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Animals are creatures that are able to adapt in variousenvironments. Animals can live in the sea, fresh water, polar, anddesert (desert). Animals that exist only eat other animals. Thereare parasites, some eat plants and animals, and there are also onlyeat plants. Animals display structures, roles and activities thatvary. They can be found in amazing size, color, and body shape.Toknow more about animals, it helps you to understand some of thecommon characteristics of the animals.Animals are multicellulareukaryotic living creatures (metazoan groups).Animals do not dophotosynthesis activities. Animals include heterotrophs and obtainenergy by eating other living things.Animals typically reproduceasexually.Animal cells do not have cell walls.Animals mmpu respondquickly to the stimuli from the outside. This ability is the resultof neural cell activity, muscle (contractive tissue), or both.\Animals are motile living creatures during certain stages of theirlife cycle. Even stationary animals, such as sponges, have motilestages of swimming larvae.All animals are believed to be the resultof evolution from Protista ancestors. It is estimated there areabout 34 animal phyla that live on this planet earth. In general,scientists classify the animal world based on the presence orabsence of the spine. In this case, animals are divided into twomajor groups, namely invertebrates and vertebrates. Invertebrate(Latin, in = vertebrae) is a group of vertebrate animals, whilevertebrates are vertebrate groups of animals.

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AutoCAD Mechanical Drawings 1.0 APK
Making images using AutoCAD is very supportive whether it isengineering drawings engineering or civil engineering. With thecommands of AutoCAD that support in making the drawing then makethe users of AutoCAD application becomes easy. In this article Iwill discuss about drawing still in the field of mechanicalengineering. In the previous article I have posted about Creating aDrawing Mechanical Technique and now I am writing a new articleabout other engine techniques.Image Area SettingsBefore Creating a2D Engine Image Drawing with AutoCAD 2007, to make it easier thenset the image area as well as the unit of measure used.InitialSettings:1. Run Autocad 20072. Set the unit of measure intoMilimeters3. Arrange the image area with Limits command with size150,1504. Set the distance between points on the drawing area byusing the Grid = 5 command5. the drawing area is at the center ofthe screen type in Zoom command or type Z and select all or typeAHow to DrawThe steps that must be done are:1. Make a circle withCircle diamter 60 command with base point ie midpoint on verticalstraight line (at point 1)2. Make a circle as in point 2 (two) withdiameter 723. Make an outer circle with a diameter of 964. Make asmall circle with a radius of 12 with the base point of thequadrant5. Copy the circle (at point 4) to the edge of the circleof the bottom edge of the outer circle with the base pointquadrant6. Make a small circle within the circle you created instep 4.There are several ways:- By making a circle of diameter 12and base point center of the outer circle or quadrant- By using anoffset command with a distance of 67. Move the small circle to theleft and right of the circle to the bottom with a distance of 108.Copylah back the circle is at point 7 and above with a distance of20 with base point is the center of the circle9. Cut out the bottomof the outer small circle and outer circle line that comes incontact with the outer small circle using the trim command10. Makea circle with a radius of 60, with an inner circle base centercenter11. Make a horizontal line with the basepoint quadrant of theouter circumference (in step 10) from the left side to the rightside of the circle. This line serves as a helper line infacilitating the next step12. Copy the line up and down with adistance of 2013. Cut the outermost circle line in step 10 usingthe trim command where the delimiter is the horizontal line in step11, and also the lines that should be stepped.14. Make a circle onthe left and right, top and bottom right at the angle of lineencounter by using circle command with radius 6 with TTR method
Roof Sketchup Design 1.0 APK
 Because with the house then people can take shelter hot orrain. So the house is one of the most compulsory needs that must beowned by everyone. To choose rumahpun you do not be rash because itmust pay attention to the shape, model, size. Moreover, every homerequires a good roof because the roof of the house you can takeshelter and the house will not be complete if there is no roofbuilding. The absence of the roof of the house then we will stillfeel the heat of the sun and rain. In addition to functioning as aprotective roof of the house as well as a beauty enhancer exteriorof the house.For this opportunity I will give some ways in choosingthe right roof, please go directly to the bottom cursor:1. Considerthe weatherOne of the most important factors that you shouldconsider before deciding to choose the type of roof that is theweather