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❃ Are you looking for some cool “photoeditor”to make your selfie images more interesting and original? Iftheanswer is yes, you are at the right place, because wehavesomething totally new and unique for you! We are happy topresentyou our “photo blender” - one of the best apps for Android™!If youhave amazing ideas for combining two pictures into one – thisisthe perfect photo editing software for you! It’s agreat“photo montage” app where you can use your awesome selfie picsandadd “beauty camera” effects and picture frames to createwonderfulphoto collages. So download our ❃ Beauty Camera PhotoBlender❃, combine two pictures and adjust the transparency effectwithease to create one amazing photo blendcollage.  Fuseyour best pictures into one by using“double exposure” and photooverlapping effect.  Our imageeditor provides you withfabulous “photo effects” and transparencytools to create the bestcollages ever! You can become a realprofessional in picturemanipulation by using our blender free ofcharge, so - set yourimagination free and create a blended image todazzle your friendsand family! 

✔ It’s one of the best photo editing apps;
✔ Perform the best image blending with transparency andmirroreffect and different blender effects by using this photoblendapp;
✔ It’s very easy to use - just take a photo with your cameraorselect an image from your gallery and then merge twophotostogether ;
✔ Add cute “photo frames” or photo stickers to decorate yourphotomontage;
✔ Edit your picture with simple touch gestures: crop, resize,rotateand drag pics with the best image editor app;
✔ Save your work of art in the gallery of your smartphoneortablet;
✔ Combining two pictures and editing has never been easier thennowwith our ❃Beauty Camera Photo Blender ❃ - try it out and shareyourphoto with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter orothersocial networks.

❃ If you have you always wondered how to blend twopicturestogether, our new application has the answer! Thisphotojoiner turns picture blending into a unique and totallyfunexperience. It is a simple but powerful app which blends twoofyour photos into a single one. This way you can create anamazingposter or modify a picture of your friend and then share itonsocial networks. Check out our brand new ❃Beauty CameraPhotoBlender ❃, download it and enjoy the photo manipulation forfree!Enter your new photo lab and join two photos into a gorgeousmirrorcollage which you can save, share, use as phone wallpaper orset ascute keyboard picture. Discover a whole new world ofphotoediting with this free tool, show your creativity and have agreattime with your friends!

❃ Are you bursting to put your creative picture editingideasinto practice? Then make the best photo manipulation everthanks tothis ❃Beauty Camera Photo Blender ❃ app! This photoblender isthe only pic editing tool you need to make art works outof yourcute images. Implement your pic decorating ideas onyour“blend collage” by enhancing it with some frames forpictures,transparent effect or mirror effect for photos. Downloadour photomixer now and you will be more than satisfied with thistop app onthe market!

❃ This is a completely new way of decoratingphotos! Ourblender app offers you everything necessary toblend two imagesinto magnificent customized photos. Theamazing fade effectwill blur the edge of your beautiful image onthe top and blend itwith the bottom one. Apply effect, select yourfavorite photofilter and your photo montage is done! Download free❃Beauty CameraPhoto Blender ❃ right away and have tons of funediting pictures inthis magical photo booth!

