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★You Make up, makeup editor & selfieeditor, contains more than 100+ makeup styles. It is aprofessional makeupcamera that popular among more than 2 millionusers globally.Because of the makeups, stickers, quick snap,paintlab and manyother amazing features. You can easily get selfiein studio levelwith perfect photo effect.
★ You Makeup, beauty makeup photo editor pro & face editorwithmany amazing makeup effects.
★ Photo Face Makeup tool is an excellent app that canprovidecosmetic changes to your face or facial makeup.
★Throw away your cosmetic bag, say goodbye to eye shadow,makeupbrush, mascara, etc. Bring you into a brand new cosmeticworldwithout makeup tutorial & cosmetics.

★★ Beauty Makeup Photo Editor FEATURES: ★★

✔ Change eye color balls by replacing eye color withdifferenteye designer lens.
✔ Apply different hair color shades like red, blonds, purple,blue,burgundy and more.
✔ Different lipstick shades to suits your complexion.
✔Beauty makeup photo editor offers the function ofsnapshotsbeautifying and make up in one tap! So easy to bebeautiful.
✔ Get You Makeup today and create great makeup selfie, Share ittoFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter, makes your selfie to bethehottest photo with the beauty makeup photo editor.
✔ Change eye color instantly for an edgy new look
✔ Make your eye color shine with smart tools that conceal undereyecircles, remove red eyes and even
✔ Lipstick and lip gloss, choose between classic matte colororshine colors, depending on your mood

★★Beauty Makeup Photo Editor is easy to use: ★★

1. Select a Photo where you want to apply Makeup withBeautymakeup photo editor.
2. Change the Eye lashes from wide range of Eye Lashes forEyeMakeup.
3. Change Lips color with Lipstick color selection forLipsmakeup
4. Change Color of Cheeks for Cheek Face Makeup.
5.Save and Share the Makeup faces with friends and family.

★ Beauty Makeup Photo Editor is the best way to make faces popinphotos.


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App Information Beauty Makeup Photo Editor

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    Beauty Makeup Photo Editor
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  • Updated
    December 2, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
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    Mode APPS
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Makeup Photo Editor 1.0 APK
★ You Makeup, makeup photo editor pro&face editor with many amazing makeup effects to e beauty.Whenever,wherever, snap your candy filter selfie and edit photo.Photoeffect edited by You Makeup can achieve the professional levelofstudio with Makeup Photo Editor.★ Try the app Makeup Photo Editor to makeup in real-time withthelive Makeup Cam. Get an instant makeover with hundreds ofmakeup& beauty looks that you can apply in real life just likea magicmirror. Try the new one-touch Thanksgiving makeover looksnow andcelebrate the holidays in style by snapping a familyselfie.★ You Makeup offers the function of snapshots beautifyingandmake up in one tap! So easy to be beautiful with MakeupPhotoEditor .★ With Makeup Photo Editor you can play with your beautyandenjoy editing pictures! This amazing app will change your life!Mixand match a lot of different makeup and beauty products to findtheperfect look for every occasion with your app MakeupPhotoEditor.★ Makeup Photo Editor Makeover is a complete kit for youmakeup.We look forward to any comments or feedback and will trytoimplement that in future updates.★★Makeup Photo Editor Features: ★★✔ Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize and crop photo.✔Change eye color instantly for an edgy new look✔ Eyebrows Fixer to add Eye Brow Makeup. ✔ Make your eye colorshinewith smart tools that conceal under eye circles, remove redeyes andeven. ✔ Save your photo and create your own beautycatalog.✔ LipStick Tool to makeup lips.✔ Lipstick and lip gloss, choose between classic matte colororshine colors, depending on your mood. ✔ Cheeks Colorizer asCheeksMakeup tool.✔ Painting and graffiti can freely set the brush sizeandhardness.✔ Mascara tool instantly adds volume and length to yourlashes✔Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature andsaturation.✔Share your beauty via social networks: Facebook,Instagram,Twitter...★Makeup Photo Editor is the best way to make faces popinphotos.★★ DOWNLOADING MAKEUP PHOTO EDITOR ★★Don’t forget to review our application Makeup Photo Editorandgive us 5★ Stars,THANK YOU.
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