and the temperature that is in your home area because thematerial on the roof greatly affect the durability at the time ofuse later. For example, it can be exemplified by the use of zinc onthe roof of the house but in your home area is often a big wind, itis not suitable to be applied because it will make zinc does notlast long and certainly always bergonta - zinc every time a bigwind occurs.2. Pay attention to the roof installationSome of theroofs available in the market many kinds ranging from the easy inthe installation and there is also a type of roof that is verydifficult to install. For those of you who plan the installation ofthe roof of your own home you should choose the type of roof thatis easy at the time of installation. Another thing to note is forinstallation time, to install the roof rumahpun very varieddepending on who installed. It would be nice if you use the expertswho are experts in the installation of the roof of the housebecause in addition to fast time they also already know will thecorrect and proper installation procedures.3. Thickness of roofingmaterialThe thickness that is on the roof of the house is veryvaried and different - different. Choose the thickness inaccordance with the circumstances of your home and in accordancewith your taste for your home seem more beautiful to look at. Thethicker the roof material of the house the more durable its use.4.Warranty and product qualityEveryone would want to buy a roof thathas a good quality product in order to use it later, the roof ofthe house can last long and not in vain in spending money to buyit. So try to buy good quality products in addition there is also awarranty product issued by the store or manufacturer.5. ConsiderpriceWhat you should also consider is an exposure to the purchaseof a roof, choose according to your home and you should know eachtype of roof. Customize also on your financial circumstances. Ifyou are smart in minimizing your expenses you should choose a gooditem but the price is cheap. Because not all expensive goods havegood quality.6. Material QualityYou should ask about the quality ofroofing materials in many people so you can compare it. Goodquality materials will last a long time.That's all I can write inan article titled smart way to choose the roof of the house, youshould first consult the experts before determining the choice ofthe roof of the house so that the results are more leverage. Thankyou and hope it is useful
The City Of Medina 1.0 APK
The second most important religious city of the Muslims located inSaudi Arabia. Hijrah Prophet Muhammad Saw to this city, thebeginning of the calendar of Muslims. The mosque, the tomb of theProphet, the Baqi cemetery and the tomb of the four Shi'a Imams aswell as many of the figures and magnates of Islam as well as otherholy places are in this city. With the emigration of Prophet Saw tothis city caused the change of name of this city which was namedYathrib changed into Medina and up to year 36 Hijri became thefirst capital of Islamic government. The battle of the Muslims withthe Mushrikin, the Prophet's War with the Medina Jews, therebellion against the third Caliph of the Muslims and until he waskilled, the Harrah's events, the rise of Zakiyah's Lust and therise of Shahid Fahk included from the important events in thecity's history.Traveling to Medina and visiting other historicalplaces and establishing prayers at the Nabawi Mosque areinseparable from the journey of the Muslims who set out for Hajjand Umrah.Ota Medina formerly benama Yathrib, including from themost important cities of Saudi Arabia and located at 450 km²northeast of Mecca in the Hijaz region.The city is locatednorthwest of the Arabian Peninsula on a smooth plain. Thegeographic longitude, along the 39 ° and 59 minutes east and thegeographical latitude is 24 ° and 57 minutes north. [2] The city islocated at an altitude of 597-639 meters above sea level.The cityof Medina lies between the two plains of Harrah-Harrah usuallyrefers to the black rocks that coat the harsh surface topography ofthe hilly rather than the mountain-in which the East is called"Harrah wa Aqim" and the West is called Harrah wa Barrah Mosttowering in the city of Medina is Mount Uhud. Weather and AirThetemperature of the city of Medina is warm and temperate desert, butcompared with the city of Mecca and its temperature is lower. Theair temperature in this city when it comes to summer will riseabove 45 degrees Celsius. Drinking water and agriculture in thiscity mostly depends on rainfall and well water. [Referralsneeded]In the past, the source of the springs in the city of Medinaincluded shallow, so that by digging the wells of water easilyobtained and water wells are used for drinking water andcultivating
The Gorilla 1.0 APK