*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

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    August 5, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Trendy App Mania
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Troll Face Meme Photo Editor 1.0 APK
★Do you like to put troll and “rage faces“ inyour cool photos so you can make fun of your friends, family andyourself? If you like funny stickers on your pics and creating realfoto art, this hilarious “photo editing software“ app is all youneed! ★Troll Face Meme Photo Editor★ offers you a collection ofrage comics face stickers that you will simply adore! You just haveto take a selfie, choose a photo sticker that goes well with yourpersonality, and post it to all social networks. With this funnyapp you can create photo montages with your favorite memes, so youcan make your friends and family laugh. Put fun frames to yourphotos and paste stickers on with memes faces.It’s a perfect way to get rid of boredom! Download ★Troll Face MemePhoto Editor★ and have incredible fun editing your pics with thefunniest stickers ever!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★A huge collection of funny rage comic faces and memes and thebest stickers for pictures is waiting for you!★Select photos from your gallery or take a new one with yourcamera!★Choose your favorite “troll face meme” – select derp, lol rageface, troll face, cuteness overload, poker face, forever alone andother popular rage faces to add to your pictures!★It’s easy to use – just tap the meme generator tool to add funnytrollface stickers;★ Edit the rage face stickers – zoom, drag and rotate them to fityour pictures! ★ Save your funny rage comics and use them as a meme wallpaper, orshare your funny creations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Turn your friends into trolls! Enjoy the ultimate ★TrollFace Meme Photo Editor★ application for AndroidTM that can changefaces and replace them with trolls. It’s a brand new photo editingapp which will provide you with hours of fun and entertainment.Edit your pics with hilarious collection of rage face stickers thatwe have designed especially for you. Add funny text to photos tomake them even more interesting and surprise all your friends byposting them on your favorite social networks. It is suitable forkids, teenagers and adults. Kids will have enormous fun addingtrollface memes to their selfies; teenagers will make fun of theirfriends on Facebook and adults will bring some laughter into theirserious lives. There is something for everybody, so download thiswonderful funny face creator now! Don't hesitate – get this “freeimage editor“ today and enjoy your pic editing experience.★If you are a fan of photo editing, creating collages and takingselfies, this rage app is an excellent choice for you. We offer youa chance to become a celebrity among your friends by makingeveryone laugh like crazy. Start editing images with funny facestickers now and create some nice picsart! Choose a photo from yourgallery, or take a new one and add dozens of funny troll facestickers to match your current mood! This “rage meme“ camera offersyou a huge collection of the most famous rage faces ever! Become astar of all the major social networks! Share your photos from thememe world instantly, or save them to the gallery! Download ★TrollFace Meme Photo Editor★ stickers app and have a lots of fun!★Put funny stickers on photos and have some hilarious moments withyour friends and family. This popular photo editing software willhelp you create "funny images" with rage face stickers photoeffects. Choose a face from the photo, think about what kind of“funny face” you want to stick over it, open the comic face galleryand make the switch. Download ★Troll Face Meme Photo Editor★ andhave instant fun! When you are done creating the funniest photo youcan imagine, share your creation with the rest of the world. Thisfree app is a great pastime for any occasion, especially forbirthday parties! Your friends will be thrilled with your newcamera app. Show them how funny you are and let photo mania withmeme stickers begin!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Love Greeting Cards 1.0 APK
💚 The best feeling in the world is to love andbe loved in return. This Valentine's Day show your sweethearts howmuch you care for them by making a sweet love photo greeting card.Make your other half feel happy and send the cutest card you can onAndroid™ 💗 Love Greeting Cards 💗. These cards for all loveoccasions are a simple gesture to surprise your loved ones with anecard you can create with the help of our free photo editingsoftware. Wait no longer and send a romantic greeting card to yourpartner that you can make, design and decorate with this amazingeditor. Discover inside our awesome picture app. Download one ofthe best free pic editors on the market and start making greetingcards right away!