advantage of a high-heel shoe, with more stability andcoverage. Of course, many people still recall the 1970's as theperiod when wedge shoes became all the rage, along with other typesof large, chunky towering shoes such as platforms. However, thesedays, designs have definitely become more streamlined andmodern.All wedge shoes are primarily characterized by a thick heelthat usually is made from one piece of material. It spans theentire length of the shoe, with a steeper or higher angle as itapproaches the heel from the toe. They still come in a variety ofdesigns and variations, though. There are wedge shoes withextremely high heels, usually from three to five inches total. Theoverall height of a wearer increases considerably compared towearing stilettos, because a wedge also adds height to the toe areawith its additional platform. However, there are also some wedgedesigns that are moderate in height. The materials used also vary.One of the most popular types of wedge shoes are those with solesmade of cork. These are lightweight and very comfortable. They areusually worn during summer or spring, for a more casual look.Thereare also some types or designs of wedge shoes that can be used forformal occasions, such as those with plastic or Lucite heels.Because the sole and heel are made of transparent material, theshoe gives the illusion that the wearer is floating on air. Thistype of shoe is also very versatile since it is virtuallycolorless. It can be worn with any color dress and matched with anytype of accessories. There are also wedge shoes with soles made ofrubber or wood.Wedge shoes are fun to play around with when mixingand matching different outfits and articles of clothing. Forinstance, a nice billowy peasant dress or skirt would look greatpaired with a platform wedge made of cork, or an espadrille-type ofwedge. On the other hand, slim pants can be paired with a nice pairof moderately high wedges, preferably made of leather or fabric.Thegreat thing about wedge shoes these days is that they are designedand constructed to be more sturdy and long-lasting. Consideringthat this type of shoe has become popular in certain periods overthe past few decades, it can already be considered a type ofclassic or staple in a woman's wardrobe. It would be wise to investin a pair of this type of shoes, along with other fashionnecessities such as black pumps or stilettos. It's so much fun toshop around for shoes today with the convenience of the Internet.Shoe lovers can look out for bargains and great discounts on shoes.They can browse the web for inspiration on the different types oflook that they can create with different types of shoes.