Gorillas are included in the order of Primates and Pongidaefamily.There are three gorilla subspecies, western gorillas, lacegorilla gorillas (45,000 heads), and mountain gorillas (650birds).Gorillas live in tropical forests in the central part ofAfrica and in the mountains to a height of more than 4,000m.Gorillas are the greatest apes. The weight of a male gorilla canreach 300 kg with a height of 2.30 m. The female gorilla issmaller. In the wild, gorillas can live up to 35 years.There is nospecific reproductive period for gorillas. After pregnancy for 9months, the female gorilla gives birth to a baby that will continueto hold her mother's stomach for 2.5 months. Breasting lasts for 1year. Then, for the next 3 years, the gorilla parent will providean exclusive education to her child before she remarries.Gorillasspend most of their time eating foliage, flowers, fruit, bark,roots, and bamboo shoots. They consume plants that contain lots ofwater and never drink.If you are not eating, gorillas will be happyand play in the sun. They communicate with each other with movementand sound. Every night, they prepare the bed from the twigs, bothon the ground and on the tree.Gorillas live in groups containing adominant male gorilla, 3-4 female gorillas, and children. Malegorillas are often called "silver backs" because the gray feathersthat decorate his back since the age of 10 years.Their strengthstogether-there can dump a tree. They use facial expressions andpounding the chest to frighten an opponent if they feel threatened.But basically gorillas are calm, even somewhat shy animals. Thegorilla is an intelligent animal who can express his feelings, bothin the form of joy and sadness.Humans are the only serious predatorof gorilla populations, either through habitat destruction orpoaching.
Army Knife 1.0 APK
A knife is a tool used to cut an object. The blades are made up oftwo main parts, the blades and the handle or the handle of theknife. Blades are made of flat metal whose edges are sharp; Thissharp edge is called the blade.This weapon is commonly used bysoldiers when supplies of aunisi have run out, or when fightingclose to the enemy
Blackout curtains 2.0 APK
It has long been a curtain known and used in the home, probably thesame length as the presence of windows. Initially the curtainserves as a window covering the houses in the countryside. Itsmaking is very simple, that is plain fabric. At that time thecurtains often cover only half of the window, the bottom, while thetop is left open to keep the sunlight in.In its development, blindsand blinds functioned more than a window covering. Bothcomplementary interior also serves as a controller of light qualityinto the dwelling. In addition, he also maintains the privacy ofits inhabitants. Its presence is quite attention-grabbing making itcarry additional function, that is as an element of interioraesthetics. In other words, curtains and blinds have a major effecton space ambienceServes as a window cover The home has openings ofdoors, windows, and vents that each have different functions.Window is usually made so that sunlight can enter the house, aswell as a visual source (scenery). There are times when we want toclose the jendeia to get a favor, especially at night. At thatmoment tsrai and blinds play a role as a window cover.In terms ofvisual and sense, the window with the cover looks more than theplainly left windows. Realized or not. Curtains that cover thewindow can change the character of rigid and rigid windowarchitectures become softer. No wonder if the room is equipped withcurtains feel warmer and more comfortable.Berfungsi as regulator ofquality and quantity of light curtains function to regulate thequality and quantity of light entering into space. This isimportant to ensure the smoothness and comfort of your activitiesin the home. When working in the kitchen or doing office work, forexample you need adequate lighting Incoming light control of coursecan be done by simply opening or closing the blinds or blinds thatwe have. Very practical On horizontal blinds, for example, you justset the slope of the blades. Or, for those of you who wear acurtain, open or close the horizontal blind curtains according tothe desired conditions. Now, you can also use unnecessary sheer orvitrase but effectively block blocking some entry. Seeing theoutside scenery through the window of the house must be verypleasant. But, the comfort can be reduced if the opposite happens,ie outsiders can see the inside of your home. Other thanunpleasant. It also poses a risk to security and safety. To keepyour family's privacy, take advantage of a barrier of view,especially if it is not a curtain. Automatically, closed curtainswill obstruct the view from the outside into, and vice versa. Thisis important if your family wants to beraktivifitas withoutfeelings of anxiety because seen or dxamati from outside. However,how during the day? Of course not possible to close all thecurtains, right? Do not worry! Some ingredients, such as sheer andvitrase, remain capable of blocking outwardly inward views withouthaving to cover the sun's driveway that we are loving. Great,though limited, inside-out views can still be done.Similarly, themotif on the blinds. Flower motifs give the impression of soft andfeminine while the line is firm, tend to be masculine. Given themagnitude of the influence of blinds and blinds on the atmosphereindeed. Already you should plan carefully matured curtain displaythat you will apply.