💗 Love Greeting Cards 💗:♡ Design free love ecards with the best picture editing app❣♡ Take selfies or select photos from the phone gallery and make alovely Valentine's Day card ❣♡ Edit your photos: zoom in, zoom out, scale, rotate or drag photosto fit the phone screen using this awesome photo editor ❣♡ Countless picture editing tools for creating instant photocollages, special effects and filtering options ❣♡ Save your greeting cards and set them as wallpaper with our photoenhancing tool ❣♡ Share your photo creations via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram❣💚 Valentine’s Day has officially begun! Celebrate the month oflove, romance and friendship – it’s February and love is in theair! Sweet and heartfelt greetings will really add a romantic touchto your love life. Personalize free printable greeting cards withthe aid of this cute photo booth app 💗 Love Greeting Cards 💗. Havefun creating lovely greeting cards with this cool picture editingsoftware to wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Our pic studiooffers the photo montage of your favorite cute couple pics. Thisfun free photo designer and editing tool offers countless optionsto edit your pictures such as plenty of photo effects, amazing picsfilters and cute stickers.*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Ghost Photo Prank Maker 1.0 APK
Have you ever wanted to make your new coolpic look scary? With our Ghost Photo Prank Maker “photo editorapp” it's easier than ever! All you have to do is take a selfie ora photo of your friends, choose one of many ghost images from thisgreat app, post it on your awesome pic and your new scary prankmasterpiece is ready. You can save it in your picture gallery orshare on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Create cool pics with this“app for AndroidTM“ on your smartphone or tablet and become themaster of camera pranks. Put your imagination into practice, add aspirit on your image, and create a scary camera prank like a pro!You can also make a “ghost wallpaper” for your phone in a few easysteps with one of the ghosts that best suits your picture from thegallery. You don't have to be a photoshop expert to create a scaryinstaphoto - all you need is a camera, imagination andGhost PhotoPrank Maker! It’s perfect time to scare your friends withghost prank photo! You will laugh for hours, and you will havea great photo to share on your favorite social networks and email!Bring this cool app to school or work and brighten everyone's mood!Download our new free photo editing software and start writing yourown scary photo story.Find the largest variety of scary ghost “photo stickers” in ourGhost Photo Prank Maker;Choose a cool sticker from our big ghost picture collection: agreat number of ghosts of all shapes, sizes and colors;You can choose the ghost you like - crazy or sweet ghost, bad orfriendly ghost –it’s all up to you; It’s very easy to use - drag the sticker with your finger andplace it on your amazing image; Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like: change itsposition, zoom in, zoom out, remove the sticker...Share your scary “ghost photo“ with your friends on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram. If you are one of the ghost games and scary camera pranklovers, Ghost Photo Prank Makeris a perfect free app you musthave on your mobile phone or tablet! The question “how to editpictures“ to produce the effect of the real scary ghosts in yourphotos will never bother you again. Place a spooky ghost in yourcool picture in a second with this creative photo studio editor.Take a selfie or choose pictures from your photo gallery and starthaving fun by adding ghost stickers and then show your spooky ghostcollages on all social networks.This ghost photo app will make youa real ghost prank expert! The old way of photo editing is becomig boring to you and cutephoto collage makers are not interesting any longer? No problem!New ghost adventures are finally here awaiting all ghost camerapranks fans! Add a ghost to your photo and become the hero of ghosttales. Download Ghost Photo Prank Maker for free, edit yourphotos and tell ghost jokes. “Scare your friends“ by placing ghostin anypicture from your collection. This ghost editor is certainly one ofthe must have apps for all lovers of ghost detectors and feargames. Enjoy the art of photo montage while making a photocollages. We offer you a variety of realistic ghost stickers tohelp you produce the best horror photos of all time. Try playing a camera prank by adding a ghost to your photography,post it on your profile, and introduce yourself as a ghost hunter!Now you can be like those famous camera prank makers! All you needis this cool ghost simulator application, and you can use yourimagination to create the funny ghost pranks in just a fewclicks!Choose cool pics of you and your friends and this ghost piceditor for Android will convert them into mysterious spooky images.Install it on your smartphone or tablet and join the ghost editingfun. A photo bucket full of image stickers is waiting for you inyour new ghost prank app, so download it today and have the time ofyour life.*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Troll Face Photo Stickers 1.0 APK
