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Ever been curious about the world of honey bees? Life of honey beesand their daily adventures? How do they make honey collectingnectar from flowers? Let’s take a closer look with this amazinggame Bee’s Life – A Honey Bee Adventures. This interactive game isbasically a concept of bee farming, collecting honey, nectarcollecting, guiding them to the hive, protecting hive from spidersand much more. It’s a game based on a honey bee’s life with 7different gameplay levels. (1) Bee Farming (2) Nectar Hunt (3)Defend Hive (4) Repair Hive (5) Buzzy Bee (6) Bee Maze (7) FillHoney Bee Adventures & Challenges - Guide the bee to the nectarand back to hive, to make honey - Don’t let you honey bees die -Collect more honey and fill the jar as much as you can - Enemy bees(black flies) are there to have the party. Just smash them beforethey get into the jar - Repair the broken hive parts. A honeycombpuzzle to build bee hive - Queen bee protects the hive from enemyspider attack. Kill & defeat them all - Try to score more inbee maze without getting hit. A twist to the classic snake game -Bee goes buzz through woods. Try to pass maximum logs as you can -Go for nectar hunt in garden. Save the bee from being eaten by hugebirds Features - Breezy controls over honey bee with intuitivetouch - A glimpse to every day routine from a honey bee’s life -Soothing music & sound effects - Seven different levels -Garden graphics making it more real - Perfect for simulation gamelovers - Explore and learn the insect world - Train your reflexes& time management skills - Pleasingly addictive & timekiller Avoid all harmful obstacles that come your way and keep yourcute honey bees safe. Enjoy this bee game being a part of a honeybee’s life. Are you ready for this amazing bee life adventures inthe bee world?

App Information Bee’s Life – A Honey Bee Adventures

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    Bee’s Life – A Honey Bee Adventures
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    August 30, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Rolling Panda Arts
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    A/410, Titanium City Center, Anandnagar Rd., Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380 015
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How good are you in guessing words and vocabulary? Word AnagramGame puts your word spelling skills to test. Explore this new wordsearching game to test your word guessing capabilities. All youhave to do is find any possible anagram for the given word. Justtap or swipe through letters to see all possible combinations.Train and free your mind & improve vocabulary skills with bestAnagram Word Brain Puzzle Game Find the hidden words within thegiven word. How to play this word connect game? The rules aresimple and straight forward for this mind puzzle games. • Formwords by tapping or slide your fingers through letters to form anew word • See how same word can be used to form different words •Come up with all the possible words using your brain • Pleasing toyour eyes but challenging to your brain • Soothing music to helpyou think deeply • Stuck? Use the hint to help you guessing theword Direct Access to different difficulties Choose any levels ofword challenge difficulties directly. 3 Letters 4 Letters 5 Letters6 Letters 7 Letters 8 Letters Who can play the Anagram word puzzlegame? Word Anagram Game is a wordplay game designed for everyone.All can play from any age and become word genius. It gets yousharpen your word guessing skills and improve your Englishvocabulary. Best Features of Word Anagram Game, the ultimate BrainTrainers 6 Different levels of difficulties All levels accessiblefrom beginning Jump to any levels directly Tap or Swipe to chooseletters Use hint to help computer guess for you Earn hints when youare out of hints 1500+ Words to guess (more to come) Exercise yourbrain and relax Learn new vocabulary and words in English Simpleinterface Calm background music HIGHLIGHTS If you get stuck andcan’t make any guess, don’t worry use the hints to reveal a letterof the word puzzle Out of hints? You can always use our buy hintoptions. More than 1500 words waiting for endless brain workoutBrowsing through wide range of word connect anagram puzzles is fun.Here comes the best word scape and word anagram game to challengeyour brain. Leave your feedback once you start enjoying the game.Thanks!