Eid Cakes 1.0 APK
According to the story, there was a cake maker who wanted to make abig birthday cake. Before baking, he tried the cake first by takinga little dough and baking it in the oven. This little dough turnedout to be dry and tasted delicious. The little cake is also moredurable so it can be stored for several weeks.The word 'cookie'itself actually comes from the Dutch, 'keokje', which means 'littlecake'. This naming is adapted to the current form of cookie that isbaked sweet dough, served in small portions and can be eaten byhand. The Dutch made it in the United States, while the Britishadopted these 'cookies' in the nineteenth century and made it adish in their tea-drinking tradition.So now cookies are always atrending topics in Google, Twitter and other social media whenapproaching Lebaran is the cultural heritage of the Netherlands,knowing we have been colonized by the Dutch in a fairly long periodof 350 years although it is a general calculation, so indirectlyculture We are also influenced by Dutch culture just like theHindu-Buddhist and Islamic cultures color the life of ourSociety.As Muslims, we are required to fast / roar in the holymonth of Ramadan. From dawn until the call to prayer sunset wepractice to hold our lust. And we fast for 29 or 30 days and at 1syawal we celebrate our winning day. The day we have been waitingfor for 30 days is Hari Raya Idul fitri. To welcome Idul Fitri weusually make traditional cake until modern cake, to be eaten aloneor to serve Lebaran guests.Among the dishes there are two kinds ofpastries that never seem to absent the kastengel and nastar. I donot know when these cookies first appeared but since I was little,these pastries are always available. In fact I'm sure the cookieshave been there long before. The age of voor de oorlog aka TempoDoeloe.The castle is a kind of pastry baked in the oven. The shapeof our fingers with a length of about 5 centimeters. The dough issimilar to the nastar dough. The difference, kastengel dough usingcheese and will be better if we use cheese (old / cheese chicken)from the Netherlands. If you can have Edam or Gouda cheese that isold and shaped like a bowling ball with a layer of red wax. Ittastes bitter-bitter and difficult to explain. While the nastaruses pineapple as its content.
Auto Cad Building Sketch 1.0 APK
An architectural drawing or architect's drawing is a technicaldrawing of a building (or building project) that falls within thedefinition of architecture. Architectural drawings are used byarchitects and others for a number of purposes: to develop a designidea into a coherent proposal, to communicate ideas and concepts,to convince clients of the merits of a design, to enable a buildingcontractor to construct it, as a record of the completed work, andto make a record of a building that already exists.Architecturaldrawings are made according to a set of conventions, which includeparticular views (floor plan, section etc.), sheet sizes, units ofmeasurement and scales, annotation and cross referencing.Conventionally, drawings were made in ink on paper or a similarmaterial, and any copies required had to be laboriously made byhand. The twentieth century saw a shift to drawing on tracingpaper, so that mechanical copies could be run off efficiently.Thedevelopment of the computer had a major impact on the methods usedto design and create technical drawings,making manual drawingalmost obsolete, and opening up new possibilities of form usingorganic shapes and complex geometry. Today the vast majority ofdrawings are created using CAD software.The information shown on alocating drawing will be overall sizes, levels and references toassembly drawings. They are intended to show the location of theworks, not detail (a common mistake). The location drawings, whichcan be plans, elevation or sections, are numbered consecutivelywith the prefix L.Typically, location drawings will include:Blockplans.Site plans.Floor plans.Foundations plans.Roof plans.Sectionthrough the entire building.Elevations.British StandardSpecification 1192 includes recommended or preferred scales forlocation drawings.Block plansBlock plans usually show the siting ofthe project in relation to Ordnance Survey Maps.