★Are you tired of using your everyday picturesand looking for ways to replace them with funny designed ones, soyou can make fun of your friends and family? No problem! We arevery happy to present you one of the best “photo editor app“ you’llsurely like! If you love putting troll and “rage faces“ and otherfunny stickers in your photos and creating a real foto art, thishilarious app is all you need! ★Troll Face Photo Stickers★ offersyou a collection of meme face stickers that you will truly adore!The only thing you have to do is take a selfie, choose a photosticker from our collection, and share it to all social networks.With this funny app you can create photo montages with yourfavorite troll faces, so you can make your friends and familylaugh. It’s a perfect way to have a lots of fun! Download ★TrollFace Photo Stickers★ and have incredible time editing your photoswith the funniest troll face stickers!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★We offer you an enormous collection of funny rage faces, memesand the best troll face stickers for your pictures!★Select photos from your gallery or take a new one with yourcamera!★Choose your favorite “troll face meme” – select derp, lol rageface, troll face, cuteness overload, poker face, forever alone andother popular rage faces to add to your pictures!★It’s easy to use – just tap the meme generator tool to add funnytroll face stickers;★ Edit the troll face stickers – zoom, drag and rotate them to fityour pictures! ★ Save your funny rage pictures and use them as a meme wallpaper,or share your hilarious creations on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Put your imagination into practice, add a troll face on yourimage, and create a funny camera prank like a pro! Turn yourfriends into trolls! Enjoy ★Troll Face Photo Stickers★“application for AndroidTM” that can change your ordinary photosinto something amazingly funny. It’s a new photo editing app whichwill provide hours of fun and entertainment for you and yourfriends. Edit your pics with big collection of face stickers thatare designed just for you. Surprise all your friends by postingyour funny pics on your favorite social networks. It is suitablefor kids, teenagers and adults. There is something for everybody,so download this funny troll face creator today and enjoy yourediting experience.★The old way of photo editing is becomig boring to you and cutephoto collage makers are not interesting any longer? If so, we havesomething that will help you! If you are a fan of photo editing andtaking selfies, this rage app is an excellent choice for you. Ifyou want to make everyone laugh like crazy, start editing imageswith funny face stickers now and create some nice picsart! Choose apicture from your photo gallery, or take a new one and add funnytroll face stickers! This “rage meme” application offers you a hugecollection of the most famous troll faces ever! Share your photosfrom the meme world instantly, or save them to the gallery!Download ★Troll Face Photo Stickers★ editor app and have a lots offun!★You don't have to be a photoshop expert to create a funnyinstaphoto - all you need is a camera, imagination and ★Troll FacePhoto Stickers★! Put funny troll stickers in your photos andhave some great moments with your friends and family. This popularphoto editing software will help you create "funny images" withtroll face stickers and photo effects. Download and have instantfun! When you are done, share your creation with the rest of theworld. This free app is a great pastime for any occasion,especially for your friend’s crazy party! Your friends will bethrilled with your new camera app. Bring this cool app to schooland brighten everyone's mood. Download our new “free photo editingsoftware” and start writing your own troll photo story! Let photomania with meme stickers begin!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Trendy Hair Photo Editor 1.0 APK
♠ Download ♠Trendy Hair Photo Editor♠ andspend some quality time trying out cute “photo stickers” free ofcharge! Have you ever wanted to change your hairstyle? You’vealways been fascinated by those short curly hairstyles, braids andhair buns but you don’t know which of these would suit your faceshape best? Maybe, at some point in your life, you wanted to dyeyour hair but were undecided about what hair color to choose. Ourcool hairstyles app for AndroidTM is here to resolve all yourdoubts. Experience the most incredible face in hole photo montage –try on hairstyles to your pictures, experiment with differentcolors and enjoy your picsart creation. Enter your new hair salonand show the whole world your insta photo editing techniques.***************************************************♠ Main characteristics of “Trendy Hair Photo Editor” pro:Get this free picture editor with text and join the never-endingphoto mania.A great number of amazing hair stickers for pictures;Chose a sticker from our crazy photo booth: an astonishing varietyof the latest hairstyles for women in all colors;Wedding hairstyles, prom hairstyles for long hair, wavy hairdodesigns, weave hair styles for short hair – all these can be foundin our free photofunia app;Add hair to photos – you can edit both en face and side profilepictures in this way;Adjust the sticker the way you like: zoom in, zoom out, change itsposition, remove it…Save your virtual hairstyle pictures to your photo gallery or setthem as wallpapers for your home screen;Share your “cute hairstyles” for girls on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram***************************************************♠With ♠Trendy Hair Photo Editor♠ dreams of doing your own hairthe way you like turn into reality. Free hairstyles games for girlsonly for true fashionistas and photography enthusiasts! Our piclabphoto editor for AndroidTM will not only teach you how to editpictures to turn them into a pure photo wonder but will also helpyou gain necessary hair stylist skills - who knows, maybe one dayyou decide to open your own celebrity “hair salon”. Play a haircutprank on your friends and baffle them. Have lots of photo funtrying on cute easy hairstyles for school and become a funny imageediting guru in no time.