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Logo Quiz Guess It - Ultimate Logo Trivia 1.8 APK
How much do you know about the world’s popular brand and companies?Do you know their logos? Can you guess the logo of all famousbrands? Logo Quiz Guess It - Ultimate Logo Trivia is the ultimatelogo quiz game for you. A logo trivia that tests your ability toguess the brand in your country and around the world. It is a freelogo game that lets you guess the names and logos of world’spopular brands and companies. We have multiple categories in thislogo quiz namely Apps, Popular Brands, Cars & Automobile Logos,Entertainment, Restaurant Logos, Sports & Game Logos and muchmore. WHAT’S THE BEST IN THIS QUIZ LOGO GUESSING GAME? On publicdemand we have added the extra levels based on the hottest trend.We have 2 new logo quiz section: Guess the right logo – Guess thecorrect shape and colors of multiple logos Complete the incompletelogo – Can you identify the right logo? LOGO QUIZ GUESS IT -FEATURES - Multiple & exciting logo categories with all thelatest and popular logos - Categories include: Apps, Big Brands,Automobile, Entertainment, Food & Restaurant, Sports &Games and much more. - Guess names from the logo - A true iconmania game for those who love brands and icons - Learn about brandsaround the world guessing their logos - 15 free hints - You can getrewarded hints when you are out of hints - Track accuracy for eachcategories. How accurate are you in guessing logos? - Completepicture appears when you guess the logo - Increasing difficulty asyou play along - Pleasing music to help you guess with peacefulmind - High quality graphics In this logo trivia game, you willfind all the brands category around the world. It may also includethe fashion brand logos and restaurants brand logos you visitregularly and is dear one to you. Can you guess’em all and guess’emright? NOTE: All logos shown or represented in this game arecopyright and/or trademark of their respective corporations. Theuse of low-resolution images in this game for use of identificationin an informational context qualify as fair use under copyrightlaw.
Tap It! Don't Screw Up 1.4 APK
Tap It! Don't Screw Up is a very simple yet very addictive game atthe same time. This game especially for those who are looking forkilling boredom at workplace and stuck at really awkward place.Concept comes from a person who actually had been in this situationand looked up for something that could kill the time but neverwanted to get screwed up.Don’t say that we didn’t warn if your bosssees you and you got screwed up. We say it hence Tap It! But trynot to screw up. It’s a tricky words master game. All you have todo is just follow what it asks to do tap it or don’t tap it.ABoredom Killer Game for Office-A simple game with minimalisticdesign and UI-Play anywhere anytime-Endless play mode your thumbgets pain-Lots of head cracking questions-Boost your self-esteem& focus skills-Beat your own score-Share score & Challengeyour friends and colleagues-Intriguing background music for yourmindHow to play?Hello, it’s an easy game as the name says it. Youdon’t need instructions to play this. We mean it. Don’t believe?Just Tap It on Install button.What you need?A thumb may be anotherthumb as well. Oh use it anything, but try not to screw up. Andyes, you need a good focus skills and quick decision making. Elseyou are going to screw it up.Feel free to review and suggest newfeatures and other things that you would like to see in this TapIt!WARNING: Don’t get screwed up in front of your boss.
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Do you love fishing arcade game? Your kids like to explore the seaand sea creatures? There are lot of beautiful fish and other seacreatures waiting for you. Let’s go catch some fish with our FisherPanda. Enjoy an arcade fisher man game. The goal of the adventurousfishing game is simple - you need to catch as many fish and collectthe required number of points to pass the level. Happy FisherPanda: Ultimate Fishing Mania Games is a favorite pass time and ahappy fishing adventure game for all ages and is a cute fishinggame. Catch as many fish to score more and more points. Exploredifferent sea animals, beautiful locations and different fishingtools. Learn all of them. You know Panda even goes fishing innight. Experience the fishing adventure and beautiful fish catchingunder the dark sky at night. What’s in this arcade fishing frenzygame? In this ultimate fishing game you’ll go on a fishing tripwith Fisher Panda. It ultimately trains your memory and ability toconcentrate, encourage perseverance. It’s not only children’s bestfish runner game but can play along with their parents as well.Rules are very simple for fishing arcade game: • Catch as many fishyou can and collect the required number of coins • Sea is full ofhappy fish and big and angry fish too • For each caught fish youwill earn points • Don’t try to catch big and dangerous fish •Wrong fish gets your points decreased • Keep playing to unlockdifferent fishing tools • Explore various ocean animals and fish •It has different fishing rods, different fishing threads, differentfishing hooks and fishing net • Each fishing tool has their ownfeature and increases your fishing efficiency • Bomb gives youpower to catch fish in large numbers • Each level earns you a bomb• Make sure you don’t collect waste like shoes and soda can. Theyreduce your points. • Multiple levels with multiple tasks incatching fish Fun Features of Fisher Panda: Ultimate Fishing Game •Learn and explore different sea creatures species • Catch colorfulfishes • 5 different fishing tools • Beautiful locations • Buildscoordination skills for your kids • Develops eye estimation •Develop color identification skills of your kids • Learndistinguishing between sizes (big fish, little fish, average) • Funand educational • Inspirational design concept • Peaceful music tokeep fisher panda happy So are you ready to go out for a fishingtrip with our little Fisher Panda and catch beautiful, colorfulfish? Have the best time catching fishes in this fishing game forfree! If you like this fun fishing game, please take a moment torate it and please share it with your friends. Your ratingsencourages us to develop more and more free games.
