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(with non-traditional flowers. Such combinations look elegant as well as stunning, which makes the bride all the more attractive and special. Most brides-to-be opt for a combination of purple and other bright colors like white and lime green. Along with dark purple, lilac and lavender flowers are equally popular. As a matter of fact, flowers like violet, lavender, puce, lilac, plum, thistle, mauve, orchid, magenta, amethyst, pomegranate, wine, mulberry, and eggplant, etc., can be included in your list for wedding bouquets.</div> <div class="show-more-end" jsaction="click:vhaaFf"></div> </div> </div> <div> <button class="play-button show-more small" jsaction="KoToPc"> Read more </button> <button class="play-button expand-close" jsaction="vhaaFf"> <div class="close-image"> </div> </button> </div> </div> <div class="details-section-divider"></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="details-wrapper"> <div class="details-section metadata"> <div class="details-section-heading"> <h1 class="heading"> Additional information </h1> </div> <div class="details-section-contents"> <div class="meta-info"> <div class="title">Updated</div> <div class="content" itemprop="datePublished">May 17, 2017</div> </div> <div class="meta-info"> <div class="title">Installs</div> <div class="content" itemprop="numDownloads"> 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Selecting the wedding bouquets is totallyapersonal decision. If you adore the regal purple color, whichisthe symbol of excellency, mystic, prosperity and happiness,thenyou must also know that it is one of the best and rarest colorstobe used for wedding decorations. Once you decide to usepurpleflowers, then it becomes equally important to match all theotherdecorations accordingly. Along with the bridal bouquet andtheboutonnière of the groom, make sure that all the otheressentialdecorations like the wedding pew, drapes, wedding table,favors,etc., suit the theme. It doesn't mean that you need tospreadpurple everywhere, but try to combine various shades ofpurple witha few soft yet contrasting colors to emphasize yourpurplewedding.

As mentioned earlier, once you decide that purple is yourthemecolor, make sure you use it in abundance. But at the sametime,make sure that it doesn't look tacky and overwhelming. As partofyour theme, you can use edible purple flowers so that the foodisnot left out of the theme. Wedding pews, bridalbouquets,boutonnière, centerpieces, cakes, head wreaths and allotheressential wedding décor items, must have some shade of purple.Youcan also opt for a lavender wedding cake and purple silkweddingcenterpieces. There is a sort of boldness about purpleweddingbouquets that gets emphasized with orange and deep redcolors.Combining these flowers is a key that you need toconcentrate on.Always remember that all the hues of maroon andgreen can be usedas complementary colors for the purple flowers.Shades of yellowand white can always be used as contrasting colors.You can usethese flowers in tandem with brown colors, if you arelooking forthe best fall wedding bouquets.

Gone are the days when white and such other formal colors werethesignature colors of wedding bouquets. Traditional bridalflowerswith silk ribbons and pearl strings are now collaboratedwithnon-traditional flowers. Such combinations look elegant as wellasstunning, which makes the bride all the more attractiveandspecial. Most brides-to-be opt for a combination of purpleandother bright colors like white and lime green. Along withdarkpurple, lilac and lavender flowers are equally popular. As amatterof fact, flowers like violet, lavender, puce, lilac, plum,thistle,mauve, orchid, magenta, amethyst, pomegranate, wine,mulberry, andeggplant, etc., can be included in your list forweddingbouquets.

