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Listen to bedtime stories The apps join the thousands of storiesfor children. The parents need to be ingested by children canlisten to bedtime. To help enhance brain development. And sleepLove story has many benefits, including. 1. Tales build familyrelationships. Quality time father to tell bedtime stories tochildren at a casual listener of love. The warmth that creates abond and leads to confidence building. The intelligence of childrenas well. 2. Tales help instill in children is a deep thinker. Askedand observant A chance to make a wise and reassuring comments wereupbeat. Also known as a brilliant intellectual (iq) and emotionalintelligence (eq). 3. tales help children learn language. Listeningchildren know stories to make sentences. The use of the word'smeaning. And a positive attitude towards learning in the future. 4.tales make handle issues and analyze it better. The childrenlistened repeatedly to remember it all and know what to lookaround. Easily understood Causing learn to handle issues includingthe statement. 5. Storytelling stimulates a child's imagination.The tone of the narrative to motivate children to create a fantasystorytelling. It is often fantasize along with new awareness. Whohave never known before. 6. help nurture morality tales forchildren. The tale of morality interpolation. Life skills or ideasthat make children aware of the virtues and lead. Deployment inlife when they grow up. 7. The wizard tale meditation At the timeof storytelling Children tend to listen attentively if tellingtales for kids ages will know and understand what will happen nexttrack that was created to focus on children as well. 8. tales helpchildren build knowledge. And emotional intelligence If your childlikes to listen to children's stories, it will adapt and buildrelationships with adults. To listen to the tales of old. This isan important foundation for the development and adaptation toliving in society happily. 9. New challenges help build a love ofreading. Telling or reading stories to children will help youcultivate the habit of reading because. I will concentrate And readfaster 10. Tales create a sense of not being taught to childrenbecause of the content of the story. Step in understanding thesolution and conclusion of the matter. Commentaries on mattersParents should benefit from such a loaded air ...

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