Kids Brain Workout Increase Kids Memory Skills 1.5 APK
Memory Game for Kids is a classic flipping board game which helpdevelop and increase memory skills of your children. It also helpsyour kids or toddlers in object recognition while having fun. Thisgame is designed for preschool kids with easy menu navigation. Foreach levels, you tap the board and memorize what is behind it toget a perfect match. A great and free game to exercise your kids’memory Keep your kids engaged with most intuitive and entertainingmatching game anywhere and improve their memory skills along with.FEATURES 3 Levels of game play: Easy (4 Objects Pairing), Medium (8Objects Pairing) and Hard (10 Objects Pairing) Grid adjustautomatically to your device Develops object recognition skillsImproves concentration and memory skills of the kids Visual memorytraining Beautiful and colorful images of animals, birds, fruits,vegetables, music instruments, foods and much more. Designedaccording to preschool and nursery kids’ mentality. Create highscore completing levels in as less time as possible. Let yourtoddlers learn and gradually improve the memory skills. It's aperfect brain workout for your kids.
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Supermodel Makeup – Fashion Star Journey Makeover lets you getready for the fashion world and the glamorous world. It’s time tobe the best in the fashion world. Make your fashion dolls gothrough a complete journey from makeover salon and spa, to dress-uproom and photoshoot. Start with a facial spa, do the glam makeup,add stunning accessories, style a perfect outfit, do thephotoshoot, be a fashion girl and finally appear in popularmagazines’ cover page.The makeup salon game lets you choose fromtons of accessories like different shoes, hand bags, ear rings,crowns, jewels and much more for your stylish fashion to wear up.And yes, do the new hair style every time you be ready. We haveeverything for a model makeover to make you adorable and stylish,right from the homely spa to the glam sham photoshoot withdifferent locations and of course don’t forget to wear amazing,sparkling accessories to make you look more beautiful! Take apicture and share your beautiful supermodel with friends.What’s inSupermodel Makeup – Fashion Star Journey Makeover?-A beautiful girlis ready for you makeover and fashion makeup designs-Most relaxingspa and makeover salon with maximum items for your glowingskins-For spa you have different facial creams, do scrubbing, setup your eye brows and make your skin pimple free-For makeup choosevarieties of accessories right from choosing the eye lenses, crown,eye liners, eye lashes, eye shadows, lip gloss, different hairstyles and many other girl things you can do here-Time to dress upthe supermodel. Dress up different outfits based on your mood andoccasion from long gown to jeans and shorts.-Dressup supermodel bychoosing accessories like bags, jewels, necklaces, sun glasses,shoes and hair styles.-Get ready for the supermodel photoshoot.Choose different locations and backgrounds.-Save and share yourphotoshoot pictures with others.-Finally make yourself appear inthe magazine cover picture. Be a star in the fashionworld.-Multiple magazines options. Choose the style statement thatfits your attire. Of course you can save and share your magazinepicture with others.-Amazing visuals to take you to the fashionmakeover world-Real life effects of each itemsSo you go all fromdoing the spa to the red carpet. Be the best in fashion world. Thisis a complete fashion fever game for those who are more intofashion and celebrities world. These young supermodels need to lookbest in the fashion world. So let’s put on some makeup, wear someshoes and bags, and send the supermodel to be the best in fashionworld.Be talk of the town in fashion trends with this makeup fevergame. Come to do the best supermodel fashion makeup and share yourglamorous look.