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Do you want to give presents that peoplewillremember for years to come? Are you on a tight budget but wanttogive imaginative gifts? Look no further, this includes greatDIYgift ideas that people will love to receive. They are perfectforcreative types who have a limited budget and a little bitofingenuity.Custom JournalsJournals are a fantastic gift idea for creativeindividuals,children and just about anyone else. They are anextraordinary giftthat encourages the recipient to contemplate andchronicle theiraspirations, thoughts, feelings and experiences.Give the gift of ablank custom journal and you may give someone agift for life. Youcan make the gift of a journal even more uniqueby writing apersonal inscription inside the front cover to remindthe recipientjust how special they are. Journals are available in awide varietyof styles including; simple minimalistic journals,eco-friendlyjournals made from recycled materials, and even lavishleatherbound journals. Journals really can be a gift that ischerished fora lifetime. To make the gift of a journal morecomplete, include abasket or box of writing supplies. These caninclude; pencils ofvarious lead, pens, various erasers, fine linemarkers and coloredpencils. The addition of writing utensils reallymakes a journal acomplete gift.Personalized Seed KitsGive your loved ones the gift of green with plantablegifts.Everyone will love the interactivity of growing and caringfortheir own plants. Personalized your own seed kits can bedoneeasily and inexpensively. The first step is to choose yourfavoriteplant, herb or flower seed packets. Choose a hardy easy togrowseed for inexperienced gardeners and children and moredemandingseeds for those with a green thumb. Next, pick a cuteplant pot orgrowing container that matches the style of therecipient. Pots areavailable in a wide variety of styles and sizesso you should beable to find something perfect for your seed kit.You'll also wantto include perfect substrate for the seeds in yourkit. That may besoil, peat moss or gravel. To make your seed kitcomplete you couldinclude an adorable mini water can for thefinishing touch.Homemade PillowsPersonalized pillows are another thoughtful gift idea that willbeused for years. Pillows are great because they can thecustomizedand sewn fairly easily and can be designed with therecipient'staste in mind. When you are sewing your own pillowsthere are nolimitations. You can choose any combination ofpatterns, colors ordesigns of fabric. To save money it is often funto re-purpose oldclothing, sheets, table cloths and curtains intonew pillows. Somegreat ideas include sewing pillows out of achild's favorite babyblanket, or sew pillows from repurposedcurtains to match the décorin a room, or even making pillows out ofpants or shirts thatinclude a pocket. When creating pillows youalso don't have tostick with traditional square shapes. Pillows canbe made into cuteanimal shapes, circles, letters and even 3Dshapes. Thepossibilities are endless when sewing your ownpillows.As you can see, gift giving doesn't have to be boring orexpensive.Simple DIY ideas can really make gifts that havepersonality andthat last a lifetime. Just have an open mind and putsome thoughtand creativity into your gifts and your friends,co-workers andloved ones will be amazed. Take the time to craftyour own gifts,it really is worth the time.Unique Gift Box Ideas
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Mehndi or henna TattoosApart from the Celtic tattoos, another popular culture alsoadoptsthe heritage of applying tattoos for wedding; India. Unlikeothercultures, weddings in India are held on a grand scale as theyhaveto follow a number of rituals, customs, and traditions. As onetheimportant rituals for Hindu weddings, the temporary tattoos,alsoknown as mehndi, are applied on the bride's hands and feet. Itisbelieved that the henna tattoos signify the strength of abride'smarriage and the love she will receive after it. The darkerthecolor of the tattoo, the stronger and longer the marriagewillbe.The designs and patterns drawn on the hands and feet areverycomplicated. Although, the placement of these temporary tattoosarenot specified, as mentioned before, they are generally appliedonthe hands and feet. Nowadays, apart from the bride, the rest ofthefamily and friends, and the groom (in some cultures) also gettheprivilege of applying henna on their hands. However, only thebridegets the special attention and the most unique, creative,andbeautiful designs when it comes to it.Baraat - In plain English, baraat means the marriageprocessionwhich comes from the groom's house, accompanied by hisfamily andfriends. This entire scenario is drawn on one of her armswithintricate designs to match it. The tattoo actually starts atthetop of her arm and runs down to her palm.Doli - It is the end of the wedding ceremony and now the bridehasto go to her husband's home. The detailed work that is put intothedesign takes many hours and lot of skill. To match thebaraatscene, the doli is drawn on the other arm.Flowers - The patterns are included in the entire design. Thechoiceof flowers to be drawn are many. You can go with roses,lotuses,rose buds, daisies, and many more. These flowers areinterconnectedwith the rest of the designs on the hands andfeet.Kalash - It is a metal brass, copper, silver, or gold pot is usedinmany wedding ceremonies. It is used in the ceremony to worshipmanyGods and Goddesses in Indian culture. The design is verypopular andoften has the name of the groom imprinted insideit.Peacock - A peacock tattoo looks really gorgeous when the wingsaredrawn open with flower patterns in it. The henna tattooartistmakes sure that the designs are complex, yet beautiful.The temporary tattoos will vanish completely in a couple ofweeks,but the permanent one are a constant reminder of yourdecision. So,don't make hasty decisions as to what you wish to getas yourtattoo and represent your wedding. Consult a professionaltattooartist to get ideas for designs and placements, to makethepermanent decision.Traditional Mehndi Design
