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Bedroom serves as a private room for abreakafter a day of activities or just relaxing hobby. In additiontoselecting the right paint color, selection of furnitureorfurniture in designing small bedroom decorating ideas can also beafactor that is impacting on the condition of yourbedroomlater.

In accordance with the concept of minimalist, the selectionoffurniture for the room should also follow the sameconcept.Furniture for the room or the house has a minimalistsizedcharacters proportionate to the room, multifunctional, canbeassembled easily, sometimes can also have a decorative functioninaddition to the original function.

To make room in the house into a spacious memorable onefundamentalthing to note is the selection of colors walls. Shouldforget darkcolors for your room into a room look dingy andcramped.

You can also place a large mirror in the room to make the roomlookwider or installing small paintings abstract themed to matchthecolor of the wall paint. A beautiful painting can also be anoptionbecause it is powerful enough to distract people from thenarrowroom.

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