♠ Our instyle “hairstyle try on” photo app will give you thefresh new look you’re craving. Play with cute stickers for photosand determine the right hairdo for your face shape. Draw cool hairideas from our hair styler app for women! Leave photo grid collagemaker and write on pictures apps aside and consider this hair dyeapp for a change. Employ awesome photo manipulation methods andchange hair color on pictures free! Do you find our body photoshopeditor interesting? If so, these virtual hair “makeover games” forgirls will render you speechless. Install ♠Trendy Hair PhotoEditor♠ free of charge and style your hair in a trendy manner withone of the best fashion games ever! You can opt for short“hairstyles for girls” and elongate your face, whereas bob haircutsare flattering for heart-shaped faces.♠ A wide choice of other beautiful photo makers and enhancersbursting with hairstyle photo frames and cool stickers are waitingfor you on the app market to offer you the most enjoyable gameplayexperience. Real hair salon games FREE! Find out what are the bestcuts that will flatter your oval face with the help of our real“hair games for girls” and boys. Be your own hair doctor – treatyour lovely hair the way it deserves. Find the right haircut foryour round face, come on – stick it! No hair magazine will provideyou with such straight hairstyle ideas as our best picture editingapps for kids.
Cute Girly Text On Photos 1.0 APK
☀Cute Girly Text On Photos☀ is here to offeryou a seamless performance of writing on pictures and creating mostexquisite photo cards for all occasions! ☀ Great news for all fansof funny and cute photo editing and photo decoration! Get one ofthe most beautiful apps for adding “text to pictures” and decorateyour precious memories with all sorts of pic quotes, sayings andmessages! Add watermarks, a date and time stamp, choose a perfectfont and make your ordinary pics look special.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*The best insta text photo editing app for cute pictures!*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*Feature <3Choose font, add text and watermarks to your pictures!*Easy to use interface – vibrant and colorful!*Select a photo from your gallery or take a new one to decorate itwith an original message!**Choose from a great variety of fonts specially adjusted for yourlove pictures!*Add a date and time stamp to your photos and preserve yourmemories forever!*Share your funny text images on Facebook, Twitter, orInstagram!*More type on photos apps coming soon!☀ Your everyday photos will look much more fancy and stylishwith some cutie text on them. If you're searching for a cute phototext maker and you'd like to create your own love pics with quotesand sayings, we have a perfect photo editing app just for you. Picka photo for decoration from your gallery and start writing onpictures instantly! You can easily beautify your selfie withgorgeous text fonts in all colors and shapes. Choose a style thatyou like most, add fill or borders and just type on photos.☀ Beautify your favorite selfies and pictures of your friendswith these lovely pic effects and create your own picmix and yourown photo story. Download ☀Cute Girly Text On Photos☀ and startadding your textgram – now! Get the unique “write on pictures app”of the best quality that will beautify your whole photo montageexperience with a wide choice of text fonts in all colors of therainbow! Experiment with your cute text on pics as much as youlike, adjust shadows, opacity or fill and provide your pictureswith a completely modern look.☀ Facebook fame is just a click of your finger away – uploadyour lovely photos, write some funny text, or add some love quotesand sayings, post your photowonder, and see what happens. If you'veever wanted to know how to add text to pictures or how to watermarkphotos, now you'll find that out. With this easy to use app foradding text to photos you can create your own watermark andtimestamp and always know when your special moments took place.☀ Doodle on pictures, add cute girly stickers, put your favoritepic quote on your romantic images – the number of possibilities forcreative photo editing is limitless! Let the photomania begin!Enhance love couple pictures by using this amazing photo editor forgirls! Be creative, put some cute love text on pics, quotes ormessages for your loved one, add time and date and make an originallove photo card to surprise your partner.☀“Type on Pictures” App☀ free is the best girly photo editor foradding text to pictures you could have. Download it now, makephotocards on the go and enjoy the photofunia!☀ “Watermark photo” apps and apps for adding text to picturespresent a quick and easy way to edit pictures you make on yourvacation, and to send them to your friends instead of buyingpostcards. Make text pictures with greetings from vacations andshare them instantly on major social networks. Therefore,☀“Text on pics” all different ways totally free in one of ourbest free apps! Download ☀Cute Girly Text On Photos☀ free - yourown photo studio where you can take beauty pics and funny images ofyourself and then decorate them with arty instatext quotes. Kawaiiphoto frames, stamps and stickers for pictures, magic photo effectsand filters and spread the spirit of photomania all around you!