Simple Men Shalwar Kameez 1.0 APK
It is quite common and in fact, traditionalinPakistan for both men and women to wear Salwar kameez but thereisa slight difference between the two types and arehighlightedhere.Shalwar kameez for men consists of three parts, the shalwar,kameezand the chaddar. The difference between the men and womenshalwarkameez lies in the fabrics with which they are made and thecollarportion. Usually, men prefer to wear shalwar with chaddar andarevery popular among the people of Punjab and sindhprovinces.The shalwar which is the bottom portion is wide andgenerallydrawstring is used as belt. The upper portion is aseparate pieceof clothing called the kameez which is a long shirt.The shalwar isof ankle length while the kameez is up to the knees.As in the caseof women Salwar kameez, the kameez for men does notcontain anyembellishment but embroidery work may be, at times, doneon thechest part of the kameez. Usually, both the shalwar andkameez aremade from the same fabric, although, kameez can be madefrom adifferent fabric, too.Men prefer to wear shalwar made of cotton. When the kameezisdesigned without a collar for men, it is known as kurta andthereare exquisite designs of kurtas to cater to the needs andtaste ofcontemporary style. The traditional type of kurta is theone whichis transparent without a collar and is popular even today,amongsome men. Shalwar kameez is a blend of modesty with thefashion andis well suited to be presented as a gift for someoneyoucare.Simple Men Shalwar Kameez
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If you want to recycle old bottle caps, wehavesome really cool ideas for you. Although plastic bottlesarerecycled, their caps are not. They are just thrown away inthegarbage. So, why not reuse them in a very innovative way! Yes,allthe creative brains out there, old bottle caps can be used tomakemany interesting things. You can also make cool jewelry orartpieces from different bottle caps. Use those beer bottle capstomake a very chic coaster or beautiful earrings. You can alsomakefriendship bands using them and stick pictures to personalizethem.When it comes to art, there is no limit.Here are some amazing DIY ideas to invigorate your mind. Theseitemsdo not require any costly materials; in fact you can use allthe oldand useless stuff you have collected. You can ask yourfriends topitch in as well. Every time you have a party, collectall the beercaps or plastic bottle caps. After which, all you needis to useyour imagination to make something creative!Things You Will NeedBottle Caps (lots and lots of caps)GlueDrillAcrylic paintStickersOld magazinesMagnetsWaxCool Bottle Cap Craft IdeasCandlesDecorate your old, boring candles with some colorful bottle capsfora funky effect. If you have bigger bottle caps, melt some wax,pourit into the cap, and your cute little candles are ready!Wind ChimeYou can make a brand new wind chime using bottle caps ofdifferentsizes and colors, or simply give your old one a twist bydecoratingit with some bottle caps, as shown above. Get creative;there areso many variations to try!Decorative MirrorTransform your plain mirror into a very cool and chic one. Allyouneed is bottle caps and glue. Make patterns or stick randomly,andyou are done! Simple, yet awesome, isn't it?Funky Refrigerator MagnetsThey look so cute and adorable, don't they? Just make designsofyour choice on bottle caps, put magnets inside, and you aredone!The fun part is you can use them wherever you wish too!Hand BagEven your bags can be given a glamorous twist using bottlecaps.Make beautiful floral patterns, or borders using colorfulbottlecaps. This makes for an excellent gifting idea as well.Creative CoastersDecorate your coasters with bottle caps so that you will atleastuse them now! They look very funky and cool as well. Moreover,theyare so easy to make!Colorful Photo FrameMake your memories more beautiful by decorating your photoframewith bottle caps! You can use metal as well as plastic caps asbothlook equally good.LanternUse bright-colored bottle caps to decorate your lanterns, astheywill look amazing as light passes through them. Remember touseplastic caps, preferably thin ones; metals ones are a no-no,asthey will obstruct the light.ClockA bottle cap clock would look cool, right? Totally innovativeandstylish, this will get you so many compliments! Alittlecomplicated to make, but totally worth it.PurseLittle bottle cap embellishments will instantly glam up yourplainpurse or clutch. It will look especially good if the purse isblackor of any another dark color.Cute MugJust stick two caps on a mug, and draw eyes on them. Experimentwithdifferent expressions. Wouldn't it look adorable?All the above ideas are very practical and doable. We hope youlovedthese crafts with bottle caps! Making them can be anexcellent groupactivity, in which you will have lots of fun. Ifyou have any othergreen ideas, do share them with us! Till then,go green withstyle!
Beautiful Roses Pictures 1.0 APK
In general, roses grouped by stature andgrowthproperties into four major groups. Namely: the rose bushthat iswidely planted as a fence, roses dwarf form of pottedplants, rosesand tree roses last liana which grows vines.Roses are known to have many varieties that she disebutlahmawaranRosaceae or rose family. Advances in technology areincreasinglymaking this plant family warninya variegated withcolors rangingfrom red, purple, black and even mix several colors.Besides, thepetals are also increasingly varied, from the budsingle, doublestacked up.A rose with the scientific name is a plant of the RosaceaeRosanalesOrder is worthy of the nickname the "Queen of Flowers"becausealmost everybody loves and knows roses. Flower color isprettyattractive with a variety of colors as liven up the parkinto avibrant, plus the scent of fragrant charm wangi.PojokPediaHow to Grow Roses Gardening or good?Planting roses is especially because the flowers do notrequirespecial treatment. These flowers can grow in hot climates,was evencold.The planting medium is required is berhumus soil and drainage/irrigation well, which is less fertile flowers if grown onmediathat is too loose and sandy. Solar radiation is enough tomakediligent flowering trees and flourish.Roses can be propagated by seed, cuttings, grafting, graftandsplitting the tillers. The most practical way is bycuttings.Besides the solar irradiation is sufficient, it is alsonecessarypruning periodically so that new shoots emerge and do notforget tofertilize them regularly stimulating interest. Pruningshould bedone in the rainy season because the shoots will soon growand newflowers will emerge.Beautiful Roses Pictures
Beautiful Hijab Wedding Gown 1.0 APK
Muslim Women Looking for some elegantislamicwedding dresses and trendy hijab styles for wedding? WhatMuslimwomen should wear for wedding to look glamorous as wellasmodest?outfit trends bring 30 most stylish Hijab weddingdressesfor this season to make your big day really stunning.Wewould alsorecommend you to see these 150 pictures of muslim weddingwheremuslim brides have worn some of the most gorgeous dresseswhichwill surely help to choose the best wedding gown and nikahdressesfor you.Wedding season is already here and today we will be discussingaboutislamic wedding dresses. With time dressing hijab properlyisbecoming very essential to look stylish. Good sense of dressingcanalso boost up your confidence and make you stand out inthecrowd.Tying up a hijab in a right way is very necessaryandimportant. Hijab needs to be neatly worn on our head. Hijabhasthousand times more beauty than a crown on our head. Today wewilltell you some famous trendy hijab Styles Tutorials forweddingswhere you will find the complete solution of tying up thehijabs ina different way. Hijabs can make your personality moremodest andcan make you look elegant.Beige hijab with same colored net is a perfect piece for abride.Embellished with sequins and heavy jewelry worn on the headis verylikeable. If you are a bride who likes some heavy dressesand asthe neck is also covered so the brides can have heavy beadedworkdone around the collar line which makes her stand out amongthecrowd.Wearing hijab has become very trendy. It has become the part ofourstyle statement. Hijab has become a part of our daily wearandwardrobe but can be styled well with a wedding dress. Hijabmeansmodesty which reflects one’s character and iman. Thereforegirlsand women like wearing and styling hijab to lookmoreelegant.Hijab is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women but it can bystyledin different ways with different outfits to make one lookmoreglamorous. Also depending upon the situation such as going toawedding or any party. Earlier we have also talked about ‘Howtowear hijab elegantly’ but this article is specifically forallthose girls and women who want to get a pretty and elegantlookwith hijab to wear it on a wedding.There are plenty of options to style hijab with a wedding dress.Afloral printed hijab would go well with a less embroidereddress.And if one is wearing a full embroidered dress then a lightcolorhijab would be appropriate for it. There are several designsinprinted hijabs. You can easily get the fabric in markets. Allyouneed to do is a little search in the markets.Dark colors are highly recommended for a wedding. There are a lotofembroidered hijab designs available these days. So don’t justfollowthe simple hijab fashion. You can always try and experimentnewdesigns which are very trendy and famous among the ladies. Alsoyoucan buy clips and decorative brooches to enhance the look.Broochesand clips can add sophistication to your hijab.Beautiful Hijab Wedding Gown