Realistic Tattoo Photo Editor 1.0 APK
Download ♣ Realistic Tattoo Photo Editor ♣free of charge and join the trend of tattoo photo editing. Welcometo your new tattoo studio where you can explore various picturemontage options and create insta beauty photos in a few seconds.This kawaii photo editor offers a multitude of tattoo patterns tohelp you decorate pictures like a pic editing pro. Rose or skulltattoos? Butterfly or tribal “tattoo designs”? Whichever youchoose, you will certainly be thrilled with your cool tattoopictures. Make the most of this tattoo editor – beautify yourprofile pictures using a lot of crazy tattoo stickers for photosand post them on your Facebook and Twitter walls. All fancy girlsand fans of tattoo games are going to be delighted with yourimproved selfie pics.Features of ♣ Realistic Tattoo Photo Editor ♣♥ The largest variety of “tattoo stickers” for your pics;♥ Pick a sticker from the cute girl photo booth: a great number oftattoos of all shapes, sizes and colors.♥ Heart tattoos, funny tattoos, tattoos of angels and life…-justtake your pick.♥ Drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the pic!♥ Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like: change itsposition, zoom in, zoom out, remove the sticker...♥ Share pictures with your friends on Facebook or Twitter♥ Get this “tattoo photo editor” for free and enjoy the photomania.♥Tattoo edit pictures with awesome photo stickers and stamps –freedownload.♥ Our ♣ Realistic Tattoo Photo Editor ♣ provides you withamazing tattoo ideas to help you create extraordinary tattoo picsyou will be proud of. Has the question of ‘how to tattoo my photo’ever crossed your mind. If that’s the case, enter this virtualtattoo salon, sit back and watch the stunning tattoo picture effecttransform your ordinary photos into super selfies. Add cutestickers to a picture and feel free to boast about your incredibletattoo photo collage. Or, you can play photo pranks on your friendsand relatives by spicing up their cool pictures with this photobooth editor. Get this sweet photobucket app for AndroidTM, performmy pic makeover for free and let the photo funia begin.♥ If you are a fan of tattoo photoshop and stickers apps you aregoing to adore this photo art studio for AndroidTM with tattooeffects. Make funny tattoo portraits and feel free to proclaimyourself a virtual tattoo artist. Install this lovely “photostickers” editor and feel the omnipresent image editing craze.Insta photo fun is definitely guaranteed with this “tattoo camera”app.♥ Make your choice among different tattoo stencils, photo editstickers to make them look like real, make cool photo montages –all this in our amazing tattoo designer. Step inside your pic lab,and start experimenting with numerous free cute tattoo designs thisphoto grid editor has prepared for you to help you become a masterof photo manipulation. Create amazing picsart works with the helpof ♣ Realistic Tattoo Photo Editor ♣ and share them across allsocial media. Take a look at our tattoo catalogue, choose a coupleof beautiful tattoos and adorn your beauty snaps like neverbefore.♥ Our photo enhancers, tattoo design apps and other photodecorators will always be here to help you make a real photo wonderout of your candy camera images. Tattoo your photos in a matter ofseconds with this creative picture editor and impress youracquaintances with your insta photo editing skills. What are youwaiting for? Stick it and flaunt your newly created cute girlcollages. You can also find a lot of inspiration in our collectionsof sweet stickers, deco stamps and fancy text that are awaiting youon the app market.
Six Pack Montage Photo Editor 1.0 APK
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