Modern Sofa 1.0 APK
The modern sofa designs beat theirtraditionalcounterparts in terms of creativity. Because of theirimportance asan important furniture item for homes, offices,hotelsConvertible Sofa DesignsHomeowners are falling in love with modern sofa designs that canbeconverted into different shapes. These sofas are versatileinnature and can be used as different furniture items. Forinstance,many sofas can be converted into beds with space for oneor two tosleep. A popular category is that of sofas that can beconvertedinto bunk beds with ladder and safety guards. There areotherdesigns that can be folded into chairs to utilize spaceaccordingto the needs.Variety of Geometrical ShapesShapes of it from the bygone eras don't appeal thehomeownersanymore. This is because of a huge variety of shapes inwhich themodern sofa sets are available. A modern square look withcleancuts adds elegance to one's living space. There are otherpopularsofa designs that integrate rectangular, cubical and roundunits totheir designs. Sofas with backrests in the shapes likeroundedsquare and triangle are indeed the enchanting designs.Creative Designs IdeasCreativity is the key to the popularity that modern sofadesignsexperience these days. Carpet sofas, for example, are thefinefurniture pieces if you wish to entail an antique look inthemodern style. Sofas with animal themes too are the good optionsforthose who wish to think out of the box. Another wonderfulcategoryis that of sofa designs that glow in the dark. Manufacturedusingmaterials like acrylic, these sofas are amazing additions totheliving rooms.Sectional Sofa DesignsA discussion about modern sofa should not end without makingamention about the very popular sectional sofa designs. Theseareextremely comfortable and provide a wonderful seatingarrangement.Available in different sizes, these sofas can entertainthe livingrooms with different amounts of space available forinstallation.Going further, many of these sofa designs have storagesectionsthat allow homeowners to store their beddings. Differentcolors,patterns and fabrics add to the delight of having thesegreatfurniture items.You can avail modern designs from various European, Asian andNorthAmerican countries. It is amazing to find how theskilledmanufacturers in these countries keep on coming up withinnovativeand amazing designs. Internet has become a powerfulmedium toconnect furniture stores located in different countrieswith thefurniture manufacturers from regions around the world. Addvarietyto the category of modern sofa sets by availing them fromdifferentmanufacturers.
Crochet Flower Stitch 1.0 APK
If you can find time to surf the net youwillbe able to find website that provide online tutorial foreasycrochet flower. There are many websites or blogs out there ontheinternet which should provide you great content and tips onthissubject alone.Here I shall teach you how you can make a simple yetattractivecrochet flower.You can start with a plain crochet hook and 2-3 colors of yarn.Whyyarn? This thing can be made with threads too but I simplypreferyarn. Ensure that the dimension of the yarn is fitting wellwithhook size. Take your first color and use chain six.Revert to chain number one and do a dc and next go to chain two.Dothis time and again and put all these into chain number one.Youhave eight spokes in hand. Attach the circle with sl st inchainnumber 3 at your left (this is chain 3 from first spoke) Nowbuild(sc, ch 1, 2 dc, ch 1, sc) and then attach all arches youhavemade. In this way you learnt to make a petal.Do this in all eight arches and this will give you your 1stflower.Attach a sl st with 1st sc on the 1st petal. Rotate theflower.Pick another color of your choice, and then create aslipknot andplace a crochet hook beneath the color spoke and thendraw the 2ndcolor yarn through.You are left with two stitches on the hook, draw the hook besidestocreate one. Chain number six & work a dc throughsubsequentspoke, chains number three. Redo this dc, chain numberthree onevery spoke. Now create a sl st through 3rd chain of the1st rowthat you have already done.Now turn it to its flip side on right hand side. Place the 1stcolorpetals a little ahead and then do (sc, chain 1, 3 dc, chain1, sc)above every arch. Put together sl st through 1st sc. Castoff.With this your flower is prepared. Applying similar steps youcancreate 2,3,4 or even 5 with have different or similar colors.Withevery new whirls the flower size will grow bigger. So make onetheway that you really want to do.